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[RRR186] Laika’s Child – The Great Sacremento Fire

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Laika's Child - The Great Sacremento Fire

The bad news first, this Ep is most likely going to be the last solo effort of Laika’s Child, as London has joined forces with Californian shoegazers “Life in 24 frames” as their new keyboardist.

Now onto the better news. “The Great Sacremento Fire”, shows a real blend of where Laika’s Child have gone in the past couple of years. London was aiming for a more ‘grown up sound’, and it is a joy that this growing experience can be shared by us all.

One thing Laika’s Child aren’t, and now perhaps never will be, is a “singles band”, when trying to choose a track which showcases the new EP it was not an easy task. All five tracks have real beauty within, but the true beauty lies when listening to them in order – tracks merge, grow, and build in memorable ways.

If this is indeed Laika’s Childs final farewell, then I’m sure in will leave London will be no regrets.

Download EP
Rack & Ruin records

[NS013] Cocolixe – Futuro

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Cocolixe - Futuro

Perfect electro-pop for a bright hot day. Enter Barcelona-based producer Cocolixe with the Futuro EP. This short four song EP is full of summery sounds and chilled dance beats. A lot of Cocolixe’s creative inspiration is drawn 60′s & 70′s music and film. Often in the Futuro EP does the music evoke that similar washed out photo and sound feeling as when listening to early AIR or Blue States. Enjoy your summer. Stay cool, stay hot.

No-Source Netlabel

01) A Day of Happiness
02) Semplicissimo
03) Lift Your Eyes
04) 60′s French Pop



Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Release Date: 31.07.2010
Style: Minimal

2 Tech House Tracks from DAMOLH33 & ABNORMAL (Slovakia)

Labelside: Tonkultur Berlin Netlabel



Tracks single download:

1. Normal
2. Phorter

This work is licensed under Creative Commons-Lizenz

[DREX001] Yuuki Hori – Fragile EP

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Yuuki Hori - Fragile EP

Diametral Records comes up with the digital Sublabel „Diametral Express” and its focusing on deep and dubby techno sounds. The aim is to support young national and international artists in electronic music.

The first release is produced by “Yuuki Hori” an interesting Newcomer from Japan who has already released on different  labels such as Cupido, Ipologica or Redflux. The “Fragile EP” represents three different interpretations of Yuukis musical experience of the passed years.

The first track “Fragile” is a more technoid one with some really fine arranged loops, interessting percussions and versatile deep synth-sounds including a great summer spirit.

“Eclipse” takes part in very deep sounds, maybe some people would say its minimal, but it isn’t! A compostion of a playful bassline and deep soundscapes with a nice detroit-flavour. You have to decide if its wet or dry, but for sure its the right one for every afterhour.

The last track is called “the other side of mine” and shows Yuukis passion for ambient sounds, deep basses and broken beats. A very chilling and hypnotising track reflecting the artists whole spectrum.

As small bonus DR provides you a nice ambient-intro “Rain” done by Delusion!

01 Fragile
02 Eclipse
03 The other side of Mine
04 BONUS: Delusion – Rain


Rainer von Vielen ‘Asche zu Asche’ Remix Contest

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Rainer von Vielen 'Asche zu Asche' Remix Contest

Create a remix for Rainer von Vielen from Kempten, Germany.
Win a release on Motor Music from Berlin.
Contest lasts from July 23 to October 22, 2010.


[TRANZ031] Holocaos- Binary Songs

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Holocaos- Binary Songs

Artist: Holocaos
Release Title: Binary Songs
Cat#: TRANZ031
Release Date: 16 July, 2010
Format: Mp3/ 320kbps/ 44.100 MHZ more Wave (16Bits)
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Experimental, IDM
Time: 51:40
Size: 123MB

01. Micro (06:18)
02. Inself Jam (04:31)
03. Inadustyroad (09:28)
04. Caracois (06:05)
05. Fixacao (08:23)
06. Bidimensional(Holocaos + Bmind) (07:55)
07. The Mistery Cab (09:00)

Download (zip)

Page of Release

Audioglider new single ‘Freekflame’

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Audioglider – Freekflame. OUT NOW.

Audioglider, a good old friend of FOEM, returns this week with his brand new single Freekflame, an atmospheric piece of pure technical magic, beautiful and thoughtful downtempo at it’s best.

Digital single out now on Exceptional Blue, available now from Beatport and iTunes

Audioglider's Myspace

Sign up here for your free download of the superb track Shards.

1. Freekflame (Summer Freek Mix)
2. Freekflame (Cid Inc Remix)
3. The Spirit (Audioglider vs Infinite Groove)

Freekflame (Space Disco Remix) conjures musical images of a night out in the urban jungle. A simple but effective four to the floor beat, decorated with subtle blips and electronic buzzings starts the piece, soon accompanied by floating watery pads which bubble up from underneath, lifting your head to the night sky. This isn´t so much shoegazing as stargazing as Audioglider demonstrates his technical mastery and unerring ability to tell a beautiful, scenic and wordless story.

Remix number one comes from Cid Inc, otherwise known as Henri Hurtig, who was named one of Beatport’s best progressive house artists of 2009. Fusing progressive and tech house with elements from other styles he has enjoyed releases through many well-known labels such as Inkfish, TrivalVision, Global Underground and Bedrock, as well as completing remixes for the likes of John Digweed, Pole Folder, Mason and D-Nox & Beckers. His reworking of Freekflame blows apart Audioglider subtlety and lets rip a euphoric, trance-influenced masterpiece.

After the peak set uplift of the Cid inc remix we thought you might be getting a little too excited so let Audioglider and Inifinite Groove gently lull you into a true sense of security. This is a collaboration with Istanbul’s Ozlenen Onal (aka Infinite Groove) who excels in glitchy IDM breaks, futuristic ambient soundscapes and synthetic-organic sound blends. Fans of Jon Hopkins, Ulrich Schnauss and Tom Middleton will appreciate the majesty and sheer beauty of this piece.

More on this at Audioglider’s Facebook

Have a listen to the Space Disco Mix right here:
EXCEPTIONAL BLUE – AUDIOGLIDER – Freekflame (Space Disco Remix) by exceptionalrecords

[RB086] Oskar Hallbert – Doodling

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

RB086 - Oskar Hallbert - doodling

Oskar Hallbert is a Swedish composer who makes minimal music; tranquil melodies, documentary field recordings and the warm hiss you get from old microphones, casette tapes and an out of date mp3-player. You might know him from his former online releases on Zymogen or Rain Music. He has also released physical albums on small underground lables around the world, most recent on U.K. based Heat death.

The EP “doodling” consists of 5 tracks and is 12 minutes and 12 seconds long. All songs are like little folk-miniatures for instance containing simple guitar-figures, a toy keyboard and field recordings. The feeling of the EP reminds me of old photographs found in the attic, with buckled corners, covered with dust, and with faded colouration. They are like pieces of frozen time, they tell a fraction of a story.

1. moving
2. raining
3. commuting
4. doodling
5. waiting

More information

[brhnet11] Horiso – View

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

horiso - view

[brhnet11] horiso – view

Another great album from horiso offered to you by Breathe. Here, you can find complex music related with magnificent snowy landscapes. Sophisticated arrangements and rich textures with a touch of dense silence.


Breathe Compilations, Mexico. 2010.

[FbL005] I’ve Lost – Dissociative Fugue

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

I've Lost - Dissociative Fugue


I’ve Lost makes music for serious listening, and not merely background or ambience. This music takes you places where you need to go. It explores the heart of Inner Space. It will make you think. Bob Martin

Listen / Download here: [FbL005] i’ve lost – dissociative fugue

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