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TKBNET 04 Danjiel “Nightflight EP”

Thursday, August 28th, 2008


Danjiel – “Nightflight EP ” Release Date: 28.08.2008

Style: Techno, House, Minimal, Deep

Die 4. Veröffentlichung auf dem Tonkultur Berlin Netlabel wird von Danjiel auch unter dem Synonym “Datatraxx” bekannt, präsentiert. Zusammengefasst unter dem Namen “Nightflight EP” sind die 4 technolastigen, dancefloortauglichen Tracks für einen Flug durch die Nacht bestimmt.

Wo? Natürlich auf dem Dancefloor.

This work is licensed under Creative Commons-Lizenz.

Download single files Format: 320kb HQ MP.3 Free Download

1. “Midnight ” – Original

2. “3am eternal ” – Original

3. “Morning air ” – Original

4. “Sunrise ” – Original

COMPLETE EP DOWNLOAD AS ZIP – Format: 320kb HQ MP.3 Free Download (Sonicsquirrel)

COMPLETE EP DOWNLOAD AS ZIP – Format: 320kb HQ MP.3 Free Download (Archive.Org)

[monoKraK18] Floating Mind : “Black Sun”

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

this is monoKraK 18. « Black Sun » is 4 free minimal groovy techno tracks, but always with a deep touch.

This is the link of the release :

If the direct link doesn’t work, please try on the website :

Demos are always welcome ;)


black sun cover

[FBLSQ010] Rico Püstel: Nauic Rose

Monday, August 25th, 2008

The tenth release on Fabulesque! presents the two winners of the SONE AURIC remix-contest, Karl Laeufer and Matthias Schneider aka Amazing Maze. Both created two innovative and experimental interpretations of META-EMOTION and TAR8T through their individual ways and procedures. The EP additionally contains the key-track to the former album by Rico Püstel, intended to close preceded circles. Catch it on Finetunes!

01. Meta-Emotion (Karl Laeufers “The Illimitable Interlude” Mix) (3:45)
02. Tar8t (Amazing Mazes “Amazings Schaukelpferd” Remix) (3:48)
03. Sone Auric (A Priori) (6:16)
04. Sone Auric (A Posteriori) (9:41)

Retro grooves and new classics

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Musica Excentrica and Netaudio Russia present our new releases:

Joan Bagés i Rubi — “Instrumental Music” (Musica Excentrica)

Sounds like musique concrète, electroacoustic…

Spanish musician Joan Bages i Rubi, a young Stockhausen and Xenakis follower, develops the idea of interactions between classical music theory and algorythmic concpetions of the contemporary music – “These four pieces collect some of my ways of sound work, pieces for solo instrument, pieces for ensemble and pieces for interactive music and electroacustic music.”

Listen and download on Musica Excentrica

HardStroke — “The Others” (Electrosound)

Sounds like chiptunes techno, electropop…

HardStroke is a band, based on one human. Simon Johansson is his name.Simon has created music for a long time, and has faced many different music styles. Some of them are: rock, pop, jazz, metal, dance, house, techno, trance, classical and… Swedish folkmusic. Mash it up!

Listen and download on Electrosound

[sm012] funkenstrøm & mica – a-rhythmizitæt

Monday, August 25th, 2008

[sm012] funkenstrøm & mica – a-rhytmizitæt

sm012 ep
320 kbit/s

full release with high resolution cover

01 funkenstrøm – a-rhytmizitæt 8.19 min
02 mica – a-rhytmizitæt ( freudentrænen rmx ) 9.52 min
03 funkenstrøm – sprouts 7.40 min

download here

    Rhythm is not the only important, but a very leading part of music. So we tried to find the boarder between the two contrasts of rhythm and arhythm in this release .
    But we didnt forget to put some melody to all that rhythm arhythm – better, we combined the style of electronic music and the rhythmical/arhythmical way to the release “a-rhytmizitæt”.
    The third track on the ep is an extra and a cool DJ-Tool.

    No rhythm without melody…øm

[intox004] Sascha Muller – Phase IV

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Artist: Sascha Muller
Release: Phase IV
Country: Germany
Style: Techno, Minimal


The equal rhythm of the first track with softly rolling drums sounds as if the introduction into style of the minimal techno. The second track faster and vigorous, with psychodelic elements of sound. Last track sounds already aggressively, with a rigid rhythm.

Download HERE

MesU.T. – Zukunftsmusikclown EP – CN011

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Chaos Netlabel 011


Chaos begrüßt einen neuen, sehr talentierten Künstler der es versteht Musik zu basteln die sehr funky und treibend ist! MesU.T. liefert sein Debüt auf Chaos und überzeugt auf ganzer Linie! Vier Stücke die es in sich haben. Besonders “Pussy Lovers” wird viele Freunde finden! Hört es euch einfach an. Obendrauf gibt es noch einen Mustafa Can Remix vom Titeltrack “Zukunftsmusikclown”. Der Chaos Labelowner schafft es den ohnehin schon sehr gelungenen Track nochmal zu pushen und zielt damit direkt auf den Dancefloor!!! Ein Release das Spaß macht.


MesU.T. MySpace

Chaos on MySpace

[SPM001] Ck two – Digital Instant Feed EP incl. Remixes by Blood & Tears…

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

[Spielmann Musik 001]

Ck two – Impulse Age
Ck two – Impulse Age Final Cut
CK two – Mampfred Trog Auf Haxe (Blood & Tears RMX)
CK two – Mampfred Trog Auf Haxe (René Hamel RMX)
CK two – Mampfred Trog Auf Haxe (Snejplock RMX)
CK two – Mampfred Trog Auf Haxe (Vocals by Lehnmorzh)

The first publication is caused by CK two. Some of you will know him already from miscellaneous
netlabel releases. His style is described best as minimal techno that is given a home in the club.
His characteristic, hypnotic grooves and the dim mechanical atmosphere makes the “Digital Instant
Feed EP” to a very successful debut for “Spielmann-Musik”.

He gets reinforcement, in form of a remix of “Mampfred Trog Auf Haxe “, from Blood & Tears.
Blood & Tears is known in the scene for a long time through publications on labels as Karateklub and
Lordag. His clearly structured, pushing sound and the perfect arrangement brings each floor to boil

Another remix comes from René Hamel, the founder of “Spielmann-Musik”. The kept back groove
and the warm background shows us another side of “Mampfred Trog Auf Haxe”.

The last “Mampfred Trog Auf Haxe” remix comes from Snejplock. He goes more reduced at the work.
Focused on a Groove, he offers much space for own interpretations on the floor.

We hope that you have fun with this release, and enjoy also the following EPs & Compilations.


[art.021] paskal – feelings

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

art.021 - paskal "feelings"

musikalische umschreibungen mit den worten deep, soulful oder warm hören sich schnell etwas abgegriffen und beliebig an. emotionen lassen sich ohnehin nur schwer in einem dreizeiler beschreiben. dagegen schaft es die ep “feelings” mit drei sehr schönen stücken einiges an selbigen zu wecken. musik zum genießen!

artist: paskal

chaos princess
break it down

[stream all]

ca155 – Wormhole – “Breath Wood Bone”

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Artist: Wormhole
Title: “Breath Wood Bone”
Date: 2008-08-23
Keywords: free improvisation
01 – Red Sea Herons – 7:06
02 – Pimp My Freud – 7:41
03 – Ghost of the Possible – 3:16
04 – Gateaux Sony – 9:56
05 – Desert of the 5,000 – 2:53
06 – Me & My Old Lady – 9:40

Will Edmondes – double bass and SU10 sampler

John Ferguson – Guitar and percussion/noise

Bennett Hogg – violin, viola, and piano

Recorded at Newcastle University 2nd July 2006
Produced and mixed by John Ferguson
Artwork by Will Edmondes
All music is improvised