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[QT014] Polium – On My Way

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Polium – On My Way

QT RECORD’s new aqruirement “Polium” starts his season on the label with an organic and flatted tune with a flurry of filtered deep space synthesiizers. Immersed in the mix, a very calm baseline occasional stops and start the hypnotic groove. Tune has a monotone ongoing winth an alternate between the darker bass/snare driven sections and the flat longoing lead seqeunce while the breacks drop in and out to great effect.

Another supports includes the Room of Replica remix, which get out and build in the relevant intrumentals parts of the original. Fly O Tech’s rythimc is a kind of trademark for tunes. Daniel L.’s support is against any other mainstream movement a contrast with his backrooted techno groove bass section that pumps up the pressure and rolling snares, rounding off another top drawer collection in style.

Artist: Polium
Title: On My Way

On my way (Original)
On my way (S.M.E.R.T. Remix)
On my way (Room of Replica Remix)
On my way (Daniel L. Remix)
On my way (Fly O Tech Remix)

Catalog#: QT014
Distribution: in all best stores
Format: wav, mp3
Digital Release Date: May 18th,2010

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QT RECORDS is supported by international TOP artists as:
Dubfire | Richie Hawtin | Noel Sanger | Henry Saiz | Audiojack | Afrilounge | Alexi Delano | Daniele Papini | Stereo K | Andro + Dimit | Intrallazzi Aka the Cube Guys | Nihil Young | DJ Ralf | Jon Sa Trinxa | Pierre Deutschmann | Click Click | and many more …

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[ESE002] Dannidat – Pakki EP

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Released: 24.06.2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House/Tech-House

Label: Esemtrax
Catalog#: ESE002
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Romania

Dannidat - Pakki EP

1. Quote 1 (Original Mix)
2. Soon (Original Mix)
3. Watch You (Original Mix)
4. If She (Original Mix)
5. Moss (Original Mix)

Big with: Ramon Tapia, Coyu, Someone Else, Horatio (VIVa Music), Dirty Culture (Affin/Neurotraxx), Anton Sever aka Outstrip, Dean Facer (Moonbeam Tribal), Johzy K aka Riccio, River’N'Sea, LCaise (Tanztone) and many more!

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Dannidat @ MySpace

Slam – Monopod 009.2

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

New monopod mix from Slam [Soma] available here for download or streaming.

This was recorded in Glasgow, and is the second hour of a 4 hour set at Their own Return To Mono Clubnight.

Deep house & Techno, we hope you enjoy!



[ASTOR014] VA – Astor Bell Anniversary 1

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Keywords: minimal; techno; electro; tech house; idm; ambient;

Astor Bell Anniversary 1 cover art

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Astor Bell Anniversary 1
Cat. No: ASTOR014
Date: 2010-06-22
Label: Astor Bell

1. Giuseppe – Back in Dark (B.A.X. Remix)
2. Socket Science – Sidewinding (Giuseppe rmx)
3. Bubble Shield – Speculation (Fenderchet Remix)
4. Wunderblock – Act1 (Examine Remix)
5. Fabrizio Cacciamali – Kobalt Trees (Beyondbeyond Retouch)
6. Fenderchet – Feelings and Thoughts (Lost in Thought Mix by Karma Influx)
7. Bubble Shield – Speculation (Bright Lights Remix feat. Mike Downey)
8. Donny Karson – Def Leppard (Socket Science Remix)
9. Guiseppe – Back in Dark (Damolh33 Remix)
10. Bubble Shield – Speculation (Alfadeo Remix)
11. Dan Brasco – For the Rich (Bubble Shield Remix)

In February 2009 we pushed the big green GO button and publicly launched Astor Bell. During the first year we released 12 titles, all very near and dear to our hearts.

We wanted to mark our first anniversary with something really special and memorable. After kicking around a pile of ideas on what that might be we decided on loosening our grip and opening the gates into the Astor Bell brain.

The sum of our contributing artist’s work is greater than the label name we put on it. And it is surely greater than two 30-somethings sitting behind computers making the files available to you. The broken beats, the down-sampled waves, the backwards bass and the organic subway samples accumulate like a snowball rolling down a ski slope into complete pieces of audio that dig themselves into the deeper parts of our being.

Our artists backtracked into their harddrives and extracted these singular moments and scattered them over the floor.

We asked you to put the pieces back together, and you did.

We received submissions reaching to all corners of the globe. We hand picked the absolute best. Please know that it was NOT an easy task. We thank you for all of your submissions.

Anniversary 1 : Astor Bell Remixes. Mission completed.

Download site:


Astor Bell color line

VA – Underground Most Wanted Vol. 05

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Underground Most Wanted Vol. 05

virgil enzinger – subconscious
min, mal – push (meskal’ s pusher remix)
brad holland – release me – dennis christopher mix
sam farsio – shemshak (dole & kom remix)
akin & nomis – abibi (mustafa can’ s habibi remix)
sascha müller – return in
holger brauns & der mo – rapauke
rod debyser – d.y.f. (etienne remix)
armando d’estate & steve saunders – get amplified (robin hirte remix)
dj earthian – nibbled (animaltek remix)
nico dacido & ruben sky – upload (fallhead remix)
squoid – voodoo palace pierre deutschmann remix
alex jann – lessons (monico remix)
richard spark & mrg – dunja (markanera remake)
lucas reyes feat majuri – the sense of life (alan lockwood & cristian exploited)
sam farsio – shemshak (paul hamilton remix)
lorenzo navarro – free your body (victor del guio rmx)
lucas reyes feat majuri – the sense of life (markus binapfl aka big world remix)
miss funky – nightflight (welf maass remix)
tina valen – colors (terry lee brown junior main mix)
smilla – radium (original mix)
brad holland – release me – michael russell mix
hank bros – hairs up (knut herbst remix)
joan barto – last night (original)
psytox – margie killed ray van mechelen (kretipleti remix)
hector couto – coco loco (worthy remix)
bio c – what happens when life breaks down (oleg flame remix)
david del olmo and outcode – hey brother
gaby freeman – lemon juice (original mix)
stereoliner – monograph (baldachi plácido & paella remix)
romanto – burning (vox mix)
emtex & nafeo – herbal steam (manuel turobin remix)
whim-ee – smile darling (manou de jean remix)
akin & nomis – alegria granja (original mix)
chube.ka – egyptian wedding (original mix)
laura auer – toolfunk010-1
minusfreund – fear
welf maass – steiger (knut herbst remix)
lamarque – pretty fnord (vinyl version)
ben quarman – just leave it (euro mix)
eimmot – open
plácido & paella – bouncy day (original mix)
cortechs – cologne (original mix)
johannes teichmann – my mind
flotek & mario kinle – mystic born


[RB084] Mensa – Braid Heritage

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Mensa - Braid Heritage

After his “Nordic Recordings” and “Southern Recordings” Edu Comelles aka Mensa returns to Resting Bell with a new two-track-EP. Besides his work as composer and sound designer Edu also runs the fantastic Audiotalaia-netlabel.

Both tracks on “Braid Heritage” are alternate (extended) versions of compositions originally released on the album “Moorland” via Test Tube. The work is strongly related to Edu’s recent sound project “Walking Composition”, a great concept between technology and nature. The general sound is shifting between deep droning elements and more rhythmical glitches and bleeps, layered on top of each other and beautifully woven together.

All recordings done in Edinburgh’s Heritage of Braid between June and August 2009. This album is a live recording using Walking Compositions Material. Edited and mastered in Valencia, Spain.

Special thanks to: Martin Parker, Andrew Spitz and Chris Bathgate who encouraged me to stay on the forest.

1. Blackford Hill (extended)
2. Hermitage Of Braid (slow version)


[AUDCST026] Marc Bestgen – Playa Del Las Americas

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Marc Bestgen - Playa Del Las Americas

Playa Del Las Americas is a resort near the southern tip of Tenerife, a place that Marc enjoys to visit with friends, to swim and enjoy the sun, this track is a tribute to his friends and the good times they’ve had and are going to have.

It is also a clear reference to Copacabana’s way of life, the beach promenade, beautiful people wearing sunglasses and relaxing, beach-volley ball players and smiles all around under the Spanish sun.

1. Playa Del Las Americas (3:54)

Mininova Torrent


Original Release Page:

[BP061] Hardstroke – Zwicky Catalog

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Date of release: 15 Jun, 2010
Styles: Chiptune, Electronica, Modern Pop

Artist: Hardstroke
Title: Zwicky Catalog

Cat#: BP061
Format: 5 x File, MP3, 320 kbps

Hardstroke - Zwicky Catalog

Track list:
01 – Herbig-Haro (3:58)
02 – Milky way Galaxy (1:43)
03 – Pholus (3:15)
04 – Tail of the comets (1:40)
05 – Uhuru (3:01)

Release notes:
Hardstroke is a one-man band by Simon Johansson, based in Sweden. Started as a grunge band, and ended in a big mess of different genres. Zwicky Catalog is Hardstroke’s second release for Bypass, it’s all about passions for life, rhythms, and love of Swedish chiptunes influenced electronic music.


Release pages:

Bypass Netlabel | Internet Archive | Sonicsquirrel | | LegalTorrents | Dogmazic

[ESE001] M.T.C & Esemdi – Song for Us

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Released: 10.06.2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House/Tech-House/Chillout

Label: Esemtrax
Catalog#: ESE001
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Romania

1. Song for Us (Original Mix)
2. It Wasn’t True (Original Mix)

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M.T.C @ MySpace

Esemdi @ MySpace

[gargan046] Phantoms Of Paradise – Brainstorm EP

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Phantoms Of Paradise - Brainstorm EP

The Phantoms Of Paradise

…are two women, who living the music. Their sound is loaded with a lot of energy, also remarkably relaxed and produces with organic elements of techno and house beats and quirky driving his magical suction. Delicate sound atmospheres and an almost dreamwalking interaction between the two musicians make the hardware live act to an unique event.

…sind 2 Frauen, die Musik leben. Ihr Sound ist höchst energiehaltig, gleichzeitig erstaunlich relaxt und gewinnt aus sparsamen, dafür aber umso organischeren Techno- und Houseelementen sowie treibenden knarzigen Beats seinen magischen Sog. Filigrane Klangatmosphären und eine geradezu traumwandlerische Interaktion zwischen den beiden Musikerinnen machen den Hardware- Live-Act zu einem einmaligen Erlebnis.
(Zitat aus der Zeitschrift Sound & Recording, Rubrik: Freaks@home 07/2009)

Artist: The Phantoms Of Paradise
Title: Brainstorm EP
Genre: Techno / Minimal / Electro
Label: Garganrecords
Cat.# No: [gargan046]
Format: mp3, 192 kbps

01. Brainstorm
02. Gangstar
03. Knospenrock
04. Dreabe

Preview (m3u)
Download (ZIP)