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Archive for September, 2010

[RRR190] Rhino Magic – Get Going

Monday, September 20th, 2010

[RRR190] Rhino Magic - Get Going

Spare bedrooms have been a staple ingredient to Rack & Ruin’s recent history, and Rhino Magic’s debut EP “Get Going”, has roots firmly stemming from this particular location. Recorded in quick fashion, this EP naturally came together in breakneck speed – with all songs being written and recorded in one session, (except Me and You, whose chord progression took that little bit longer!)

Musically this is familiar Rack & Ruin territory, hazy, lo-fi, blissful vibes reminiscent of the likes of Lean Horse Marathon at times – songs start slow, build, build, explode. Whilst I’m in labelmate namedropping mode, it would also not be right to not mention Dublin Duck Dispensary, Rhino Magic’s wonderful penultimate track “After The Tornado” is something that I’m sure even Bobby Aherne would be proud of!

Already there is a bit of a buzz about this release – a physical remastered version will be coming in his native Ireland shortly, and so it is a great pleasure to be able to give you an early chance to hear what the talk is about!

Download EP
Rack & Ruin records

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Carl Cox @ Space Ibiza

Create a remix for Jon Rundell from London, UK.
Win a release on Carl Cox’s label Intec.
Contest lasts from September 19 to December 18, 2010.


Green Velvet 'Revolution @ Space' Remix Contest

[SOSEP012] Innyu – Anatomy

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Innyu - Anatomy

Artist: Innyu
Title: Anatomy EP
Genre: Electro, House
Release on: 17/09/2010

1. Anatomy
2. Stranger Searching
3. When It Burns
4. That New House Shit

The fifth release from Innyu and the twelfth release from Sostanze Records the Anatomy EP takes flight as his second release on the label and we invite you all to download the entire album free to enjoy. The tracks included are the top three singles released by Innyu since the “In Motion” album release along with the instrumental version of a brand new track, Anatomy. Please make sure to download a copy on Friday, Sept 17th as dance music crosses the Atlantic, US to Italy for the release.

Download: [SOSEP012] Innyu – Anatomy

Links to Innyu: Facebook | SoundCloud

Links: Sostanze Records | MySpace | SoundCloud | YouTube | Facebook

Demo are always welcome!

[dystopiaq008] Azotic Compounds Laboratory – Eclipse

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Azotic Compounds Laboratory - Eclipse

Artist: Azotic Compounds Laboratory
Title: Eclipse
Release: dystopiaq008
Date: September 15, 2010
Genres: Ambient, Chillout, Synthpop

01. Ms Sun Meets Mr Moon
02. Eclipse
03. Don’t Stop, Don’t Go
04. Midnight
05. Shadow Dancing (feat. DMEW)
06. After Party
07. Dystopia
08. Labirynths (feat. Cztery Pe)
09. Or Else What?
10. London Awaits
11. This Place (feat. Cztery Pe)
12. Oceanblue

All tracks written by Sebastian Dudko.
Except track 5: written by David Wells.
Except track 8: written by Pawel Kozlowski and Karol Szych.
Except track 11: written by Pawel Kozlowski and Tomasz Olczak.

Creative Commons License
Eclipse by Azotic Compounds Laboratory is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

vierwändekunst-Festival Düsseldorf

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

8. bis 16. Oktober | Im Herbst 2007 fand in Düsseldorf erstmalig das vierwändekunst-Festival statt. Projektgalerien, Off-Räume und Kulturvereine nahmen daran teil und präsentierten über das gesamte Stadtgebiet verteilt Ausstellungen, Performances und Konzerte. In diesem Jahr folgt nun die Fortsetzung.

Am 8. Oktober gehts es mit der Vernissage der Ausstellung “Unter dem Radar” auf dem Con-Sum-Gelände los. Von da an geht es Schlag auf Schlag weiter.

Am 9. Oktober folgt am gleichen Ort ein Symposium, am 13. Oktober ist Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Reck mit einer Lecture in Düsseldorf zu Gast.

Am zweiten Festivalwochenende vom 14. bis zum 16. Oktober geht es dann in den Parcours, dem Herzstück und Highlight des Festivals. In Stadtteilen zusammengefasst zeigen die teilnehmenden Räume an drei Abenden ihr Programm.

Dabei ist auch dieses Mal selbst für eingeweihte Kenner der lebendigen Szenen noch einiges Neues zu entdecken dabei. Versprochen! Ein guter Anlass also, zu sehen was die Kollegen treiben, und was sich in Düsseldorf noch so abseits der Museen und etablierten Galerien tut.

8. Oktober 2010: Eröffnung der begleitenden Ausstellung “Unter dem Radar” | Con-Sum-Gelände
9. Oktober 2010: Symposium zum Thema “Grenzen und Potentiale künstlerischer Selbstorganisation” | Con-Sum-Gelände
13. Oktober 2010: Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Reck “Zwischen Autonomie und Marginalisierung – historische, systemische und politische Aspekte der Künstler-Selbstorganisation” | Con-Sum-Gelände
14.-16. Oktober: Der Festival-Parcours | in über 30 Räumen des Stadt

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Green Velvet ‘Revolution @ Space’ Remix Contest

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Carl Cox @ Space Ibiza

Create a remix for Green Velvet from Chicago.
Win a release on Cajual Records, Chicago.
Contest lasts from September 18 to December 17, 2010.


Green Velvet 'Revolution @ Space' Remix Contest

[mbr125] Arxo – or-erSH2

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Arxo - or-erSH2

Artist: Arxo
Release name: or-erSH2
label: Microbit Records
Catalog#: MBR-125
Release date: 2010-09-15
Country: Russia
Keywords: Lowbit, funny experimental-honey sampledelic
Quality: MP3, 48 kbps 24Hz, stereo
Time 10:10
Size 4 mb

1. Bird Moment (2:00)
2. WhoAreYou (2:50)
3. Aureuehtugeer (2:36)
4. Ahfbhy Koilpot (1:43)
5. Littlelive+ (1:01)

Stream Release
More detalis

Microbit Records
Arxo MySpace
Lo-bit Community

[PCR074] VidasM – Blur Silence EP

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Artist: VidasM
Release Nr.: PCR074
Release Name: Blur Silence EP
Style: Ambient

VidasM - Blur Silence EP

01. Silence Blur
02. Constant Reject
03. Ruind


[ESE008] Michael Pato & Mafteo – Get Her

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Released: 16.09.2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: House/Tech-House
Label: Esemtrax
Catalog#: ESE008
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Romania

Michael Pato & Mafteo - Get Her

1. Michael Pato & Mafteo – Get Her (Original Mix)
2. Michael Pato & Mafteo – Botanist (Original Mix)

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Wenzel – Living Forward

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Wenzel - Living Forward

Living Forward sounds like a solemn promise to the world. In this case it also sounds like a darksome ride into electronic music. The creator of this combination is Wenzel. Deeply ingrained in the Hanover music culture as DJ and also part of Open Synth. Trying to push things forward in music and real live. This three tracker is filled with warm, dubby and also dark structures soundscapes, perfectly combined with four to the floor bassdrum elements. Live Forward!

Release Page