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Archive for April, 2010

ca374 – ZAUS / .E. – Mutilatus Mutuus

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Release Date: 2010-04-27
Keywords: psychedelic; experimental; electroacoustic; electronic
Artist: ZAUS / .E.
Title: Mutilatus Mutuus


01 – A Fix, a Clue, a Pointer – 4:10
02 – Lhasa – 9:36
03 – Zero Gravity – 6:45
04 – Something Wrong’s Happening – 6:50
05 – Something Wrong’s Happening (Shave the Planet Mix) – 7:10
06 – Zero Gravity (Hypodermic Fluctuation Mix) – 5:24
07 – Lhasa (Kinshasa Mix) – 3:27
08 – A Fix, a Clue, a Pointer (Concrete Clue Mix) – 8:08

After establishing their Austro-Italian connection in the Summer of 2009, Eve LaCroix (aka .E.) and Norbert Bieber (aka ZAUS) commenced working on another release for the Clinical Archives netlabel. The album features 2 original compositions of each artist and the mutually re-modeled versions of these tracks. Focussing on the synthesis between interaction and individual aesthetic expression, ‘Mutilatus Mutuus’ contains a vast and complex array of richly textured sounds and rhythms, varying constantly in dynamics and mood.


Eve LaCroix and Norbert Bieber are part of the collaborative music project T/M/K


[FNet010] ACL – Island of Pleasure

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Format: 12x MP3 320kbps
Release date: 26-Apr-2010
Genre: electronic
Styles: electronica, chillout, synthpop, melodic

Somewhere in another dimension there is an island. It doesn’t exist on any map, any ocean or any sea. You can’t get there with any boat, any ship or by plane… But you can find yourself there whenever you want to, and you don’t need any luggage, any money or any passport. All you have to do is close your eyes and use the power of your imagination. Just let the Music raise you closer to the clouds and be the source of positive associations. Let it take you to the island where there’s no fear, no pain and no tears. Let it take you to the Island of Pleasure.

Azotic Compounds Laboratory, in collaboration with Faturenet Recordings, proudly presents his eighth album – “Island Of Pleasure”.

Download from Faturenet
Direct download

[TOP15] Guanxi – Pixel (

Monday, April 26th, 2010 presents nice ambient album of DS1984 from South Korea, released under one of his most recent aliases Guanxi. Pixel leads you to a drifting, encompassing musical travel – you’re carried away with a lofty, almost spiritual grandeur of a spring morning hymns and fabled sweetness of meditative ringing bells, dissolved in a glitchy vibration. In contrast, you witness a swing of the cosmological pendulum, a never-ending story of a subtle and hidden beauty of environmental acoustic reiterations, charming and alerting at the same time. The extreme tenseness of seemingly relaxing compositions, the elastic bounciness of innermost subtle melodies makes the overall impression so sleepy, tidy and sedative yet intense and arousing at the same time – the unforgettable and so uncommonplace experience for an overflowed ambient stream of our musical landscape today.


Guanxi – Pixel

[LCLCB03] moolen – art of heartwork

Monday, April 26th, 2010


“For this new “Carte Blanche” from LCL netlabel, Moritz Beller aka Moolen take us by the hand for an emotional journey thru post-rock and electronica landscapes that seems at the same time odd and familiar.
The master of both multiple instruments and sound production by this artist allows him to deliver an ambitious yet intimist mini LP, briding ambient fields and saturated episodes.” (LCL – april 2010)

“Art of heartwork” was inspired by all the things i’ve heard, felt and listened to from 2008 – 2010.

It’s like you’re on a journey. You’re driving through a rough urban agglomeration by night, twisted sounds stretching upwards into the air, the flashing light of a street-lamp, the quiescence while you’re driving on a country road.
The laid-back atmosphere collides with distorted driving guitars – it all ends up in blaring shouts: “for us, for them, for you! ’cause we are for us, for them, for you”. (Moolen. – april  2010)



[TNR004] Nightnoise – I Can’t Sleep EP

Monday, April 26th, 2010


Style: Techno
Artist: Nightnoise
Release Name: I Can’t Sleep EP
Release Nr.: TNR004, SSRTECH004

01. Sleepless
02. Trancelation
03. Gate of Hallucinator
04. Sleepless (Dj Pablishhh! Remix)




Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Chad Golda

It seems fitting that the latest release by the multi talented Chad Golda follows the week after the latest from Robby Massey. Both of these artists have a vast repetoire when it comes to skillset, ideas, and sharing their work and thought process with the world.

Golda’s journey has been a delightul winding path, which took us from the earlier folk vibes of Ringo Star (later ***, and finally starstarstar), before emerging into the more experimental leanings of his solo efforts.

With Golda you don’t really know what to expect, his previous release was “Dance Session”, which lived up to it’s beat hungry suggestive title. This new release continues further down the path, and perhaps could be as far from “Dance Session” as you could expect.

This is described by Golda as, “Down tempo electronics meets acoustic soul music”, and the double album covers both ends of that spectrum in their entirety. There are inner notes along with the download which explain more, but once again this is another exciting trip with Golda leading the way.

Download album here
Rack & Ruin records

Chris Fortier ‘Despegue’ Remix Contest

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Chris Fortier Despegue Remix Contest

Create a remix for Chris Fortier from Brooklyn, New York City.
Win a release on Fade Records, also from Brooklyn.
Contest lasts from April 23 to July 23, 2010.


Vakama – April Promo mix

Friday, April 23rd, 2010


Deep dubby techno, ambient, deep house, 808 messing around, etc. … Promos, new and old tunes.

Tunes from Leftover, Nosaj Thing, M.Rahn, Gradient, Gideon, Fluxion, Chet, Replay, Le Cusine B.

For download/stream here

Room of Replica – I’m just a kid [QT RECORDS]

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

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Room of Replica showing that nothing is impossible in the creativity of sound explore. His continuously research and looking forward in experiment and establishment of new shapes of grooves allows to penetrate frontiers of the non yet explored musical roots and perform a leap in the dark. These tracks bundle definitely are combined with huge creativity and each singular carefully modulated instruments is very important for supporting the other so give a solid base for performance and listening. Each track shows wide rooms and has solid based where as hidden effect has his position and reason to exist as well as defined in the track in his function. He amalgamate this notes and different sounds as synthetic and organic to a unique broadness bind of musical expression.

Prelisteing on MySpace


QT RECORDS Facebook | []

[SSR076G] Voodoopriester – Anblasen

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Style: Techno, Electro
Artist: Voodoopriester
Release Name: Anblasen
Release Nr.: SSR076G




01. Anblasen (Original Mix)
02. Anblasen (Sascha Müller Break It Mix)


320 kbps mp3 Zip Package

OGG Zip Package

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