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Tribute to Iannis Xenakis

Monday, April 16th, 2007

exc006exc006: V/A – “Iannis Xenakis Tribute”

Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001) is one of the most important composers of the 20th century. His works span every media and numerous approaches, electronic and acoustical, from orchestral to “musique concrete”. Also a mathematician, experimental engineer and architect, he is a true cult figure.

This compilation is a collection of musical dedications to Iannis Xenakis, realized as the exclusive compositions by the respective authors (Alva Noto,Zenial,Kevin Krebs,Alexey Borisov,Quest Room Project,CD-R).

Free Download:

[Neubau 06] dAjim – Revamp ep

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

 The first Release from dAjim on Neubau is really finest minimal stuff, with the right piece of deepness and funk in it…check out!!

1.Acting Red 



all in one + cover ZIP

watch out for mor minimal stuff @ Neubau-Records 

[PCR030] Various – The Low Times Of Hi-Fi “3,5 Zoll Floppy Disk Compilation”

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

Yes you hear right this is the first 10 3,5 Zoll Floppy Disk Compilation on this world! We safe the floppy disk and go back retro! 10 musicians send out there tracks on this compilation in different formats. Most in mp3 but also as MIDI-File (Don’t worry you can play these tracks also with your player)!! ;) Check this unique new compilation from Pharmacom Records out!!!!

Limited to 50 copys in plastic box!!!

Price: 3,00€ + shipping



Disk 01 – Sascha Müller – Hacker – 2:08min
Disk 02 – OHRCHITECT – SsCT – 2:08min
Disk 03 – eVADE -Online -1:30min
Disk 04A – TOFUSTAGGERBUSH – Sailor’s Hornpipe – 1:16min
Disk 04B – TOFUSTAGGERBUSH – Jazzminutia – 1:58min
Disk 05 – ORG – Frankies Brainstorming – 2:401min
Disk 06 -Das KNO – Cargo Toaster – 2:22min
Disk 07 – Neotericz – Lo Times (Zombie Version) – 2:12min
Disk 08A – Gurdonark – Bois D’Arc – 3:30min
Disk 08B – Gurdonark – Meadowlark In The Field – 4:24min
Disk 08C – Gurdonark – Quiet Morning – 3:00min
Disk 09 – Die Stereo-Typen – Fast Breakfast – 2:54min
Disk 10 – Pharmacom – Kapitalismusfront – 2:01min

For more infos visit:
Pharmacom Records

[insub17]ADRIÁN JUÁREZ sandias correntinas

Friday, April 13th, 2007

*free improvisation*
guitare and objects, organic and mechanic, sound speech on the possible organisation of chaos.

Adrián Juárez: guitars, bows, n’vique, latex, metals, voices, percussion and other objects
download .rar: here.
release page: here.
INSUBORDINATIONS netlabel: here.

monokrak 4 : bleepy pumping dark minimal

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007


this is the fourth release of Monokrak. “Brain Shower”  is 4 minimal tracks with 1 pumping minimal track (Hell Bell), 1 bleepy track (Hiphipullahop), and 2 dark minimal tracks (“10 ml of whatever” and “inverse-mode”).
Comments are welcome.

direct link to “Brain Shower” release :


Roberto :)

[SSR028G] Sascha Müller – Haus Of House

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

This time some groovy house tunes from sascha müller on Super 6 Records Goodies! Right time for the forthsoming summer!


01. Bahnexpress

02. Police Patrol

03. Dopeman

192 kbps Zip Package

320 kbps Zip Package

Realmusic-Ringtones Zip Package

Also as OGG and FLAC available!!!

Super 6 Records

[SYN008] Sascha Müller – Wunschmaschinenmusik

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

New release out on the Hungarian label Synthactica Records!

01. Wunschmaschinenmusik

02. These Days

Get it here:

Juno Records

3Beat Digital


Release Records


Beats Digital

es27: Rombix, cassette tape music

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

cassette tape music, post-soviet analog lo-fi, abstract sampladelic


Rombix is a project of Roman Voronovskiy, quite perspective musician from Moscow, Russia, that certainly will not be lost in the eclectic international experimental scene. Roman makes his music pure analog way, using hand-made cassette loops, vinyl and tape recorders.

Minimalism, soft glitch, elements of jazz, ambient and even abstract hip-hop are the basic components of Rombix. Add here amusing samples of russian speech and common romantic mood, that makes such a pleasant singularity with self-esteem.


Saturday, April 7th, 2007

“QUANTA is an electronica/IDM compilation including artists who played on the “experimental” stage organised by the AUDIOACTIVITY collective during the ELECTRON festival 2007 in Geneva , CH”
“Les quanta sont des quantités discontinues d’énergie sous lesquelles peuvent être émis ou absorbés une énergie.”

01-bluermutt – empty bottles
02-d’incise – broken bottles (bluermutt remixed)
03-monsieur connard – promenade
04-d’incise – prévoir ou pas
05-rec_overflow – prévoir ou pas (d’incise remixed)
06-abs6 – ritaline
07-uiutna – aka paura
08-rec_overflow – brokntro
09-d’incise – BRoutilles et KoNTROverses (rec_overflow remixed)
10-monsieur connard – brokntro (rec_overflow remixed)

“electronica / idm”
50 min / mp3s 256kbps

abs6 website
bluermutt website
d’incise website
monsieur connard website
rec_overflow website
uiutna website

AUDIOACTIVISTE netlabel:here.

[SSR DJ-MIX 002 G] DJ L’embrouille – Netlabel Mix 2007 Week 14

Friday, April 6th, 2007

Super 6 Records Goodies is proud to present you the new dj-mix by the well know netaudio DJ, DJ L’embrouille! He mixed together 27 tracks from different netlabels know or brand new labels!


Download Mix


2007.03.[EarMin16].Maas – Maas WhatIf

2007.03.[Neubau05].S-Tek – Insektensex

2007.04.[Offaudio37promo].Neighbor – While the record spins

2007.03.[Stir015].Paravoice – Phonecall (F cka5 Remix)

2007.03.[MA030].Wes Rock – Morgentau

2007.03.[DigitalDiamonds003].October Rust – Breitseite

2007.03.[RAR009].Strial – Workaholic Part3

2007.03.[toolz005].S Tek – Kobold(MarkStone RMX)

2007.03.[ES18].The Ionickboy – Lost in the underground (original mix)

2007.03.[Zimmer031].veztax – beer

2007.03.[Antiritmo015].Iñaki Villasante – Develop

2006.07.[Ignored 05].Mooz – Minimono

2007.03.[Antiritmo015].Iñaki Villasante – Prisoner of music

2007.03.[Zimmer031].veztax – delcycer

2007.03.[RAR009].Strial – Workaholic Part1 (Pursuit mix)

2007.03.[ssr027g].Tim Fiedler – take your pill (sascha muller remix)

2007.03.[Offaudio36].Victor Martinez & Kike Pravda – Dilema

2007.03.[Darkaudio01].P.c.m.n. – Dark Tales From The East Part 2

2007.03.[Antiritmo014].Peter Gual – Altres Llums

2007.03.[XSN005].Sascha Mueller – Chamber

2006.12.[Ignored 06].Elekfun – To Trust

2007.03.[scua001].Sebastian Tarcan – Legend

2007.03.[PZR001]G-Tone – Storm

2007.03.[scua001].Sebastian Tarcan – Anika

2007.03.[PZR001]Crazy soldier – Freeware Mindpower

2006.09.[DJTRX022 – not free-].Jerzz – Deliver us from evil

2006.07.[Rf043].Ronin – tough one