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Archive for July, 2007

Stratospherik 007 : Uriel Asher – enlighten ep

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Deep house vibes on this mnml release by newcomer Uriel Asher

01 – I Don’t know
02 – Enlighten
download here

[lz036] dj subpilot – mind your step

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

The 29 year old DJ Subpilot, based in Amsterdam, offered us this
great mix, containing such marvelous tracks like Nano´s “Hola”
or Vadim Lankov´s “Templeshow”.
Very danceable stuff – we hope to hear more from him in the future.

01 SACCOBROS – rincage [front003]
02 LADO – pelican bay (greenbeam & leon remix) [front002]
03 DOT – stay high [unfound030]
04 TONI OSKARI – don’t know [plpl003]
05 MIRCO VIOLI – hojuelas calientes [miniatura006]
06 DOT AND SHARON REZNER – welcome [ea003]
07 HUGOBOY – strana durakov [bump037]
08 TEP – nemnoho [wzr010]
09 LE CANTIN – otwo [1bit024]
10 NANO – Hola (dandi & ugo vs piatto remix) [itanet023]
11 VADIM LANKOV – templeshow [labrec021]
12 PEDRO TROTZ – monix (pepe arcade remix) [irdialmusic001]
13 MANU BERMEJO – a tiza [nu001]
mixed by dj subpilot
original artwork by squid
58:53 min / 192 kbps / 81 mb
download / download mirror

Alan Abrahams & Leonardo Fernandez – Leather lane (SERN 22)

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007


Leather lane

Leonardo Fernández locally known for his rock incursions in projects like “Los árboles” and Alan Abrahams, known for his syncopations and other musical experiments based on African sounds. Two beings, the first one with the double bass and the second with the programming, meet in an English place, to externalize in this occasion, an enormous separation from their previous efforts, going towards a never explored and more ambient and quieter field, filling their sound with a certain practically inaccessible poetic environment in their music up to now.

01.. Leather lane

download zip file


Recorded in London-England

[SMV001] spontanMusik V.A. – classic accidents vol.1

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

SpontanMusik SMV001

V.A. - Classic Accidents Vol.1
V.A. – Classic Accidents Vol.1

…spontan musik`s first release after spending three years in the hammock is a gorgeous bouquet of amazingly fresh sounding flowers – if you can imagine flowers sounding fresh !? even it is silly or not to think about fresh sounding flowers we deliver you this unique sounding bouquet of flowers – no matter if you like it or not!

the compilation starts with the road trip-vision of a global empire. huge-ball-beats collide with godzilla-mode sound design. ninja shadowboxing – as surprising as bruce lee`s exploding fist!
ed arcade – who knows how to trigger the jackpot – delivers a true winner with his supercoop, on the trace of c64 blend flipper-house.
minimono isn`t mono and not that mini you may suggest: their gigi is a well tuned journey through harmonic and tricky house-landscapes.
directly leading to the electrifying contribution from jason carich aka sr. replicante. tuning his robots in a power supply mode + old school bleeps in modern sound design.
for those who know tom ellis! – who`s running the fine trimsounds label with his partner in crime leif – supports the spontan family with his unique blend of wonky house and paradroid is failing safe in recreational mecca, where illusion is everything – and safety nothing! safe as milk he delivers a quirky fake chord dilemma – as friendly as we know him.
perpignan based nice presents a delicate slice of sporty neo-chicago, including bizarre rhythm pattern changes – suitable for people with 3 legs or more!
fym dares a boat trip to an exotic place, where complaining ducks are leading the way to kryptic pan-flute extravaganza you`ll surely love!
no worse is the attempt of keinzweiter, sailing on the river of no return, where jazz-blended messages scend kaleidoscopic in 4D.
things are calming down with tilmans tasty tribute to spontan. a deep jackin` ride with a heavy bassline suggesting stanley clarke on a motocross, collecting noises for the next decade.
anglo french from sven laux takes us to the late night drive. icy synths and beady percussions lead the way to the finale:
aluf waves goodbye with his “marinated rizlas” – a beautifully textured mutation of future jazz, just as we like it!

  • road trip – global empire
  • ed.arcade – supercoop
  • minimono – gigi
  • sr.replicante – loft
  • tom ellis – a day in the life
  • paradroid – fail safe in recreational mecca
  • nice – furoz
  • fym – mushed hybris
  • keinzweiter – dinnerleptic strings
  • tilman – tribute to spontan
  • sven laux – anglo french
  • aluf – marinated rizlas

[tpd084] Take Pills Die – 07.07.07 Jesus Slaves (dance party!)

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

tpd084 cover

New Release!

[tpd084] Take Pills Die – 07.07.07 Jesus Slaves

Guaranteed to get your dance party bouncing off the walls!

Track Listing:

09_PTA.OGG 7.6M

Take Pills Die Records. Quit Your Job And Get A Life!

Giant Party. Everything Is Free!


[SW021] Sascha Müller – Another Level EP

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Out now on Secret Weapon Records Canada a new Tech-House EP!!!

01. On a Mission
02. Saigon
03. UFO

Listen and Buy here:

(MA034) Michael Stapf – Spacebreaker Ep

Friday, July 27th, 2007

Details: rar|192kbit|mp3
Runtime: 16:52 minutes
Size: 25.4 mb
Release Date: July 27th 2007
Style: Tech, Electro

01 Michael Stapf – Spacebreaker
02 Michael Stapf – Hyersphere
03 Michael Stapf – Tokyo Pussycat


It was quiet for a couple of seconds. What would follow next? They looked at each other in surprise. It was only now that they realised: This was paradise. If only it wasnt half past two.
The friendship and cooperation between Musicartistry and Michael Stapf has lasted for more than five years. A nice anniversary rounded off by Michael’s first EP: “Spacebreaker”, the follow-up to his surprise-track “Sociopath” on the “1974 – Back to…” – compilation. Typical “Stapf-Tech-Electro-Sound” find the way to your ears.

Michael Stapf

• Musicartistry Recordings :: Electronic Diversity

[SSR033G] MemoPlay – UKW

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

After one year of no release on Super 6 Records MemoPlay strikes back with and Hardstyle, Hard Trance track UKW! Including an Clun Abthem Remix by Sascha Muller!

01. UKW (Sascha Müller Club Mix)
02. UKW (Smash The Radio Mix)
03. UKW (Original Mix)


192 kbps mp3 Zip Package
320 kbps mp3 Zip Package
Realmusic-Ringtones Zip Package

Super 6 Records Goodies

[cuchara05] Sacacorcho – Sacacorcho01

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007



Free music for the kitchen people!

05 (mezcla negativa del exprimidor)
06 (mezcla del colador intransigente)

auflegware 007 | Norman Creed # Culture Flash EP

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Auflegware presents # Auflegware 007

Norman Creed # Culture Flash EP


“New Sounds from Berlin presented by „Auflegware“ 7th release. Norman Creed from the secret Capital of Electronic Dance Music Berlin. He gives us musical variety and mixes terrific different styles to a perfect electronic composition without committing himself. A bit frisky in some way melodic but he never fails to serve the dance floor. Partly chill and sometimes hypnotic, straight forward, the bass underlined enjoyable crystal clear sound.”


“Frischen Berliner Sound präsentiert Auflegware mit dem siebten Release. Norman Creed aus der heimlichen Hauptstadt der Elektronischen Tanzmusik Berlin , zeigt uns seine Musikalische Vielfalt und mixt hier verschiedene Styleculturen zu einer Elektronischen Komposition wunderbar zusammen ohne sich dabei wirklich festzulegen . Ein wenig verspielt und irgendwie melodisch wirkt das ganze vergisst aber dabei niemals den Dancefloor zu bedienen. Teils chillig und teils Hypnotisch nach vorne genießen wir vier wunderbar glassklare Tracks mit Tiefe.”


01 | Push It Good ! [ 5:46 ]

02 | Culture-Flash [ 6:07 ]

03 | Realness [ 7:00 ]

04 | Offshore [ 6:28 ]

VÖ 25.07.2007

download EP Package

release info

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