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Archive for January, 2011

[LBN007] Nick Rivera – Happy song is a happy song

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Artist: Nick Rivera
Title: Happy song is a happy song
Label: La bèl netlabel
Genre/Style: Folk, Acoustic, Coral, Psychedelic
Format: mp3 320
Total playing: 18:20
Date: 21 January 2011
Code: LBN007
Creative Commons License: Attribution-Noncommercial- Noderivs

Nick Rivera - Happy song is a happy song


01. Renee Luise
02. Happy song is a happy song
03. Butter in my head
04. Horn Y Orgy

Release Page

[AUDCST045] Zanex Dissociation – Distance of Self EP

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Zanex Dissociation - Distance of Self EP

Artist(s): Zanex Dissociation
Release Title: Distance of Self EP
Label : Audiocast Productions
Label Code: AUDCST045
Released: 20/01/2011
Bit Rate/Format: 320kb/s MP3
Genre(s): Electronica, Breakbeat

They say that music expresses the emotions and feelings that words themselves cannot express. This is the ideology that fuels the music project that is now known as ‘Zanex Dissociation’. In the summer of ’08, a man was mesmerized by the pounding beats and funky grooves of both old and new school electronica. He then took those influences and used them to create a song that blew his mind. It proved that he could use the power of music as a ticket to draw people in to the audio roller coaster of their life. He then started creating new material on a daily basis, as well as collaborating with many artists; some well-known and some not. Two years and many songs later, he is still at the top of the underground electronica game.

Thanks for Listening!
-Zanex Dissociation

Track list:
01 – Because Of You (2:28)
02 – Noise (2:17)
03 – Insanity 3:28)
04 – The Trip (2:24)
05 – Dungeons 3:29)
06 – Illusion and Reality (3:10)


Original Release Page:

[RB093] moji moji – N

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

moji moji – N

RB093 - moji moji - N

Lucas Page (a.k.a. moji moji) is a musician/sound designer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His first EP album is entitled “Detroit de le Maire” and was released by Hipidukimuzik net label. Detroit de le Maire comprises 4 tracks inspired by the Lemaire strait, (which runs between Tierra del Fuego and Isla de los Estados).

For his second album, “N”, moji moji travels to the argentinean northwest and draws inspiration from the immensity of its breathtaking landscapes. The result are 5 beautiful pieces between postrock, shoegaze, pop and ambient. Sliding guitar tones, a fine and subtle composition with guitar, keyboards and percussion are ending up in a big, organic soundscape. Walls of sound are built up and falling apart within this work and you can always close your eyes and let the music carry you away.

1. De los Molles al rincón del Coya
2. El robot de San Francisco Solano señala el sendero del cielo y la disciplina terrenal
3. Camino del Colorado
4. La hamaca de Iruya
5. El laberinto de la noche nos conduce a Cachi

More information:

[FN26] Maestropiano – The mysterious world

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Maestropiano - The mysterious world

Artist: Maestropiano
Title: The mysterious world
Country: Russia
Style | Genre: Dub, Dubstep, Drum’n'Bass
Format | Bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps
Duration: 00:10:04
Cat. #: 26
Release Date: 21.01.2011


01. Maestropiano – Boiling point
02. Maestropiano – In search
03. Maestropiano – The mysterious world




Music: Maestropiano

Artwork: Nick R 61

Publication: Fusion Netlabel

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[inmix014] Microbit project – Thick skin mix

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Microbit project – Thick skin mix

Label: Intox Live
Catalog#: inmix014
Format: File, MP3, Mixed, 320 kbps
Country: Russia
Released: 14 Jan 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tribal, Tribal House
Notes: total time 12:09

1.1 Thick Skin
1.2 Cold Feet
1.3 Junglegirl
1.4 Pinchline

Microbit project - Thick skin mix

Download! | Visit Intox Noize

[iono-2] Telegraphy – Clandestine Audio

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Telegraphy - Clandestine Audio

“Clandestine audio” is a sound collage by Telegraphy. All of material was taken from a cheap pocket voice recorder, all of which are obscure sounds of everyday life. Sounds ranging from industrial motors, street traffic, jet aircraft flying overhead and radio noise. Some recordings are of unconventional techniques, such as: employing acoustic horns and fashioning microphones to various body parts.

Ionosonde Recordings

Ionosonde releases freely accessible experimental electronic music and visual media under the Creative Commons license.

SOSLP022 – Kamera237 – La Rondine è Morta

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Artist: KAMERA237
Title: La Rondine è morta
Genre: Tekno, Hardcore, Breakcore, Postpunk;
Release on: 21/01/2011

The second release of kamera 237 can only be hardcore stuff, with its lyrics and music expressing this life’s philosophy at its best. Sostanze Records is proud to present these five new tracks, approaching our release number 22 with the same spirit of the number 2: giving space to talent, embracing every kind of musical genre and artist who knock on our door. We recommend high volume and powerful loudspeakers for Diabolus in tek, which closes this LP with its very punkish style!

01. La rondine è morta
02. Piovono gocce di sangue sul pavimento
03. Spero Venga la guerra (Wretched Cover)
04. Sadist 666
05. Diabolus in tek

Stream and Release Infos

Links: Sostanze Records | MySpace | SoundCloud | YouTube | Facebook

LCL24 – mildtape : dub alpina

Friday, January 21st, 2011

mildtape - dub alpina

Extent of the Foot (mildtape) by LCL netlabel

[LCL24] mildtape : “Dub Alpina”
Out on LCL (LibreCommeLair) january 2011
CC by-nc-nd license


01. Extent of the Foot
02. Slowsteppers
03. Blankets Dissolve
04. Smash
05. Layer One


“From over Alps comes this fully synthetic dub release, with minimalistic and hypnotic accents.”
LCL – january 2011

” At the beginning there were machines. But these were silent. We had to learn how to feed them. And when we learned it, we became the machines.”
mildtape – january 2011

Stream and Release Info

[SSR097G] Markus Hideo Rise – To The End

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Artist: Markus Hideo Rise
Release Nr.: SSR097G
Release Name: To The End
Style: Tech-Trance

Markus Hideo Rise - To The End

01. To The End
02. High Hope
03. Open Your Eyes



Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Du 13 Décembre 2010 au 1er Janvier 2011, nous avons organisé sur notre site internet un grand vote afin d’élire le meilleur de l’année. Nous avions établi 30 catégories avec 5 nominés à chaque fois, choisis par notre rédaction en fonction de leurs actualités, de leur talent et de leur potentiel.

Pour tous, nous n’avons pas pris en compte le nombre de ventes, la cote de popularité, et le nombre de dates par an. Nous avons également volontairement incité chaque votant à répondre à chaque catégorie, pour éviter que certains n’accomplissent bêtement leur rôle de fan en ne votant que pour leur préféré, ignorant ainsi les autres catégories.

Au final, et après un tri rigoureux, nous avons comptabilisé 2548 votes valables, en provenance d’une centaine de pays différents, ce qui permet de donner aux résultats qui suivent une vraie valeur. Voici donc votre palmarès 2010 du meilleur des Dancefloors !