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Archive for September, 2007

welove: minimal oo9 – Gleichlaufartisten – Toolroom EP [wl: m oo9]

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Gleichlaufartisten – Toolroom EP
[welove: minimal oo9]

fresh stuff directly from todays called so “minimal capitol-city” berlin.

their debut release for “welove: minimal” is more assigned to the deep and groovey side of minimal without loosing the pressure which is needed to be played on the dancefloors.

we: think this release will catch you immediately and you’ll subliminally listen to it over and over again.

: Tracklist

: download (right click / save as)

: A Minimalizm me [4.25]listen

: B Transresistent [3.58]listen

: C Saga of deepness [4.43]listen

release info

download large cover pdf






Sunday, September 30th, 2007

the orange people remixes ep with edits from m.telemann, deymare and florian kunze.


artist: verano, m.telemann, deymare, f.kunze

my dipo (m.telemann remix)
my dipo (deymare remix)
orange people (m.telemann rmx)
my dipo (florian kunze rmx)

[stream all]

V.A. – A tribute to Chenard Walcker vol.1 [WM070]

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

A tribute to Chenard Walcker volume 1

Chenard Walcker, a friend of the online music world, is slowly recovering from a diabetic coma. His brother reports that he is not physically suffering. He fell into the coma in September 2006, and is now working on speech development and object differentiation.

Chenard is the prolific visual and musical collage artist who operates the Free Sample Zone with 58 releases available for download. Chenard also has two releases available on our label and he has contributed to various compilations.

So many of us have benefited from and enjoy Chenard’s work. This is our chance to repay our sweet friend and to send him our love with a tribute release on WM Recordings.

Download this free release from:

V.A. – Staubkaskade Remixe – [phoke45]

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

phoke45 - staubkaskade remixes - skies unlimited
This release contains the audiotracks of the upcoming experimental video from the artist Stefan Pautze.

This remix project based on the Skies Unlimited`s song for this video. Many of Phonocake´s friends concerned on this release. Besides this we are very happy about a remix from Analogue Audio Association one of the best-known Dresden’s Electronic local heros.

There are no poetic concepts behind the name „Staubkaskade“. The german name „Staubkaskade“ means the cascade and its dust.

Dust is the mathematical conception for a non connected point set. The cascade is a synonym for the principle of recursion. This is a function which calls itself again and again.

In fact fractals are nothing new they have been appaered in pictures for many years. But there is more behind this. It’s the mathematical set of for describing complex structures. This could be coastlines, clouds, mountains, plants, vascular systems, growth processes, stock-exchange prices or the allocation of material in the outer space.

It’s a little step from this to the assumption, that the main principle of fractals must be fixed in the world of architecture. The meaning of Stefan Pautze`s project „Staubkaskade“ is to get to the bottom of this principle.

The diversity of this remix project draws a bow through the world of contemporary electronic music.

Release Site
download release as .*ZIP-file (106 MB)

Paul Divjak – St. Moritz EP (Konkord 023)

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Prickelndes Champagner-Klima, wohltuende Höhensonne und ein kühler Drink am kristallklaren Pool.

Paul Divjaks jüngstes Œuvre lädt zu einer kurzen Zwischenlandung ins mythenumrankte St. Moritz ein. Entstanden im legendären Palace Hotel, “Rangierbahnhof und Operationsbasis der High Society” (© Der Tagesspiegel), serviert Divjak Elektronikhäppchen vom Feinsten – und das nicht nur für Industrielle, Erben, Neureiche und Steuerflüchtige.

01 | what if | 2:37
02 | far away | 6:51
03 | für immer unterwegs | 5:50
04 | perfect present tense | 6:02
05 | wellness forever | 3:03
06 | just happy now | 4:54

Weitere Informationen zur Release sowie Cover zum Download auf – dem höflichen Label aus Wien.

welove: minimal oo8 – L_cio – Próximo EP

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

welove: minimal oo8 [wl:moo8]

taking welove: minimal to the next steps we are proud to present the first release from our new brazilian artist L_cio to you.

with its quirly sounds, nice modulated synths, weird signal noises, and wonderful voice modifications this one sounds like santa clause on crack playing his favorite tunes in your favorite club.

not that usual minimal stuff you heard before but definitely handled as welove: minimal’s secret top hit!

for comments and/or reviews please visit our guestbook.

and don’t forget to visit his myspace for feedback!

: Tracklist

: download (right click on track-title / save as)

: A Perguntar [11.34]listen

: B Time [9.44]listen

: C Estudar [10.29]listen

: download cover as pdf

tracks hosted @

welove: minimal – net & digital label for modern minimal music – visit homepage

welove: minimal – net & digital label for modern minimal music – visit myspace

[RB008] Astrowind – Somewhere The Music Had Been Played

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

OUT NOW: Astrowind – Somewhere The Music Had Been Played

[RB008] Astrowind - Somewhere The Music Had Been Played

To speak with Spiritualized: “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are floating in space”

After two amazing releases (“The Night The Stars Flew”/Electrosound and “Into Vernadsky”/12rec), Astrowind come up with another great 7-track-EP.

Deeply influenced by german krautrock, “Somewhere The Music Had Been Played” puts you in a warm blanket and let you float in time and space. This deep harmonic athmosphere guides you through the complete release.

From the first track soft bubbling synth-patterns and soundscapes take you by the hand and let you forget time and space around you. And leave you after 35 minutes in a calm and peaceful condition.

By the way: The whole EP was recorded during a live improvisation on soviet-era analog synth and desktop FX. An exciting example of creating music together spontaniously.

1. Somewhere The Music Had Been Played
2. Wind Playing Far
3. Straight Before The Rain
4. Alleys
5. In The Park
6. Rusty Radar Operator With Piano In His Head
7. Echopark

More Informations:

[RB007] The Cherry Blues Project – El Viaje Revisited Vol. 2

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

The second part of “El Viaje Revisited” is online!
The Cherry Blues Project - El Viaje Revisited Vol. 2

The Cherry Blues Project – El Viaje Revisited Vol. 2

The sources of this album are from the album “El Viaje Mistico” (The Mystical Journey), originally released in 2001. The sounds of “El Viaje” are, essentially, field recordings from a journey by train in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For “El Viaje Revisited” we selected fragments and sections from those recordings and we remixed them to obtain new tracks and mixes.

We think that “El Viaje Revisited” is a soundscape. A simple journey by train.

We are very satisfied with the results, because we believe that the originals recordings have been improved in this album. We worked on this albums for four months.

This is the second part of the album, which has more parts of “Incidental Travel”, “Station”, “Meditaciones” (Meditations) and “Yendo a Casa” (Going Home) that appeared in Vol. I. We feel that Vol. II has a more “progressive” feel than Vol. I.

To sum up, the results of the remixes we made with sounds of “El Viaje” are these:
* Two Full Albums:
El Viaje Revisited, Vol. 1 / El Viaje Revisited Vol. 2

* Three EP’s:
Station / Walkin’ Again / …But Now It’s Back Again

* Four Singles:
Station Pt. 1 / Station Pt. 2 / Station Pt. 3 / Babies

We are planning to make some videos (videoart) for some of the tracks.

1. Meditaciones, Pt. 3
2. Station, Pt. 2
3. Journey, Pt. 2
4. Incidental Travel, Pt. 1
5. ¿Qué Puedes Ver Desde tu Ventana?
6. Incidental Travel, Pt. 2
7. Walkin’ Again [Edit]
8. Station, Pt. 3
9. Travel Mix, Pts. 1, 2 & 3
10. Yendo a Casa, Pt. 2

For more informations:

gargan#019 – Matthias Springer – Slow Motion EP

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007


my first Net Release is now online on gargan records …

The Tracks are very spaced up and chilled,
based on broken beats between 85 and 110 bpm …


1. Flaechentraegheitsmoment
2. Mechanik
3. Symmetrie
4. Metaphysik

for Download click this Link and save as (56 MB *.rar)

Matthias Springer – Slow Motion EP [complete]


THX for listening and some feedback would be nice…
best regards // MFS

antisocial#017 – D’incise + Lucas Olivet – L’enclos

Monday, September 24th, 2007

« Photographier, c’est exposer le paradoxe de l’image qui ressemble aujourd’hui au paradoxe de notre propre existence : un perpétuel aller-retour entre l’imaginaire et le réel, une tentative à la fois indispensable et perdue d’avance pour savoir où nous sommes. »

Mathieu Bernard-Reymond

L’Enclos cherche les limites troubles entre un territoire connu, inventé, habité et un univers brut où l’environnement rendu transparent par la lumière et la neige nous contraint à reconsidérer ce qui nous entoure au-delà du visible.

“To photograph, it is to expose the image paradox which today looks like our own existence paradox:
a perpetual “go and come back” between imaginary and reality, an attempt at the same time essential and lost in
advance to know where we are ”

Mathieu Bernard-Reymond

L’Enclos seeks the turbid limits between a known, invented, inhabited territory and a rough universe   where environment made transparent by the light and snow constrained us to reconsider what surrounds us beyond the visible one.

Videos + Photos : Lucas Olivet
Montage + Musique : D’incise