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Archive for July, 2008

[insectorama.028] gozne – colliguay ep

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

colliguay ep

insectorama presents the new ep from gozne from chile. afer the releases of bumpfoot,
epasonidos and many other labels comes gozne with this 3 track ep in a minimal
sound sculpture style.

gozne – papel
gozne – colliguay
gozne – maashy

download complete zip file here

insectorama at myspace

Sulette – My Phasing Fender (Kreislauf 046)

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Kreislauf 046

My Phasing Fender

Artwork: Front
Formate: mp3 | ogg
Lizenz: by-nc-nd
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01 Stop In My Mind
02 Snitch
03 Night Interlude (JT Remix)
04 Planet Afro

[rz077] Various – Birds And Water 2008

Monday, July 21st, 2008

It is the middle of summer now. Hot air in the cities is boiling our
brains. Someone has already been on the sea, someone is going there
in nearest future, someone is just dreaming of it. And so, being on
this wave, we are giving you our new sounds to feel deep waters, warm
sand, harmonic love or melancholic loneliness and mighty power of the
force of nature.

1. Rivak – Under the Sea
2. Arena – Glowworm
3. GariQ – Good Night
4. Ego Ex Nihil & Muhmood – Surya
5. Applecore – Funny Birds
6. Ferris Wheel feat Freaks Tricks – Winter The Satan
7. Chif Project – Mexicana
8. Ownsi Lense – Nastalo Vremya, Nastal Den’
9. Analog Penetration – Fly Away
10. Screen of sorrow – Dissolved time signals
11. AAGSF – Heavens
12. Brompton’s Cocktail – No Cappella
13. Policay – Trip to jazz
14. Sascha Muller – Rewind
15. Ahtictap – One Touch Access


More Infos here: RusZud Records

Monolog – Manipulation EP – CN010

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Monolog – Manipulation EP – CN010


Download Zip File [CN010]
Monolog liefert hier ein Handwerk das es in sich hat! 2 Tracks die einen zum tanzen regelrecht zwingen. Treibende Beats auf..s mindeste reduziert, ohne dabei auch nur ansatzweise auf der Strecke zu bleiben.

Mit Sicherheit wird dieser Zweitracker nicht seine letzte Veröffentlichung bei uns sein!!!

[art.020] V.A. – 20

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

artist: paskal, zuat-zu, deymare, f.l.o., verano, f. kunze, m. telemann

1. paskal – lost
2. zuat zu – interferences
3. deymare – santiago
4. f.l.o. – sweet wood
5. verano – clean
6. f.l.o. – document 1d
7. f. kunze – in time
8. m. telemann – boulevard 72
9. paskal – believe
10. 20rpm – mixed by verano (art.20 in the mix)

[stream all]

bonus mix:

arteqcue mixed by deepgroove (art.001 -019)


[swm060] Sascha Müller pres. Acid Is The Only Drug Vol. 02

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Acid Is The Only Drug 2

A year after his first Acid netlabel mix on Sonic Walker, Sascha Müller
returns with volume 2 – packed with even more wicked analogue acid
lines, including some unreleased tracks.

DJ: Sascha Müller
Style: acid, house, techno
Format: mp3, 192 kbps
Length: 1:17:40
Release date: July 18, 2008

1. LaptopAcidXperience – All Right She Moves (303 Mix) (Säurebad Records)
2. Rktic – Negative Matter (Realaudio)
3. J. Garrett – Chimayo (Super 6 Records) “NOT FREE”
4. Monoluku – Trip To MY Inner Circle (Gargan Records)
5. Maldo – Memory – (Edensonic Records)
6. Multimensch – Cute Acid Melody “Extended Hypno Mix” (Säurebad Records)
7. Twin Tower Connection – A-Electronic (Gargan Records)
8. Ascon Bates – I Love It (Analog Mind Control)
9. Ghetto B-Boyz – Freestyle (Unreleased)
10. Grandpa – Rejuvination Sparks (XMS)
11. The Germ – Bionic 1 (unreleased)
12. Letho – Evolution (Säurebad Records)
13. Letho – The End (Säurebad Records)
14. Sascha Müller – 5 min. Acid Warning Part 4 (Säurebad Records)

Free mix download:


labor51 recordings 09 Tony Vogler – First Strike

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

cover  labor51 09

Hi Friends
Labor51 09 out now!
It’s called First Strike, produced by the artist Tony Vogler.

This EP entails a minimal technoid and experimental atmosphere caused by 5 top-class Techno tracks.

Listen and enjoy

download page (

comments are welcome

Saccobros, “Safari” – vm-006mp3

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Artist: Saccobros »
Album: Safari, Vekton Musik MP3 006
Genre: Techno, Minimal, Techhouse
Label: Vekton Musik
Date: 28-12-2007
Quality: 320kbps 44100 kHz Full Stereo
1. Safari – Original Mix
2. Bed & Breakfast – Original Mix
3. Safari – Solare Music Remix

Saccobros are a duo of electronic music formed by brothers Lorenzo and Bruno Sacco from Italy. Influenced by contemporary electronic music the two Sicilians decided to invade the music scene under the name “THE SACCOBROS.” Today they live in Paris / France and they released on labels like “Akbal Music” and “Kirchebaum Records”. Now the two brothers made their first release for vekton musik called “Safari”… The release contains 2 tracks from Saccobros and one remix of the track “Safari” from Ricardo Escalante aka “SOLAREMUSIC” a Mexican composer of orchestral and pop music, and a real synthesizer and electronic instruments enthusiast.
Safari is a clear moving minimal dance-track, with a simple catchy baseline and deep flanged delayed percussion sweep-sounds. The track developes from breathy “Ahh” vocals to playful chordsound-characteristic. “Bed & Breakfast” also consists of this background synthy flange sounds and a deep loopy simple baseline. The flanged synth and the hypnotic-percussion rim-shots defining the funky deep grooving dance track with its fat clap sound. A monster on its way to the next adventure!!! Solaremusics remix of “Safari” begins with deep filtered low pass percussion sounds and delayed elements of the orginal track. The baseline is moving on the ground, noises and bleep sounds working on the crown… Solaremusic opens the filtered sections after the break, but only for a short period of time.. then he goes back to the deep underground and filters again…

Minicoolboyz, “Pulle Al Chiaro Di Luna” – vm-002mp3

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Artist: Minicoolboyz »
Album: Pulle Al Chiaro Di Luna, Vekton Musik MP3 002
Genre: Techno, Minimal, Techhouse
Label: Vekton Musik
Date: 22-09-2007
Quality: 320kbps 44100 kHz Full StereoTracklisting:
1. Pulle – Original Mix
2. Luna – Original Mix
3. Chiaro – Original Mix
Our second mp3 release “Pulle al Chiaro di Luna” on Vekton Musik is from the MiniCoolBoyz from Milano / Italy. Three dry technotrack-toolz without any curlicue and effects, working on every dancefloor. “Pulle” begins with deep chord-sounds, plastic percussion and a pushing baseline. After the break starts the hookline with its bleeping sythy-frog-sound. The track “Luna” sounds also very dry like “Pulle” with its characteristic Mini_Cool_Boyz-beat. The percussion impulses up and down… The breaks were placed where they have to be… This technoid tool completes the track “Chiaro”. The producers Darrows and Raphael used bleeping Synthieleads moving straight and slow towards the punch line.

Jose Galban, “The Change” – vm-001mp3

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Artist: Jose Galban »
Album: The Change, Vekton Musik MP3 001
Genre: Techno, Minimal, Techhouse
Label: Vekton Musik
Date: 23-11-2007
Quality: 320kbps 44100 kHz Full Stereo

1. Another Ground – Original Mix
2. Change – Original Mix
4. Errors – Original Mix

“The Change” is Jose Galbans debuts release on vekton musik. Its also the first release on this new and fresh mp3 digital label. The tracks are a little bit trancy and at the same time very danceable. They have also a big recognizability value. “Another Ground” starts with a deep hypnotic sound and a fundament of bass and rhythm. The percussion is accompanied by deep effect sounds and breath voices till the hookline begins after the break. The track sounds like a big thunderstorm. “Errors” is a track with a lot of organic sounds moving through a powerful rhythm. the title track “Change” sounds like a clap-monster with a deep knarz-bass and a well defined percussion sounds. Melodic tunes underlines the rhythm of Jose Galbans title track.