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Archive for April, 2009

ca252 – Ayankoko – GPHTHLBSDXCTCPC

Sunday, April 26th, 2009


Artist: Ayankoko
Date: 2009-04-22
Keywords: lo-fi diy; experimental; electronic; noise; industrial; shoegaze; ambient; psychedelic
01 – GHB – 7:02 (320 kbps)
02 – THC – 7:08 (320 kbps)
03 – PCP – 7:06 (320 kbps)
04 – MDA – 7:03 (320 kbps)
05 – XTC – 7:04 (320 kbps)
06 – LSD – 11:23 (320 kbps)

A re-synthesis deconstruction sample-based patchwork of previous ayankoko’s releases, noise streams and sound pictures in a broken industrial atmosphere. Produced by ayankoko, june 2008.

Ayankoko is David Vilayleck’s solo project on sound art> A formerly guitar player with various background influences as jazz, electro, traditional music turned himself into an electronica ambient noise artist since 2004> Releases works through internet labels and use of creative commons license with hazardrecords, headphonica, dog-eared records, amp-recs, clinical archives, colin johnco records, tecnonucleo> Developing structures and tensions in the contemporary sound art landscape>



A Flipping Budjunky – Rebirth

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

A Flipping Budjunky releases his FREE DOWNLOAD Dub & Dubstep Album “Rebirth”

The rar file contains 15 Tracks + Intro, Cover and a BPM list for CD/Mp3 DJs.

Rebirth Flyer

You can listen and download the tracks here
or click on the picture to download the rar file with cover and bpm list !

[BP028] PerlssDj – Tai Chi

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Artist: PerlssDj
Title: Tai Chi
Cat#: BP028
Date of release: 22 Apr, 2009
Styles: Ambient
Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps

Track List:
1 – Tai Chi [50:13]

Kinhos! (aka PerlssDj) is a spanish sound technician & music lover who likes to experiment with sounds and images to create his particular universe. “Tai Chi” was a concept album about internal Chinese martial art “Kung Fu”, genres covered about Field Recording and Ambient. But the track’s truely story was between Kinhos! and his Kung Fu Master. One day when his Kung Fu Master came out and ask him for some free sessions for their Tai Chi classes because of problems with copyrighted music, then Kinhos! made this mix, his personal Tai Chi set. A dreamy and gentle work by Kinhos! (aka PerlssDj). Enjoy.

Download Whole Item (as zip via Internet Archive)

Bypass Netlabel | Internet Archive | | LegalTorrents

RB057 – Phillip Wilkerson – Midland

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Phillip Wilkerson – Midland

Phillip Wilkerson began creating ambient music in 2005. His work ranges from warm, peaceful ambience to the more abstract and experimental forms of electronic music, combining guitar, field recordings, synthesizers and generative software. You may know him from various releases on bypass, timetheory, Earth Mantra or Clinical Archives.

“Midland” is a 5-track-EP with a complete duration of about 27 minutes. Part I – IV are very homogeneous. A warm and continuous background-drone, spotted with shimmering high tones, flows through these tracks. Giving you the feeling to swim or fly on a soft layer of sound. But every part has still its own special character. And Part V is the grounding part. It’s a rework of the fourth part and Phillip gives this part a more concrete, tangible feeling by adding a slight melody and some careful beats. It gets you back on the ground after floating through the first four parts.

For me it’s a very relaxing and dreamy work. It just lets me visualize places and pictures very easily while listening to it. Reminds me of a warm holiday, sitting on a hill, listening to humming insects and viewing a peaceful, unknown landscape. Really beautiful and inspiring.

1. Midland Part 1
2. Midland Part 2
3. Midland Part 3
4. Midland Part 4
5. Midland Part 5

More information:

DAMOLH33 “Disrespect EP” (TKBNET 11)

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

DAMOLH33 “Disrespect EP” (TKBNET 11)

Release Date: 22.04.2009
Style: Deep House, House

Labelside: Tonkultur Berlin Netlabel


Format: 320kb MP.3 Free Download (Archive. Org)

Tracks single download


Creative Commons License This work is licensed under Creative Commons-Lizenz.



Damolh33 is Gabriel Bernath from Orechova Poton, Slovakia. His passion for music began materialized 1999 starting to play in local clubs and all over. Continued with his musical growth he starts to make music with brother Mikulas in 2003 with few successful club tracks. He release music on home label LFB and he also participate in great compilation “Slovakian Jewels” that Seta label released to promote interesting new electronic scene
that grow in this new EU member. Gabriel preferred style varied from techno, minimal to more experimental and ambient sound

[GL_002] various Artists – Lehn Dich Zurück

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Bilderhosting bei Imageloop

3 Tracks same SamplePack (made by M.Rueter) An Deephouse Track by M.Rueter one freaky Elektro Track from good Old Djoker also an Techno Track made by A.Wolf …

3 Tracks aus dem gleichen SamplePack (erstellt von M.Rueter) Ein Deephouse Track von M.Rueter, eine schicke Electro Nummer vom gutem Djoker und eine wirklich abgefahrener Techno Track von A.Wolf.

Preview via Soundcloud…


[PS009] Swaying Smoke – Hidden Beneath the Soil

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

PublicSpacesLab‘s 9th release presents you with the work of Swaying Smoke (a.k.a. James Lowery) that has been making music for many years.

In March of 2008, he started creating ambient music by including elements of drone, noise and found sounds in his work.

Hidden Beneath the Soil” is a journey into a universe made of intricate textures, sensations and feelings translated into this beautiful 7 pieces of experimental electronica.

It describes the dark things hidden underground, lurking in forgotten passages and tunnels, mixed into the very ground that we walk.

Words always come short to describe any musical work. In the case of this release we just could find one that applies: amazing!

Download here

[INQ010] – Ariu Kara – Emptiness… It Looked For Her…

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Cat.#: INQ010

Review: Dedicated to Anastasia’s ten-years long best mate Larisa Kozlova, suddenly passed away in 2008, this compilational work concentrates on the themes of the dark nostalgic soul emptiness, which is born instead of something forever lost. It’s like when you visit the old home which will be destroyed soon, realizing it’s still keeping secrets of families living here for many years before. Larisa always supported Anastasia regarding her creative plans and works, and came with most objective critics. Unfortunately, she will never listen to the Ariu’s new soundscapes again, but her image is obviously tracked in every second of this release, which would be probably impossible to achieve other way. If you are not afraid of the very deep self-cycled journey through the time, cogitation and fantasies, here is the door which you’ll never close if you are in.

The recording consists of five mixed tracks. The first track describes the peak of human depression, the rejection of reality, and is obviously recorded in the very difficult time of Ariu Kara outliving. Further it reflects to the holes in the space and the time. What could you feel when you know there is no way back? The 3rd track is about walls having memories. Here is how the old house being ruined the next day, would dream about its past. It continues into the collaboration of two independant authors about forms which depict, in their opinion, the “Infinity” term. The final sound painting is inspired under visiting the seaport of Sukhum, Abchasia. 15 years ago during the conflict between Georgia and Abchasia the Georgian aviation ruined set of ships, yachts and pleasure launches. Now it’s possible to watch their rusty parts over the water covered with algae and cockleshells of mussels. They already became a new part of the landscape, obtaining the next life….

Possible Definition: Resin Plasticine

Direct link to release:
Ariu Kara – Emptiness… It Looked For Her…


NEW! Dennis Ferrer|Strictly Rhythm|Reel People|Papa|Roland Clark|Ill Friction|Milk and Sugar + More!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

House – Just Added

Dennis Ferrer – Sinfonia Della Notte – Strictly Rhythm
New Dennis Ferrer on Strictly! You heard it here first: the D man is…

PROMO! Reel People feat. Omar – Outta Love (Souled Bootleg Remix) – Papa
Papa Records drop another hidden gem for a very special bonus digital …

PROMO! Roland Clark – Glad You Came – Ill Friction
Roland Clark on Ill Friction

PROMO! Joe Calabro & Pepper MaShay – I Want You – Milk and Sugar
Pepper MaShay’s new hitsingle – produced by Joe Calabro! Although not…

PROMO! Jose Carretas feat. Dani – Taking A Little Piece Of Me – Tribe Records
Following the fantastic response to of our first release Circle…

Pete Moss – Truth EP – Recline
More scorching techy deepness brought to you by phillys own pete moss …

Kenquo – 3 Trax Of Mine EP – Open Bar
Amsterdam Deep House bad boy Kenquo delivers his best work to date! – …

PROMO! Urbane – Let Ya Feet Stomp – Broken Records
An Urban Electronic sound emanates from LET YA FEE STOMP by Urbane! I…

Jeff Daniels feat. Twylah – Blue Magic – Diamondhouse
Despite of putting feet on the desk and chilling until summer comes Di…

PROMO! Jesse Saunders – Body Muzik – Broken Records
The ORIGINATOR, JESSE SAUNDERS is back with another Club Banger known …

Andrew Chibale – Jack EP – Next Dimension Music
In the beginning there was the Jack EP and Andrew Chibale serves up th…

PROMO! Jay Tripwire feat. Boddhi Satva – Dema – Grooveland Music
Worlwide acclaimed DJ/Producer Jay Tripwire debuts on Grooveland Music…

Norman Zube & Stefan Helmke – Slapshot / Stars In Mountain – Parquet Recordings
2009Parquet Recordings

Knarf Skipson – The Flatwik EP – Quintessentials
Knarf Skipson “The Flatwik EP”

Mr. Raoul K – Le Karantkatrieme Peul – Baobab Music
Mr. Raoul K “Le Karantkatrieme Peul”

To Be Different – To Be Different EP – Recycle
To be different “To Be Different EP”

Ross Couch – Body Rhythm Remixed Vol.2 (Part 2) – Body Rhythm
Part 2 Of This not to be missed Remix EP features JP Phillippe, Lucas …


Monday, April 20th, 2009

Neu auf WEARK und noch heiss vom CD-Brenner:

Die vierte Compilation “PARTS OF COMMON GENDER” aus dem Hause WEARK
feierte im Rahmen einer Party in den geheilgten Räumen des Atelier 7 am
vergangenen Samstag ihre Premiere.

Die Compilation kommt mit 16 Tracks und satten 80 Minuten Laufzeit.
Dieses mal sind auch drei neue Artists vertreten, nämlich FFORET, BLEND

Reinhören kann man in die Tracks auf der WEARK-SEITE.


Viel Spaß und das Tanzen nicht vergessen…