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Archive for September, 2007

[lz042] marcus e. henry – moments of life

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Our newest release “MOMENTS OF LIFE”, made by Marcus E. Henry, seems to be the perfect autumn-mix containing some great deep and dark tunes.
After Mr. Henry helped us to get in the right summer mood, he´s now taking us into the shorter and darker days of the year- and again he did an excellent job.

01 MODUL – mauna interpretation [fragment015]
02 JOE LE BON – neptuner [deepindub001]
03 DARK VIBRATIONS – calipsoncanat [tropic003]
04 LAURA PALMER – distances [thinner095]
05 INTERNAL SYNC – for now on [broque035]
06 DREI FARBEN HAUS – someday [corpidextra003]
07 DREI FARBEN HAUS – signature design [corpidextra014]
08 KAY GROVE – night walk [rest037]
09 KAY GROVE – coffeetalk [rest037]
10 RAGANOVA – grotto [deepindub002]
mixed by marcus e. henry
original artwork by antistudio
59:31 min / 192 kbps / 82 mb
download / download mirror

auflegware010 – Various Artists # level_eins.2 ( the red )

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Auflegware presents the second Part of the Birthday EP Series ( the red )

Various Artists # level_eins.2

A bird never flew on one wing. That is why we proudly presents the next EP of our B-Day Compilation. There are again 5 new and unreleased trax. The music on the EP is a little bit harder than the first one and continue. It sounds more electro minimalistic that before with influences of emotions.
The opening track is from one of the label-head and founder Jan Kose. You also can listen to Mirko Aurich, also known from Auflegware 008. But attention: There are three new artists on this Auflegware Compilation: Steve Devot, Mathias Korr and Audiodox. And now listen to the music and watch out for the third part… enjoy!


1.Jan Kose – Einstuerzende Altbauten
2.Mirko Aurich – Katzengras
3.Steve Devot – Kleinstadtliebe
4.Matthias Korr – Total Confusion
5.Audiodox – minor ache

download EP zip @ archive.rog  download EP ZIP @ sonicsquirrel
release Info

auflegware Homebase

auflegware Netaudio-Player

check out the first Part level_eins.1 .. here

edo020: d’incise – capharnaüm (mp3+cdr)

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

1. plaisir capharnaüm
2. sitcom ou le passage au noir impromptu
3. ES (interprétation2)
4. anonymes
5. entre les étages

57 cdr edition – stencil on textil
(electroacoustic, musique concrête)

download .rar: here.
release page: here.
EDOGM netlabel: here

es32: Anton Batagov

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

ElectroSound is proudly presents the official internet re-issue of the original CD of the well-known russian composer Anton Batagov, first appeared on Longarms Records.

The composition of this album is based on philosophy and practical instructions of the Great Masters of Alchemy. This music is an attempt to reconstitute the spirit of Coniunctio, an alchemical mystery. Alchemy knows a lot about opposite images, like water and fire, dryness and wetness, warmth and cold, the volatile and the fixed, the bodily and the spiritual, the Sun and the Moon, gold and silver, circle and square…

The punk-style guitar riffs and vocal phrases adjoin with angelic choir, church organ, and transparent piano passages. Coniunctio is the understanding or experience of the unity of opposites or paradoxes that lies beyond the world of duality.

01 Anton Batagov “Can You Feel The Rhythm?” | 18.5mb, 8:05

02 Anton Batagov “Coniunctio” | 63.5mb, 28:34

03 Anton Batagov “Opus Alchymicum” | 24.7mb, 10:48

04 Anton Batagov “Umbra Solis” | 32.5mb, 14:14

Listen in mp3 320kbps cbr + FLAC lossless quality:

The original CD is still available to be ordered in Longarms catalog:

skrm008: Sick Freak – Haematemesis

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Genre: Noise/Power Electronics/Dark Ambient/Experimental
Release Date: 23-Sep-2007
Bitrate: 320 kbps CBR

[RB006] The Cherry Blues Project – El Viaje Revisited Vol. 1

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

A new release on Resting Bell!

The Cherry Blues Project – El Viaje Revisited Vol. 1

The sources of this album are from the album “El Viaje Mistico” (The Mystical Journey), originally released in 2001. The sounds of “El Viaje” are, essentially, fields recordings from a journey by train in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For “El Viaje Revisited” we selected fragments and sections from those recordings and we remixed them to obtain new tracks.

We think that “El Viaje Revisited” is a soundscape. We are very satisfied with the results, because we believe that the originals recordings have been improved in this album.

El Viaje Revisited is formed by Two Volumes, each lasting 79 minutes.

1. Meditaciones, Pt. 2
2. Station, Pt. 1
3. Journey, Pt. 1
4. Yendo a Casa, Pt. 1
5. Incidental Travel, Pt. 3
6. Meditaciones [Reprise]
7. Insanity is Gone…
8. Incidental Travel, Pt. 4
9. Babies
10. Incidental Travel, Pt. 5
11. …But Now It’s Back Again

More informations:

[pp025me] Simon/off – Crime ep

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Tracklisting (320 kbps):

1. Easy

2. Away

3. Begin

4. Crime

Download as zip: Plainaudio , Archive

Though now hailing from Graz, Simon/off presents us four tracks that
can’t deny their influence from the Vienna School: atmospheric Blip-
Hop scapes meet Praterbreaks in a half empty Coffeehouse where you
can smell the smoke of K&D’s cigarettes slowly fading away. Advanced
Highheel-Step for bitcrushing Anti-Hippies is the order of the day
for the first two tracks “Easy” and “Away”. Acid-reminiscences of
early and mid nineties Warp Recordings set the tone and work hand in
hand with Hardcore-stabs on “Begin” and “Crime”, the second half of
the EP.
What else? Oh yeah! – all of that seems to happen in a an empty space
of about 50 squaremeters – Play it out loud, to fill the room!

Special thanks to Kabelton ( for the mastering of all
four tracks!

go to:,

[AMR053] Schuriken – The Irish Brigades Project

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Track Listing:

1. From Nicole        
2. Intro In Hell        
3. Military Ruski        
4. North Versus East        
5. Summoning Cthulhu        
6. The Cult Of 1942 

7. Streets Of Morgul


The Irish Brigades Project has been created by Schuriken the lead guitarist of Sadolust and Lasch Vamme and Cybergoat bands all originated from Athens Greece. The Irish Brigades Project is a personal musical and visual project so far as the cover artwork is concerned which begun in the late year of 2007 and is a one man’s project. So far a single release of one LP has been available to the public’s ears through various sites on the Internet and a part of DIY net label and currently been supported and re-released with all the bonus tracks by Amduscias Records Net Label. The music on this first LP is mainly inspired by horror films like H.P. Lovecraft’s Dagon and others like that and puts out the most atmospherical parts of these such as abandoned villages and lost places. Vocals are mainly done by Schuriken and put through heavy distortion and other fx’s. The guitar parts are naturally recorded. The concept is to keep the music very filthy and simple at the same time. The new Irish Brigades Project LP will follow during 2007 and is likely to be available during December.

[AMR052] Gidemon – Consume – Single

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Track Listing:

1. Consume (Original)        
2. Consume – Dizruptre Vs. Cronus Mix        
3. Consume (Silent World) Mix

Consume is a new single from Gidemon which is selected
from the collection of new works that are soon to be
released.Consume is an energetic beat drivin track
whith a haunting melody that spawned from a
conversation about the worlds race of humans that are
brought into a world of consumption and greed.Consume
comes with 2 remixes done in entirely different ways
featuring amduscias recording artist Cronus,Dizruptre
soon to release his first ep on amduscias and the Dark
Prophet plus Eelimis who have wicked material soon to
reveal it self to the world of consumption.

[AMR051] Xerxes – Noctambulation Amongst Nebula – Single

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Track Listing:

1. Noctambulation Amongst Nebula