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FOEM Blog Friday, 18 January, 2019

Archive for February, 2007

(NSI00012) Sascha Müller – Violet Dreams EP

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

Negative Sound Institute announces the release of Sascha Müller’s EP, “Violet Dreams”. This three-song EP marks a slight departure for Sascha, and travels in the hazy, violet electro- horizons, where the colors shimmer as the sun rises and sets. Each piece hovers in that nebula space where the exploded stars of ambient, electronica and chill have given rise to diffuse penumbrae of downtempo electronic sound-as-sound. As with all interstellar border territories, the result is a rich melange of different styles and ways of doing things. Yet the point here is not at all the experiment or the genre, but instead the music, which is simple, intriguing and quiet, and yet insistent. This is not your starchild’s Sascha Müller, but three rich explorations of a driving serene electronica. We live in a time of harsh divisions, when we all dream of violet fields in a land without borders. Come join Sascha Müller for an exploration of the dream-power of sound to bridge the spaces between us.

01. Interacting Darkness

02. Envelope

03. Speicherstadt

various artists – la vie future

Friday, February 16th, 2007

“la vie future” exhibits detailed, warm, elegant and abstract minimalism cultivated with a decided respect for tradition. stratagem’s ninth release is both a reflection of where we are as well as a sign of things to come.

1. sans soleil – i am hole
2. area – fail
3. encrypted – large scale violation
4. tatsu – northwood
5. amos – click & knock
6. limbo – ein ruhiger platz

monokrak records 01 and 02

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

new netlabel from Geneva (Switzerland),   .Quality audio in 320kpbs.

The first release “Krak EP” is a mix beetween electro-deep minimal-techno krakep cover

1. human machine

2. monodance

3. voicylux

4. klimbing

5. 18h11

6. loving u

The second release is more minimal, but also with 2 tracks “more dancefloor”.

++EP cover

1. electromagnetism

2. musik speaking

3. magik dub rythm

4. z.z.u.z.z.


[epicurebusiness_005] Vanilladisiak-rendezvous in september

Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

Next release on epicurebusiness…

We say hello to our new artist and friend from maastricht/holland Mr. Alexander Jannink aka Vanilladisiak with his debut ep “Rendezvous In September”
He gave us 4 really great tracks,
they are residing between the main-time and the afterhoure dancefloor’s on this world.

So just taste it and love it!

[FLMPINK001] Julien Mier – Natural Scarf EP [EXCLUSIVE]

Monday, February 12th, 2007



01 Down the Flowers

02 Feel the Rain

03 Alygos – Sleeping Garden (Julien Mier Remix)

04 The Garden of my Grandfather

Footloversmusic is the new born label of the well known italian DJ and producer Joy Kitikonti, he kicks off with the first release for the sublabel “Pink” (aside from Black, Red and White) with a special combination of warm deephouse, chill out, lounge and some laidback jazz influences. Excellent for some relaxing afterparty music. “Julien Mier is a young producer from the netherlands with some good ear for creative and special harmonic music…with his 18 years a potential upcoming talent.”

Sidenote: Not free downloadable, but a preview listening is possible on beatport.

[DoBox - DBDF027] Qorser – ‘Divergence’

Monday, February 12th, 2007

With the launch of the new site and the presenting of a new artist, we also wanted to bring back the ever-productive DoBox veteran, Qorser. ‘Divergence’ is 5 tracks of hard-kicking and groovy Techno that true headz could never deny. Download it, turn it up and get your groove on!

Down Shift

Direct Reflection

Perfect Grade


Escher Speed

[DoBox - DBDF025] Vincent Inc. – ‘Life Without Music’

Monday, February 12th, 2007

Another new face is added to the DoBox roster in the form of Vincent Inc. from Feodosia, Ukraine. He has spent a lot of time in the music scene, and now he presents us with some mellow grooves that are sure to move as well as soothe. And now, please enjoy ‘Life Without Music’.

Life Without Music

Fibra Berry

You In Me

[es25] CD-R — “Vesna”

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

Moscow avant-garde composer Nikita Golyshev (CD-R) is well known as a deep experimentalist, making micronoise and electroacoustic music that is in the cutting edge of any spotless mind. In “Vesna” (this means spring in Russian) CD-R curiously turns to his roots and presents a collection of tracks that can be conditionally described as “pure acid bacchanalia” or even “new rave movements”.

Hard-edged electronica meets the times we can name as “the beginning”. No computers were used during the recording process: only hardware synthesizers, samplers and an ancient Soviet effect-machine.

Vesna is an awaiting thing, that always returns. No matter how much snow is inder the window at the moment.

AA012 YINSH songes maladifs d’outre monde

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

AA012 YINSH songes maladifs d’outre monde

Fisrt album from Yinsh, “songes maladifs d’outre monde” was born from strange dreams and perturbing nights. When the spirit isn’t under control anymore, when it escapes from any logic, when its unconscious elements come up to the surface and explode by leaving rubble of unknown feelings, a dusty taste of old forgotten thoughts coming from an another world and where only the attempt of an artistic interpretation prevents from sinking win the subsoils of these sick dreams.”

“idm, post-hop”, 54 min 23 / 256kbps mp3

AUDIOACTIVISTE netlabel:here.

[PCR028] Sascha Müller – Last Train To Radio Ga Ga

Friday, February 9th, 2007

Sascha Müller is back with a new release this time over 20 min. of ambient soundscapes, drones and radio waves. Music for relaxing moments or art galleries!


01. Last Train To Radio Ga Ga

Pharmacom Records