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Archive for July, 2008

Deep Haki & ActivePhaze – The Room Ambience ver.2 (EP)

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008


[gargan029] Deep Haki & ActivePhaze – The Room Ambience ver.2 (EP)

Artist: Deep Haki & ActivePhaze

Title: The Room Ambience ver.2

Genre: Deep-House / Ambient

Label: Garganrecords

Cat.# No: [gargan029]

Format: mp3, 192 kbps


  • 01.ZAVIS [ambient ver.]
  • 02.Deeply Awaken [Deep Haki remix]
  • 03.SketcHer2 [AP`s Slow Flash remix]
  • 04.Bekah [scetch main]
  • 05.Deeply Awaken
  • 06.Purple

Preview (m3u)

Download (ZIP)


Cup of Kahvi

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Our resident DJ Polaski returns with a super summer mix entitled `Cup of Kahvi`. I`ve been listening to this one for a while now, and its fiendishly compelling with its, as usual, great transitions between tracks and ‘overlayed’ mixing. Definately one to add to your permanent playlist for the summer…

[ACS 003] – Big Bang! EP

Monday, July 28th, 2008


| Various | Armatura Clandestine 003 | Big Bang! EP |

The Divide – “Category 5
Mattias Fridell – “Nano Surgery
Brad Lee – “Fade Into Darkness
Concrete Djz – “Big Bang!

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RB037 – Ghosts and Strings – Canciones del Futuro

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Ghosts and Strings – Canciones del Futuro

RB037 - Ghosts and Strings - Canciones del Futuro

Ghosts and Strings is the current project by composer/sound artist/multi-instrumentalist David Molina, also known as “Los Veneremos”.

Molina studied and performed classical guitar for almost 12 years until he discovered the art of recording and scoring music for theatre, dance, film. 12 more years went by and the rest was history.

Unlike the output of his experimental, noise, ambient group Transient, “Canciones del Futuro” is an epic, harmonic, cinematic, guitar driven, 3 track EP. Molina combines field-recordings, beautiful guitar lines, percussion, organic samples, flutes, and voice to create wonderful touching songs that fall some where in between Folk, Shoegaze, Electronica and Ambient.

1. heights
2. searching
3. judgement day

More informations:

c/o pop presents: destination cologne

Sunday, July 27th, 2008


c/o pop pres.: Destination Cologne

12 Tracks | 131MB | 192kbps mp3 | versatile electronics

Thalys – Mehrsprachige Zugansage (Soundmap of Cologne)
Please Repeat – System-Pi (Stadtgruen)
Cable Pollution Results -New Delhi FM (Der kleine grüne W¸rfel)
The one with the lead guitar – Monomatik(iD.EOLOGY)
lexington – nika japaridze (Rest Netlabel)
Periodic Table – 6884 (FOEM)
more – Breitbandkater (directors cut cologne)
Phonocake – Aries Fiktion (Phonocake)
SKOOL – Organo Flex (72rec)
Jutro – Phonout (Zimmerlautstärke)
04_untitled from monostatic (
Die singenden Schranken von Holweide (Soundmap of Cologne)

Mit “Destination Cologne” präsentiert die c/o pop Musikneugierigen kostenlose MP3s zum Download. Genauer gesagt handelt es sich um eine digitale Ausstellung von elf in Köln ansässigen Netlabels, die einen Einblick in Ihr virtuelles Treiben geben und zum freien Musikdownload einladen.

Köln blickt auf eine lange Tradition elektronischer Musik zurück. Nach Stockhausen, dem Sound of Cologne und Kompakt formiert sich seit Jahren zunehmend eine lockere Musikszene, die sich der freien Musik verpflichtet sieht. Neben wichtigen Informationskanälen wie dem deutschsprachigen Phlow Magazin und der englischen Edition bietet Köln eine lebhafte Szene an Musikaktivisten, die das Internet umarmen und digitale Distributionswege für Musik nutzen. Diese Netlabel verteilen frei, sprich kostenlos ihre Musik. Das Business-Modell heisst Aufmerksamkeitsökonomie, Spaß und Förderung freier Werte, gerne auch Gift Economy genannt.

Aus diesem Grund präsentiert die c/o pop erstmals elf Netlabels, die aus Köln kommen oder ihr Treiben von der Domstadt aus koordinieren. Die Zusammenstellung veröffentlichen die Netlabels Zimmerlautstaerke , Stadtgruen, Rest Label, rec72, Phonocake, iD.EOLOGY, FOEM, directors cut cologne, Der kleine grüne Würfel, 2063music und Soundmap of Cologne gemeinsam unter einer Creative Commons-Lizenz, die nicht nur den freien Download erlaubt, sondern besonders auch das Weiterverteilen, denn das ist der Kerngedanke, der auf Destination Cologne versammelten Netlabels.

(MA047) Pornophonique – 8-Bit Lagerfeuer

Friday, July 25th, 2008



Details: rar|192kbit|mp3
Runtime: 32:40 minutes
Size: 47.0 mb
Release Date: July 25th 2008
Style: Bitpop,Guitar,Vocals

01 Sad Robot
02 Take Me To The Bonuslevel Because I Need An Extralife
03 Lemmings In Love
04 Space Invaders
05 I Want To Be A Machine
06 1-2 Player Game
07 Game Over
08 Rock’n'Roll Hall Of Fame

Gameboy meets campfire meets art
Eight songs about sad robots, about feeling lonely in computerdungeons and about other sentimental stuff – sounds like Pornophonique are ready to launch one of the most spectacular release in all of Musicartistry’s history! The output of the two guys behind Pornophonique boast quality songwriting, never-herad-before sounds and last but not least their songs are bound to sneak into your mind and stay there for a very long time. We recommend: Download this monumental work of art as long as it’s still free!
And since no one can live off music alone, your eyes will get some candy too: Eight artists from the comic/graphic novel – scene designed illustrations to the eight songs on the album. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to order your copy of “8-bit Lagerfeuer” on, complete with interchangeable covers in a white tin-box.
BTFW: “Game Boy” is a registered trademark of Nintendo, Inc.
Musicartistry takes a time-out till october! So far, thanks for your support!!!


Musicartistry Recordings :: Electronic Diversity

[lz065] dj l´embrouille – 2708

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

After an absence of more than a year, we are glad to present you another L´Embrouille-Set @ Loopzilla.
This time we got almost two hours of techno and tech-house tunes. Really great mix!

The set has also been broadcasted at his weekly show “Melenick Session” @

01 KAITO – mx [aedeep002]
02 PRKL – variable d [rtn007]
03 PASQUALE MAASSEN – tcsh [dig026]
04 PRKL – variable c [rtn007]
05 KALEN – sc ruling [ignored008]
06 GREENCROSS – monstakilla [antiritmo030]
07 MAZTIKA – nothing to hide [aetech002]
08 DOMINIK MULLER – pkm [aetech001]
09 KUNIAKI TAKENAGA – granphazilva [antiritmo029]
10 HOOG – abuis(smear remix) [return001f]
11 THE BEE – tik tak [aetech004]
12 INIGO KENNEDY – relentless calm [asy013]
13 PLASTIC LOOPZ – sand [da013]
14 JAY SAUNTER – menthol [aetech003]
15 HOOG – abuis (charlton remix) [return001f]
16 MAPT – is it usual [ar004]
16 KUNIAKI TAKENAGA – remember for me [offaudio049]
17 D. MULLER – the triangle [ar003]
18 ELEKTRABEL – popip [es020]
19 DJ DEVELOPER – runner 50 [dobox033]
20 YDANNEG – untitled04 [zimmer035]
21 DAN MUTE – i [aetech007]
22 CASUAL VIOLENCE – borne [bmt004]
23 HOOG – abuis (original) [return001f]
24 YDANNEG – integral [zimmer035]
25 Tioneb – nova bossa [es020]
26 PLASTIC LOOPZ – purple [da013]
27 AEOD – tiffany i [dig023]
28 YDANNEG – africana n2 [zimmer035]
29 PRKL – variable b [rtn007]
30 KALEN – northern lights [ignored008]
31 ATESH K – the walls of nicosia [es020]
32 KALEN – corrupted file [ignored008]
33 AMER MUTIC & SEAD REDZIC – techniques ep (b2) [zimmer034]
34 JEREMY R. – loco [si004]
34 YDANNEG – emotions [zimmer035]
36 LUKA BAUMANN – back to forth [bmt002]
37 STRIAL AND TIONEB – t1 versus edit [es020]
mixed by dj l´embrouille
original artwork by sneakyone
119:53 min / 192 kbps / 172 mb

Electric Lime [qbs-01]

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

For our first release, we are proud to welcome chilean artist
Sound Sculpture Project onboard. He offers us three excellent
tunes full of fine electronic groove. Enjoy!!!

Artwork Electric Lime

Album: Electric Lime

Artist: Sound Sculpture Project

Label: Qubit Sound

Format: mp3 – 320 kbps / Ogg Vorbis – 350 kbps

Genre: Electronic

Style: Deep techno, minimal

Date : July 2008

Download: HERE 53.1 Mb


myspace :

[Armatura Bonus 006] – Riino/Concrete Djz – Dark Flight EP

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008


Storming new EP for Armatura Bonus Records with French hardtekkno master Riino
taking you to some serious dark trip,and Serbian concrete crew with a massive dark
session in their unique energetic style.

Armatura Records again shows inteligent hard techno is what future dancefloor is all about.
Dark Flight EP Vinyl release will see daylight in 2009. Dont miss!


[SSR046G] DJ Berkin – Long Tunnel

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

DJ Berkin is back on Super 6 Records Goodies with 2 house tracks! Long Tunnel is a Progressive House Bomb and It Changes Your Chip comes with an arabian flavour!

01. Long Tunnel
02. It Changes Your Chip


192 kbps mp3 Zip Package
320 kbps mp3 Zip Package

Free Download!!!

More Infos here: Super 6 Records Goodies