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mfm04 :: J-chot – The Scene Is Not Down With Me

Monday, April 30th, 2007

mfm04“May I ask you a question, friend? If you were to die tonight, would you be prepared to stand before your creator? That’s a tough question for certain, but there’s someone
who can help you answer that question with a confident “Yes!”. Allow me to introduce my best friend, J-chot. J-chot entered this world as a helpless human baby, just like you
and me. He’s known joy and happiness as well as sorrow and loss, so he understands what you’re going through. J-chot is waiting patiently at the door of your
ears, ready for the day you’ll except his EP “The Scene is Not Down with Me” and experience breakcore to the fullest. Remember, J-chot’s EP is a free gift; there’s nothing you and I could do to earn it. The only thing J-chot requests of you in return for this priceless gift is your simple obedience in buying a t-shirt for 14 US dollars, shipping included. Accept J-chot’s free EP “The Scene is Not Down with Me” right now and make today the beginning of your new life in breakcore, and remember to share the good
new of J-chot with your loved ones.

P.S. John’s working on a bad-ass house album next!”

visit and download this breakcore treat.


01 – Famous Quotes & Videoclips
02 – Dude Seriously WTF
03 – The Scene Is Not Down With Me
04 – ADHD ODB & The Devil
05 – Cops Never Shut Down My Raves Because They Know My Music Will Drive Everyone Off

link to zip file: download
38mb / 20:20 / 256kbps

ps: note that from now on our url will be, not .com (it makes more sense since we’re not a commercial company… yet!)

(MA031) K.Fog – The K-Series

Saturday, April 28th, 2007


Details: rar|192kbit|mp3
Runtime: 31:27 minutes
Size: 42.9 mb
Release Date: April 28th 2007
Style: Dub, Basic Channel

01 K.Fog – K1
02 K.Fog – K2
03 K.Fog – K3
04 K.Fog – K4
05 K.Fog – K2 (Authist & Dub One! Remix)
06 K.Fog – K1 (Peripherique Remix)


“K” doesn’t stand for the usual clicks’n'cuts-sound that’s so popular nowadays. His interpretation of the term “Netmusic” stands for trying out new ideas and leave old paths behind in favour of new spaces for interpretation.
This flexibility is one of the reasons why K.Fog, despite his releases on vinyl, keeps publishing on netlabels. His new “K-Series” sees him reworking the old basic channel-sound and infusing it with new ideas – a distinct difference to what he has released so far. And surely a release that will provoke mixed responses since the fact that the tracks aren’t as precise and clear as usual leaves room for all kinds of interpretations.
The EP is rounded off by two remixes, one provided by berlin-based dub-outfit Authist & Dub One!, the other one by Peripherique, who has long become a household name here on musicartistry, be it as Peripherique, Phour Trakk or as one half of the Zengineers.


Musicartistry Recordings :: Electronic Diversity

[NEUBAU 07] Barnabas Juhasz – Great Wide Open ep

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Zu seinem Debut liefert uns Barnabas eine wirklich vielseitige EP ab. Obwohl doch sehr nah am minimalen Genre, gehn seine Tracks doch teilweise sehr dynamisch nach vorne und bleiben doch trotzdem ein Ohrenschmaus für Detailverliebte.

Wir sagen: Ja, gelungener Einstand!!



Snatch Up14,6 MB, 320 kbps, 6:24 min

Into The Great Wide Open13,8 MB, 320 kbps, 6:03 min

Gangsta Blathers 12,2 MB, 320 kbps, 5:21 min


Neubau07-Great Wide Open + Cover all in rar


(beatsfactory-bf060) Architextur – Subconcious and Schematic EP

Friday, April 27th, 2007

bf055-Architextur-Subconcious and Schematic EP 

beatsfactory bf060 – Architextur – Subconcious and Schematic EP

Architextur showcasing his IDM/Ambient work in this 7 tracks release-
Full of wonderfull melodies, execellent beatwork and floaty atmospheres.


01 – Shapes of Things
02 – Oxon
03 – Floatation Device
04 – Periscope
05 – Wall of Textur
06 – Aqua Drones
07 – Last Passage

All music (c)2007 Architextur –

Listen to the complete EP here:

Free download (incl. Oxon, Periscope and Aque Drones) available here:

(you need to register/log-in to download – it’s free, and only takes a few seconds)

Visit for more (over 40 free EP’s available!) – we produce the beats

[Acoustix-002] – Nox – Let us establish a sound basis

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

New Release online! Acoustix-002
Nox – Let us establish a sound basis

4 Tracks live recorded by Labelhead Nox
Download it for free on]

1. Nox – Contractual Basis
2. Nox – Economic Basis
3. Nox – Legal basis for suretyship
4. Nox – Legal Regulation

Acoustix02 package (.zip) Enjoy it!!!

[insectorama#005] v/a artists electronic washroom vol.2

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

v/a artists
electronic washroom vol.2

thats the big compilation with many artists from all over the world.
with sounds from pure minimal to techhouse to deep techno, techno and electro.
wonderfull 21 tracks of one compilation.


  1. markus masuhr – hamptington liips
  2. upbeat – idylle
  3. – canvas beach
  4. animaltek – ‘pleasure or pain’ (de-edit)
  5. 7am & family groove – collective
  6. lefrenk – hadratos de carbono
  7. taras – tiger
  8. mösh – unimodal
  9. minimal cadets – linear motion
  10. hermetico – planoforma
  11. akille b. & franky ros – sigh
  12. dynastic – watterballon
  13. tampopo – levitation
  14. marco benatti – kalamazoo
  15. jens lewandowski – schmer
  16. rene hamel – fein raus
  17. sturmfrei – emefgeh
  18. magnetic – soul 4.0000
  19. ajoka – bitchez like rats
  20. numlock – starlight
  21. alex lowmax – hackepeter

markus masuhr – hamptington liips is produced with produktloops parts from following artists:
produktloop02 – markojux – new fridge_01 and produktloop02 – dub kult – loop3_beat2.

thanks to markojux and dub kult for working with this wonderfull sounds.

Concrete Djz – Dead End EP – Mocha 001

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Mocha 001

Artist: Concrete Djz
Title: Dead End Ep
Label: Mocha 001
Format: Digital
Genre: Techno

2.Gang related

Info Sheet:

Mocha Records is Concrete Djz’s point of view and approach when it’s about minimal and more melodical techno. With a huge experience in Dj-ing and production in studio, these guys deliver 4 new tracks that for sure will refresh minimal techno scene. Basically it’s an outstanding techno packed with splendid melodies and many details. This release has a big support from scene artists like Kobaya, Marko Nastic, Subotic, Shirfy etc.. You can always expect some fresh and easy listening techno sounds on Serbia’s Mocha…

Listen>>> Link >>>

Track Descriptions:

Gang Related:

Eeary sounding dark minimal drive with very nice twysts ! Sinister atmosperycs…Boys showing their dark side!


It really puts you in to another…Starting with superb melodic,Loco styled sinth line,beautiful lush chords
come to play and everything togheter creats
outstanding sonic expirience! Seriousley deep… Summer nights are made of this !!!


Brill melodic neo-trance influenced techno.After nicely driven start with solid rhytmic and electrified bassline some Napolitana-like chord action kicks in…Fresh sounding indeed !


Name of the game:minimal-techno ! Detroit influenced melodys meets swedish rhytmics,overhall sounding presented in colour:GREY! And offcourse, again
everything packed in hybrid production !

Buy @
Visit ::..
Better previews :::.

[SSR029G] Wolfgang Raspe – DJ Kicks

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Another release from Wolfgang Raspe on Super 6 Records Goodies! This time again a wonderful 10 track Detroit Techno release!

01. Unrestricted House

02. FM Weapon

03. And Clap And Snare

04. Nighttrain

05. To Bucket About

06. To Bucket About Again

07. To Kick Off

08. To Bluster

09. Roughhousing

10. Exit


192 kbps mp3 Zip Package

320 kbps mp3 Zip Package

Realmusic-Ringtones Zip Package

Super 6 Records Goodies

monokrak 5 : bleepy deep minimal !

Saturday, April 21st, 2007


this is the fifth release of Monokrak. “Is My Papa Mad ?” is 6 free bleepy deep minimal tracks.
Comments are welcome.

direct link to “Is My Papa Mad ?” release :

Roberto :)

[debun09] Mr. Roy – outsourced

Friday, April 20th, 2007


Mr. Roy – outsourced

The legendary track dawn which some of you already know from the mixotic mix no. 61 is finally released here at debun! Outsourced is a wonderful ep from Mr. Roy with four outstanding catchy tunes. Directly through your brain into your feet. He won`t let you get away anymore. This release is a must have, friends. Bon appetit my happy little earworm!

Mr. Roy – dawn (5:25)
Mr. Roy – straight inconsequence (6:10)
Mr. Roy – transmission (5:22)
Mr. Roy – demolition ball (4:54)

complete ep
visit debun