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Archive for February, 2009

ca224 – Violet – Live in Tallinn

Friday, February 27th, 2009


Artist: Violet
Title: Live in Tallinn
Date: 2009-02-27
Keywords: electroacoustic; improv; drone; live electronics; experimental
01 – Live in Tallinn – 31:28 (320 kbps)

Recorded live at the Von Krahl Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia.
Improvisation for autoharp, objects, prepared cd, sampler, effects.

Called »the godfather of american noise« by Ukrainian MTV, Jeff Surak is a veteran experimenter from Washington DC. Since his early recordings under the name -1348-, Surak established himself in the international hometaper underground network of the 1980s, releasing tapes on the his own Watergate Tapes imprint, along with such artists as Controlled Bleeding, F/i, and Kapotte Muziek; and collaborating with icons like Zan Hoffman, Crawling with Tarts, and John Hudak. At the same time Surak performed with the notorious DC area industrial band New Carrollton.
The 1990s found Surak living and performing in Russia. There he formed the group Sovmestnoye Predpriyatiye which created site specific works using found materials and sounds.
At the turn of the millenium Surak created a new duo, V. which quickly blew out of the its initial framework of free improv into a unit that pushed the limits of composition, constantly reinventing itself with each recording and performance. After 11 albums in 2 years, the duo disbanded, leaving Surak to further continue explorations under his solo project called Violet. Found objects, microcassettes, damaged cds, prepared acoustic instruments, and old record players outfitted with foil are the tools of choice. Violet has collaborated with Alexei Borisov, Frans De Waard, Betrand Denzler, Michael Gendreau, Andrey Kiritchenko, Kotra, Francisco Lopez, Andreas Tilliander, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words and many others.
Since 2002 Violet has released numerous recordings in a variety of formats and has performed across the USA and Europe.
Since 2005 Surak curates the Sonic Circuits Festival in Washington DC.


Zeromoon label for intelligent noise music of the non entertainment genre

Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music
September 25-27, 2009 | Washington DC


Video-demo by DJ Rydel

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Just added to youtube, the first two parts of a video-demo made recently at club K4 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The style is “oldschool” tribal techno and includes tracks by Carl Falk, Reaky, Dastin, Rydel & Boriqua Tribez.

Rydel @ K4

Setup used is 2 x CDJ 800, 1 x CDJ 1000 and an A&H X:one 92.

Part 01

Part 02

Comments and feedback welcome.

RB053 – Saito Koji – Time / Line

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Saito Koji – Time / Line

Saito Koji is a musician from Japan, who creates wonderful minimal drone-music with guitar, keyboards, field recordings and some effects. He is known for his releases on Magic Book Records, Kesh Recordings and Gears of Sand Recordings.

“Time / Line” contains the two pieces “Time” and “Line”, with a duration of 33 minutes each. “Time” is drone in the best way. You feel like standing in a field of clouds or wrappped in a warm blanket while listening to this. Just slightly shifting tones, moving very soft and slowly. Layer over layer, and only one big, resonant drone, oscillating between your ears. “Line”, the second part, is more moving, more concrete. The tone is sharper, vibrates a little bit, and the shifting from one sound to the other is faster than in “Time”.

Both pieces are really great minimal drone music. Peaceful and centering. Please enjoy.

1. Time
2. Line

More information:

[lz082] marcus e. henry – warm feelings

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Mr. Henry is back with his sense for the upcoming season and to get you out of your winter depression – once again!
11 great flowing and moving tech-house tracks to get you ready for spring.

01. HERMETICO – al siguiente verano [deepindub017]
02. NEBULAE – other planets [aldjrecords004]
03. MEKKA – dumb dumb [aldjrecords001]
04. CHEV THE WIZARD – funk is evil [aldjrecords003]
05. IAN ASHER – kloeniklub [politicide068]
06. RUSSIAN LINESMAN – mouth (roland klinkenberg remix) [archipel043]
07. VERANO – my dipo [mtelemann remix) [arteqcue013]
08. NAKORADIOMIES – viritys [lo-kiwi004]
09. FRANCES LEROUGE – el nino [keblin mix) [rawmatroidclub002]
10. 6884 – periodic table [foemcrema009]
11. 6884 – astonished [foemcrema009]
mixed by marcus e. henry
original artwork by xero sama
67:22 min / 192 kbps / 97 mb

ASTOR003: Giuseppe – Array of Sunshine

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Artist: Giuseppe
Title: Array of Sunshine
Cat. No: ASTOR003
Date: 2009-02-12
Label: Astor Bell
Keywords: minimal; techno; electronic
1. Array of Sunshine
2. White Waves

Two kompaktesque tracks combining breathtaking melodic loops andminimal
techno beats, suited for both club rotation and living roomafternoons.
This debut release contains two A-sides and demonstrates not just
apromising future but also an already mature musical career.



German Neonazi gets copyright for the term ‘Hardcore’

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

A known German nazi, Timo Schubert, has recently registered the term ’Hardcore’ as his trademark. They now started sending warning letters to companies selling products with the term on it.

The German patent office accepted the entry under reserve. If nobody will file an objection until a certain deadline, the brand ‘Hardcore’ will be registered trademark of the growing German and International scene of neo-nazis.

Timo Schubert is a drummer of a right winged Hate-Rock band and also runs a catalog company for things like baseball bats, blackjacks, Nazi textiles and other militaria.

Timo Schubert getting arrested in Germany, 2005

Timo Schubert getting arrested in Germany, 2005

But, furthermore, this PR gag by apparently low-brow German neo-nazis might come back to haunt them. Rumors have spread on the internet that the American porn scene is already contacting lawyers to wipe the German Nazi pack back off the map. The Eastern European and Russian hardcore porn industry is speculated to be also already polishing baseball bats. An English Gabber and Hardcore Techno addict who had tattooed the term ‘Hardcore’ on his willie is blogging about how mad he could get. He fears to have to cut it off due to legal issues. For certain, the International scene of leftist Hardcore Rock music and Heavy Metal / Punk is not amused either.

The German Nazis want to profit from the PR they got from this action. But, it is quite possible the Russian porn industry will have a talk or two with them. So, in the end there might be Timo Schubert promising to think it all over, abandon his ties to the Neo-Nazi scene and get a good boy instead, helping others and being nice to the world around him for the rest of his life.

thnx to Indymedia

Astor Bell – new netlabel out of Stockholm!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Astor Bell logo


It is now finally February 2009 and the time has come for us to go live!

Astor Bell is a netlabel based in Stockholm that freely releases exclusive and original electronic music in the minimal, IDM and techno genres. As we are open-minded, the above genres mean nothing and only act as a starting point; creative and forward-thinking artists will find a home on Astor Bell regardless of the immediate label put on them. Our mission is to offer smart, electronic-based music freely to the masses via the internet and the occasional physical release.

Astor Bell has been a work in progress for many months and finally launching the site makes us feel like the world is ours for the taking. Care to join us?

Astor Bell is run by Don Simon and Mike Downey. We float around in space but sort of have our office in Vasastan, Stockholm, Sweden.

Along with the site launch comes our first 3 releases (and first 3 artists all releasing their debuts) which we’re super excited to share with everybody.

All of these can be found on our website: We have our music available for download and streaming. The web is also the place to find more info on us, our artists and our releases – as well as keeping updated on current news and events.

If you want to be sure not to miss anything, subscribe to our blog ( and/or our newsletter (simply an empty email to

That should be more than enough info to get you acquainted. Hope to see you around! Happy downloading!


Mike & Don Simon,

Astor Bell

ca223 – Christ Phyr Blyr End Frnds – Volume One

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009


Artist: Christ Phyr Blyr End Frnds
Title: Volume One
Date: 2009-02-25
Keywords: electronic; experimental; glitch; noise; ambient; breakcore; drone; soundcollage; other
01 – How We Used To Dance – Lame Emotion ['Nourishing Conditioner' Mix by Christ Phyr Blyr] – 6:02 (320 kbps)
02 – Cry Harder – ['Weeping Dildo' Mix by Les Sécrétions Romantiques] – 1:33 (320 kbps)
03 – Chicken and Knives – Les Sécrétions Romantiques ['Tongue-bitten Mitten' Mix by Christ Phyr Blyr] – 4:29 (320 kbps)
04 – Canntaireach’d – ‘Panitaks’ Mix by Dino Felipe – 3:18 (320 kbps)
05 – WaveGraver – Dino Felipe ['Fish Kite' Mix by Christ Phyr Blyr] – 7:14 (320 kbps)
06 – I’ll Never Touch Your Eels Again – ['Pious Pelican' Mix by TRAITS] – 2:48 (320 kbps)
07 – Flesh Fiend – Traits ['Jonathan Taylor Thomas' 1998 Adventure' Mix by Christ Phyr Blyr] – 5:26 (320 kbps)
08 – Middle Bailey – ['Terminal Termites Toothless But Gluttonous' Mix by Andres y Ralf] – 5:45 (320 kbps)
09 – Escalerillas Galerias Puentes Convexos Calles Suspendidas – Andres y Ralf ['Giraffe Race' Mix by Christ Phyr Blyr] – 4:35 (320 kbps)
10 – Welcome Tank – ['Goodbye Tanktop' Mix by Lame Emotion] – 4:24 (320 kbps)

Part one in a series of releases showcasing the often embarrassing results of Christopher Byler’s collaborative efforts with real musicians.
All tracks 2007/2008
Lame Emotion:

Les Secretions Romantiques:

Dino Felipe:


Andres y Ralf:

Christ Phyr Blyr End Frnds:


[rod007] Monopole – Where are we ?

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

[rod007] Monopole - Where are we ?

[rod007] Monopole – Where are we ?

Rodoid starts the year 2009 with a brilliant six tracker from Detroit based artist Monopole, whose music stands somewhere between, ambient, digital dub and electronica. Richard Sudney dissects and manipulates audio fragments collected during his long wanderings among various abandoned buildings in Detroit, his tracks thus being sonic excursions in the heart of the city, where everyday ordinary sounds find themselves sublimated.

Direct download: (256kbps mp3 + coverart)
Netlabel website:

[BP021] macabro – Drink To The Drowned Ones

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Artist: macabro
Title: Drink To The Drowned Ones
Cat#: BP021
Date of release: 25 Feb, 2009
Styles: Ambient, Drone, Power Noise
Format: File, MP3, 192 kbps

Track List:
01 – Everyone Dies In September (5:22) [MP3]
02 – Wrong?! (4:42)
03 – Everybody Lies Everybody Cries (3:58)
04 – La Mer (3:02)
05 – Maria (6:36)
06 – Drowned (9:11)
07 – Sunblues (4:29)
08 – Deeploveswansong (5:36)
09 – Shine Like We Used To (6:58)

An electronic project from Latvia founded by macabro in 2006. As the time moved on the music has seen an evolution from harsher noisy sound to warm ambient atmospheres. Now he mainly experiments with drones and field recordings, along with using a huge variety of different sounds and self-made samples, such as bells, whistles, xylophones etc. The newer works might even be considered as guitar ambient, although guitar sound is fairly modified, sometimes to an unrecognizable degree.

The new album represents warm guitar sounding mixed with analogue-like drones and deep atmospheres. The album’s concept is an emotional journey into the very depth of the bluest sea. But no! this journey will not be tragic or funeral-like, it is rather a thoughtful and melancholic soundtrack.. just looking at the ever-shining sun with opened eyes of a drowned man.

Download Whole Item.