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[FbL003] Adam Williams & Leonardo Rosado – Take this longing

Monday, May 31st, 2010

The Art of Listening.

Communication is not only the art of talking. It also defines the art of listening. When it comes to music, a perfect arrangement is always like a perfect communication. Between the artist and his music. Between the bass and the drums. Between the head and the heart. And between the music and its listener.

Adam Williams and Leonardo Rosado aka Subterminal decided to communicate. And they chose the most conclusive language existing in this universe: They started a dialogue via their music using the tongue of the piano and electronics. And it turns out they’re great communicators, as they both know the art of listening.

Attracted to subtle and minimal arrangements, they develop the most interesting musical dialogue on their joint ep “Take This Longing”. While Williams usually holds the talk with cautious notes and chords, Rosado illustrates these fine contours with his discrete electronic sounds and field recordings. Both respond to one another, closely observing every musical move to be ready for the next answers and the right questions.

“Take This Longing” invites you to spy this dialogue. And you consequently take part in it – as listening is part of the art of communicating. Thomas L. Raukamp

[FbL003] Adam Williams & Leonardo Rosado – Take this longing


mastered by madSavVy Productions
photo by Hannah Richards
cover design by Leonardo Rosado

(cc) by nc nd 2010

[FbL002] Danny Spacecat – Moon Ghosts EP

Monday, May 31st, 2010

“FeedbackLoop Label presents ‘Danny Spacecat’ the experimental, ambient-psychedelic recordings by ‘The Runnies’ guitarist, Peter Adcock. ‘Moon Ghosts’ was recorded on and off in the months after a Close Encounter of the First Kind. A sighting in Tudweiliog, Wales, of mysterious bright objects which flickered and danced around the Moon. This ep is part of the ‘Moon Ghosts’ album which is 36+ minutes of music to prepare you for deep space travel, or ideal as background music when having sex with an alien.

This release marks a new turn for FeedbackLoop Label by welcoming new collaborators João Castro and madSavVy Productions and this first release of a series of free download eps”

danny spacecat - moon ghosts ep

[FbL002] Danny Spacecat – Moon Ghosts EP

mastered by madSavVy Productions

Leonardo Rosado

The Most Remarkable Album On This Entire Planet

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

The Most Remarkable Album On This Entire Planet

Paniq, a pretty well known member of the demo scene, is creating free electronica music for more then 10 years. Since a fews days he is collecting money for “The Most Remarkable Album On This Entire Planet“. The entire album will be created with free software and will be published including all sources and samples creative commons licensed. As usual Paniq chooses cc-by – the most generous license.

In order to create he most remarkable album, he will take a three month lasting sabatical. Therefor he needs to raise 6480€ funds. The more you donate, the more you will get in return. The range is from some good carma (less than 10€), a download link two month before the official release (more than 10€), a CD (more than 20€) up to beeing mentioned as exlusive producer (more than 4455€).

A (german) interview with Paniq can be found at

[AE035] Drugstore – Imminent Departure

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Available for free download in FLAC / mp3: Audioexit Records


1. Black Widow
2. Eden
3. Imminent Departure
4. Postapocalyps Pop – 12 Inch Nails (Drugstore rmx)

Drugstore Soundcloud:
Drugstore Myspace:
Audioexit Records:

[RRR180] T Bear – The Nature of the Bear

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

T Bear - The Nature of the Bear

T Bear kindly supplied his own personal thoughts on “The Nature of the Bear”, the long awaited follow up to last years “The Hibernation”.

“On this album, I really explored the ways in which I could use my voice, whether it be with harmonies, layering many voice tracks over each other, the use of autotune, or bending the pitch up or down after it was recorded. Often, lyrics were either improvised or written at the very end of the recording process. In other words, I definitely wrote the lyrics around the song, as opposed to the song around the lyrics. As far as the instruments go, I borrowed a bass guitar from a friend, and there is the occasional electric guitar, but I still primarily use synthesizers for my melodies, as well as distorted, pitch bent acoustic guitar loops.

Yes, my sound is still all over the place. There are some cheesy synth pop moments, occasional Animal Collective-like screaming, slow and spacey ambient tracks, and even a hint of French! Nevertheless, I feel that I have delivered a cleaner, more detailed, and more focused product this time around.”

We can only echo most of what has been said above, although despite the uncertainty in his final paragraph, this is a dynamic and enjoyable voyage though T Bear’s expressive and fun soundscapes.

Download album
Rack & Ruin records

[SOSLP006] M.S.L. Project – Lucky Youth

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Release date: 28.05.2010
Genre: Alternative Techno

Title: Lucky Youth
Artist: M.S.L. Project

Photo and Artwork: M.S.L. Project and Piergiorgio Flamini

Special Thanks to: Fabrizio Produkkt and Nezoomie for the mastering

The best way to describe this album is to start saying what it is not. It’s not Techno, it’s not Electronic, it’s neither a Stratocaster nor a Stradivari, it’s not a pasta with, but not even a pasta without sauce, with certainty it’s neither God nor Buddha nor Hitler and for sure not Pope Wojtyla, it’s not Tom Cruise but also not Shakespeare and, please, let it never be Rafaella Carrà. It’s neither right wing nor left wing, doesn’t come from the south nor from the north, may be slightly from east, but for sure not from the west. In summa, it’s not your mummy that wakes you up with morning light nor the triple sandwich with ham you eat around the corner after school. It is simply a story of how I managed to write these lines finishing my last bag of Cheese Haze. So sit down on the couch, turn the lights out, and let the show begin, as this a comedy of life and art and you are its watchers! Enjoy the beat.

1. Once upon a time
2. Le Grand Tour
3. July 16
4. Music Saved my Life
5. What the Bass thinks

Download: [SOSLP006] M.S.L. Project- Lucky Youth

Links: M.S.L. Project| Sostanze Records | MySpace | SoundCloud | YouTube | Facebook

Demo are always welcome!

[QT013] S.M.E.R.T. – Carols Bells

Friday, May 28th, 2010


A further step in music evolution. Classical implementation of tunes in a deeply underground movement. Synthetic grooves and organic shots. S.M.E.R.T. proves again the infinite way of assembling tracks with modulations and filters. Carols Bells release includes Dr. Motte’s performance as usual with great impact on dance floors. Andrea Bertolini performs his rhythmic and deliver one of his best works done. To fill up the line, John Curtis presents his own way of feel and translate the music in a more minimalistic key contrasting to DJ Geronimo’s uplifting tune. In all a great release.

Get your favourite QT RECORDS tunes on Beatport: Here

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Prelisteing on MySpace

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[AUDCST021] MetanoiaX – Wall & Sky Part 1

Friday, May 28th, 2010

MetanoiaX brings us the first installment of a two part release entitled Wall & Sky. The release was inspired by a trip to Lisbon last spring and represents the bringing together of two elements. The grand walls and historical stories they tell, and the clear blue sky with it’s spirit and mood enhancing properties. This first installment represents the sky with more atmospheric, smooth & hypnotic sounds, Enjoy!

MetanoiaX – Wall & Sky Part 1

1. Same Procedure As  (4:30)
2. These Days  (4:51)
3. Border Line  (5:12)
4. Process  (3:32)
5. Taste  (4:44)
6. Glasshaus (5:49)

Mininova Torrent


Music: MetanoiaX
Artwork: Yosh & Boe

More from Audiocast Productions Electronic Music Netlabel

[op3n038] In Vitro – Casa del viento

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Piensa en el viento deslizándose entre las hojas de los árboles de un bosque. Imagínate caminando entre esos árboles, imagínate sentirte como uno de ellos. Imagínate siendo la ‘Casa del viento’.

Listen and download as 320mp3


[ARMAB020B] VA – Magnetar 1E 1048

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Matsura / Concrete DJz / Tony Silver / Oldiendo / Lag & Mika Technika

01 Matsura – Audioslave
02 Concrete DJz – Sonda
03 Tony Silver – Restarting
04 Oldiendo – Landing
05 Lag & Mika Technika – Drvo

Diverse Techno release with 5 tracks.

Pre Listen:
AR SoundCloud

AR Bandcamp

AR Bonus MySpace
Armatura Rec. MySpace
Armatura Rec. Site