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Archive for March, 2007

[WaW002] Massju – Mer (Phobia) Remixes

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

[WaW002] Massju – Mer (Phobia) Remixes

massju - mer (phobia) remixes

Weirdandwired Release No. 2 [WaW002]
10 Tracks – 93.8 MB / Mp3 (Stereo)/ 224kbps
Style: IDM/Breakcore/Experimental/Drum’n'Bass

Release Page: click here


01. Massju – Mer (Phobia) Original
02. Massju – Mer (Phobia) Toxonic Remix
03. Massju – Mer (Phobia) Jens Robot Remix
04. Massju – Mer (Phobia) Org Remix
05. Massju – Mer (Phobia) Flextronic Remix
06. Massju – Mer (Phobia) Hirnsalbe Remix
07. Massju – Mer (Phobia) Wolfseule Remix
08. Massju – Mer (Phobia) MML Remix
09. Massju – Mer (Phobia) Massju Remix
10. Massju – Mer (Phobia) Tlahlok Remix

‘Mer (Phobia)’ is about fear, the frightening feeling of being alone in a dark
place, about anxieties we share and the hatred that imbues our minds.
Phobia is an engine that creates power, a dark power deep inside our
subconsicousnesses waiting to be released. Hatred is the consequence
of fear and destruction the result of hatred. ‘Mer (Phobia)’ is about destruction,
‘Mer (Phobia)’ is about fear.

The Track ‘Mer (Phobia)’ is part of ‘Industree’ by Massju, first published by our
friends of the US netlabel ‘Electro-Space’. The Mer (Phobia) Remixes feature interpretations
of innovative electronic-music producers with different stylistic backgrounds:
Toxonic, Jens Robot of Illphabetik Records, Taktalsmittel’s Org, Flextronic, Hirnsalbe,
Weirdandwired’s Wolfseule, Mouse Motion Listener, Massju and Electro-Space artist Tlahlok

Thanks to Khärlez at Electro-Space, all the Remixers, and the netlabel-supporters.

massju at myspace

Thank you,

ACND08 – Lektro – Rund EP

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

The last aciendo release was more for quiet hours. But this one here is for the floor! Lektro serves 4 wicked high quality minimal tunes for youre listening pleasure. I digged it so much that i made a remix. Hope you will love it!

1. Tunefish

2. Akkordarbeit

3. Akkordarbeit (Kujoma Remix)

4. Phase

5. Rund

Download @

rene hamel – kittelschürze ep [insectorama.004]

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007





rene hamel
kittelschürze ep
4 pure minimalistic rocking tracks with clicks and clacks and shapes in a rolling sound construct. fantastic sub sounds in a dark atmosphere with warm melodys.
incl. unnamed remix by markus masuhr.

1.rene hamel – unnamed
2.rene hamel – kittelschürze
3.rene hamel – clicks, cuts and shapes
4.rene hamel – unnamed [ remix by markus masuhr ]

insectorama at myspace

{db023] Sascha Müller – Icon

Monday, March 19th, 2007

01. Icon

02. Daymares

03. Emanon




new release on monokrak

Monday, March 19th, 2007

release no 3 on monokrak : “La Belle Evasion” from Floating Mind it’s 4 tracks with 1slow techno dub (“Dub your life”) and 3 deep minimal tracks.
Feedbacks are welcome
Greetings :)
direct link to the release :
(you can also download tracks one by one at )

markus masuhr – kakadu man ep [wazzotic-records.005]

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Wazzotic Records brings you another masterpiece of minimal-electro-techhouse sounds! This time we prepared for you a huge release by German master Markus Masuhr with remixes of similar electronic mags Mihai Popoviciu, Mindhole and STR_MQT.

These four guys come with warm, athmospherical, both listenable and danceable stuff which will make you feel good!. Enjoy our 5th release!

01.rudebox (original)
02.kakadu man (original)
03.calzone (original)
04.calzone (mihai popoviciu remix)
05.calzone (mindhole remix)
06.kakadu man (str mqt remix)

markus masuhr – chunky bots from novrosibirsk ep [equaliteq.017]

Monday, March 19th, 2007

markus masuhr
chunky bots from novrosibirsk ep
After succesful “Durch Die Donau EP” Markus Masuhr comes back at Equaliteq with some new stuff.

This time his journey was much longer. His impressions was translated into fine minimal soundscapes and now we can enjoy music from “Chunky Bots From Novrosibirsk” as a final result.

The title underlines artist’s conceptual approach to music. Markus proves his skills as a producer and hopes this year can be even more succesfull than last one.

02.Chunky Bots
04.Kioto Misuka
05.Kulumba Jihiro

[ZimmerMix018] – tributes002 – paduraru

Monday, March 19th, 2007

ZimmerMix018 – – tributes002 – paduraru
73minutes, 160kbps MP3, 83MB, deep-house, tech-house

Mix018 – – tributes002 – paduraru (
Mix018 – – tributes002 – paduraru (

01. intro
02. christian paduraru – sharing confidance
03. christian paduraru – the grateful seeker
04. christian paduraru – unconditional giving
05. christian paduraru – walk in the light
06. christian paduraru – minimal perspective
07. christian paduraru – the edge
08. christian paduraru – if you want
09. christian paduraru – express yourself
10. christian paduraru – fire in water
11. elisa burchett & christian paduraru – for believers

thanks a lot to christian paduraru for all the wonderful tracks. for purchasing these tunes, visit christians store on Beatport.

[SSR027G] Tim Fiedler – Mental Disorder

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Tim Fiedler a producer from the north of germany send out his first release “Mental Disorder” on Super 6 Records Goodies with his track “Take Your Pill” incl. 2 remixes from Nightnoise and Sascha Müller!!!


01. Take Your Pill

02. Take Your Pill (Nightnoise Remix)

03. Take Your Pill (Sascha Müller Remix)

192 kbps Zip Package

320 kbps Zip Package

Realmusic-Ringtones Zip Package

Also as OGG and FLAC

Super 6 Records Goodies

[lz014] Sascha Müller pres. Access To Net

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

This one is mixed and compiled by Sascha Müller – dj, producer, remix artist – a one man music factory. “Access to net” brings to you the right kind of danceable, ass kicking tunes – just the perfect loopzilla-style stuff we love.

01 Reporter – Beaty Is a Beast (Antiritmo)

02 Reporter – Bottom Of The Bottom (Antiritmo)

03 Vadim Lankov – Emotionsucker (Musicartistry Records)

04 Phil Baker – Iselande “Sascha Müller Remix” (Ear-Records)

05 Elysis – Dreamwork Astronaut (Corpid)

06 Roland Van Aggelen – Fallour (Rohformat)

07 Derek Scott – Ultra HD (Radom Access Records)

08 Kairos – Tiresias (Pentagonic)

09 Boing & Peng! – Boing Insects (Super 6 Records Goodies)

10 Jerzz – Kannie Slapen “Sascha Müller Jerzz Is In The House Remix” (Super 6 Records Goodies)

11 DJ Pici – Edit VII (Diginet)

12 Neurotron – The Sound Of Electronic Expanded Family (No Response)

13 Sascha Müller – Free Four (Super 6 Records Goodies)

mixed by sascha müller 65:52 min / 126 mb / 192 kbps