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Archive for October, 2008

Kahvi #257: Weldroid / Stranglehold

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008


After the excitement of the netaudio festival we’re going to slow down things a bit with a release from guest artist ‘Weldroid’.

9 tracks of elektro inspired works – hints of alpha conspiracy in jack and the fairy, chilled out beats in carousel and my personal favourite hydrocarbon with its catchy beats and melody.

a feeling of dark and metalic beats seems to occur throughout this release, cold and monochrome. A slightly different style to feature on kahvi but one worthy of a listen.

[DoBox|DBDF044] Ilya Bataman – ‘The Ural Dancer’

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

It was a good summer here in Silicon Valley, but it was also a good summer in the Ural Mountain region of Russia. Ural resident Ilya Bataman presents us with his soundtrack for the sunny season, ‘The Ural Dancer’. These three tracks have a sound that’s alive and warm. Even though Autumn is upon us, this release will keep your speakers generating some heat. Enjoy!

Still Alive
To The Beats

Complete release in a .zip

[lz072]sascha muller – transmission overload

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Just to keep things simple: TRANSMISSION OVERLOAD hits you right in the face.
Another great mix compiled and performed by Sascha Muller with a lot of clicks and cuts from the first ´till the last minute.
So – power up your amp and enjoy!

01. NOX – economic basis [acoustix-music]
02. RONIN – zondag [rohformat]
03. DANNY NADERSON – style (rp in the groove remix) [rohformat]
04. PATRICK REITH – section pille [zimmer records]
05. RAUL MEZCOLANZA – manitol [antiritmo]
06. NITRODIN – ? [random access recordings]
07. BODIC – disko 7 (jerzz remix) [foem]
08. SASCHA MULLER – pump the bass [kamikaze records] “NOT FREE”
09. J. GARRETT – steamroller 5 [xynthetic netlabel]
10. JUNO NESDIN – meralda [foem]
11. MISTER JAY – am i in hell [super 6 records goodies]
12. SASCHA MULLER – nuclearer winter [xynthetic netlabel]
mixed by sascha muller
original artwork by bosniak
58:51 min / 192 kbps / 81 mb

[proc200] Various – Bad Sectors

Sunday, October 26th, 2008



Including: Sascha Müller – Pleasure With My 808

A little over one fiscal year ago, (around late August of 2007),
proc-records officially became an active netlabel
with it’s very first release release from
BIOC (GERT 3000, Jonny Sleeper).
now, after one-hundred-ninety-nine praise-worthy ep’s
and full lengths, proc-rec has reached, yet again, a personal

Since its conception, I had always had high hopes and
aspirations for the progression of the label.
In many ways, I considered it to be an extension
on my life.
Already an active producer and certainly
not naive to the netlabel scene, my primary goal
was to produce a label where people
could freely release their work without having to
meet certain criteria or bend their work around
a particular style or sound that the label was looking for.
From my own experience, I realized that people
don’t always make the same type of music, and trying
to find a label that will welcome styles unique to the individual
could be very frustrating.
proc-records, essentially was a place where artists
and fans of music alike, could come together in a
very family-like community to showcase their art to
the entire world.

While I have said it on numerous occasions, it seems
fiting to mention it once more…
running and operating proc-records has been one of the most
enjoyable and rewarding experiences of my life and I hope
to continue to be graced with such an amazing oppurtunity
for many, many years to come.
It has allowed me to meet
gentle, kind-hearted and like-minded artists across the world
who share the same strong convictions
about sound-freedom as I do, and who also realize the
importance of electronic music in all cultures, from
all backgrounds.

As you listen to this compilation, it is my hope that you,
whoever you may be, comprehend the importance
and the strength of not only proc-records, but
of the netlabel scene altogether.
Also, please keep in mind that proc-records
isnt the only netlabel out there making a difference.

People like Patrick (aka RedSK) at TFN
David Matheke (Endometrium Cuntplow) at LTR
Lee Rosevere at Happy Puppy Records
Mathias Aeschilmann (GERT 3000) at 20kbps
Scott (Scrap Heap) at oceanbase
the DUSTIN MUST DIE and OH!Bleep-Records netlabels
Razxca at Razxca :D
Seth (overthruster) at Northam
Sascha at Super-Six and Chillzone Records
Astral Vomit at HN
Alex (hertzcanary) at Abulia Concepts
Ehafh at Dramacore
are just a few examples of people
who are making a very significant and positive impact
on the musical world around us all.
If you have had any affiliation with
proc-records, it has not gone un-noticed or under-appreciated.
Each and every artist here is of equal importance
and I consider you all to be part of my extended family.

So, with much love and respect to you all,
I humbly welcome you to enjoy a very important block
in the proc-rec catalog.
this is still only the beginning!!!!
And as long as mother nature holds out, I will continue
to drink coffee and say with a smile…

NOISE WILL BE NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[SSRDJ-MIX007G] Pedro Duarte – Sweet Monday Live Mix

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Artist: Pedro Duarte
Release Nr.: SSRDJ-MIX007G
Release Name: Sweet Monday Live Mix
Style: Tech-House, Techno, Minimal, Progressive House
Download: Free Download under Creative Commons



01-Vadim Lankov-alices flashback (super six goodies 021)
02-Esse-Ppdd (Qubit Sound 003)
03-Vincent inc and Overflow-walk(super six goodies 030)
04-Dj Pablishhh-dumbs (super six goodies 047)
05-Laziokasaa and Alec Cresp-strandturm 12 (super six goodies 041)
06-Laziokasaa and Alec Cresp-Perfect Critical (super six 034)
07-Sascha Muller-Operator (proc055)
08-Pedro Duarte-Modulate Yourself (super six goodies 048)
09-Pedro Duarte-4 Hours (super six goodies 048)
10-Laziokasaa and Alec Cresp-10am ciddy (super six goodies 041)
11-Sascha Muller-Lomographie (EarMin 021)



More Infos Here: Super 6 Records

[IF?] Dick Drone – Insomnia EP

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

(IF? Records)


Another brand new EP from the rather prolific Tokyo-based duo otherwise known as Chichi and Chigo, who tend to explore more distorted industrial-tech, dubstep and electro, along with cut-up and flanged-out disco asides.

Also includes a tasty, insanely catchy, somewhat banging remix of ‘Wash’, by Funk Gadget.

This one’s AVAILABLE ONLINE exclusively thru ADDICTECH

Plus you can potter along to that link to listen to sneak preview snippets before spending any hard-earned dosh…


1 Algiers
2 Insomnia
3 Wash
4 Wash (Funk Gadget’s Dirty Folded Laundry Mix)
5 Disco Punk

The Funk Gadget remix is online @ YouTube here:

MetanoiaX Liveact @ Zone 31

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Starting smoothly with chilled drum and percussion combinations ending up in more and more
progressive old school techno mixed up with the special MetanoiaX Style ! Enjoy !
Download (~200 MB) | Webplayer / Stream

more Information @

[RRR087] Fuzz Dream – pinx

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Fuzz Dream - pinx

pinx is the debut album of Fuzz Dream. The album is mostly a reflection on memory, moments, and separation. pinx mixes elements of ambient music (particularly in the second half of the album), experimental rock, and dub into what the artist hopes is a coherent, flowing experience across 8 tracks and 34 minutes. If pinx were available on vinyl, the first 6 tracks would comprise Side A, and the last 2 tracks would be Side B.

Recorded completely on Audacity with a low-quality microphone normally used for VoIP, a distinctive fuzz carries over every track. This fuzz is often modified and distorted to add another layer of sound and ambience. Much of the song-writing actually occurred in the production phase on Audacity, which was heavily influenced by the aritist’s interest in dub in particular – except all the “samples” used were created by Fuzz Dream.

Direct download
Rack & Ruin records

Morikkis, “Activa”, vm-011mp3

Friday, October 24th, 2008


Artist: Morikkis »

Album: Activa, Vekton Musik MP3 011
Genre: Techno, Minimal, Techhouse
Label: Vekton Musik
Date: 24-10-2008
Quality: 320kbps 44100 kHz Full Stereo

Activa //

vm-011 mp3


1. Activa – Original Mix
2. Busca – Original Mix
2. Observa – Original Mix

Morikkis was formed in 2004 by Nicolás Hardmeier (Tácito) and Román Fleischer (Dirty Room). In 2008 Román moves from Argentina to Barcelona where Nicolás has been living for 7 years. They quickly start to produce tracks and play very active and dynamic livesets, grabbing the attention of some of the most important clubs arround Europe like Bar 25 in Berlin and London´s Fabric. Vekton welcomes Morikkis with the very groovy “Activa” release. It ties up to the previous release with Dirty Room & Fase Miusic Sender. You can sense the same argentine flow. The first song “Activa” delighted through the lightly deepness in harmony with the charming and rolling groove. Rather funky & elegant with bouncy chords sounds “Busca” wonderful elaborated and active. Just the same way like “Observa”. A brilliant minimal track, which makes the release to a further highlight on the welcomed Label.

buy this great release on the worldwide downloadshops, like beatport, juno, etc….

Your Feedback in our BLOG is very welcome!!!

ca178 – Claudio Nuñez – Free Jazz on Monday, Free Jazz on Sunday

Friday, October 24th, 2008


Artist: Claudio Nuñez
Title: Free Jazz on Monday, Free Jazz on Sunday
Date: 2008-10-24
Keywords: free improvisation
01 – free jazz on monday i – 11:54 (320 kbps)
02 – free jazz on monday ii – 21:22 (320 kbps)
03 – free jazz on sunday i – 15:14 (320 kbps)
04 – free jazz on sunday ii – 26:30 (320 kbps)

Claudio Nuñez was born in Buenos Aires in 1959. He studied classical guitar during the 70′s, composition with Hilda Dianda and obtain a choral conductor degree in 1980. Lived in USA between 1981 and 2004.
Has 7 cd:
“algunas revelaciones sobre el tango chino”,
“la zappatilla de zappa”
“el zen del tango – el tango del zen”,
“paseando por lomas”,
“solos en la madrugada”
“freejazz on monday” y “freejazz on sunday”.

Has participated in several projects in Los Anegeles (Dannie Cove Big Band, Storacci Sextet, Carlos Miralles group, Bhrama Nada and the Nuñez/Tomlinson/Weiss trio), and in New York (Nuñez-Bagnato duet, the Charlie Martins quartet and several versions of the Claudio Nunez trío, quartet or quintet with people like Sam Hendrix, John Riley, Larry Granadier, Matt Wilson, Charles Gayle, William Parker, George Fernandez, etc, covering the space modern jazz to free jazz and avant-garde classical to indian classical music and new tango.