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Archive for October, 2007

[Neubau #12] Loopo – Looking Forward ep

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Nearly the first birthday of Neubau Records Loopo brings us new stuff out of his home studio. 4 tracks full of floorbusting rythms, grooving basslines and soulfull leads. Watch out for the Neubau-Birthday-Compilation comming in November with Tracks from all Neubau acts!!!

Download Here

[Sauer004] LaptopAcidXperience – Live Set 2

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Live Set from LaptopAcidXperience all played live on his damn good 303!!

Live Set 2


Säurebad Records

[SSR025] BinauralBeatsProjec’t – Uplink EP

Monday, October 29th, 2007

BinauralBeatsProjec’t are W. Raspe and C. Blake! This Detroit Techno LP was already released in 2001 as Vinyl on Roland Caspers Psycothrill Label! Here and now you get the chance to buy the tracks on the digital Highway!!

01. Delicious
02. Bougie
03. Twone
04. Techo
05. Fluctation Virus
06. Denied
07. First Really Infection
08. 2 Electro
09. Unfortune Circumstances
10. f0111
11. xr87z
12. f1011

You can buy this release in download stores worldwide

Super 6 Records

[SSR024] Nightnoise – Taxi Drive

Monday, October 29th, 2007

DJ Nightnoise is back this time with an full album on Super 6 Records! Here he show us his talent to put Dark Synth sound together with really groovy beats!

01. Air Breeze
02. Pleasure Hydraulix
03. Northern Exit
04. Foundation Of Noise
05. Finding Love
06. Down
07. Silent Groove
08. Black Horizon

You can buy this release worldwide in different download stores!!

Super 6 Records

[RB014] Braille – Sustain Remixed

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Braille – Sustain Remixed

The third release on Resting Bell was the fantastic 4 Track-EP “Sustain” from Braille. Braille send those pieces to four excellent artists for a remix. And here are the results.

“Sustain” is remixed by OCOSI. Massive delays and repetitive elements are bound together to a great experience in sound.

“No More Trains”, remix done by Nanako, gets even more dense and more layered as the original. A real monument.

“This Sickness” is remixed by Tatu Virtamo and begins very complex, but ends up in a clear almost natural environment.

The Remix “Ian” is done by Default Settings, who brings out the melodic elements of the original and assembles it to a multi-layered miniature.

1. Sustain (OCOSI Remix)
2. No More Trains (Nanako Remix)
3. This Sickness (Tatu Virtamo Remix)
4. Ian (Default Settings Remix)

More informations:

monoKraK 10

Saturday, October 27th, 2007


this is the release number 10 of monoKraK by the Belarussian Vladislav Buben. “Arsenic” is 4 deep and dark ambient tracks.
Comments are welcome. Artist contact : or website ”

direct link to “Arsenic” release :

antisocial#019 – Sensible – Tasty

Friday, October 26th, 2007

Sensible – Tasty

Délicatement, il fait jour mais il fait nuit, il fait jour mais il fait nuit, il fait jour mais il fait nuit. Brutalement, je te parle mais je suis mort.

Delicately, daylight in the night-time, daylight in the night-time, daylight in the night-time. Roughly, I speak to you as I’m dead.


contact Booking sensible -@-

Listen *** Download

L’ensemble de cette maxi est distribué sous la licence Creative Commons Paternité – Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale – Pas de Modification 2.5.

Fungitonic & the lobers – Alzheimer (SERN 23)

Friday, October 26th, 2007



Being absent, feeling sad, seeking a way out, walking aimlessly. We do live in a universe of frustrations and disillusions in which thanks to artists like Freddy Álvarez, we become aware of some kind of solution to the deepest sorrows of our souls, trying to find peace in an endless number of conflicting feelings.

01.. Sin toldo
02.. 5/4
03.. Funcional (reversión)
04.. Mina Silvia
05.. Ser eso

06.. Despertar (Feat. Lupito)

07.. Paisaje oriundo

08.. Rojo

09.. Y llovio sin tilde

10.. Once once (Av. Jimenez con 13)

11.. Polipatético (ay! mis oídos)

download zip file


Recorded in Bogota-Colombia 2007

Ostwind-Records # Elektrodrei # Vogelflug e.p.

Thursday, October 25th, 2007


Elektrodrei mit 3 minimal-melodischen Tracks auf der Ostwind 12. 
Elektrodrei (Datapunk, R3CORDS, Auflegware) with their Maxi Debut on Ostwind. Three electrofied techhouse tracks in a perfect mixture of coolness & harmony, really fresh produced. Enotype on the A side has an ultraphat groovin bassline, which reminds on the legendary Flat Beat song. The harmonic bleeps in Dimensional Shift come really brightly and we are sure that this will be a nice lady shaker. Trancized comes more hypnotical with his destroying synths and completes this solid Debut. Release 22.10.2007!

Das sagt KOMPAKT zu der EP:

“Die beiden Bonner-Newcomer stellen hier auf Ihrer Debüt-EP auf dem Minimal-Label Ostwind drei sehr groovige Stücke vor. Egal ob diskoid, technoid und einfach nur kräftig deep, die Platte hat ordenlich Schwung und der Groove stimmt immer. Die Bassline des A-Tracks erinnert an den Flat-Song. Die Melodie schleicht sich gekonnt ins Ohr und geht direkt
in den Bewegungsapparat. Die Tracks auf der B-Seite überzeugen ebenfalls durch einen meldoischen-groovigen Style, wobei Track B1 durch seine zuckersüsse Melodie eher der “Mädchen-Song” sein könnte. B2 kommt etwas derber daher und ist auf dieser EP mein Favorit. Denke das Elektrodrei mit der Vogelflug EP die Tanzflächen erobern wird, besonders zur späteren Stunde. 5/5 Punkten”

Auf der Website von R3CORDS gibt es 3 Exemplare der neuen EP zu gewinnen.
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[R3CORDS] Elektrodrei # Los Angeles EP

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

[R3CORDS] Elektrodrei # Los Angeles EP










Die dritte e.p. von Elektrodrei auf R3CORDS wird einigen Kennern unserer Musik sicher ein kleines Fragezeichen ins Gesicht zaubern. Die Tracks der Los Angeles e.p. gehören mit Sicherheit nicht zu unserer minimal-elektronischen Seite, sondern eher zu der … nunja … sagen wir mal etwas “druchgebrannten” Art. Wer also auf unkonventionelle Zusammenstellungen elektronischer Elemente steht, sollte sich die Songs auf jeden Fall mal downloaden und anhören!


Download: 01 | Crank Clockwork | 7.58
Download: 02 | Roomer | 7.37
Download: 03 | Photoelectric | 7.23
Download: 04 | Cover Picture (gif)

Download: Los Angeles EP @ R3CORDS

Label Website: