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FOEM Blog Friday, 18 January, 2019

Archive for May, 2007

[loopzilla022] paul hossow – motion

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Paul strikes back again!!

01. loopo – geschmeide [neubaurecords004]
02. in vitro – dormir siquiera [shift003]
03. dajim – sumdeepness [neubaurecords006]
04. veztax – wheel of fortune [zimmer031]
05. bergen – higher than high [foem005]
06. s-tek – affenzirkus [neubaurecords005]
07. wes rock – blue eyed salomon [ma030]
08. bronze – bring u life [groovecaffe007]
09. vincent inc. & overflow – ocean [supersixrecords030]
10. mr. roy – transmission [debun009]
mixed py paul hossow
45:59 min / 192 kbps/ 63 mb
download / download mirror

[kahvi 215] Blackberry – Selected Works EP

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

[kahvi 215] Blackberry – Selected Works EP

’2007 is turning out to be a year for not only guest artists but very talented guest artists. blackberry is no exception with four of the most involving tracks to get into. Hailing from the former east germany, perhaps we have a little of the industrial roots appearing as an influence within his music. (…) Enjoy this work of art from blackberry.’ [promo-text from]

download tracks [.ogg]::
01. Meeresflug
02. From Source to Ocean
03. Train Station Dub
04. Demons

–> download whole release [320 kbps mp3s & cover]

[J7N032] Impset “Tinram LR”

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007


After spending some time in the darker end of sound lately on this label, we take a different turn and present some moody and melodic IDM style tracks we have been enjoying lately.

Impset (Christophe Cabanié) has been excited by the sounds of electronic music for more than a decade, and has recently begun producing his own tracks. Impset is but one of his many production projects, and the music is warm, dubby, textural ambient,which at times carries a disquieting feel but remains fascinating and invites further listening.

We were certainly taken enough by his tracks to invite him to release some of his music on microlabel, and after repeated listening, the decision was made to mix the tracks together and to release the mix. After several months of delay, “Tinram LR” was born, and we invite you to take a ride with Impset through his music. Fans of the Orb and Future Sound of London will enjoy the sounds, which hearken back to the 90′s sound of electronica.

Enjoy our foray into IDM while it lasts!

[J7N032] Impset “Tinram LR”

Visit the website or on Myspace

Coming up: guest releases from Mystified, Roebin de Freitas, Instant and Off Land. There might even be an album by Jon 7 squeezed in there somewhere soon as well.

[white in music 001] v.a. – start #1

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

white in music is a new fresh netlabel from germany/magdeburg.

White in Music is a platform for artists in the range of the deep electronic music. We promote good music and interesting artists. The color white symbolizes neutrality. We co-operate with graphic artists.

coletone – niemals
data tracks – soul
hardhorst – somebody
ivo deutschmann – endless summer
micha mischer – houze muzik 2007
mino – who i am
oscar – eiskalt disco
paskal – my girl
rené hamel – edelhof

Exitvibes – Moon : ILMF003 (Vocal Trance)

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007


Teaming up with one of his best friends Zsofia Kalnay for the vocals, Tibor of Exitvibes creates a wonderfull vibe and melody that shines in “Moon” a debut release for Exitvibes. Look for this ILM release out on top digital download stores June 5th.

for more on Exitvibes check out //
ILM[F]003 : : : Release Date : June 5th. 2007

Style: Vocal Trance
BPM: 140 // 140
Length: 8:33 // 7:37

Original mix preview: CLICK
Night ray’s Astral remix: CLICK
For ILM Artist booking | Press | DJ promos email:

Feedback very strongly encouraged.

[es29] Monokle – “Ideas Aloud”

Saturday, May 19th, 2007

ElectroSound netlabel presents:

[es29] Monokle – “Ideas Aloud”

After their debut “Something About Frost” (es11), released last year, Vlad Kudryavtsev and Alexander Kumach strike back at the wide internet spaces.

Monokle continues its music investigations in a boundary electronic music places. This time, tracks combines live guitar and piano themes with a sharp synthetic tunes, that balance at the edges of psychedelic music and entertaining genres. “Ideas Aloud” establishes, that Monokle goes into orbit of another emotional dimensions, where the structure and any rules are less important than harmony.

[TRO37] Ture Sventon – Tropisk EP (incl. Jeff Bennett Remix)

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Yes, Sweden is on the way to rock the dancefloors. a grooving straightness, crisp and always pushing, Ture is playing around nicely with the arrangement and fading in and out some nice effects. Jeff Bennett takes Mörker to the more driving techhouse side.

01. Mörker
02. Skyffen
03. Krumelur
04. Mörker (Jeff Bennett Remix)

Download from

Ture Sventon
Jeff Bennet

[DHY 069 a,b,c] Various – Alpenglühen

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Der neue Sampler ist draussen. Er hört auf den Namen alpenglühen und ist dreiteilig: dhy069a (timberline edition), dhy069b (summit edition) und dhy069c (crevasse edition). 49 Songs komplett.


1 – Nach Hause DJ INSPIRACE
3 – Schlaraffe ILSE LAU
4 – The Joys Of Junking THOMAS O. HUBER
5 – The Real Story Of A Horse Called Horst THE TRASHLORDS
6 – Standing On The Cliff DARKWAVESHELLS
7 – Shomocka Blues ROKKO ANAL
8 – Popular Acclaim APOTOSIS
10 – Caged Bird (VF) HINTERLANDT
11 – Er löscht Die Sterne Aus SCHRÄGLAGE
12 – That Gun REEBOSOUND
13 – Du Wartest Im Regen Auf Die Sonne, Aber Sie Kommt Nicht ERNST
14 – Twisted JEFFREY
15 – Empty World BAD SENSATION
16 – Liebe Leilah! Heute JOVANN JOVANOVIC
17 – That Speed Dance THE POGO DANCE CLUB
18 – Cuci Man 3000 MIXED COLOR DICE (The Artist Formerly Known As Roland Schneider)
19 – Volkszorn Prison Blues KLNG-KOLLEKTIV


2 – Die Kleine Schnecke MARS GALLICULUS feat LEA MARIE
3 – Crapshoot At The Disco A BAL MORALE
4 – Yo…Yo…Yo…Wow! COC-COLA
5 – Drums Of War DEATHSITCOM
6 – One Moment LXC
7 – Atomic Bombcore No 8 – Sputnik Rooster
8 – Verrückter Ostseesommer (Even Longer Way Home) CRAUSS
9 – Saugglockenarchiv MARTIN SCHMIDT
10 – Fuckmachine SHITLOADS OF FUCK ALL
11 – Bavarian Psycho NOYZONE
12 – 49 DOGHOUSE
13 – The Ghost Of A Child S.E.U.D.A.D.D.
14 – Code Rock DJ I.R.
15 – Fuck Tha Smokazzz!! DEATH ON GLAMOUR
16 – The First Step SASCHA MÜLLER
17 – Shade Of Blue TROUBY


1 – Kleinstadt 89 APEIRON
2 – Wizard´s End IRONING
4 – Hydrofugarious Spasm ZLOTY DAWAI
5 – Water Music (Fieldrecording From Gerald Fiebig And Gerhard Zander) GERALD FIEBIG
6 – Farewell My Lovely Egyptian Goddess LUTNAHIMAT
7 – Deep In June (Edit) DEEP & JUNE PAIK
9 – Motorrad Im Hühnerstall
10 – Cable-Millionaire SLACKISM
11 – Who´s That Boy OHMKILL
12 – Etude Blanche Pour Simone Weil LEISENMAHD
13 – My Turkish Girlfriend Wears A Transparant Niquab REALLOVEDESTROYS

Download DHY 069a

Download DHY 069b

Download DHY 069c

Instructions: username: drivedeep / pass: downhill

Dhyana Records

monokrak 6 : ambient release

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007


this is the sixth release of Monokrak by Floating Mind. “SOS” is 4 pure ambient tracks, two of which are rather dark.
Comments are welcome.

direct link to “SOS” release :

Roberto :)
monokrak 6

[elpa06] Zainetica – “A fixed frame Ep”.

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Zainetica – “A fixed frame Ep”.

01. Starry night

02. Dice

03. Fatter angus

04. Robot sanctuary



genre: idm & breakbeat.