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Archive for February, 2010

when we play live… Boytalk

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Welcome to the fourth part of the modularfield “when we play live…” series with Boytalk. The tow fellas are New World and Cheslo. Both have there home base at the Ortoloff record label based in Leipzig, Germany. The duo was founded back in 2008. They present a unique 52 minutes liveset with a wild mixture of electronic music based on house, techno electro and something in between. A combination of groove, at some parts deep and always a guarantee for a fresh time on the dancefloor. Check out the release page for the pre listening and download.

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[dbdf053] Jemset – ‘Circulation EP’

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Once again we present another healthy slice of dancefloor goodness from Jemset in the form of the Circulation EP. He’s been patiently waiting to drop another release here on DoBox, and we’re glad to say that now is the time. Four tracks of heady thump make up this great release, and best heard played through a large set of loudspeakers…loudly. So get those bits and pump it up!

Artwork by Steve Cooley

Vibrations & System
Magic’s Wand

Complete release in a .zip

[dbdf052] Keckclip – ‘NHT’

Friday, February 26th, 2010

‘NHT’ (Normal Heights Techno) is the latest episode of sonic ruckus brought to you this time by Keckclip. The San Diego-based producer is no newcomer to the game, and it shows in his music. All 4 tracks of this release are overflowing with chunky beats and dense textural elements that take your mind and body to another world. So put on your dancing shoes and zip up your spacesuit because it’s time to go!

Artwork by Steve Cooley


Complete release in a .zip

König Saatgut “Moog Air EP” [ART.031]

Friday, February 26th, 2010

artist: könig saatgut
style: house, deephouse

moog air
living for the city
drumz (m.telemann kidswanthouse rmx)


[intox075] Sascha Müller – The Dark Forces Of Nintendo EP

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Label: Intox Noize
Catalog#: intox075
Format: 4 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Germany
Released: 16 Feb 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Minimal



1 The Dark Force Of Nintendo I (4:27)
2 The Dark Force Of Nintendo II (4:23)
3 The Dark Force Of Nintendo III (3:44)
4 The Dark Force Of Nintendo IV (4:18)


[insub32]RELENTLESS metal workshop

Friday, February 26th, 2010

“in situ free sax drone”
sparks and metal hits melt with drone tones of the sax duo.

Sébastien Branche: saxophones & objects
Artur Vidal: saxophones & objects

download .zip: here.
release page: here.
INSUBORDINATIONS netlabel: here.

Recorded in July 09, during a residency on soundscape at CESTA (, in a metal workshop, Cerní Remeslníci (Tábor, Czech Republic), while two workers Ladislav svárec Procházka and Karel bruska Sychra, are at work as usual. The piece that comes from it is a 20 minutes testimony of our presence there.
We would like to thank Hilary Binder, Christopher Rankin, Georges Cremaschi, Ladislav svárec Procházka and Karel bruska Sychra.

Following a collaboration in the multidisciplinary improvisation-collective In Sit-U in 2003, the two saxophone players Artur Vidal and Sébastien Branche decided to examine together the different relations that could be found between the way they play music and the other forms of expressions involving instant-composition.

For the past few years, they have been looking into the relations between dancing, video and improvised music. /Relentless/ is, in a way, the sound layer that settled through these investigations.

Long tones, circular breathing, multiphonics, objects, are some recurring elements always renewed in a dialog between an idiom that settles through practice, and the necessity to improvise to create a music that takes into account each sound and each instant in its composition.

Various – Tribal Hardtechno Vol. 02

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Various – Tribal Hardtechno Vol. 02

Fiume Beat Records


orman bitch – frankfurt
bazz dee – night
hellnoizz – menthol (acid flux rmx)
sascha müller – the gimp
richie gee – back to the past
team 2m jr – crowd in the penalty area
albert kraner & psycho rex – destroy of madness
repeet vs bassbluster – hit this
orman bitch & royal ash – somebody like me
royal ash – all about records
stardust – disaster time
repeet – let’s talk about
rob stalker – psychopath
orman bitch vs. acid flux & dj flout – strange vibrations
wilcox – ga ga ga
malke – burn it down
clean up bros – street justice
demencio – nu style
dazdrapermaa – zekatavara
orman bitch – mexican sativa
sumstrain – toxic
dj hammond – man of word
pablo ramirez – strange
team 2m jr – water in the knee
killernoizes – boomstik
hardtrax – what the fuck
marek – holzschranz
hard j – horse power
pigo – engine
orman bitch – c64 stay in my heart
mechanical brothers – life from below
hellnoizz vs acid flux – we produce what we feel
the hardist – the product
dariush gee vs acid flux – spierdalaj kurwa
repeet – wildstyle moments
ark cave aka repeet – too much to say
diogo ramos – take that
psycho-rex and the hitman – we are on full
repeet vs bassbluster – take your chance
greg notill – audio lsd1
2m jr. – mills
lukas o vs matthew – keep smiling
krischmann & klingenberg – obstler friendship
kamaxo – free sound
royal ash – thats why im here


Four new releases on Panospria

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Click on the images below to be redirected to the corresponding release page on our website:


FSK1138: Ganzfeld State (ambient/electronic)


Souns: Circuits Channel Airs (field recording/sound art)


Nuthre: Hip Hip (noise/experimental)

Empty Love + Reflektionss

Empty Love + Reflektionss: E.R.G.I. (drone/experimental)

Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

Panospria logo

[ homepage | facebook | myspace | archive | youtube ]

Looking for tracks > new 2xCD mix by ALEX DOLBY & GARE MAT K

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Attention Producers, A&Rs, label managers and Record Labels:

ALEX DOLBY and GARE MAT K are compiling a new double CD mix for Master Series of Progrezo Records (physical/digital) entitled ‘PARALLELISM’, joining both music concepts and their DJ trajectories between Europe and America in a classy compilation CD mix.

If you are interested, they are now accepting submissions for potential inclusion of stomped, chunky, crisped, twisted and overwhelming tracks, considering genres from ambient and trip hop to house, minimal (house/techno), tech house, techno, electro and avant-garde progressive. The release date is scheduled for spring 2010.

On the below link you will find some of their DJ music style:


GARE MAT K (22th of January on DI.FM (Minimal Channel) 1200 listeners +

The tracks can to be signed or unsigned, preferable not released yet. Tracks released later to March 2010 will most likely. Exclusive tracks/remixes and well-up front tracks are specifically what they are looking for.

Please include the release date with any tracks you send and the label if it’s already signed. ONLY send full tracks, Clips will not be considered. The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2010.

Send your tracks as follows:

- Links from now to parallelism-cd[at] (LINKS only!)
- Write on the subject: PARALLELISM CD
- Send them through , or a secure FTP (DO NOT USE

The tracks most to be full length in MP3 192 kBps at least (WAV or AIFF)

- Be sure to put your name and email as follows: (artist_trackname_mix_email)
- Do not send SoundCloud links
- Do not send bootlegs or mashups

For detailed artist’s info, please check:

ALEX DOLBY [Riva Starr, GU, Hope, Connaisseur, Bedrock, City Lights, Sudbeat, Audio Therapy, Progrezo...]

If you wish to add Alex Dolby to your promo list, go on: alexdolby[at]

GARE MAT K [Red Light District, Kraft, Media Recs, Progrezo, Family Garden…]

If you wish to add Gare Mat K to your promo list, go on: promos[at]

1000 copies
Colombia + export
Best distribution places – music shops, biggest shopping centers etc.
CD packed on Jewel case
Digital exclusive on Beatport

CD Promotion:
1. Advertising and PR on popular magazines & webzines
CD tracklisting with tracks review and full info.
Ads – on different record label magazines (it can be tracks promo, web promo, other promo)
2. CD-R advertising campaign
PR articles with the track names, labels, most interesting work reviews on the biggest electronic music newspapers and web sites.
Strong media campaign for 2xCD mix
Radio promotion through the best recognized FM and Net radios of electronic music around the world.
Internet banners
Outdoor and indoor media campaign

About Progrezo Records:

Independent record label of electronic music established in Colombia since 2004, leader in South and Centre America.
Handles releases on vinyl, compilation CD’s and Digital Mp3.

Count with more than 100 producers around the world including names like the ones of Anthony Pappa, Pole Folder, Alex Young, Kazell, Erphun, Dubfunk, Federico Epis, Rhythm Code, Alex Dolby, Phunk Investigation, Aldrin, Gare Mat K, Terje Bakke, Nick Olivetti, Jose M, Ilya Malyuev, Lank, Da Groovemakers, Jeff Belfi, Slighter & Manik…

Its releases have been played and supported by Timo Maas, Sasha, John Digweed, Tom Craft, Spooky, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Tom Pooks, Aldrin, Alex Young, Andrea Roma, Hector Romero, Dibby Dougherty, Stu Hirst, Nick-K, Kasey Taylor, Flash Brothers, Kosmas Epsilon, Kazell, Dubfunk, Gare Mat K, Bs As Deep… among others.
Top 10 at Beatport’s Minimal Chart in 2009 and 2010
Top 10 at Beatport’s Techno Chart in 2009

Licensed by major record labels such as Global Underground.

Invited to be part of the SAMC (South American Music Conference).

Reviewed in different Mag/webzines such as the German PARTYSAN in 2008 and 2009 for the Ibiza’s summer.

Seen over 80 countries around the world, over 1’000,000 visits in 2009 and 8000 unique visitors per month coming from USA, Bulgaria, European Union, China, Colombia, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Thailand, Hong Kong, France, Taiwan, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Italy , Holland, Chile, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Russian, Malaysia, Israel, San Marino, Brazil, India, Venezuela, Switzerland, Jordan, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Austria, Romania, Poland, South Africa, Philippines , Indonesia, Ethiopia, Lithuania… and more. -

If you are not producing tracks, please forward this mail to your producer friends and labels. We will send out this mail twice. Thanks for your patience and for your attention. Anyway, sorry if its bothered you.

All compilation enquiries, please contact to Guillermo Rivadeneira on:
In case of some our artists is interested in any of your track(s) for compilation use, we will get back to you asap with a deal proposal.

Any questions you may have do not hesitate to let us know.
We hope to collaborate with you in this new project.

Best regards,

[alw035] de:pot # Like People Smoke Cigarettes EP

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Tobacco…for some of us it’s the only thing you can trust on, for other just an expression of lifestyle, a sign for coolness and relaxation. The main track of the EP picks up this topic and drills your ear with an irresistable vocalsample and a deep baseline.
Also with the other tracks, de:pot shows that kick is most wanted, just combined with his interesting experimental sounds and structures. He stays on his desire to make music not for the masses.

Tracks :
1 | The Way [05:20]
2 | Plastic Flowers [04:41]
3 | Tam 3 [05:02]
4 | Another New Planet [07:41]

download server1 zip
download server2 zip

release info