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Archive for July, 2009

va – Let Me Funk EP

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Let Me Funk EP

Artist: Various
Genre: Techno
Format: Only Digital
Catalogue: SR013
Released: 23 July, 2009

Razzlog – Security Clearance (Original Mix)
Errol Dix & Chris Ecker – Hypnotic Funk (Original Mix)
Ivan-L & Vladimir Yuk – Coprofagos Anonimos (Original Mix)
Errol Dix & Julian Gas – Let Me Know (Original Mix)


ca292 – Minimal States – City of Buffalo

Thursday, July 30th, 2009


Artist: Minimal States
Title: City of Buffalo
Date: 2009-07-29
Keywords: electronica
01 – Cancellation – 5:13 (320 kbps)
02 – Lake Effect – 2:52 (320 kbps)
03 – Alternatives – 9:01 (320 kbps)
04 – Skyflash – 2:14 (320 kbps)
05 – Escape – 5:53 (320 kbps)

‘City of Buffalo’ is the debut album by Minimal States, an electronic music project by Thomas Carter. The music is made of multiple layers of repetitive rhythmic and melodic material, producing a meditative, hypnotic feeling of timelessness and calm. The album is inspired by travel, and its title comes from a place in New York State called Buffalo, whose name is said to have its origin in the French phrase beau fleuve: “beautiful river”.

Minimal States on Myspace:
Thomas Carter:


Music for Freedom : Make your voice heard

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Artists for Freedom

Music for Freedom is a project by the Artists for Freedom network, a network of artists around the globe, gathered around the Human Rights and Freedom of Speech Issues.

Founded in July 2009 this project has already caught the attention of Dj Spooky that gave an unreleased track “Azadi (The new complexity)” to the project for free distribution under a Creative Commons License.

One of the projects that we have now is active in 2 fronts, and this is where we would like the FOEM community to get involved.

1. People record the word “Freedom” in their native language (and whatever language they might know) and send it to the project.

Our objective with this is to make, for the first time ever, one CD-lenght release of people just saying the word “Freedom”. This track, like all the material will be released under a CC License 3.0 by-nc-sa.

When submitting the recording please use the following naming specifications: (example: Florian_DE_German.wav) ;-)

2. We are asking musicians to download the already available voice samples and with them, make new tracks.

The tracks submitted will then be featured at the Music for Freedom website.

|| Submission Guidelines ||

1. You have to use at least one of the vocal tracks that say “Freedom” on your track but you can record your own.

1.1. If you record your own please attached it independently with the submission following the naming convention detailed above.

2. You should upload your track to Soundcloud and submit it to the Music for Freedom Group.

3.1 Send us a zip file with your bio, contact information and photo to foemtracks [at] artists4freedom [dot] net

To participate you must agree to submit your track under a Creative Commons License 3.0 by-nc-nd. Please include that on your mail to us.

Submissions that fail to respect these guidelines will not be made available on the website.

What do you get from submitting your tracks to Music for Freedom?

First of all, awareness and presence within a new audience.

The chance to be invited play or Dj on  the multiple rallies organized all over the world that deal with Human Rights and Freedom of Speech issues.

Most important, to us and we hope  for you as well, you will be making a statement that your voice counts and you want it to be heard when it comes to the injustices that some people, that are just like us, have to suffer.

We look forward to receive your material! Please spread the word.

If you have any questions please contact us here on the Forum or at info [at] artists4freedom [dot] net

Artists for Freedom

PS: We would like to publicly thank Florian for all the support. You rock man!

[RRR134] Western Homes – Are Empty

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Western Homes - Are Empty

This short album ranges from catchy indietronic songs, which blend fuzzy synth with soft open acoustic guitar chords and electronic beats, to more experimental feedback loops and noise. The sound on this album has been described as “water dripping slowly over antique furniture in a flood” and this unique sound is quite evident on songs such “hospital corridors” and “ice sheet on my bed”. It is at times infectiously melodic and at other times soothingly ambient.

Vocals often fading into the ethereal mist, the listener maybe catching a bit of the story being told, but more often than not these tracks are wide open for interpretation. Meaning that every listen you will get something more from this. Musically there are so many influences that seem to jump out, upon listening to “2009 (A Merman I Will Become In Time), I can personally hear the likes of Mates of State, and Tunng colliding together in pure bliss. On other tracks, the likes of Beirut or Final Fantasy jump out.

One thing is for sure, this is a solid mini album that is bound to become an instant fave.

Direct download
Rack & Ruin records

[plpl010] – Various Artist – Four by Four

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

New free digital release on plusplus


plpl010 – Various Artist – Four by Four II

1. Thompson Kuhl – Makro
2. Mika Finn – Twilight (Darius Spielmann Remix)
3. Nahfeld – Subworm
4. raw : audio dax – kleiner automat

Go to release page for prelisten and download

FREE direct download 320kb/s mp3

OUT NOW! Contact 2XCD mixed by Gare Mat K & Alex Young

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009


Digital Download Available Now!

Check out below link:

Cat: Masterpiece Series
Ref: PGZCD04
Artist: Various
Title: CONTACT traumfahrt compiled and mixed by Gare Mat K & Alex Young
Label: Progrezo Records Ltda
Genre: Minimal/Techno/Progressive
Digital Download exclusive on Beatport!

We are pleased to present the first DUO compilation CD mix entitles ‘Contact traumfahrt’, born in Colombia as result of more than 20 years of solid work coming from ones of best DJ/Producers and rising stars Gare Mat K (2nd Best DJ by Thirst Heineken Music) & Alex Young (Best Minimal Artist of the Year in the Beatport awards 2009), who are impressing the electronic scene world over by their unique music style, and recognized productions which are in the top of sales on Minimal and Techno, doing the rounds by the big Dj’s like the ones of Sasha, Timo Maas, Richie Hawtin, Pete Tong, James Zabiella, Tom Pooks, Fedde Le Grand, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo and Mastiksoul among others.

Most of the tracks on the compilation have been highly edited/remixed, looking to show up more than just a traditional track to track DJ mix.

‘Contact traumfahrt’ includes tracks from partner-labels such as BPitch Control, Fullscale Music, Radio With Pictures, Out Side The Box Music, Nosi Music, Vise Versa Music, Inkfish and Carica Deep; as well as latest and exclusive productions from renowned producers like the ones of Telefon Tel Aviv, Gaiser, Anthony Pappa, Chris Cargo, Tom Pooks, Darin Epsilon, Fjor, Bs As Deep, and Grunjah among others.

The CD single entitle ‘Contact’, written and produced by rising talent coming from E.E.U.U. ‘Schubert’, reaches #6 position in the top10 of Minimal sales by 2 weeks; track included in the EP which takes the album’s name, reaching #12 position in the techno top with another original entitle ‘7 Miles’.

Other important compilation track is ‘Who’s Gonna Drive’, written & produced by Gare Mat K with a remix collaboration from Alex Young, released in a special package of remixes which include mixes from Alex Dolby, Schubert, Claudio Climaco, AM-Concept, Eric Yedim, Pedro Campos, Gare Mat K & The Bulb Speakers.

“Deep, subtle, mental, techy, melancholic, Dark. Cosmopolitan capitol city, rush, highways, clubs, restaurants. Rain, sun, open skies, high clouds. Street dancers, fast minds, green lights, clowns, skaters. Cat faces, dog attitudes, finest smiles… No more than feelings and experiences, no sponsorship banners, no sky flyers, painted walls.”

Both artists Gare Mat K and Alex Young are ace Dj’s and Producers. Gare’s ‘Comunicacion’ 2XCD mix reaches # 2 popularity in America, and Alex was ranked # 1 as the best Minimal artist of the year “These two CDs are a snapshot of what’s setting our pulses racing at the moment; a selected stuff from lovely labels and tracks as the ones of BPitch Control and Gaiser’s remix of “Worst Think In The World” Telefon Tel Aviv, Radio With Music and Chris Cargo’s “TImeshifter” intro, Full Scale Music and Frank Bojert’s Original and Kevin Over “Zerra” mixes, Progrezo Records and Alex Young’s Techdriver mix of “Who’s Gonna Drive” Gare Mat K feat dTolio, Inkfish recordings and Darin Epsilon’s Mimoori “Kwaidan”, Nosi Music and Mickey Franco’s “Botoneta”, Anatolian Beats and Tom Pook’s “Huge”, Dial Tone and Sergio Sorrentino’s mix of Nasty Boy “Trash & Easy”, Vise Versa and Grunjah’s “Plus”, Kraft Music and Reix’s “Flesh”, Carica Deep with StereoK’s feat Royal Sapien “Digital Kills The Vinyl Star” and exceptional Bs As deep remix of Anthony’s Pappa “Outback” track, blurring of the boundaries from between minimal, new techno, tech house and next level bleep-driven rave,” says Gare and Alex.

Their mix is a special music set, that show out years of constant work and evolution into different atmospheres and tendencies, inside of electronic music and arts. It’s not about minimal, it’s not about techno, it’s not about progressive or melodic stuff’s, it’s not about house……it’s not about chunky words, it’s about people, it’s about heart, it’s about spirit…..It’s all about their lives, it is just music.

“Life are years of mental photo shoots.” Gare & Alex

CD 1 mixed by Gare Mat K

01. Chris Cargo – Timeshifter (intro mix) [Radio With Pictures]
02. Nasty Boy – Trash & Easy (Sergio Sorrentin Silky House mix) [Dialtone Records]
03. Schubert – Contact (Original mix) [Progrezo Records]
04. Burak Yeter – Magic Logic (Eric Yedimremix) Gare Mat K edit [Anatolian Beats]
05. Eric Yedim – Medellin (Jose M. Attary Remix) Gare Mat K edit [Progrezo Records]
06. Nick Olivetti – Logic (Original mix) Gare Mat K edit [Progrezo Records]
07. Nick Olivetti – Mito (Original mix) Gare Mat K edit [Progrezo Records]
08. Frank Bojert – Zerra (Original mix) Gare Mat K edit [Fullscale Music]
09. Eric Yedim – Bogota (Alex Costa remix) Gare Mat K edit [Progrezo Records]
10. Gare Mat K feat dTolio – Whos Gonna Drive (Alex Young’s The Techdriver mix) Gare Mat K edit [Progrezo Records]
11. Resonate & PHM – Deep Whisper (Oriignal mix) Gare Mat K edit [Progrezo Records]
12. Fobee – Myth (Ariel Curtis remix) Gare Mat K edit [Vise Versa Music]
13. Ariel Curtis – Lolita (Alex Mos remix) Gare Mat K edit [Bit Records]
14. Darin Epsilon pres. Mimoori – Kwaidan (Dub mix) [Inkfish Recordings]
15. Lesvicon Soul – Love Voodoo (Andrez Remix) Gare Mat K edit [Bit Records]
16. Schubert – 7 Miles (Phunk Investigation remix) [Progrezo Records]
17. Mickey Franco – Botoneta (Original mix) Gare Mat K edit [Nosi Music]
18. Fjor – Funkazoid (Original mix) [Out Side The Box Music]
19. Anthony Pappa – Outback (Bs As Deep remix) Gare Mat K edit [Progrezo Records]
20. Tom Pooks – Huge (Original Mix) Gare Mat K edit [Anatolian Beats]
21. Adrien M – Promenade Rouge (Original mix) Gare Mat K outro edit [Potobolo Records]

CD 2 mixed by Alex Young

01. Telefon Tel Aviv – Worst Thing In The World (Gaiser’s Possibly The Universe Remix) [BPitch Control]
02. Tom Pooks – Huge (Original Mix) [Anatolian Beats]
03. AM-Concept – Treibjagd (Original Mix) [Progrezo Records]
04. Grunjah – Plus (Original Mix) [Vise Versa Music]
05. Gare Mat K Feat. D’Tolio – Who’s Gonna Drive (Alex Young’s The Techdriver Mix) [Progrezo Records]
06. Reix – Flesh (Original Mix) [Kraft Records]
07. Schubert – Spartan, Not Minimal (Original Mix) [Progrezo Records]
08. Resonate & PHM – Mental Illness (Original Ill-ectronic Mix) [Progrezo Records]
09. Mickey Franco – Botoneta (Original Mix) Alex Young edit [Nosi Music]
10. Bs As Deep – Forsake (Original Mix) [Progrezo Records]
11. KhoMha – Music Box (Original Mix) [Kraft Records]
12. StereoK Feat Royal Sapien – Digital Kills The Vinyl Star (Instrumental Mix) [Carica Deep]
13. Eric Yedim – Bogota (Origial Mix) [Progrezo Records]
14. Frank Bojert – Zerra (Kevin Over Remix) [Fullscale Music]
15. Mild Bang – No Sleep (Original Mix) Alex Young edit [Progrezo Records]

Your support is very important!

OUT NOW! Nick Olivetti – Mitologic EP [Techno]

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Check out below link:

As featured on Gare Mat K & Alex Young ‘Contact CD Mix’

Cat: Black Series
Ref: PGZBK010
Title: Mitologic EP
Tracklist: Logic, Mito
Label: Progrezo Records Ltda
Genre: Techno
Exclusive on Beatport!

We are pleased to present a new member in the Progrezo Records family, who is building an important name into the worldwide techno scene under NICK OLIVETTI.

Nicola Olivetti aka “Nick Olivetti” is an Italian DJ/Producer who starts his career in 2001 as a guest DJ in a talent show of “Radio Dee Jay” hosted by the by-now legend Dj Albertino , the biggest radio station in Italy at that time, after playing for almost a decade in the most popular clubs of Italy and producing several dance tracks which would be later licensed to several international compilations and Italian cult movies, in 2006, Nick decided to move to London to develop his skills more as a producer.

Upon graduating in London at SAE, in Audio Engineering with specialization in Electronic Music Production, Nick took up work as an audio engineer for 6 months for the legendary Resident Studios in London, seeking a challenge he finds his way in the electronic scene remixing the world famous band RADIOHEAD for one of their competitions, the result is overwhelming, Nick’s remix becomes the top most rated and played track.

In 2009 Nick would be placed in the international magazine iDJ as the “One To Watch in 2009″ one of his track is also included in the compilation attached to the magazine.

Nick has released several EPs and remixes with labels such as: EMI Music , d-vision, Autist, Code2 Records, Progrezo Records, Deep In Rhythm, Stereo Seven, Godeeva, Fahereneit, Time Rec, and also via his own label “Fish Rec” promoting artists from all over the world.

Nick has also collaborated with a number of artists such as: Benny Benassi, Cube Guys, Ahmet Sendil, Phunklarique, From Karaoke To Stardom, Giash , Mario Piu, Stefano Gamma, Emanuele Inglese, Dj Aharon & Dj Tomer, Paolo Bolognesi, Danny Freakazoid, Schubert and many more.

His latest productions have been featured in the Gare Mat K & Alex Young’ Contact CD mix, next to producers such as Gaiser, Telefon Tel Aviv, Anthony Pappa, Chris Cargo and Tom Pooks among many more.

The tenth instalment on Progrezo Records Black Series PGZBK010 entitles “Mitologic EP”, includes two overwhelming avant-garde techno tracks, written & produced by the Italian boy Nick Olivetti for Progrezo Records.

For sure, this stuff will be part of every classy Minimal and Techno Dj Set!

Your support is very important -

DEN PLEASURE “You can fuck me EP” (TKBNET 17)

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

DEN PLEASURE “You can fuck me EP” (TKBNET 17)

Release Date: 29.07.2009

Style: Minimal, Tech House

Labelside: Tonkultur Berlin Netlabel




Format: 320kb MP.3 Free Download (Archive. Org)

Tracks single download

01. You can fuck me – featuring Sanya Starr

02. Traffic

03. Check Tape

This work is licensed under Creative Commons-Lizenz


Den Pleasure (Maxim Buldakov)

Buldakov Maxim (artist FORZA Recordings) Stylistics: Micro House, Deep House, Minimal House, Tech House, Minimal Techno. PR Director “DEP RECORDS” (http://www. The resident of the project “Mi?ro Rhythms”, specialising on a minimal sound, and its advancement in weights. It is a series of weekly parties, actions which are directed on development minimal cultures to Russia. «You love distinct sounds tech? You are deep in deep house? You understand that minimal it something more than simply music? We will try to inform to you, all beauty of sounding micro rhythms” (c) Micro Rhythms. The resident “MOONMUSICRADIO” (http://www. Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of month, 20.00 – 22.00 within the limits of radio show [Land Of Sound] by Den Pleasure, only on Moon Music Radiostation for you divine sounds Minimal, with a combination and modulations not less delightful deep / tech soundings sound really. That world which he has created and creates, perfects for improvement, bewitches and urges on not only it, but also us, those who faces this world … For the short existence on the big scene, has managed to prove as one of young talented and perspective DJs for today. Its mixes it not simply selection of favourite and actual tracks for today, is the whole scale of various colours, mood shades from what the listener has feeling from impetuous grief to a progressive drive. Unique, partly with a philosophical sight the selection of tracks forces to plunge into the most remote corners as a result to feel all spectrum of a dance music. As the musician and di, he knows what wishes to inform to a wide audience. Now completely accented the activity on a writing of own qualitative sound. Perspective and safe tours across Russia, neighbouring countries, are not small achievement in sphere of his activity. The person in whom the courageous thinking is inherent, not wishing to recognize various social aspects which at times bear uncertainty and factors deforming an everyday life. Its emotionality develops only with the assistance of a large quantity of public, paternal the power reads off scale. In it the uncontrollable aspiration to be the focus of attention, shine, submit is shown and even to plunge into a panic. Den – the bright individualist. Accurately generated scenic image of the actor, bright, expressive – one of important aspects in its success. Does not recognise public morals, does not wish to follow the rules established in social group. Its emotional world can have harmonious development only under condition of a good environment, and it at it is by definition. (c) Roms / Moscow 2009.

OUT NOW! Apatle – Gravity Rejection EP [Ambient/Downtempo]

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Check out link below:

Cat: Family Garden
Ref: FGR003
Title: Gravity Rejection
Tracklist: Electron Walk, Ivor, Mama The Dog, Retrograde Sinchronicity
Label: Family Garden a subdivision of Progrezo Records Ltda
Genre: Ambient/Chill Out
Exclusive on Beatport!

We are pleased to present a new EP coming from ace Netherland producer ‘Arpatle’, who returns to Family Garden with 4 original ambient/downtempo tracks, packed in an EP entitles “Gravity Rejection”.

The Arpatle’s stuff is being charted and supported by important DJ’s world over, coming from different kind of genres like the ones of ambient to techno. His productions are full of spiritual and mental music, taking us on a journey of ethnic and nature sounds, to melodic atmospheres and subtle voices.

We are sure this EP will be part of every ambient/downtempo DJ set around the world!

Your support us very important!

[XVR001] Adern X – Concept Buildings

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Concept Buildings, the first album of Adern X, released on Xevor Records.

The three tracks are improvisation (re)constructed and layered.
Adern X use, as a building blocks, loops and samples that were
manipulated in real time with a style between eai and glitch.