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Archive for August, 2007

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

bmth08 ::: Blackberry live @ reg.006 input

After a long period of time there is finally a new “thrillberry”-release on my site: the record of the liveact from the reg.006 input at Castello Groeditz/Lounge Kraetzschmars.

This is the first “faster” dancefloor-compatible liveset I’d performed (with great pleasure!). It contains a lot of (very) energetic breakbeat-stuff so don’t hestitate to rise up the vol.-fader and rile your neighbor!

Download? – Here:

[mp3 160kbps] …or better… [mp3 256kbps]

more stuff? …

Vanilladisiak – Mushroom Rush 1 [KUB006]

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Part 1 of Vanilladisiak’s double release…

Catalogue number KUB006
Release date August 26, 2007
Style Minimal/Tech House
Availability Beatport, iTunes, Junodownload, Napster, Wasabeat etc.

1 Decor
2 Again & Again
3 Decor (Nadja Lind Remix)
4 Decor (Bob Rogue Remix)
5 Again & Again (Le Chien Perdu Ctrl Z remix)
6 Again & Again (Keinzweiter Remix)

More information about this release

[lz039] dj subpilot – hills and thrills

Monday, August 27th, 2007

New stuff from DJ Subpilot @ [lz039].
Hilarious mix with a lot of clicks and cuts and kind of experimental sounds- definitely worth listening.

01 COR100 – a round a love [stir019]
02 PROJECT SWIRL – echo (paktidiotism remix) [inoquo034]
03 DONK BOYS – alien v (kopfporn rework) [krem004]
04 CRISS – la prima [flx002]
05 DANDI E UGO – fruo (xar lee kunf remix) [itanet024]
06 DANDI E UGO – fruo [itanet024]
07 THE MACHINIST – canela en rama (hermanos burbuja remix) [flm021]
08 MIGUEL COLMENARES – guaguanco in space [pinksilver008]
09 SACCOBROS – pre-lavage [front003]
10 SCHNINER – brina (claudio prc remix) [intoxic028]
11 REFLEXNO – virus [ir03]
12 PHOOKA – mal di testa [flx002]
mixed by dj subpilot
56:00 min / 192 kbps / 81 mb
download / download mirror

[SSR034G] DJ Pablishhh! – Intro Tech

Monday, August 27th, 2007

[SSR034G] DJ Pablishhh! – Intro Tech

This is an potential Dancefloor killer release from DJ Pablishhh! 3 different tracks only made to make the dancefloors burn!!!

01. My Name Is Pablishhh! (No Name Mix)
02. Destroy (Super Beat Mix)
03. Stranger Man (Out Contact Mix)


192kbps Zip Package
320kbps Zip Package
Realmusic-Ringtones Zip Package

Also available as FLAC and OGG!

Super 6 Records Goodies

Mixotic 098: DJ Kirill Sergeew – Backyards

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

This is a dreamy journey through a wonderful collection of fragile moments of incredible beauty. Piano chords meet plucked string instruments, hushed vocals glance at electronic sounds in an atmosphere of deep peace and calmness.

DJ mix download:



01 – Bersarin Quartett – St. Petersburg
Aerotone 005 (
02 – Jupitter Goes Quattrocento – At Least Be With Oxygen
Sundays In Spring 021 (
03 – Rob Hunter – Spill
12rec 038 (
04 – MB-ent – Awa
Electrosound 017 (
05 – 28 Degrees Taurus – Would You Like To Dance
Sundays In Spring 020 (
06 – David Schweighart – Eisstockschiessen
12rec 032 (
07 – Cantaloup – Dawn and Echos
Aerotone 005 (
08 – Monomatik – Bookends
Ideology 012 (
09 – Liger – Abortion 2
Beat Is Murder 005 (
10 – Robintone – Anymore
Beat Is Murder 009 (
11 – Tomasz Bednarczyk – So Nice
Audiotong 1014 (
12 – Winterpark – Nunns Rd.
Aerotone 005 (

(MA035) Debird – Identity Ep

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Details: rar|192kbit|mp3
Runtime: 17:13 minutes
Size: 26.3 mb
Release Date: August 25th 2007
Style: Electronic

01 Debird – Screens Everywhere
02 Debird – A Bit Of Me
03 Debird – Theories
04 Debird – Officework


A new digital soundwork from Debird: one year after “Hybridity Zerosix”, he returns with thoughtful soundscapes on his new concept ep “Identity” for Musicartistry.
He moves one step further in sound, thereby affirming his identity in the electronic music world. But what is identity anyway? His identity at least is split into thousands of fragments, transmitted through optical cables, shown on-screen in the real world through which they communicate, watch each other and go about their daily business.


[PAN027] Aeris Ash: !@#&%!

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Aeris Ash cover art

AERIS ASH: !@#&%!
Textural works formed from thousands of field recording snippets played randomly.

4 tracks / 24mb / 17:41
File Under: Experimental, Ambient, Glitch, Noise

Jason Corder has been around on the net-label scene since 2003, having released music on the imprints Thinner, Autoplate, Archipel and Subsource. These releases have surfaced under his own name, as well as Off The Sky, Color By Numbers and Zen Savauge. Recent collaborative projects include Social System with Canada’s Pheek and Shelter’s End with Denmark’s Danny Kreutzfeldt. Now, Panospria presents the unveiling of Aeris Ash, a new moniker for Jason Corder’s most experimental recordings to date.

Many thanks to our supporters out there! Your feedback is always appreciated. Since our collection is graciously hosted on the Internet Archive, if you would like to review this release you can do so from the release page above.

More information on this artist can be found on the following websites:

You can also purchase some of his music from the following labels:
Databloem: Off The Sky – The Geist Cycles [DB017]
Archipel: Social System – Autumn > Spring [ARCHIPELCD004]
Stilll: Off The Sky – It Is Impossible To Say Just What I Mean [SCD002]

Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

panospria logo

insectorama#014 – mosh – armoniko ep

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

armoniko ep

The musical proposal of Mösh was born in 2004 starting with the band”Hermitaños del ritmo”
in where it participated playing the bass. After years it fell under the influence of the electronic music.
Now he is experimenting in the creation of minimalist rhythm and sounds, influenced by music genres
like minimal tech and microhouse.

insectorama presents the first ep from mosh [chile].
3 perfect minimal tracks from mosh and 2 remixes from pablo cantuarias and anamlor smith from chile.
thats a very deep ep in a exellent style from beats and soundsculptures not from this world.
thats chile and we love this sound.

pablo cantuarias
anamlor smith

mosh – armoniko
mosh – herbstgesprach
mosh – anarko chuletero
mosh – unimodal [pablo cantuarias remix]
mosh – herbstgesprach [anamlor smith remix]

download complete zip file here

insectorama at myspace :: [adz006] – luigi turra –

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

after releasing music a.o. on, frigida rec and standard klik (under the name “esa”) in the past few months, interdisciplinary artist luigi turra from italy honours us with a new composition, almost reaching 26 minutes in length.

“” is a delicate and detailed piece, with two distinctive parts, merging field rec. and processed sound. luigi turra will soon be releasing his cd “enso” on smallvoices records.


direct download[adz006]

luigi turra

auflegware 008 – Mirko Aurich # Milchpause EP

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Auflegware presents # Auflegware 008

Mirko Aurich # Milchpause EP

The new EP „Milchpause“  by Mirko Aurich from Schwerin. He gives us the debut, presenting by

You take the grooving kick and bass part construction, in addition to a fair portion “deepness” and you can hear it: “Milchpause” got ready. Especially the grooving second track it´s one of our favorites, but you can also join to the next three tracks in a journey of the past, present and future of some tech-house. OK, gets a glass of milk, leans back and enjoy the electronic musical art.

01 | Bugrace [8:51]

02 | Milchpause [5:42]
03 | einspunktnull [6:49]
04 | drauf und dran [5:04]

Releasedate : 23.08.2007

download e.p >>

release info >>
play Traxs @ auflegware Netaudioplayer >>