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Archive for July, 2007

Napalm Enema Recordings New Releases

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007


Come check out 4 new releases from your favourite new Acid label,

Just released on the 21st and out now in the finest digital download stores.


NER004 : +10 Acid crew brings 10.1 EP
NER005 : Computer Controlled squelches the Dont F-uck with Wisconsin Single
NER006 : Arkanoid shoots the fantastic Belgian Basslines EP
NER007 : Red Vortical Stripes braindances the Distorted Illusion Single


Full info. about all releases and artists can be found at

Help keep good music great and purchase these releases here:

insectorama#012 – ong´s hat – harbinger ep

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

ong´s hat
harbinger ep

insectorama presents a new artist “ong´s hat” from israel with a brand new 4 track ep .
good beats and very nice pattern construct.
perfect minimaltechno and hypnotic melodys thats the sound of israel.

ong´s hat – a lullaby for the blind at heart
ong´s hat – carry me further, my faithful fiend
ong´s hat – carry my father, mein fiendful faith
ong´s hat – three times a ladys head

download complete zip file here

insectorama at myspace

[SSR022] Sascha Müller – Acid In Love Vol. 02

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

After 1 Year Sascha Müller pres his new pure Acid LP “Acid In Love Vol. 02″! 8 Tracks full of Acid incl. a Remix for Jerzz and 3 Acid Dj-Tools!

01. Kannie Slapen (Sascha Müller Jerzz Is In The House Remix)
02. Acid Delight Part 01
03. 50000 Motherfuckers
04. Juice
05. Acid Delight Part 02
06. Don’t Speak Just Listen
07. Aspects Of Physics
08. Acid Delight Part 03

Available here: Beatport, Dance-Tunes, Groovegate, Release Records, Audiojelly, Musicload and many many more…

Super 6 Records

[es30] V/A — “A Place to Live”

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

Russian Federation, a place to live for more than 150 million people, a territory of 12 time zones and 17 million square kilometres.

This compilation is a collection of tracks from various musicians from eleven russian cities. The booklet (in russian language) contains the authors’ photos and text descriptions, to read and to feel.

No more words. Just listen. Because, in spite of everything and against all the odds, we are proud to be here, to have such a place to live. And nothing will change this.

01 Zolotu “Moscow: Pure Field Recording” | 7.2mb, 3:11

02 Test Pressing “Murmansk: Empty Snow-clad Street” | 10.0mb, 4:24

03 MB-ent “Izhevsk: Somehand” | 14.1mb, 6:11

04 Siba “Novosibirsk: Gorod” | 5.5mb, 2:26

05 Modul “Krasnodar: Aurora” | 13.5mb, 5:56

06 Blondin “Perm: YKMD” | 9.9mb, 4:21

07 Uniquetunes “Saint-Petersburg: Evening on the Roofs” | 7.9mb, 3:27

08 Nitro “Yaroslavl: Yaroslavl Street” | 8.7mb, 3:49

09 SM “Ekaterinburg: EM” | 6.9mb, 3:01

10 The Kirbi “Barnaul: Second Paris” | 7.8mb, 3:24

11 CellarDoor “Chelyabinsk: Tinnitus (live version)” | 24.0mb, 10:31

12 moroza_knozova “My Song 3” | 11.6mb, 5:05

[+] Booklet (in russian) | pdf, 0.5mb


[ES019] Elektrabel – “Smash piece” EP feat Dustin Zahn rmx

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007


1. Smash ST 4:33
2. Smash 003 4:00
3. Elemental 4:43
4. Smash ST (Dustin Zahn’s enemy remix) 5:17

Some new stuff for free download :

Constantly exploring new faces of techno, but still staying uncompromising, Elektrabel comes back on Edensonic with three killer tracks. From the deepness of “Smash ST” to the minimalism of “Elemental” true techno is briliantly represented in this EP, with this industrial influence that previously made Elektrabel reputation on Jeff Mills’ Mission label.

Taking time from his busy productor and DJ schedule, and still running his two labels Abiotic and Enemy, US talent Dustin Zahn completes the release with an oustanding remix ! Totally shuffeling and remodelling “Smash ST”, he delivers us a track perfectly fitting this new slow bpm but strong techno that can inflamate every dancefloor. Already in Adam Beyer’s flightcase, be sure this remix will make it hear of itself soon.

Download on :

Don’t forget the Edensonic MP3 podcast here :

[lz035] chma – minimal es cultura

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

The second mix done by cHMa for Loopzilla.
And another testimony of his great skills and excellent
track selection.
Just the right mix between kind of laid back tunes, but
at the next moment a little bit more pushing – maybe
just the right stuff to get a party night started.

01 MOTOR – abstract machine (cut) [frag011]
02 GASTON AREVALO – tuntun [flumo011]
03 KALOPE – discharge [plex014]
04 ROBERTO MASSONI – parque chas [tropic036]
05 TATSU – route 289 [bump034]
06 BALDO – cicely [neovinyl007]
07 FRANCO BIANCO – gris cubico (suz rmx) [miniscule009a]
08 KEINZWEITER – mouted mars [plex011]
09 M.TELEMANN – mars [arteqcue011]
10 FRANCO BIANCO – ramirez llegare tarde (frederico molinari rmx) [miniscule009b]
11 SHOXY – sombrero [norbu004]
12 KEINZWEITER – solid panistix [plex011]
13 MOTOR – asidfake [frag011]
14 RETROFLEXUS – fungicid [bump035]
15 FRANCO BIANCO – la campana de la nonna (pablo akaros rmx) [miniscule009b]
16 FRANCO BIANCO – no pressure (oel & polygon rmx) [miniscule009a]
mixed by chma
75:48 min / 128 kbps / 72 mb
download / download mirror

[smw008] Autecher – “Static Field”

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

[smw008] Autecher – “Static Field”

Please, don’t panic! This is not “Autechre”, it is a project of one young man from Kishinev/Moldova, named Mark Autecher by his parents long before the famous British electronic group has appeared. In his music experiments Mark combines hard drone sampladelic with noise landscapes and abstract field recordings.


Saturday, July 21st, 2007

Cover Toolz006

fresh athmospheric detroit influenced sounds
with a little dancefloor kick and a touch of
a german sausage dog.

Kristian Holz//Dackel ep.
04//Bonustrak: Rauhes Holz
(MamaHalbLang Version)


have fun… :)

Open mind Digital EP – Recycle bot Vs. Dj Device [North-West Spb rec.]

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

North-West Spb records
Track list:
Hard & Rollerz – Infitration [intro]
Dj Device – Porno scharz
Hard & Rollerz -Infitration [intro]

[insub19] POTLATCH The Rrose Sélavy Show

Friday, July 20th, 2007

*free jazz*
after Rosa Luxemburg, Rrose Sélavy,
ritual, libertarian and érotic free jazz,
nine confirmed musicians from portugese scene
joined together for a dense and boiling music.

Monsieur Trinité: selected objects
Luís Desirat: « Paiste » cimbals and drums
Hernâni Faustino: double bass
Jorge Lampreia: soprano saxophone, flute
João Pedro Viegas: bass clarinet
António Chaparreiro: electric guitar
Nuno Reis: trumpet, pocket trumpet, flugelhorn
and Guests:
Abdul Moiméme: tenor and alto saxophone
Olympia Boule: voice

download .rar: here.
release page: here.