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Archive for August, 2007

[1016AD] Various – Aesthetik Label Showcase

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

default image
The Label Showcase, released on, contains a compilation of nine exclusive tracks by Aesthetik Artists. Ranging from J-Lab’s rolling bass line and Receptor’s ultra dry clicks, to Tom Dazings big stomper and Franco’s explorations in ambient fields, the release serves as sonic introduction to the Aesthetik sound.
Aesthetik Record is the Belgium based imprint of Franco Cangelli and DJ Akî. In their personal ambition to carry Chigago’s funk and Detroit’s machine soul into the 21st century, the two have founded Aesthetik and since then produced a few gems, which as in dance music repeat the theme over and over but simultaneous constantly progress.

[lz038] harald walker – nucleons in my house

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

The second Walker-Mix for Loopzilla.
Great deep house tunes with a fantastic flow – perfectly served!

01 LUCIANO PIZZELLA – biomes (garry grand rmx) [brq034]
02 ANGEL GALAN – computer fun (deep mix) [escala 0:4]
03 LAURA PALMER – distances [thn095]
04 FREDDY MUSRI – biological support 2 [tro010]
05 D.SOUL – till my heart stops [corpid010]
06 KAY GROVE – 7th corner [rest033]
07 MIKE MESS – auszeit (deep inside mix) [smt001]
08 MARTIN LISSMYR – natural [electronic youth vol.13]
09 HOLGER FLINSCH – moonfloat [thn053]
10 QOSER – escher speed [dbdf027]
11 KEYBOARD – desfunzion (reversion) [corpid008]
12 DELUGE – metapop [thn069]
mixed by harald walker
59:04 min / 192kbps / 104 mb
download / download mirror

[bf065] Pastichio Rocker – Satisfaction EP

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007



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[Neubau#10] ToolTech – Photosynthese ep

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Now its time for the first release from ToolTech on Neubau. Seven grumbling Tracks in a amazing style of klick-klack minimal with floorworking Rhythems and great athmospheres. Right to this ending rainy summer in Germany to get warm feelings ;-)

Download Here

Difusion Records / va – Listen & Live [digital release & cd]

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Difusion Records / va – Listen Live 2007 out now

difusión records was created with one sole intention ”Spread the Music”

Inpsired by the minmalist movement in music, visuals, architecture & design, and opening doors for artists residing, in countries like, Brasil, Uruguay, Mexico, Germany and the United States, where Difusión Records headquarters is located.

Cover Image



01 Cartucho de Anestecia 6:41 (Zarbeat)
02 Cris es mute 11:32 (L_cio)

03 Bounce to tape 7:18 (Gusgo)

04 Cake and Coffee 6:25 (Maxon)

05 Brasileira Bonitinha 5:25 (Marcos Romero)

06 Flute 8:15 (L_cio)

07 4 + 5 6:40 (Yanoexisto)

08 Arrecife 6:51 (Itzone)

09 BDCS 11:16 (L_cio)

10 Cuando el Rio suena 8:07 (Itzone)

11 Esta en mi boca 8:06 (Zarbeat)

Download it on: ,

Get cd on

Beats Digital Difusion Records

Mixotic 097: Q-Man – Love Rebel

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

Mixotic founder Q-Man brings a portion of love to you. Is it chemical? Is it real? Will it stay forever or just one night of happiness? The answer can be far away out there or so close… just inside your heart. The cover picture is taken from

DJ mix download:



01 – Melmono feat. Dorothée S. – Love Is A Gun
DCC 007 (
02 – Luciano Pizella – Biomes (Cie Remix)
Broque 034 (
03 – Melmono – Thoughts Of Yesterday
DCC 005 (
04 – Bett – Holz
Stadt 015 (
05 – Carccia – Im Park
DCC 005 (
06 – Mookid – Nod
Knobs 007 (
07 – Danzai – Sleeper
Aciendo 009 (
08 – Sans Soleil – Zapopan
Thinner 094 (
09 – Dusty – Ambulatorio
Intoxik 027 (
10 – Taron-Trekka – Just A Testa
Intoxik 026 (
11 – Killahertz – Rush
Fragment 014 (
12 – AkkordIon – Untitled 1
Top-40 007 (

skrm007: Distimia – Other Side of the Madness (EP)

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Release date: 18-Aug-2007
Bitrate: 192 kbps CBR

mfm05 :: Grounded Circle – Through a Period of Time & Countless Other Things

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

mfm05“I first heard the songs of Elliot Little aka Grounded Circle in early 2006. Since then i have never stopped playing his music. He is the first artist I invited to join memoryformat and in fact one of the artists that inspired its creation. During this period of time whenever I listened to a new tune from Elliot it felt like reading the latest part of a wonderful strange story, then looking forward to the next one. This release is that story put together in the order that I received it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.” -sk

Download all tracks (V0 vbr | 20:57 | 33mb total)
Visit for previews

[apl047] Twile – Traum-a

Friday, August 17th, 2007


Twile, whose real name is Jarmo Huhta, is a Finnish, Helsinki-based musician
with an MA in ethnomusicology.  Having composed music for art exhibitions and
theater and following a previous appearance on the Comatronic netlabel with his
well-received “Chiaroscuro” EP (2005) described in the liner notes as
dub-inspired and “saturated with sadness”,  his debut on netlabel Autoplate
brings to its listeners his own poignant and unique blend of dubtech and

The album title was selected for its dual meaning - “Traum” is the German word
for “dream” while “trauma” refers to emotional injury or suffering as a result
of experiencing an extremely stressful situation or physical injury.
The sounds are cinematic, designed to be listened to in seclusion, and the
album as a whole is a manifestation of  Twile’s belief that “what is contained
in sadness holds the greatest potential for joy.” So Twile, as if assuming the
role of a therapist, summons the misplaced world of dreams, childhood, and
forest to offer a “sonorous  cure.”

“Traum-a” reveals what Twile identifies as his four obsessions: filtered
violin, glitch sounds, dub bass lines, and contemplative melodies.  Going
beyond standard dubtech, the tracks contain definite and extended harmonic
arrangements.  The first half of the album builds on the “four-to-the-floor”
beat pattern while the second half relies on a more relaxed, less defined
rhythmic structure.  There’s a persistent, melancholic ambiance maintained
throughout the album.  Amongst these four songs one will find introspective,
reverberating melodies conveying a sense of space and distance, violin samples
bringing an undeniable layer of sadness, traces of glitch adding texture, and
subtle beats and bass lines providing a solid rhythmic structure.  Especially
notable on “Sedna” are beautiful vocal fragments by Milja (Naava Projekt)
exuding a human touch of pathos.

Twile – Traum-a

[DID007] Michael Renk – Hate To Rise At Cockcrow Ep

Friday, August 17th, 2007

[DID007] Michael Renk – Hate To Rise At Cockcrow Ep

Details: rar|256kbit|mp3
Size: 45.6 mb
Release Date: August 16th 2007
Style: Dub, Deep

01 Michael Renk – The Cock Crows On The Dung Heap
02 Michael Renk – Snooze
03 Michael Renk – Quiet Down
04 Michael Renk – Deep In Sleep

Release Page
download (

Michael Renk, the mastermind behind the netlabel Musicartistry Rec. presents his 2nd Ep ever. This fantastic Ep is full of soothing sounds and atmospheric pads, dreamy sound as always. Please enjoy this wonderful deep Ep…