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MWM Recordings – NEW DigiDubstep Label from Holland.

Monday, December 28th, 2009


MWM Recordings is a new label from the Netherlands focussing on dubstep, experimental, jazz, broken beats, dubreggae and many more styles.
Label is leaded by Marcel Warnas, a pro studio enigeer from Hilversum.

Out now on MWMRecordings:

Marcel Warnas – Chillbar
Marcel Warnas – Jazzmatic
Dubheadz – Below
Dubheadz – RAW
Fourhead – Flex
Fourhead – Fresh
Techdread – Indeep
Bowcon – Cannonfodda (Subadelic)
Bowcon – Alwayz blessed
Bowcon – Left handed
Dubsampler – 1 (subadelic)
Roshi Ai – The Wanderer
B O S – Dubz
Rawcutz – Dubliner

Thanks for your support!

Cologne Commons Compilation 03 # Be Shareful

Monday, December 28th, 2009


Downtempo, Drum N Bass, Electro-Folk, IDM, Techno und Triphop – mit dieser Compilation wollen wir euch nicht nur die Tage an und um Weihnachten versüßen. Die vorliegenden zwölf Musikstücke könnt ihr in jeder Jahreszeit hören.

Download Cologne Commons Compilation 03 “be shareful”

Die folgenden Künstler und ihre Songs befinden sich auf der Cologne Commons Compilation CC 03:

01 Soundmap of Cologne – Aachener Weiher – Schlittschuhlauf an Silvester (03:21)
02 Zmitser von Holzmann – This is how i feel now (03:08)
03 Bobby Baby – Goodbye Love – Goodnight Version by Peloton (05:43)
04 Shlohmo – For you pt. 2 (05:02)
05 Afion – Abstract Feeling (03:42)
06 Monokle – Warm Control (06:26)
07 Digi G’Alessio – Breakfast with Jesus (01:41)
08 Mosaik – Leandi (04:32)
09 Small Radio – By any means (04:52)
10 DasBlaueMonster – Technician (08:39)
11 Henrik Jose – Possibilities (04:52)
12 Deef – Brainstation (02:33)

Zur Cologne Commons 2009 haben wir bereits zwei Compilations veröffentlicht. Gratis anhören und runterladen hier: CC 01 + CC 02

Masiak – Dritto Calci Vol. 1 [Grouper Recordings]

Monday, December 28th, 2009

This is the 3rd relase by the talent from Italy. The Dritto Calci ep is a continuous blend of deep house with jazz elements. On the remixes we got Angel Rize & the J&M Brothers.

Label:               Grouper Recordings

Catalog#:       GROUPER045

Format:          4 x File, MP3, 320 kbps

Released:       23 Dec 2009

Style:                House, Deep House


1 Can’t fit anywhere (Original Mix) 8:15
2 Can’t fit anywhere (Tarifa Remix) 7:18
Remix - J&M Brothers
3 Can’t fit anywhere (Angel Rize Remix) 8:00
Remix - Angel Rize
4 Looking 4 (Original Mix) 7:39

Original Mixes FULL PREVIEW

Masiak – Dritto Calci Vol. 1 by masiak

And here’s the buy-link:

Beatport Exclusive

To check out some other stuff from the italian deep house producer check out:

Masiak’s Blog
Facebook Fan Page

[MIXG004] Various Artists – Winter Tales

Monday, December 28th, 2009


This winter MixGalaxy Records prepared for you this very special compilation full of mystery and fairy-tale spirit with snowy scent of cold winter nights spiced with catchy melodies and grand arrangements. Our “Winter Tales” will give you a magic atmosphere, filling any place they’re being played at with viscous drones of ambient, sombre idm beats and soft chillout with folk-pop touched by traditional Russian music, making it suitable for nearly any situation whether it’s being a Christmas holiday party or just a steady evening spent alone.

The compilation explores each possible human emotion associated with this chill season being supported on this side by some guest appearances featuring project Sinestesia which hardly requires any detailed introduction to Russian electronic music arena since they have performed on numerous EDM festivals and been around for quite a while now.

Once again the artwork was produced by Gerdes who already became some sort of our staff artist since his simple pencil-drawn covers gradually help forming the face of the label. In addition, Gerdes also contributed his track Astel to “Winter Tales” and made his musical debut on our label. Few regularies appear alongside of new artists and new sounds, so let yourself be carried away by this rich and highly enjoyable music flow. Dive in!

Label: Mixgalaxy Records
Catalog number: MIXG004
Genre: Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, IDM, Instrumental, Psychedelic
Release Date: 22.12.2009
Quality: MP3, CBR 320 kb/s, 44 Khz
Archive Size: 140 ?B


[label site] [] []


[label site] [] []

[FNet006] Various – Pick n Mix Vol.2

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Label: Faturenet Recordings
Catalog#: FNet006
Format: 20 x File, MP3
Country: Various
Released: 23 Dec 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Breaks, Industrial, Techno, Ambient, Experimental
Compiled & Re-mastered by: Robert Lamont

He was only an elderly gentleman, hitching a ride on the misty wet Highway.
I asked him where he was heading, and he said he had no real destination in mind. He then said “That is beautiful music you’re playing. Who is it?” I told him it was “Various Artists – Pick n Mix Volume 2 from a great netlabel called Faturenet”.
His eyes lit up with excitement. He said “My name is George Ripley, and I am the greatest travelling salesman who’s ever lived! There’s nothing I can’t sell!”.
I noticed that he had a small briefcase on his lap, and said ”So what do you sell these days? Insurance? Pensions? Broadband? I’m just curious..”.
He laughed and replied “Oh dear no, my young friend! You see… I sell people their SOULS!”.

Download here

RB076 – fallen – feathers

Monday, December 28th, 2009

fallen – feathers

RB076 - fallen - feathers

Fallen are brothers Andrew and Richard Fryer who come from the south of England. The group was formed in 1999 making spooky neurotic jungle. Over the course of nine releases they have gradually evolved into a more meditative proposition and are now purveyors of a sort of outsider dreampop. Fallen’s last recording, “A rare camouflage” is available on the cookanegg imprint. Andrew is also the man behind Boy swung tunnel whose album “The sun sparks” is on the Format noise label.

Their EP “feathers” consists of 6 tracks with a complete duration of about 22 minutes, and it is definitely the catchiest release on Resting Bell up to this moment. The music of Fallen is hard to describe. Referring to their own words it is dreamy pop-music with a great sense for melodies and dramaturgy. You can also find these wall-of-sound-elements which make me think of shoegazer-bands from the nineties. Noises, crackles and loud parts. But behind all this there is always a melody shining through. There is always a leitmotif which guides you through the song. And there is always an element which you can’t get out of your mind.

Enjoy this great release while warming your hands at the chimney and get your personal catchy tune right away.

1. feathers
2. sticks and bows
3. hung sun
4. iron bark
5. woven on the wind
6. clung to the wreckage

More information:

[SSR067G] Emil Davydov – Outcome EP

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Artist: Emil Davydov
Release Nr.: SSR067G
Release Name: Outcome EP
Style: Techno, Rave, Tech-House


01. Reflection
02. Highway
03. Islands
04. Blockade
05. Mirage
06. Langsam


192 kbps mp3 Zip Package

320 kbps mp3 Zip package

More Infos Here: Super 6 Records Goodies

[Carmarage Records] Sascha Muller – Tribal Motion EP

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Artist: Sascha Müller
Release Nr.: 10011904
Lable: Carmarage Records
Release Name: Tribal Motion EP
Style: Techno, Tribal
Download Stores Worldwide


01. The Gimp
02. Blist
03. Therapie


Various – Dark Outsiders

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Various – Dark Outsiders

Lable: Manholding Venture


Inkl. Sascha Müller – All Fucked Up

Nico Dacido & Robin Hirte – Arachnoid (Original Mix)
Gymmy J, Daniele Crocenzi – Afrodite (Original Mix)
Aaron & Pascal – Trolls (Twinbeat Original Mix)
Antonio Santoro – Syncretic
Ilya Sp – Twiwer
Rudicarellgott – Aufgang (Original)
Ricciarelli – Non ! (Original Mix)
Eimmot – My Second Life (Mindblender Remix)
Roberto Di Dio – Roberto Di Dio – Cyber Sex (Original Mix)
Base 02 – Crushz (Original Mix)
Luciano Pardini – Bombastika (Vocal Mix)
sascha müller – All Fucked Up
Dani Dimitri – Awaked
Kernsprung – Grid (Original)
Edgar Rene – Paso De Tuerca Original
Irregular – My Beat
Oste – Calm Down (Ben Anders Remix)
Denny The Punk – Amphily (D-Force vs Denny The Punk Mix)
Chris Dannenberg – Primus Minimus (Original)
Anna Miranda – Hipernova (Fallhead Remix)
Paultronik – Salida Del Sol (Original Mix)
Mark Denken – Yeman (Original Mix)
Scoop Van Eden – Mare Chiba (Original)
Toni Feller – Om
Michi Muzik – Electric Breathing
Davidescu Andrei – Green Goblins
Ecco (Belgium) – Tribu (Original Mix)
Fabrizio Pettorelli, Daniele Sorrenti – Crupier (Marco Rigamonti Remix)
Lollo – Il Suo Cervello è Difettoso (Original Mix)
Lerio Corrado – Game Set
Maria Edesse – Insulin (Original Version)
Elektromove – Axido (Original Mix)
Mindhacke – Stealth
Oleg Z – Remember
Andrea Giuliani, Luca Rossetti – Highlighter (Original Mix)
Damien Zala & Lowkiss (Fr) – Sourire D’Avril (Original Mix)
Sebastian Ledher & Sebastian Massianello – Get Ready (Original Mix)
Sven Laakenstyk – Viper Four (Mix1)
Lorenzo Navarro – On And On (Original Mix)
Vincent Rio – Eses (Original Mix)
Lorenzo – El Solveleto (Original Mix)Kilohertz – Kilohertz – Endless


MNE 003 Julien Mier – Cobbles EP Exclusive on Beatport

Monday, December 28th, 2009

On 28-12-2009 we pull some Detroid-techno out of the bag and this future release on Mnemonic Records is hosted by

Julien Mier.

This young lad from the Netherlands is a real talent and we think, at Mnemonics, that he is a true aquisition to the electronic music-scene. You name it, he can produce it. From IDM to techno and everything in between; with a natural and experianced approach he can produce anything he can set his mind to and ontop of it all: make it sound good!

With several release’s on

1744 Recordings
(1 remix)

Rumpfunk Recordings
(1 remix)

(1 remix)

Paria Records
(2 remixes)

(1 remix)

Tolerant Recordings
(A Pebble for your thoughts EP)

Eclectic Youth
(Secret of the mill, Kynetica, Payback, Down the flowers and Over the hill
on compilations)

(Have courage funny thing EP)

Bump Foot
(Soon, close, maybe too far EP, Have courage funny thing EP)

(Have courage funny thing EP)

Public Spaces
(The nomad carried her home on vol. 10; “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”)

(Roadless EP)

(Natural Scarf EP)

(Over The Hill and Life In A Teacup on compilation)

and future release’s in the pipeline this is the man to watch out for in 2010!

On this occasion Julien treats us with two solid Detroid-techno tracks. Short stabs, deep pumping bass, a nasty beat with various twists and sounds are the main keywords for this “Cobbles EP”. We love it and by the time it goes out we know you wil enjoy it as much as we do!

This release wil be available on 28-12-2009 as Exclusive download on Beatport and its full release wil appear on Beatport, Trackitdown and Juno on 18-1-2010.

Get it HERE