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Monday, January 29th, 2007


a new year and a new netlabelsite and the 2nd release.
5 tracks from leipzig with minimal tool tech,minimal techhouse and deep warm electro sounds.
with tracks from markus masuhr,alex lowmax,numlock,senoa and magnetic.
thats the first compilation from good old friends.

1.alex lowmax – statik mushroom
2.markus masuhr – wintersyndrom
3.numlock – werkzeug
4.senoa – unkenrufe
5.magnetic – motion

[Netaudio] VA – Globalization (DoBox, MA, DKA, Elecrep, RAR, Seed)

Monday, January 29th, 2007

Various Artists (Germany, USA) – Globalization


Details: rar|192kbit|mp3
Runtime: 69:42 minutes
Size: 94.5 mb
Release Date: January 28th 2007
Style: Techno, Electronic

DigitalKunstrasen (dka020)
Electroreptil (elecrep007)
Musicartistry Recordings (ma026)
DoBox Recordings (dbdf026)
Random Access Recordings (rar008)
Seedsound (seed021)

01 Brett Knacksen – Polyknacks Vol. 1 (ma)
02 Brett Knacksen – Polyknacks Vol. 2 (ma)
03 Amoebafunk – Topological Ointment (seed)
04 Amoebafunk – Ebb (seed)
05 Pantherklub – Rapture (elecrep)
06 Pantherklub – Places In My Mind (elecrep)
07 BeCKmann – Chill To Grill (dka)
08 BeCKmann – Outlaw (dka)
09 Qorser – Harmonic Scrape (db)
10 Qorser – Peripherals (db)
11 Ben Crea – No Time For Trouble (rar)
12 Ben Crea – Falling Down (rar)

Release Page (Musicartistry)

Globalization, netlabel-style: Six netlabels from all over the world (well, Germany and USA, that is) join forces to bring you this internationally-flavoured techno-compilation:
Three German netlabels, namely ‘Digital Kunstrasen’, ‘Electroreptil’ and ‘Musicartistry’, three American labels, ‘DoBox Recordings’ and ‘Random Access Recordings’, as well as ‘Seedsound’ from Colorado are the contributors to this impressive release. Every label will be represented by one artist who adds two of his tracks.

[MA027] Kowi (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – Nature Machine Ep

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

[MA027] Kowi (Buenos Aires, Argentina) – Nature Machine Ep


Details: rar|192kbit|mp3
Runtime: 27:43 minutes
Size: 39.3 mb
Release Date: January 28th 2007
Style: Electronic

01 Kowi – Ethnic
02 Kowi – Silverlake
03 Kowi – In Your Face
04 Kowi – You See A Different Turn
05 Kowi – Nature Machine


Don’t stress me – but stay in motion nonetheless. Keep it slow but steady.
That’s probably how it goes in the capital of the country of silver and Nicolas Koweindl’s hometown. And he’s here to show us that Buenos Aires, Argentina, has much more to offer than only Tango, Machos and Evita.
His five-track EP ‘Nature Machine’ again gives a good impression of the quality of electronic music originating from the south-american continent. Starting off with ‘Ethnic’, followed by the impressive ‘Silverlake’, the EP ends with ‘Nature Machine’, the titletrack, emitting waves of calmness and tranquility sure to bring anyone down to earth again.


• Musicartistry Recordings :: Electronic Diversity

[C6]Gaston Arevalo – Pez de Piscis

Friday, January 26th, 2007


[C6]Gaston Arevalo – Pez de Piscis

Excellent Quality Music Release


Gastón Arévalo (1981), Producer, Remixer
and visual artist who has been coming experimenting through the machines with sounds and images trying by means of textures, rates and concepts. He has come editing releases in various netlabels, participating in global net art and audio-visuals projects showing its work in some festivals.

In his live unipersonals performance mix textures, organic sounds and beats in a minimal and deep atmosphera.

[C6]Gaston Arevalo – Pez de Piscis


01 328 Pies 5:26
02 Aparte 4:07
03 Costabrava 5:27
04 Lumpen 5:00
05 Aparte (Fax Remix) 6:13


Gastón Arévalo (1981), Productor, Remixer
y artista visual quien ha venido experimentando a través de maquinas con sonidos e imagenes buscando a través de texturas y beats expresar conceptos y sentimientos Ha venido editando referencias en varios netlables, asi como también participando en proyectos globales vinculados al net-art y lo audiovisual mostrando su trabajo en varios festivales.

En sus presentaciones unipersonales en vivo mezcla texturas, sonidos orgánicos y ritmos en una atmosfera minimalista y profunda

[C6]Gaston Arevalo – Pez de Piscis

01 328 Pies 5:26
02 Aparte 4:07
03 Costabrava 5:27
04 Lumpen 5:00
05 Aparte (Fax Remix) 6:13

Cyan is a Mexicali, Mexico based Netlabel for digital
contemporary electronic music.This site is mainly for
creative sound compositions as digital dub, glitch
experiments, minimal techno, microhouse, and
everything in between. All this of course is for
FREE and available on high quality MP3′s. Also we
have included a 300 dpi slim case color cover
for each release, so you’ll be able to put a ‘face’
to your downloaded recording.

[DigitalDiamonds002] Nuclear Ramjet – Liquified EP

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

[DigitalDiamonds002] Nuclear Ramjet – Liquified EP

Nuclear Ramjet – Liquified EP

Style: Techno, Deep


Go along with Nuclear Ramjet on an extradeep and pounding journey through their liquified space. Their pumping propulsion already rocked dancefloors all over the planet. We are proud to present the two Canadians here on Digital Diamonds!

All the best,
Volker / A&R

[DigitalDiamonds001] Simmetune – Mechanik EP

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

[DigitalDiamonds001] Simmetune – Mechanik EP

Simmetune – Mechanik EP

Style: Techno, Pads


Simmetune presents his very first EP here on Digital Diamonds.
Get covered by his pads and clear percussion. Get in touch with deep and intensive atmosphere but be careful – the blasting percussions return you back to the ground…

All the best,
Volker / A&R

ruby jean and the thoughtful bees – not about to

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

“not about to” is the debut release from “ruby jean and the thoughtful bees”, a three piece halifax (canada) based collaboration between rebekah higgs, colin crowell (jon mckiel, hive mind), and aaron wallace (the sleepless nights, cheval). that combines trip-hop and IDM under the influence of radiohead, massive attack, bjork and goldfrapp. including a remix by “dub technique.”, both tracks were mixed and mastered at catfish recording in halifax.

FOEM/Crèma 004 – Andrew Duke – Chain Reaction EP

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Together with AudioBase, Steinberg and FOEM, Andrew Duke made a contest to produce a track with his samples. Now here are the winners, some really free – minded and interesting tracks. Styles range from Electronica / IDM to Minimal.It was a beautiful contest! We say TNX to u all with this!   FOEM/Crème
FOEMCR004 Front Cover
  FOEM/Crèma 004
Andrew Duke – Chain Reaction EP
01 Bitbasic – Strafe
02 Ture Sventon – Kedjereaktion
03 Hirnlego – Bit Holes
04 Wexx – Rotterdam
05 teflonbuddha – Sunday Morning
06 Le Grand Gazou – A Different Shade Of Blue
: Electronica / IDM / Minimal
: Jan-24-2007
: Full stereo 320 kbps
: 6
: 31:45 min
: 73 MB
: Jan Uretsky, NYC
: foemartists(at)

exc004 Alexei Borisov “Abstractionist”

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007


exc004 Alexei Borisov “Abstractionist”

Musica Excentrica comes back with new release!

There’s no point to introduce the Legend of Soviet and Russian underground Alexei Borisov who comes to the net with a selection of two astonishing abstract tunes.
It is an exclusive recording of live sets performed by Borisov during his combined American tour with Jeff Surak (Violet). “Artworks” is a name of a gallery in Richmond and “Cakeshop” is a club in Manhattan, NY.
Free Download:

Musica Excentrica

[mfm03] Various Artists – Malfunktional Mixes

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Memoryformat hits again with it’s third piece of ear-candy. What is it all about? ”Rapbot Malfunction” from mfm01 remixed by:  Adaptive, Dj Anarxx, Florian Filsinger, Karaoke Tundra, Near Earth Object, Omara, Superlauncher, Tomas Haas… Don’t forget to spread the word if you dig the music. Happy ’07


a1. Superlauncher mix
a2. Tomas Haas mix
a3. Adaptive edit
a4. Near Earth Object mix
b1. Omara mix
b2. Dj Anarxx mix
b3. Florian Filsinger mix
b4. Karaoke Tundra mix

download zip file here (69mb, 256kbps, 38:05)