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NEW! Salted Music|Plastic City|Random Soul|Nic Fanciulli + More!

Monday, March 30th, 2009

House – Just Added

PROMO! Random Soul (Yogi & Husky) – Body Language EP – Salted Music
Body Language EP – Yogi and Husky are back on Salted delivering a sol…

Atnarko – Deep EP – SOWAT Music
Atnarko “Deep EP”

Nic Fanciulli – Yawn – Plastic City
From being a shy, talented DJ playing his trade as resident at his loc…

Electro – Just Added

Filthy Rich feat. Marcie – Pandora’s Box – Floorplay
Filthy Rich feat. Marcie “Pandora’s Box”

ca238 – StruKtur – Harsh Toys

Monday, March 30th, 2009


Artist: StruKtur
Title: Harsh Toys
Date: 2009-03-29
Keywords: harsh noise
01 – Harsh Toys 1 – 06:33 (320 kbps)
02 – Harsh Toys 2 – 04:20 (320 kbps)
03 – Harsh Toys 3 – 03:23 (320 kbps)
04 – Harsh Toys 4 – 03:28 (320 kbps)
05 – Harsh Toys 5 – 10:25 (320 kbps)

Good listen!

Struktur is the solo project of one half of 10konekt.



Kino Oko – The Doggy Bag EP [DigitalDiamonds009]

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Kino Oko – The Doggy Bag EP [DigitalDiamonds009]


A1: The Doggy Bag
A2: Cool Burning
B1: Red Rose Flow

Catalogue number….: DigitalDiamonds009
Title………………….: The Doggy Bag EP
Artist…………………: Kino Oko
Style…………………: Techno, Electro, Psytrance
Date………………….: 03-29-2009
Format……………….: WAV-Flac-MP3-320kbps-EP
Notes…………………: mastering by Jurek PrzezdzieckiThis doggy bag is a special one! Digital Diamonds Crew bundled 3
outstanding tracks from polish artist Kino Oko for savely carrying to
your own soundsystem. With this multifunctional EP Kino Oko proves the
fact that he is one of the most talented and open minded artists
nowadays. See yourself which track kicks you in which situation…

[D!HR-10] Eat Rabbit – Kiss The Dolphin

Monday, March 30th, 2009


Da ! Heard It Records gets down to a higher tempo, with the tenth release of the label: Kiss The Dolphin

Kiss The Dolphin is the third album of the Lyon-based Eat Rabbit; atypical one, cut into fourteen tracks that finally merge into
one unique sound piece. A mish-mash of beats and rythmic madness, lined up with humor and brilliance by a mad rabbit determined to boost our auditive adrenalin.

The album cover is silkscreened and paw-made in a limited numbered edition by the rabbit himself, in different versions, including a phosphorescent one !

« It’s not hard to party» : download the electro-bootycore album here: and share it loud with your friends

[ZIMMER040] v/a – #1 the principle of mentalism

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

“The principles of truth are seven; He who knows these, understandingly, possesses the magic key before whose touch all the doors of the temple fly open.” – The Kyballion

Zimmer040 – v/a – #1 the principle of mentalism
mp3, 320kbps, stereo, 206MB, versatile electronics

040.01 – Hierophant – Moonlight over Jerusalem (14:33)
040.02 – Gruen – Higher Rising (14:02)
040.03 – Vadz – Crystal Meth (03:51)
040.04 – Markojux – Convalesce (06:34)
040.05 – Octad – Above and Below (08:20)
040.06 – Raganova – Save our Souls (08:20)
040.07 – Andreas Florin – 16 maybe 17 maybe 18 (05:26)
040.08 – Pagalve – Materials (04:50)
040.09 – The Bee – Signal Effect (07:06)
040.10 – Sead Redzic – Sve je to ono (06:01)
040.11 – Amer Mutic – Retarded Funk (06:11)
040.12 – Christian Mohr – Rush me (05:08)

-> *.ZIP (

Artwork (666px)
[by nadrealizam]

This principle embodies the understanding that everything in the universe is created by thought or mind. There is nothing that exists in the material universe where this is not the case.

The great Edgar Cayce, in his Universal Mind channelings, would over and over again say “thoughts are things”. The entire universe was created by the thought of God. We, as God’s sons and daughters, create our reality both metaphysically and physically by the power of our minds. The great law of spiritual psychology is that it is our thought that creates our reality. Everything that exists is spirit. Matter is just densified spirit. Spirit is just refined matter. All is just energy.

WMS 2009 OUT NOW! big supp from Peter Gelderblom and Tom Pooks

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Cat: Winter Music Samplitude
Artist: Various
Title: Winter Music Samplitude 2009
Label: Progrezo Records
Genre: Tech House/Deep Tech/Progressive
Tracklist A-Side: Gare Mat K feat d’Tolio ‘Whos Gonna Drive’
Mixes: Original, Alex Young Techdriver, AM-Concept
Tracklist B-Side: Jabocca ‘Modularis (Original mix), Dariush & DJ Da ‘Geometric Caos’ (Original mix)


We are proud to present an special release, exclusively scheduled for the Winter Music Conference 2009 to be realized at the city of Miami on March 26th week.

Our team comes back with an ACE release under its sleeve by the name of Winter Music Samplitude 2009.

The third instalment on PGZWMS Series catalogue has been listed in two different sides through A and B.

We have programmed on the A-SIDE an exclusive release entitle ‘Who’s Gonna Drive’, written & produced by Colombian DJ/Producer Gare Mat K, who signed in 2008 with the Anthony’s Pappa record label Red Light District among others. ‘Who’s Gonna Drive’ includes three (3) overwhelming mixes.

First on the list we are proud to have the new and fresh production of GARE MAT K featuring Greek singer, Dj and producer dTolio. The original mix shows us a new sound between minimal textures, rhythms, deep bass lines and classy progressive elements, built around mental and hypnotic voice from dTolio. This original mix for sure will be part of every Club or festival DJ set, with full exhibition in a PA sound!

Next on the list, we have drafted in the mighty ALEX YOUNG who delivers an energetic, groovy Techno rework aimed straight at the dance floor. His remix bring us full tension between techno beats, percussions, groovy rhythm and new treatment on the voice.  As can be expected, the production here is flawless and Alex crafts a techno attitude powerful of mix that is destined to stand up the dance floor world over!

Last on the A-SIDE list, the German duo AM-CONCEPT rounds off the package with a great deep-tech mix, version which concentrates on a new bass line spirit, using the original voice, some element and layering them over his stomping deep section, his mix struts and swaggers in all the right ways while sucking the listener right into its elegant and subtle style. An epic track that for sure will be part of every non-pretentious, but conceptual and elegant Dj set!

By other side, first on the B-SIDE list we are pleased to present an ACE peak-time progressive/minimal tune entitle ‘Modularis’, written and produced by one of the best new Hungarian DJ/producers JABOCCA.  The mix drives through mental progressive keys, minimal textures and tech beats that for sure will make of this original mix, one of most desires into the peak times DJ sets around the world. Highly recommended!

Last but definitely not least, the Italian duo DARIUSH & DJ DA have produced an original track entitle ‘Geometric Caos’, by contagious melodies over  progressive and tech beats, take us into a journey of classic and retro Progress House sounds. Great original mix for break also peak time sets!

[coming soon ‘the remixes’]


For more info, please visit

[RRR114] Minor Constellations – Stay Asleep

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Minor Constellations - Stay Asleep

I am sure that Dean Engle won’t suffer the same response that some folkies gave Dylan when he pulled out an electric guitar. But Minor Constellations has added a new weapon to his arsenal, it’s not all about the ukulele this time folks – as the acoustic guitar features almost as heavily on this, Minor Constellations third release on Rack & Ruin records.

One thing that remains is of course the heartfelt storytelling that Engle is becoming reknowned for, thrown together with a little bit of wit, and some clever wordplay, “Your house is so cool, I can see your breath when you take a breath”

Direct download
Rack & Ruin records

ca237 – Kenji Siratori – Destruction Code

Saturday, March 28th, 2009


Artist: Kenji Siratori
Title: Destruction Code
Date: 2009-03-28
Keywords: noise
01 – Destruction Code A – 9:38 (320 kbps)
02 – Destruction Code B – 8:18 (320 kbps)
03 – Destruction Code C – 10:21 (320 kbps)
04 – Destruction Code D – 15:44 (320 kbps)

All sounds by Kenji Siratori.
Recorded in February 2009 in Hana no yama.



(MA049) Stig Inge – CEPT Ep

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Stig Inge (Dresden, Germany)
(MA049) CEPT Ep



Details: rar|320kbit|mp3
Runtime: 20:00 minutes
Size: 45.2 mb
Release Date: March 27th 2009
Style: Electronic

01 Cept.01
02 Cept.02

The new CEPT-EP from Stig Inge is based on a concept: It consists of two tracks, each of them approximately ten minutes in length. The aim: Altering the conventional way of time-structures in electronic music, without forgetting to put the focus on the underlying message.
Cept.01 starts out in a dark, mystic mood, that aims to suck the listener right in. But not simplicity is the guide here, it’s the love for tiny details. Being melancholy as well as emotional, the connection to the listener is never severed, instead taking him along with the mighty synthline, being in full bloom only in the last third of the song. The melancholy basis of the track intensifies more and more, only to be destroyed and densified at the same time nearing the end. It’s completely up to the listener to let go or to stay until the bitter end.
Part two of this EP also starts off in a dark atmosphere. Despite a couple of scarce sunrays, the alluring beats lure you deeper and deeper into the dark-as-night forest. But no need to be afraid: Light is provided through acoustic flashlights you make take along with you. Be warned though that the way out of this complex structure made of deepness might not be that easy to find. In spite of this, be invited to take a stroll – in the dark.

Release Cover as Wallpaper:

Musicartistry Recordings :: Electronic Diversity

ND010 /Towie – One step back two steps forward

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Release Artwork

Artist: Towie
Title: One Step back, two steps forward
Catalogue #: ND010
Format: wav, mp3
Release Date: 27/03/09
Release Type: Red

1. Done and Dusted
2. Roll the Dice
3. Roll the Dice (Broken’s just in time edit)

Visit  our new website for full audio streams

Follow the links below to you desired store:

The aptly named “One Step Back, Two Steps Forward” three track release expresses without question, a more evolved vibe compared to Towie’s previous releases. A break away from the studio with his head focused entirely on future plans for No Dough has been a sort of turning point, not only for the label, but for him artistically. Closely working alongside label buddy ‘Broken’ on a new collaboration has been the fuel for this exciting new package. The opening track ‘Done and dusted’ starts off on a steady tip, beginning with delayed claps and off beat sub kicks which is brought to life at the 2 minute mark with a remarkable groovy bass pattern that seduces you right through. Followed by a drifting piano riff that spirals in and out of the mix, Towie keeps the groove tight until the break where his love for simplicity gets the better of him. At this moment of anticipation you are left overwhelmed by a cleverly worked lead synth and kick drum which carry the track through its peak in an almost jazz inspired manner.
On the deeper side is the second track ‘Roll the dice’ which maintains a simple groove throughout. Consisting of a warming low bass and a catchy lead, the breakdown is well complimented with a delayed vocal touch. This journey of deep and melancholy techno compliments the A side in a dark and more driven manner. Fellow label head ‘Broken’ delivers a remix of ‘Roll the Dice’ which reflects his well crafted percussive sound, following the huge success of his latest ‘Manfedman’ and ‘Kobe’ on Fling Records expect much more of this guys magic on No Dough.


Michel de Hey (National Radio Show)

‘Nice one, cool groove for the hips, will play’

2me (Ibiza Global Radio, SP)

‘Fantastic track, Very playable on my radio show’

Jet Project (BBC Radio Ulster, U.K)

‘Great Ep. All tracks are right up my street. The remix will sound brilliant out. Wicked programming and sick groove throughout’

Michael Stukes (Mystic Vibes, NYC)

‘Another nice one from Towie that should cause quite a stir’

Chris Boshell (Groovebox

‘nice work again, stripped back house, perfect for the start of a set’

Jem Haynes (Ibiza Global Radio WE LOVE SPACE,SP)

‘Nice three tracker, in the cd wallet, thanks’

La Fleur (Swedish National Radio)

‘I Like it’

Tim Richards (George FM)

‘another quality deep record’


Anderson Noise

‘Will support’ / Roll the Dice Broken edit

Funk D’Void

‘Cooool, great bassline’ / Roll the Dice Broken edit

Misstress Barbara

‘bleepy goodness’ / Done and Dusted

David Squillace

‘I’ll play it’ / Roll the Dice Broken edit

Rodriguez Jr

Beautiful grooves. I love the sick melodies and the piano of “Done & Dusted”. Will play it a lot.

Arnaud Le Texier

‘Nice release groovy baby! My favourite one’ / Done and Dusted


‘Cool track’ / Done and Dusted

Tiger Stripes

‘4/5’ / Roll the Dice Broken edit

‘Sounds Good’ / Done and Dusted


‘Nice trippy tech house’ / Done and Dusted

‘Nice track here, solid roller’ / Roll the Dice Broken Edit

‘Nice stuff, good tech house feelin it’ / Roll the Dice

Rui da Silva

‘Cool Beats’ / Done and Dusted

TG (Minus/Dirtbird)

‘Lovely build to this track’ / Roll the Dice

Jim Masters

‘Wicked track, charted’ / Done and Dusted

Mr No( Motor,Xlover)

‘5/5’ / Roll the Dice Broken edit

Phil K

‘Quite Nice, will be playing’ / Done and Dusted

Audio Sushi (Razzmatazz, BCN)

‘Love this, Fantastic beats and effects, want to hear more’ / Done and Dusted

‘Love this remix of the fantastic original, want to hear live’

‘Awesome tune, want to hear more’ / Roll the Dice

Frankie Flowerz

‘This is wicked’ / Roll the Dice

Jeremy P Caulifield

‘Towie Zowi Bowie knowie its showie! I LIKE!!’

Mistress de Funk

‘Very cool track, wicked bassline, will play’ / Roll the Dice

Paul Phusion

‘Huge Techy tune, I like the Piano elements combined with the synthesis, will definately find a place in my playlist’ / Done and Dusted

Rebekah ( KarateKlub)

‘Nice Groove, quite Jackin and funky’ / Done and Dusted

Stanny Franssen

‘Always good to play’

Gustavo Bravetti

‘Very organic and natural, with some funk/jazz/soul reminiscences and a bit of summer on it’./ Done and Dusted

‘My favorite, very groovy, unsuspected atmospheres and cinematic sounds’ / Roll the Dice

‘Nice Remix, the essence was kept and groove is more energetic’ / Roll the Dice Broken edit

Gonzalo Menoyo

‘Done And Dusted is very cool. Nice piano touch. Thanks for sending’