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Archive for June, 2010

UMEK ‘Revolution @ Space’ Co-production Contest

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Carl Cox @ Space Ibiza

Upload your best Techno track for UMEK from Slovenia.
Win a Co-production on UMEK’s label [1605].
Contest lasts from June 30 to September 29, 2010.


[AUDCST028] Zanex Dissociation – Digital Void

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Zanex Dissociation - Digital Void

Zanex Dissociation brings us his first release in over 6 months which features 6 tracks of Acid Breakbeat madness.

Special thanks to eXponent for his winning remix of Return To The Sun, as a thank you to him we have included his remix on this release.

‘Music Wants To Be Free’ – Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the Zanex Dissociation MySpace –

Track list:
1. The Rhythm (2:45)
2. Check This Out (4:00)
3. In A Dream (2:57)
4. Return To The Moon (2:42)
5. Tree Niner (3:22)
6. Return To The Sun {eXponent Midnight Sun Mix} (8:08)

Mininova Torrent


Original Release Page:….-digital-void/

A blog about Cologne!

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Cologne Blog
Brand new blog about the City of Cologne. Sharing news about the everyday live, music, the small things. Come and see for yourself: or at facebook.

[proc388] Sascha Müller – Zweireihen

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
Artist: Sascha Müller
Album: Zweireihen
Cat#: [proc388]
Year: 2010
Bitrate: 320kbps,MP3

01. Mars Attacks
02. Black

The past two years or so have seen a large amount of albums from Sascha Müller, most of which have been DJ-appropriate in almost any occasion and have been a total of two, sometimes three (the third track was usually a remix) tracks which revolved around a particular theme. More often than not, this theme was packing a dancefloor full of people and watching their bodies move to the voluptuous kicks, snares, and high hats.

Sascha’s music always delivers premium quality sound, and with proc-rec, that is precisely what I hope to achieve.

The album opens with a track that takes a little while to build up completely, although the final product is well worth the wait simply because he transforms a simple techno beat into something much more profound and meaningful. layering sharp-edged crispy basslines and even sharper lead synths over the beat, he moves the track in the proper direction.

The first track ends abruptly and moves us right into the second piece, which takes off very quickly and maintaines the speed and level throughout. Black is my personal favorite track on the album, and is also one of the best tracks ive witnessed from Sascha in a long time. It seems to go back to the roots of the early days of DJ techno and what better person to do that than Sascha Müller!!!!

As always, this release is a must-have from proc AND sascha (the man who needs no introduction whatsoever!!!).


Harvey McKay – Shift EP

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Harvey McKay - SHIFT ep, out now on Soma

After the massive success of the Nightwalker EP, Harvey McKay returns to Soma with his latest release, Shift.

Harvey firmly cements his trademark sound in this release with two original tracks and a crafty remix of the title track by Rich Jones.

The back bone of Shift is made up of a driving kick and sub-bass combo. This is present throughout the track as the subtle samples and minimalistic and old-skool sounding synths build around it. The bassline grows deeper as the track progresses through the gears, with enough growl to rumble the guts of any seasoned clubber.

The Rich Jones remix works on a thoroughly grooving beat, with hefty bass and shuffling percussive rhythms working in tandem. There is a slightly acidic squelch in Rich’s remix – filtering up slowly and encouraging tension. This remix covers both the menacing and the playful in equal measures.

After Hours adopts a more melodic approach. Some quality chords played on the synths gives this track its soul while the beats and percussion allow it to hold its own on the dance-floor.

Shift builds on the precedent set by Nightwalker and is a true reflection of Harvey’s style.

[AE036] Tom SPL – Scorpion Walking

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Tom SPL - Scorpion Walking

Tom SPL is one of the young producers and djs who determine the next phase of Hungarian underground techno faces grown by Fuerzamusic and Audioexit. Scorpion Walking is his first own EP at Audioexit. We get 5 remixes with the original track. Dry and prickly is the original. The remixes vary. Dark Quality tries to move back to the 90′s but we feel ourselves rather in the present while we are listening. Retro feeling comes more likely from K&A. Different point of view from Pablo Bosio – Argentinian rocks with offbeat. The lightest remix is made by RUA, but do not think that this smooth piece is less hard than the others. It is just more friendly to the ears. Wildcrush closes with scientific croaking. It is a worthy opening of this sweaty summer.

Audioexit Records | Download

[CZR017] Bulbajar – Tussin A Parafin

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Style: Dubstep, Breaks
Artist: Bulbajar
Release Name: Tussin A Parafin
Release Nr.: CZR017

Bulbajar - Tussin A Parafin

01. Tussin A Parafin (Original Mix)
02. Tussin A Parafin (Sascha Müller Remix)



Friday, June 25th, 2010

Release on: 25/06/2010
Genre: electro, fidget, breakbeat
Artist: IlKobra, Flux, Nezoomie, Innyu, Bebop
Title: Dont believe the hype

Photo and Artwork: Luca Mascioli
Don't Believe the Hype


Are you ready for the holidays? don’t forget to put on your ipod this compilation, it will be the perfect soundtrack for your best summer experiences.
The electro music (and others) contained in this LP is a time bomb, then, be carefull!
Handle carefully and store in a dry place.
To fully understand this music buy a switcher and dowload some works by DJ Switch.
Anywhere in the world you are, take it to a trusted DJ!
Artists like Cybotron or Don Rimini will became just a nice memory for him.Read the instructions before the use:
Breakbeat and Fidget music contained into this album must be accompained by a medical authorization.
Get ready to sweat.

1. Fidget_Kaos – Bebop
2. For The Hell Of It – Innyu
3. Mr Disco – Nezoomie
4. Sound Ministry – Flux
5. Tractor Pusher – IlKobra

Links: Sostanze Records | MySpace | SoundCloud | YouTube | Facebook

Demo are always welcome!

[PCR068] Mister Jay – JerkTown EP

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Style: Downbeat, Breaks
Artist: Mister Jay
Release Name: JerkTown EP
Release Nr.: PCR068


Mister Jay - JerkTown EP

01. JerkTown
02. Sally


[SSR081G] Binaural Beats Project – Sysprep-Reboot

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Style: Detroit Techno
Artist: Binaural Beats Project
Release Name: Sysprep-Reboot
Release Nr.: SSR081G


Binaural Beats Project - Sysprep-Reboot

01. Arr Future
02. Twin Aph
03. Bubble Bobble
04. Basis
05. Tze Tze
06. Nexus
07. Orchit Racers
08. Goaaahh
09. Paladin