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Archive for February, 2009

[monoKraK 25] Floating Mind “Turbo Sky”

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

monoKraK 25. Floating Mind “Turbo Sky”

4 free minimal techno tracks:

track 1: Casual Kung Fu

track 2: Zombie Dance

track 3: Speaking With My Shadow

track 4: Machine A Sous

Website :

turbo sky cover
Demos are always welcome ;)


brhnet01 – Ray Garrido – Tropicotrip

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

This is the second album from the mexican musician Ray Garrido, a warm mix of downtempo, lounge, trip-hop, ambient and surf guitars.

Tropicotrip is a like his name said a trip through ocean waves, tropical full moon nights and audio landscapes inspired form the coast and mexican beaches achieving cadenced and paused rhythms where you can listen at the same time a smooth influence of latin music, analog synthesisers and electronic sounds. Go to the release.

[RRR108] Picayunes – Yunes EP

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Picayunes - Yunes EP (2009)

The Yunes EP is a mini-album, and the first Picayunes release in almost 2 years. His previous Rack & Ruin release was a collection of older songs, however this new release picks up from where the 2008 America Del Sur album left off.

This ‘follow up’ also explains the album artwork somewhat. The America Del Sur album was a summer release, and the artwork showed the green leaves basking in the sun. Whereas this fall/winter effort sees the leaves brown, falling away for the season.

Now on to the important stuff…. the music. Unlike a lot of solo efforts, Picayunes has not nullified his past, dismissing it, discarding it, and moving on. Instead, this release is proud in displaying its roots. The Malkmus like delivery of the lyrics, alongside the surf, jazz(and sometimes lounge) like delivery of the guitars, which is somewhat reminiscent of the America Del Sur album that has since become a Rack & Ruin favourite.

Direct download
Rack & Ruin records

ca222 – Andre Vida & Lezet – Invasive

Saturday, February 21st, 2009


Artist: Andre Vida & Lezet
Title: Lezet
Date: 2009-02-21
Keywords: jazz; improvisation; guided imrovisation; experimental; other
01 – Bastardation – 5:05 (320 kbps)
02 – Warped – 22:04 (320 kbps)
03 – Bastardation (Variation) – 3:45 (320 kbps)

Arriving in New York City with male pattern baldness shaved into his head (by his own hand), Andre Vida began terrorizing the Knitting Factory, The Cooler and subway platforms everywhere, with his unique brand of improvised saxophonic punkosity. In between performances with Anthony Braxton, The Tower Recordings, and many others, Vida began to notice that there was often a cab parked on the corner of Hudson and Canal with a coffin sticking out the back. One day, Vida decided to see what was inside. Was it the future of freejazz? The fate of instrumental improvisation to the exclusion of theatre? Was it a call for Vida to develop his singing voice? I wish I knew, for he seems to hold a kind of power over me and I believe it stems from what he learned there.

A decade later in Berlin, his ‘Every Tuesday night for the rest of your life’ series at Wendel, allowed Vida to hone his skills as tap dancer, saxophonist, blues singer, and monologuist with amazing guests from all reaches of the globe. This residency went on for several years until Jamie Lidell took him on the road for a world tour. That was about a year ago and I haven’t seen him since. If you run into him please let him know that nobody really beats Bacardi. That was just something that LL Cool J made up as a lyric. It’s not true.

“Lezet took Andre Vida’s live recordings and reorganized some of the materials into small saxophone and spoken word particles. He manipulated those into improvised passages over which he improvised again (this time by using piano keyboards).The result will hopefully be appealing to those who seek an aural challenge.”

Andre Vida:


rec72[019] Breakdown Remix EP by lukeing forward

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Cover Breakdown Remix EP by lukeing forward

Pump up the volume for the remix EP Breakdown by lukeing forward, Flanger, Interfusion and Quantum 3. It contains five tracks from Poland’s finest Electronica producers around climbing up your ear gear to leave a striking impact on your mind.
Those four guys have completely disassembled the original track and produced very unique tunes of Breakdown! You won’t be able to resist this Intelligent Dance Music release; instead you’ll get your ass up your couch and start dancing immediately. No way to escape. Get it now!

Download  Breakdown Remix EP for free
including 5 remix tracks, cover art design by Daniel Green from Devious Creations and press info.

Tracklist – Breakdown EP
1. Breakdown (original mix) – by lukeing forward
2. Breakdown (Flanger Remix) -by Flanger
3. Breakdown (nujazz mix) – by lukeing forward
4. Breakdown (Quantum 3 progressive Remix) – by Quantum 3
5. Breakdown (Interfusion Remix) – by Interfusion

Also watch the current videoclip Breakdown Remix by Interfusion/VJultra.

Alice & The Serial Numbers – Face” out now on Tasty Bytes Records!

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Co-Founder of Tasty Bytes Records, Alice and the Serial Numbers makes her debut on the label with Face, a straight to the point electro dancefloor mover with a bold bassline and her staple synth sounds.

Red-Eye and Les Limaces bring their progressive magic to the release while Omni and french electro producer Fffrrrreeeq revisit the track with a definetly harder and saturated electro sound. Montreal’s own Mini takes Face into techno territory on a dark and spooky ride.

1. Face (Re-Edit Mix)
2. Face (Omni Remix)
3. Face (Push Rec+Play Remix)
4. Face (Red-Eye Remix)
5. Face (Les Limaces Remix)
6. Face (Mini Remix)
7. Face (Fffrrrreeeq Remix)
8. Face (Original Mix)

Available on most major music download websites, including: Itunes, Beatport, Juno Download, Trackitdown, DJ Download and

Videoclip on Youtube:

Thank you for your support!

Tasty Bytes RecordsOn MyspaceOn Facebook

[IA001] VA – Interact

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

IA001 ep – 19.02.2009 – 320 kbit/s

techno, house, minimal

full release with high resolution cover

01 mica – stadtgrau 06.47 min
02 funkenstrøm – jahresende 05.59 min
03 docma – wantan 06.59 min
04 m-node – beatball 08.22 min
05 audien – mind movie 05.05 min
06 radarfilm – alaBaster 06.16 min
02 kabo – interact-mix 33.08 min

download here

    Interact is a collaboration, an exchange of music and experiences.
    We put together our efforts and our will, taking advantage of our
    common background – danceable music – from one side, and from
    the other, we enriched with our differences.
    Thus the “Interact001″ release presents a cross-section of the different electro-musical styles of the three netlabel fantomton, idealtechno and symbiont-music.
    6 impulsive tracks and a not less impulsive dj mix lead you from melodic-housy tunes over deep-rolling spherical sounds to burning minimal techno.

    Enjoy this sweet piece of music….

-listen- 1. mica – stadtgrau
-listen- 2. funkenstrøm – jahresende
-listen- 3. docma – wantan
-listen- 4. m-node – beatball
-listen- 5. audien – mind movie
-listen- 6. radarfilm – alaBaster
-listen- 7. kabo – interact-mix
www. symbiont-music. com

[Prompt Digital] Alternative Reality and Dan McKinley – Porn & Bleeps EP [PD042]

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Prompt Digital

Alternative Reality & Dan McKinley have finally teamed up for a must have release on your DJ sets. Dan McKinley’s “I Just Wanna Be A Pornstar” is just one of those tracks that will roam around your head for days and make you jack throught the night! Alternative Reality’s “Bleep!” will get you lose on the dance floor and singing throughout the night! This hot releases features an exclusive Pornstar house remix by VCF 1 and a dirty electro remix of “Bleep!” by Paul Anthony & ZXX!

Alternative Reality and Dan McKinley – Porn & Bleeps EP
(Prompt Digital CA. ref: PD-042)

Alternative Reality and Dan McKinley - Porn & Bleeps EP

A1: Dan McKinley – I Just Wanna Be A Pornstar (Original mix) 06:13
A2: Dan McKinley – I Just Wanna Be A Pornstar (VCF 1 Dub) 06:08
B1: Alternative Reality – Bleep (Original mix) 04:29
B2: Alternative Reality – Bleep (Paul Anthony & ZXX remix) 07:30

It’s fresh from the press (18-02-2009). We hope you’ll like this massive Prompt Digital release! Don’t forget to check it out at They could be THE tracks for your weekends set!

Direct link to release:

About the artists:
Dan McKinley:
Alternative Reality:
VCF 1:


Prompt Digital CA.

Circle Music ‘Audio Soul Project’ Remix Contest

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Circle Music 'Audio Soul Project' Remix Contest

Circle Music ‘Audio Soul Project’ Remix Contest on FOEM

Create a remix for the unreleased track ‘Circles In My Mind’ by Audio Soul Project (aka Mazi Namvar)

Prizes: At least one vinyl release of a winners track on Circle Music. One or more digital releases of winner’s tracks. Optional, a remix back from Audio Soul Project to be released on Circle Music. Some CD and vinyl packages from the label’s backstock.

Contest lasts from February 1 to April 30, 2009.

Click here: FOEM


the FOEM crew


Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

dominium logo

Are proud to present the new-born artist from Dominium Recordings
Spaneo, and his first release ‘Barcelona 4Ever’.

(Dominium Recordings / MonoChrom Music) – ref: MCHRM001

barcelona 4 ever

01 – Spaneo – Barcelona 4 Ever (Original Radio Edit)
02 – Spaneo – Barcelona 4 Ever (Original Mix)
03 – Spaneo – Barcelona 4 Ever (Marco F Radio Edit)
04 – Spaneo – Barcelona 4 Ever (Marco F Club Mix)

We hope you’ll enjoy this EP, freshly released, and add it to your tracklisting. It will 100% available for licensing, and is already part of the online store charts. It reached during its first week of release, the 4th place on Ibiza Dance Club, and 38th on Juno Downloads

Available on Juno, Beatport, Traxsource, and more…

mono logo
MonoChrom Music is a Dominium Recordings Label

More About…

Spaneo :
Marco F :


Dominium Recordings
email :
myspace :