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Archive for February, 2009

[BP020] Cursed Chimera – Infinite Caustic Change

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Artist: Cursed Chimera
Title: Infinite Caustic Change
Cat#: BP020
Date of release: 25 Feb, 2009
Styles: IDM, Glitch
Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps
Artwork By: Kinle

Track List:
01 – No Will To Will Apart (3:18)
02 – Bunny (3:06)
03 – White Out (5:41)
04 – Carry Me To The Sky Part One (3:44)
05 – Infinite Caustic Change (5:17)
06 – Ghosts (3:23)
07 – Constant Ghost Fucking (2:37)
08 – Fellow Spirits (4:23)
09 – Carry Me To The Sky Part Two (3:10)
10 – Finkus (3:14)
11 – Lo-Aquios Alsa (4:22)
12 – New York Winter (3:41)
13 – No Control (4:05)
14 – We Keep This Together (2:49)
15 – 8 Bit Bitch (3:36)

Cursed Chimera’s Benatos Thompson struggles to define what he enjoys about electronic music. It seems all his work jumps from genre to genre, always leaning towards IDM via Plaid’s most darkest moments. Never willing to compromise his sound, you will here the gritty and nasty side of his work that juxtaposes with his more delicate movements. Infinite Caustic Change are apposing ideas where caustic is static yet seemly changing infinitely under the scope of Cursed Chimera’s arrangements. What that means is you have an album that has many different song styles, but all the creation techniques are the same and most of the sound design are related in some form. The excellent quality does not changer either and will remain so forever on this album.

Download Whole Item.

Dubby Terror Show – Live every Tuesday at 10pm

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Its the cult dubstep live-mix show from germany !
With host “Bassrael” and various guest Djs !
Live : Every Tuesday at 10 pm
There is an archive where you could watch old shows
of the last tuesdays, too
You could chat with the team and other people watching the show.
You could send in your dubstep tracks to be palyed on the show.
You could send in your visuals and grafix, to be shown on the show !
Have fun !

Dubby Terror Show

Go to the website of the Dubby Terror Show

ASTOR001: Bubble Shield – My Raspberry Nights

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Artist: Bubble Shield
Title: My Raspberry Nights
Cat. No: ASTOR001
Date: 2009-02-12
Label: Astor Bell
Keywords: electronic; pop; experimental; soundscapes
1. Tower Sailor
2. A Calgary Flame
3. Papers Lamp
4. Speculation
5. Ice and Easy
6. File Photo
7. Avgift
8. Happy Songs
9. Leavf
10. Modern Museum
11. No Controller
12. Knocking Out

Bubble Shield’s debut album. A full length packed with moodiness
whichattempts to audibly define those small moments of life which so
easilypass us by. Bubble Shield. Recorded in 2007 during mornings and
afternoonsand then shelved upon completion for the sole purpose of
soaking innatural reverb and distant voices floating in off the sea.



ASTOR002: Socket Science – Pulver Stunts EP

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Artist: Socket Science
Title: Pulver Stunts EP
Cat. No: ASTOR002
Date: 2009-02-12
Label: Astor Bell
Keywords: electronic; pop; experimental; soundscapes; minimal electro
1. Grand Scale Apparatus
2. Honduration
3. Sidewinding
4. Axelander
5. Bits & Breezes
6. Grand Scale Apparatus (Bubble Shield Remix)

A collection of tracks recorded over a period of time. Summarizes a
journey through different experiments and takes on electronic music.
Melody patterns are looped and sometimes drowned in reverb, sometimes
kept strictly sober resulting in passages of cosmic appearance mixed
with minimal robot funk.

The steady beat is the lowest common denominator in this odyssey of 80:s
electro pop, disco and techno influences. It is also what keeps your
foot tapping. Pulver Stunts is not mainly dance floor material, but
there’s no need for sitting still in your living room.

This release also features an exclusive remix by Astor Bell’s Bubble
Shield, bringing his fresh sounds and chopped up vocals into the mix.



E-Teb – Gamma / Won’t Start

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

diplomatik’s permanent minimalist mission continues with a new experimental directive from montreal based artist e-teb.

1. e-teb – gamma
2. e-teb – won’t start

mp3s, art & notes:

check playmod’s palakidas house e.p remixed by grau now available on beatport.

[M01] Sascha Muller – Groove Spots EP

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Artist: Sascha Müller
Release: Groove Spots EP
Release Nr.: M01
Label: Maldeskena Records

01. Aircraft Hangar
02. Prepare Your System
03. Test

Infos and Soundfiles HERE

[NBD019] Sascha Muller – Bug System

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

[b]Artist, Maintitel: Sascha Müller – Bug System
Label: Northbeatz Digital
Katalognummer: NBD019
Releasedate: 20.02.2009
worldwide distribution by kontor new media
Art: digitale ep (mp3)
A1 Sascha Müller – Bug System I
A2 Sascha Müller – Bug System II
B1 Sascha Müller – Metaplex I
B2 Sascha Müller – Latinoman


englisch info-newsletter incl soundfiles


Sascha Muller – Finanzkrisenmanagment : Steuerhinterziehung

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Artist: Sascha Müller
Release Name: Finanzkriesenmanagment : Steuerhinterziehung
Release Type: CDr in 7-INCH Cardboard Cover (LIMITED 40 COPYS)
Style: Ambient, Chill-Out, Listening, Armchair Techno, Experimental
Price: 4,90€ + shipping



01. Steuer Paradies – 5:10 min.
02.Staatsverschuldung – 10:08 min.
03. Steuerhinterziehung – 4:59 min.
04. Lichtenstein – 4:54 min.
05. Geldwäsche – 6:23 min.
06. Sparpläne – 9:21 min.
07. Wirtschaftskriese – 3:56 min.
08. Börsenkräsch – 6:26 min.

Ltd 40Copys in 7-Inch Card Cover!!

Price: 4,90 eur + shipping



Sascha Müller comes up with a new, limited to 40 copies album on Pharmacom Records named “Finanzkrisenmanagment: Steuerhinterziehung” that is not only specially packed in a triple-folded 7″-sized cardboard cover featuring an original romanian 1 Leu-bill as artwork but also recommended to music specialists highly appreciating experimental Ambient, Armchair Techno, ChillOut and Deep Listening Music. Rare stuff and soon to be referred to as collectors item.

More Infos Here:
Pharmacom Records


Monday, February 23rd, 2009



Wonderful V/A played by Loco Dice, Ripperton, 2000 and One, Gabriel Ananda, Danton Eeprom, Slam, Oxia, Chloé, Masomenos, JEnnifer, Okaïn ,Julien Chaptal, Lemos , D’Julz, Smash TV, Onsulade, Jori Hulkkonnen, Silicone Soul, Dave DK, Electric Rescue, Greg Delon, Angel Molina, Walter Ercolino, Dj FEX,

Tonkultur Berlin 07 – STEVEN REITZ – Zero Tolerance EP

Monday, February 23rd, 2009


Tonkultur Berlin Netlabel – Catalog Nr. 07

STEVEN REITZ – Zero Tolerance EP

Release Date:  23.02.2009      Style: Techno

Format: 320kb HQ MP.3 Free Download (Archive.Org) 

Tracks single download


Cum Fiesta

Evel Angel