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Archive for January, 2007

two new releases from microlabel

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

[JON7NET024] Diepe Oppervlaktes: Remixes from the Sample Pool Project

In late summer of 2006, labelmate Vanilla Sandro and I were wrapping up work on our respective halves of ‘Divided States/Territory’ [JON7NET018]. He began to tell me about a pool of samples he was creating for an upcoming project, and he suggested that I would enjoy using them as well for a project of my own. We decided then that after finishing work on the other projects we were both working on that it would be fun to each do a release based on those samples. Gradually it came to us to invite some other producers we knew and had worked with to do the same. At highest count, twelve producers/ remixers were slated to submit remixes, and the idea of giving each producer his own release gave way to a compilation of the remixes submitted. A mere seven months after the idea was introduced, it all came together as this release you see before you now.

This is certainly some of the strangest music we have ever released, and is tied with at least one other release for the distinction of being the darkest music we have released to date. The moods and grooves presented come from varying approaches: Vanilla Sandro’s tracks have a sleek modern minimal techno groove with subtly changing background rhythms and sounds, while Serocell’s tracks present a wintery, hushed, windswept feeling. Emanuele Ciso’s tracks showcase the ‘lento violento’ (slow violent) sound he is developing and have a playful rhythmic quality that is an intriguing contrast.
Rezkar’s remixes maintain a soft house beat throughout, but display sounds that buzz and warp and float above the beat like a heat mirage. My own remixes have some proto-industrial influences, favor the grungier, noisier end of the spectrum, and seem to come straight out of a sci-fi/horror film.

Obsessives will note that there are two different front cover designs in this release. The original design was considered too disturbing by one of the project participants, so an alternate was designed. Take a look and decide for yourself!

[JON7NET025] Instant ‘Sourcery’

The creator of this release, Instant, was one of the producers invited to participate in the sample pool project. It took a while, but he came through for us, and how! This is the most unique release on this label, and may possibly have the distinction of being the longest single netlabel release to date. Readers are encouraged to disprove me if I am wrong! Weighing in at a hefty 8 and a half hours, this release provides an entire sleep cycle of unusual and enjoyable sounds, each one named after and based the idea of a kind of sauce. Much deliberation and a few sleepless nights were spent pondering whther or not to release this album unabridged or to edit it down to a 2xCD compilation. In the end I made the decision to let it be released as intended, and to encourage lsiteners to submit playlists of their favorite tracks. At the very least, this release challenges its listeners to seek a different way of enjoying it, in fact best results will probably come from listening on an iPod or MP3-reading CD players.

download/page links:

chase19 d’incise – sauf morphée

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

1.d’incise – sauf morphée

electroacoustic compostion, based on an acoustic recording of cheap mini-kora for tourist.

15 min 28

d’incise website

download:the .rar archive here.

[tisch14] grobe ovai – calles

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Artist: grobe ovai
EP Name: calles
catalogue number: [tisch14]
Label: tisch-records
Style: minimal piano, experimental

this time a improvised minimal piano ep is served to you by an young talented artist from uruguay. from atmospheric phrases to groovy & funky tunes, grobe ovai shows his full music potential in this release.
watch out for this artist in the future.

01. Lluvia Cubica

02. Calles

03. Rosa Rosa Rosa Ascensor

.rar from

.rar from 2n mirror

tisch-records page page

stmnet008-d.soul-sommerwind e.p

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

minimal and moody, stratagem’s first release of 2007 welcomes tropic netlabelhead d.soul. as one of the more prolific and respected artists in the netlabel community, daniel’s production style has become refined and disciplined by a high level of dedication and a keen sense of style.


[Zimmer030] Nick Zero – extrem solution

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Zimmer030 – extrem solution by Nick Zero (Germany)
mp3, 192kbps, stereo, 38MB, techno!

030.01 – nick zero – de la cream (07:47)
030.02 – nick zero – sign (06:49)
030.03 – nick zero – shake ya ass (05:53)
030.04 – nick zero – venus (06:58)

-> *.ZIP (

Cover (666px)

three…. two… one.. and ZERO! prepare for lift-off!!
the seatbelts are useless. our stewardess will spread some phoneheads.
Our flight will lead you to unknown places far beyond detroit.
we hope you will enjoy this trip… we definetly do!! every day!

[Sauer001] Sascha Müller – Schlachtfest EP

Monday, January 15th, 2007

First release on a new Net-Label dedicated to the 303! I am proud to present the Super 6 Records Sub Öabel “Säurebad Records”!!
Sascha Müller starts with a 3 track EP called Schlachtfest! 303 lines and pounding grooves rock the dancefloor!

01. Aspects Of Physics

02. Juice

03. Acid Variations

Säurebad Records

[SSR023G] eVADE – The Drowning Boy

Sunday, January 14th, 2007

Super 6 Records Goodies News 13.01.07

New electronica EP by Manfred Reckers with his pseudo eVADE on Super 6 Records Goodies. 4 different tracks the last one with live played bass!!

01. The Drowning Boy

02. Track_5

03. Weekend

04. The Right To Talk (String Version)

Zip Package

Super 6 Records Goodies

Friday, January 12th, 2007

Hi Everybody! Acid Milk Rec. The Netlabel from Lausanne – Switzerland

present you this week:

DJ Pakt from Budapest, For a great TENNIS RACKET PARTY…
and his remix services!

David Martzz from Spain, has appear on

the Cd Sessions of Hernan Cattaneo with his new EP “subacuacid” & “that’s it.

Annonced next weeks. Konpiuta Salaten tracks and more… Davidovitch smooth minimal Nikol Nazarov from Mockba

Tracks with our mobilephone:

More soon.. maybe


AMR Team

[SSR022G] Jerzz – Sistina Sinistra EP

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Super 6 Records Goodies start the year 2007 with the well known producer “Jerzz”! He is also the A&R of the compilations series Electronic Youth and from the label FOEM/Crèma. Super 6 Records Goodies is proud to have this very good prodzcer on board!

01. Drugsroute

02. Kannie Slapen (Tourette Mikz)

03. Kannie Slapen (Sascha Müller Jerzz Is In The House Remix)

04. Vgemn

05. TongueM

06. Kerststol Jerzz vs. Najanveran)

Super 6 Records Goodies

kujoma live@studio [neubau records]

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Na das fängt ja gut an!!! Rechtzeitig zum Jahresbeginn erfreut uns Kujoma, vielversprechender Newcomer aus Berlin (z.Zt. im Exil in Dortmund) mit einem frischen, kopflastigen aber durchaus sehr gut tanzbaren Liveset. Klick-Klack und feinste Synthsounds in äusserst kreativer Art und Weise angerichtet, lässt dieses Set so manchen Puls höher schlagen.