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Archive for October, 2007

[RB012/RB013] Gardens From Light – Birds Of Joy And Sorrow

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Gardens From Light – Birds Of Joy And Sorrow Vol. 1

Gardens From Light – Birds Of Joy And Sorrow Vol. 2

Gardens from Light are an ambient drone duo from the North of England. They formed during 2006 and consist of individuals I. Sparke and S. Illidge.

Their release “Birds Of Joy And Sorrow” is a massive work in two pieces. Both together two hours long.

They create 12 conceptual pieces around figures from the russian and east european mythology, 12 deep and dark sonic landscapes of drones, walls of strings and field recordings.

In the russian legend a “Sirin” is a bird with the head and chest of a beautiful woman, singing beautiful songs. But for mortals they are dangerous. When you hear their singing, you follow them and die.

Don’t be afraid, take a long walk into this unknown land. And for your own security, on Vol.2 you can hear the “Alkonost”, a bird of paradise with a voice so sweet that anybody hearing it can forget everything…

Tracklist Vol. 1:
1. Sirin
2. Rusalki
3. Bannik
4. Marowit
5. Likho
6. Vual

Tracklist Vol.2:
1. Alkonost
2. Karzel
3. Sariel
4. Drekavac
5. Koschei
6. Kikimora

More informations:

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Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Abstract Minimalistic Electronic

AA19 Ünsai

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Terré sournoisement quelque part à la frontière franco-suisse, le duo ünsai bricole à l’aide de machines et d’instruments divers une musique sombre et hypnotique entre electro-dub industriel, abstract hip-hop et noise.

Cunningly hide somewheree at the french-Swiss border, the ünsai duet arranges a dark and hypnotic music using machines and various instruments , between indusrtial elctro-dub, abstract hip-hop and noise.

61 min 09 / 144Mo / industrial abstract hip-dub

download .rar full album:here.
AUDIOACTIVITY netlabel:here.

[labor51_03] v.a. LP – thirteen

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007


13 Tracks, 105 min. total runtime
style: experimental, ambient, downbeat


01 – synthor – rain [09:19] ll download

02 – ryan rustler – sanaris (rework) [07:32] ll download

03 – tim – juggernaut of fate [05:54] ll download

04 – darja – chamberzz of luzt (original) [09:42] ll download

05 – p31l0 – hola humanos [06:15] ll download

06 – frequenzkiller – bassmurder [08:43] ll download

07 – hirsauM – dark angel [04:52] ll download

08 – stiebel elektron – radio mum [05:15]** ll download

09 – darja – chamberzz of luzt (area51 accoustic remix) [06:33] ll download

10 – hirsauM – black horizon [06:25] ll download

11 – area51 accoustic – the landing [13:02] ll download

12 – mister jay – living in room 2021 [07:46] ll download

13 – jerzz – larmouretlecrane [14:30] ll download

xx – release complete 143mb, rar ll download

** mastering by audiohead

[other links]
cover ll download
tracklist ll download
label homepage ll click
myspace ll click
homebase ll click

this release is shared under creative commons license

[EARland10] Sascha Müller – Flight 77

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Already the 10th release on EARLAND. This time a release rom Sascha Müller. He used to release n EARPLUS but he know shows he can produce very sophisticated ambient too. He tells us a story of a dark flight with the number 77. A dark flight, because his sounds are deep and sometimes it seems you’ll be underwater. He also uses breakbeat, downbeat and even some junglistic rhythms. A very spheric ambient relaese, this one from Sascha Müller. Enjoy.

1. Flight 773- 3.29 min.
2. Flight 774- 5.28 min.
3. Flight 775 – 5.10 min.
4. Flight 776- 2.42 min.


Download ZIP

Eastern Recordings

Benny Feenell – Mensch Maschiene EP

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

the producer Benny Feenell from Germany its final work his new EP Mensch Maschiene
it is a mix from Deep Electro with Oldscool Elements to Electrohouse Sounds
Benny was affected by electromusic since he was a child 7 years old , he began producing 1993 with 12 years on a homecomputer commodore Amiga500.
Mensch Maschiene (orginal)
Mensch Maschiene (electrohousemix)
total time: 12:59 192 kps Mp3
more info:

[RB011] Mensa – Nordic Recordings

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

OUT NOW: Mensa – Nordic Recordings

Mensa is a project by Edu Comelles from Barcelona, Spain. Mensa creates soundscapes in a dialogue between sound experimentation with high-tech possibilities and the natural enviroment, the landscape and the countryside.

All the sounds are produced to be listened outside, in public spaces or natural enviroments.

So, Nordic Recordings is a beautiful 4-track EP with softly moving soundstructures. It is a very calm and gentle production.

This album was concived using the legacy of early works on sound done in Sweden during the spring of 2006. Those first recordings were produced in Stockholm and Säxnas (Lappland). The actual mix of the album is finished in Barcelona on october 2007.

Aswell, in Lappland, Mensa produced many other tracks that still haven’t been published. The aim of the album is to develop a personal soundtrack for a moving landscape in the northern part of europe.

1. Silent Landscapes
2. When I Was There
3. Stadt Bibliotek
4. Skåne

More informations: 

[ennt001] Hardmoon – Sidus EP

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

Hardmoon - Sidus EP

Enntess brings with its first release four tracks from Hardmoon.

01 Colniko
02 Hardmoon
03 Timefreeze
04 Landsa

The EP kicks off with moody Colniko, building layer upon layer resulting in more and more subsounds droning around your head.

The second track Hardmoon moves melodically in every possible direction, yet stays within its tight boundaries.
Timefreeze opens up some more space, calming down the listener with its simplistic melody.

Last but not least, Landsa closes the bunch with an uplifting theme which may seem odd at first, but comforting in the end.

[lz045] sascha müller – tone war

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Keep your ear-plugs ready – this one is going to hit you hard.
Massive mix made by Sascha Müller with just one direction – forward!!

01 IBRATOR – nuclear ramjet [digital diamonds]
02 CEROFORM – hicon [heavy industries]
03 NICK ZERO – stepsback [rest]
04 JUNO NESDIN – meralda [electronic youth]
05 TAKE TWO – bell tram c [super 6 records goodies]
06 PETER WELSKOP – source of error [labil records]
07 TEKNOIZ – xitran [labil records]
08 UNAI MAKESI – techno numeric [offaudio]
09 DJ PABLISHHH! – my name is pablishhh! (no name rmx) [super 6 records goodies]
10 HIROSHI OKI – pa amb tomaquet [antiritmo]
11 KALEN – who the hell killed laura palmer [antiritmo]
12 KALEN – no mercy [antiritmo]
13 ARCHAE & GROVSKOPA – hands like these [offaudio]
14 PAUL MEZCOLANZA – 65 wat [antiritmo]
15 SASCHA MÜLLER – turbulance (unreleased version) [foem]
16 PRSTO – gad get 2 [rohformat]
17 PAUL MEZCOLANZA – bahia cantica [antiritmo]
18 TECHNFORZE – geopotes point [offaudio]
19 FORCE SUPREME – warpsig [sublogic records]
20 SASCHA MÜLLER – aspects of physics [säurebad records]
mixed by sascha müller
original artwork by greywillow
75:20 min / 192 kbps / 108mb
download / download mirror

[insectorama#016 & 017] sic – tuberia ep & funkatron – new ep

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

tuberia ep

insectorama presents the new ep from sic [a coruna/spain].
3 new tracks with rolling sounds and warm melodys perfect minimalsound for the clubs.

sic – tuberia
sic – definicion
sic – animo


Samuel Iglesias Castro(A Coruna,Spain) 24 ,was affected by electromusic since he was a child.
He began playing in 1998 under the pseudonym of Dj Samuel obtaining a regular job as dj in AfterHours Disco Class(Bastiagueiro);
he also made music in Cisco Pub (a Coruna)during the same year. Few years later he played in “Sala Atlantic”
and partecipated to the Merced celebrations in Teixeiro Prison performing his own sets. In 2003 he span his
early production under the fictitious name of SIC driven by his need to make his own ideas concrete and affected
by various stiles as Techno ,Minimal and Electro . Some of his masterpieces spread during those years over
many radio programs as Dance Factory and the “40 Principales Coruna”; he played also at raves, private parties,
Las Lapas beach in San Juan, and otros famous spanish places. In 2006 he was invited to the
Spanish program “Noites de Xolga”, broadcasted in 30 local televisions in Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra.
He attended the Superior vocational training studies to become a sound engineer and later
created the Label “The Dual Core” thanks to the collaboration with his friend Dj Lefrenk;
they also use this name when they play together merging their own songs and stiles.
Nowadays he’s working as sound engineer at Culleredo Radio in a electromusic program called
“tafelmusik”(101.2 fm) broadcasted every Friday from 21.00 to 00.00 and trasmitted also on internet at .

download complete 320kbit zip file here

new ep

5 tracks from funkatron [slowakei] in a great minimal style from dark to deep and crazy beats
with mechanic melodys in a sub atmosphere.

funkatron – alfa
funkatron – blimm
funkatron – cargo
funkatron – is
funkatron – sunday


download complete 320kbit zip file here

insectorama at myspace