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Archive for September, 2009

[INQ011] – Michael Brückner – Occasional Chemistry

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Cat.#: INQ011

Review: We on INQB8R are always looking for the 22nd Century music which may be not completely understood these days, but which makes a step into the future. When we contacted Michael Brückner asking for yet another presentation of his rich homework in our Showcase, we were surprised how Michael has selected these tracks. They were chosen on a completely random basis, but obviously having some introduction behind. We liked this kind of approach and left the tracks order “as is”.

Anyway, almost 10 months passed in the process of remastering and improving the tracks, finding the most proper unifying sound for such heterogeneous stuff. It was not the best period for the worldwide economics, quite nervous for ourselves and sad for Michael, because his father has gone. But now we are proud to bring yet another accurate EP from this gifted German composer, which appears to be the other INQB8R classic.

It’s difficult to describe this music; imagine that various cinematic worlds meet the reality, while you’re sitting in some Moroccanian coffee shop, listening to the never known electronic avantgarde, keeping a big hangover in your head with a bizarre sense of humor, remembering Yesterday… Nobody knows what these sonic textures are about, and nobody can describe them except Yourself. It’s all about when mystery and discovery meet each other, and it’s about the world around waking up.

Possible Definition: Ointomoglican Vandamgo

Direct link to this release:
Michael Brückner – Occasional Chemistry


Techno Uuup & Schranz Uuup Vol 001(2 Compilations, 42 tracks)

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Artist: Various
Title: Techno Uuup & Schranz Uuup Vol 001
Label: Carmarage/Darkland
Format: mp3, wav
Release date: 28.09.2009
Style: Techno, Hardtechno, Schranz

Techno Uuup Tracklist:

Here you can find 21 techno tracks from older releases on Carmarage
example from producers:
Kike Pravda, Ivan L vs Sergy Casttle, Macwolf, Tony Silver, Skati, Carara, Ganez The Terrible, Asagaoaudio, Community Electronic

Schranz Uuup Tracklist:

Too 21 tracks from producers example:
Sepromatiq, Buchecha, William Lee, Marco Stylez, Flotek & Mario Kinle, Mechanical Brothers, Robert Fabian


on every good digital download store example:


Dj Tunes ,


Dj Tunes ,

Carmarage Records – My Space

When you buy full release example on Junodownload, you save around 60 % from price

[xs-67] zuramone – the spiders dance

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

artist: zuramone
album: the spiders dance

release date: 27/09/2009
contact: myspace
cover art: back and front

Nowadays many rock musicians are used to have side projects, where they include electronics. That’s not something particulary new. We were already used to see phenomena like this in the 70s and the 80s, and it was exactly what happened with alex (aka zuramone), the drums player from the evora’s (south-west of portugal in the south-west of europe) band “lotus mecanica”. He was also drummer in the les baton rouge band and he is involved in another band with musicians from les baton rouge, great lesbian show and ideas for muscles.

When Alex sent me that music, I said to him that I was interested to hear, to see how it was like.. and so I did.. after sometime listening to it, I said to him that I was unhappy with the sound quality in terms of recording and mixing, which was something that could only get better, if it was properly recorded and mixed. But I also said that I could give it a better sounding by giving a more solid sound to the recording. And so I did. I mastered and the music was sounding a bit better (in the terms of my limitations and capabilities), and I decided to release it.

Musically we can say that Alex’s band (zuramone), is actually some sort of rockabilly stuff, and although this is not particulary very close to rockabilly, it ended by being like some sort of hybrid between some drum n bass (sometimes close to photek when the acoustic drums appears), and something close to trance music, reminding me some aproaches in shpongle. In short, hardware electronic instruments, like drum machines, synths and so on, then a couple of guitars, and some drums.. and that’s all.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did

Tiago Morgado

NS001 – VA – Hey You, Choose Your Own Adventure

Monday, September 28th, 2009

No-Source Netlabel – [NS001] – VA – Hey You, Choose You’re Own Adventure
VA - Hey You, Choose Your Own Adventure

Folktronic, mellow, electronic, acoustic music. Starting your first netlabel isn’t all sunshine and waffles, but it sure feels good. Two months of work went into curating this initial compilation. Why start with a compilation? Well, it’s the setting of a play. It’s the initial spectrum of audio that you can look forward to hearing from this netlabel. Some of these artists are good friends, some new friends, and others are some of our favorite netlabel musicians. Selbyville, Oculoss, Full-Source, Will Bangs, and Background Radiation contribute to the folktronic part of this release with beautiful acoustic guitar-driven compositions. Multi-Panel and TEKC contribute music that isn’t quite IDM, isn’t quite shoegaze, but is completely stunning throughout. Eleven Steps brings us a subtle piece of acoustic ambiance. The brilliant field recordings just draw you in. Finally, Young and Old, øjeRum and Mansfield share three variants of acoustic folk stylings. Young and Old draws on lo-fi bedroom recording, Mansfield layers political samples, and øjeRum dreams in reverb. Enjoy No-Source’s first adventure.

01) Selbyville – Quiet The Uproar
02) Multi-Panel – Town
03) Young and Old – Pry My Fingers
04) Oculoss – Hollow Hour Hand
05) Full-Source – Cold Wind (feat. Caleb Moon)
06) øjeRum – il y a
07) Will Bangs – Dresden Mills
08) Eleven Steps – Sand Worn Shade
09) Background Radiation – Discovery Basin
10) Mansfield – All The Nausea That’s Fit To Print
11) Tekc – Fresh Air

More Information:

[Intox Noize] [intox049] Mach FoX – Remix and repeat

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Mach FoX – Remix and repeat

Label: Intox Noize
Catalog#: intox049
Format: 12 x File, MP3, 192 kbps
Country: Russia
Released: 28 Sep 2009
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Style: Techno, Electro

Mach FoX remixed by artists from around the world.
Credits: Artwork By – Ivy Sendrijas
Mastered By – Nic Heidt


1 Build it down (RemiX) – Francksom (France) (4:39)
2 AXion/FriXion (RemiX) – Baxandall IP (Poland) (5:27)
3 Like clover (RemiX) – Zilverface (Sweden) (3:43)
4 Thee electric way (RemiX) – 1DJ (USA) (3:36)
5 Build it down (RemiX) – Speecies (Japan) (3:30)
6 Fast, fallaway (RemiX) – Severin24 (France) (3:55)
7 Like clover (5 leaf clover mix) – The Manitou (Canada) (5:12)
8 Build it down (RemiX) – Rik (UK) (4:10)
9 Like clover (RemiX) – Baxandall IP (Poland) (5:44)
10 Build it down (RemiX) – BUZZ (France) (4:02)
11 DTMG (RemiX) – Francksom (France) (6:40)
12 Build it down (Deconstructed mix) – Foxgerhard (UK) (4:11)

Download! | Visit Intox Noize

[lz090] tom larson pres. from space to earth 2009

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Another great mix from Tom Larson. 68 minutes of deep, dub and groovy tunes.
Excellent track selection to get you into space and back to earth again!

01 DUBLICATOR – formal stimulation [nostopnonsense]
02 IGORS VOROBJOVS – for me [sweetsemellingsurfaces]
03 DANIEL STEFANIK – save my soul [1bitwonder]
04 SLOW NOISE – new life [schall]
05 FDF – blaugrau [broque]
06 SLOW NOISE – deepness [schall]
07 MARTIN DONATH – rote sonne [realaudio]
08 UPWELLINGS – 808 rules [schall]
09 SRAUNUS – po [loudandclear]
10 KELI – awakenings [ndorphine]
11 ZOFA – sept-number [filtro]
12 GRIT – deimos [rohsrecords]
13 DML – fin (suedmilch rmx) [gruenfeld]
14 GRIT – autumn [cism]
mixed by tom larson
68:55 min / 192 kbps / 99 mb

[Soft Phase sfp08] Mosaik – Leandi

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Artist: Mosaik
Title: Leandi (EP)
Style: electronica melodic demomusic
Format: MP3 and FLAC
Date: 2009-09-27

Return to the cold north for the autumn time, this time presenting you a new EP from swedish Mosaik, for many people also known as Radix. While listening to these five tunes, one might get a wonderfully nostalgic feeling, as the music has slightly retro styled mood to it, where melodies are the heart of it all, truly faithful to his unique style. And while the surrounding sounds carries a modern edge, all this together makes you wish the atmosphere and the warmth from the songs would remain in the room long time after it has finished playing. Collaborating on this release, Nummelin on “Tickles” and closing the EP together with Planet Boelex on “Nanomies”. Here’s how the man himself describes the release:

“So, here it is. Leandi is my spring and summer of 2009. More specifically it’s my most sincere release in a very long time. It’s the result of looking at the creation process in a different light, without engaging in reasoning and just letting the music come as it may. Normally I would venture into more ambient landscapes and experimental sounds, but I wanted this release to be simple and open. Heavily inspired by childhood, fatherhood, watching my son grow up, play, communicate and learn the ways of the world.”

Release information and download:

Aortha ‘berlin without you’ [HAZE 079]

Sunday, September 27th, 2009


(NE-013) Muhmood – “6200 miles of silence”

Sunday, September 27th, 2009


6200 miles of silence is totally based on field recordings.
Recorded in the Western Siberia area which is crossed by a few huge power lines going from East to  West and from South to North. The idea was to render in sound the trip of electric currency flowing in huge masses across the vast empty spaces of Russia. The sound of the album follows the topography.


01. wind in the cords
02. electrification of udmurtia
03. 8300 pillars of altai
04. 1000 kVolt line

design by Muhmood

(NE-012) b°tong – “hysteria”

Sunday, September 27th, 2009


Hysteria was conceived with the idea of using sounds of water and earthquakes and creating an eerie atmosphere. The rhythmic quality of some of the soundscapes was made by use of beat-like structures taken from recordings of earthquakes as registered through seismographic institutes. As for the rest: a cave-like atmosphere was intended and in difference to the dark ambient pieces, some are experiments in sheer noise and deconstruction. The whole of the mini-album is to be seen as one and was done in a relatively short time in the summer of 2007.

Album is released as mp3 (free download) and CD (on Verato-Project)


01. Unlimited Release
02. Awakening
03. Tremor
04. Diaspora
05. Damage Receive
06. Heartbeat (Broken)
07. Fragile Package
08. As Specified

all tracks by Chris Sigdel
design by Chris Sigdel