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Archive for March, 2007

[Sauer002] Sascha Müller – Acid Junkfood EP

Monday, March 26th, 2007

This time on Säurebad Records an Minimal Acid 2 track EP from Sascha Müller! Acid reduced to the maximum!

01. Acid Junkfoos Part 01

02. Acid Junkfood Part 02


Zip Package

Säurebad Records

[foot035] Younnat – The Duct

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

Younnat - The Duct

EP ‘The Duct’ of Ukranian electronic project Younnat (side project of Oleg Serdyuk, keyboardist of group Lyuk) is now released on Bumpfoot records (Japan).

Release link:

Official website:

Bumpfoot review:
Younnat, the first artist from Ukraine gives us interesting tracks with wonderful sounds.
“The Duct” is the debut album, compilation of instrumental tracks in electronic eclecticism style. Sometimes romantic, sometimes sufficiently harsh. Net release contains 6 tracks. Full version of album consists of 14 compositions.

track list:
1. The Day After Tomorrow (4:37)
2. Cardiologists Decided To Not Go To Bed (4:23)
3. Doctor Verhovtsev’s Dream (3:01)
4. Yesss! (5:38)
5. Kolyskova (3:31)
6. Jedi Arkadyi (1:59)

Download files from Internet Archive

[Stratospherik 004]: Stratoliner Dinky Girlz ep

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

The young man is back on stratospherik with a deep and melancholic double tracker, Dinky Girlz and KraFT.


Artist: Stratoliner
Title: Dinky Girlz ep
Catalogue #: NetRelease004
Download Here

[NJMP3-0146] Sascha Müller – The AKS Experience

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

All tracks made with an EMS AKS, Hardware Sequencer and Effects!!!

01. Burnin Up My AKS

02. The AKS Dimensions

03. AKS Imagination


Noise-Joy Records

(MA030) Wes Rock – Society Ep

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

[MA030] Wes Rock (Munich, Germany) – Society Ep


Details: rar|192kbit|mp3
Runtime: 32:30 minutes
Size: 41.1 mb
Release Date: March 23th 2007
Style: Electronic

01 Wes Rock – Blue Eyed Salomon
02 Wes Rock – Instinkt
03 Wes Rock – Samurai
04 Wes Rock – Morgentau
05 Wes Rock – Subraum


He saw it at dawn and at first he was sure his eyes were betraying him. But as they moved nearer the more he became convinced that something was there, although it seemed impossible to determine what it was, protruding from the ground, barely visible. (excerpt from: Alberto Vazquez Figueroa – Tuareg)
Finally, globetrotter Wes Rock arrived at musicartistry, presenting his first EP ‘Society’, a five-track record mirroring the experiences made on his journeys, travelogues told through bass and beats.

wes rock
Wes Rock

Musicartistry Recordings :: Electronic Diversity

netaudiomix No.3 – mixed by V.Lankov

Saturday, March 24th, 2007


download | download mirror

01 sweet and sourd – humo negro[sfk012]
02 madato – celestina (my love) [exprezoo004]
03 click box – sem saida [alertha004]
04 brandon plank – final days [diginet012]
05 james rod and Xar-lee Kunf – sonidos [italonet014]
06 vadim lankov – ferns & candles (dominik rosz remix) [rfr01t]
07 xarfai – curare [brq029]
08 easy changes – original moscow life form [unfound29]
09 sr. ruido – gravedad!!! [bumpfoot029]
10 vadim lankov – Illusions (original version) [labrec019 promo]
11 pablo akaros – tob y yo torcido [intoxik021]
12 sarah goldfarb – forty years ago I sold my body [unfound23]
13 mabik – der flossenmann [pntg015]
14 tanzmusik – auf deutsch (hansen & dj daniel rmx) [corpidex018]

mixed by vadim lankov
49:56 min / 192kbps / 72 mb

Guy David “Sound Experiment #1″

Saturday, March 24th, 2007


A while back, I spoke to Guy David about doing a guest release here on the label, and he told he was working on something he thought very much would fit When I recieved “Sound Experiment #1″, I was definitely surprised, the sound was very different from what I had heard of Guy’s work. Bolder, noisier, more improvisational, more at home with the power electronic sounds I have been enjoying lately. It seemed a natural fit with the wilder, more untamed sounds that have been characterizing recent releases.Enjoy this longform exploration into the mutations of computer generated sounds with our good friend Guy. Let’s hope he has more sound experiments to come for us.

Listening recommendations for this release: Have a PC game or old-school text adventure at hand to play while listening.

Jon 7 “Light Areas” [JON7NET027]

Saturday, March 24th, 2007


This release brings together several different themes that were composed during various points in late 2006 and early 2007 that were intended for a particular album project of mine that would have blended actual songs (with lyrics and vocals, not quite standard for the music released on this label) with instrumental and experimental sound pieces. Each one of these pieces is in a different style, some using fractal composition methods, some using different deconstruction methods, and others composed with actual instruments such as classical guitar, wineglass bells, and a cheesy pink chinese keyboard found in the garbage one day.

Though differing in approach and execution, the common thread between all of these tracks is a feeling of light, or in a more exact sense “lighting”. Each track is in a way, a stage set, a background in which characters and actions are suggested rather than explicitly featured. Listening with this mindset, a range of “lighting” can be noticed in each track, from the alienating dim streetlights of “Rainstorm”, the warm and gentle sadness of “Dessido”, the bright and synthetic light of “Island” and “Sweet Birds”. “Sunset” and “Whose Name” are created from multi-tracked acoustic guitar lines and represent morning and evening light respectively.

The cover art it self also reflects the idea of light, as being shone from different directions, the source of which not being revealed, only it’s pathway showing.

Jon 7 “Resourcery” [JON7NET026]

Saturday, March 24th, 2007


Like a derivation of a derivation on a proof comes this collection of mixes and remixes of tracks from our previous release, “Sourcery”. In the midnight kitchens of HQ, the component sauces of “Sourcery” were combined and modified to create new recipes. Some natural new ones appeared, such as “Steak Marinade” and “Honey Mustard”. But as the night wore on, the recipes became stranger, resulting in such edible goodies as “Hot Fish Syrup” and “Tartar Dessert Gravy”. However as recipes for the ears, these tracks create a range of moods, some quiet and sinister, some lulling only to suddenly shock awake, others smooth and transcendent. Headphones are highly recommended for the enjoyment of this release!

[neubau 04] Loopo – Saatzeit ep

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

+++ [NEUBAU 04] Loopo – Saatzeit ep +++

It´s Springtime…so Loopo had spent many time at least in his studio to give us new Stuff. This new release has all in it…a piece of techno, a piece of minimal deephouse and a little piece of acid…3 tracks with fad bassline sounds and funky rythems.

Stricktly for the floor..

We`ll hope you`ll enjoy!!
All tracks are surely for free download!!!