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Archive for April, 2011

ca438 – HALStER – Music for rodents

Friday, April 29th, 2011

HALStER - Music for rodents

Artist: HALStER
Title: Music for rodents
Date: 2011-04-26
Keywords: free improv; experimental; electroacoustic
(320 kbps)

01 – drawer no.20 (calomyscidae) – 6:03
02 – drawer no.6 (spalacidae) – 10:33
03 – drawer no.12 (cavidae) – 5:42
04 – drawer no.13 (muridae) – 5:21
05 – drawer no.1 (cricedidae) – 7:36
06 – drawer no.22 (sciuridae) – 7:03

This recording came about because of the cancellation of a gig, due to a blizzard in the month of december last year.

HALStER is a group of three guitarists, which provides a platform for sessions of improvised music every monday night in Malmo Sweden, since 2008.

All improvisations by: HALStER
Adam Persson plays modified acoustic guitar and objects
Anders Lindsjö plays acoustic guitar, electronics and objects
Mattias Nihlén plays electric guitar and objects



[TNR008] Carara – Fame Is Not All EP

Friday, April 29th, 2011

TNR008 Carara - Fame Is Not All EP

Artist: Carara
Release Nr.: TNR008
Release Name: Fame Is Not All EP
Release Date: 16/04/2011
Style: Techno


01. Breaker001 (Original Mix)
02. Fame Is Not All (Original Mix)
03. The Subway (Original Mix)
04. For Famous (Original Mix)


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ca437 – Nice Wings, Icarus! – self titled

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Nice Wings, Icarus! - self titled

Artist: Nice Wings, Icarus!
Title: self titled
Date: 2011-04-20
Keywords: post-rock; post-metal
(320 kbps)

01 – Morning Glory – 4:52
02 – Those, Who Built The Pyramids – 6:05
03 – I’ve Not Seen Any Angels, Just Emptiness – 4:31
04 – Birth – 9:21
05 – Across The Seas – 6:58
06 – Journey Back Home – 4:07
07 – Eagle – 5:40

Neither post-rock nor post-metal, NWI! exist somewhere in between, adding some quirky math-rock overtones and a classy violin-driven progressive rock signature to their sound.

Formed in February 2008 by Yuriy Nagorniy (guitar) and Yuriy Kasyanenko (drums), NICE WINGS, ICARUS! played their first live show ten months later, with Sergiy Zaika (guitar), Vadim Matuzenko (bass) and Daniil Grudzinskiy (violin) being the official members of the band as well. They shape their material during 2009, bearing influences from TOOL, ENVY, PELICAN, ISIS and some other bands, but never imitating someone’s manner or sound.


[PGZ103] De Wachtkamer – Diepte EP

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

De Wachtkamer - Diepte EP

The ones who remember the golden age of Sasha’s Airdrawndagger album, by his solid and upfront memorable tracks, we are here to introduce a producer who is driving around this kind of music atmospheres, along with avant-garde tech beats, already featured in well known labels including KDB Records (Germany), Traum (Germany), Bonzai (Belguim), Incense (Spain) and Entrainment (Dubai).

Our 103 installment on Progrezo Records, comes from Russian born and Dubai based DJ and producer DE WACHTKAMER, who debuts on Progrezo with his brand new EP entitled “DIEPTE EP”, featuring 3 overwhelming epic tracks of sophisticated breaks and surrounded atmospheres.

One of the most famous Russian names in the clubbing night life in Dubai is Paolo Insomnia.

His music style born in 2001, when began to play in different clubs in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus and amaze crowds.

In few years his touring schedule was so tough that some famous DJs in Russia or Ukraine became jealous of him.

He pulled himself together and finally gave a name to the new music style! He goes to the United Arab Emirates, to the mysterious and absorbing city Dubai.

In a year and a half he became a resident and then a headliner of many parties from the company “Alpha Events”. “Terra Incognita” called attention, bringin him to be exclusive DJ resident in Quantum, Dubai.

Even after that Paolo went on in his career and started the second project in the “Sanctuary” club. Paolo Insomnia has offered private V.I.P. and open air parties on fashionable yachts on Persian Gulf.

Today Paolo Insomnias knwon as De Wachtkamer, has released several records featuring his autentic style, deep and unique sound which will absorb those ones who have already felt in love with music.

His releases have been featured on KDB Records (Germany), reaching top 100 Beatport tech house chart, as well as on Traum (Germany), Bonzai (Belguim), Incense (Spain) and Entrainment (Dubai).

Watch out about this rising producer!

Enjoy his brand new EP on the following link. Exclusive Pre-Release:

For more info visit:

‘we are that we here’

[PGZ102] Various – Untemporary 7

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Untemporary 7 feat Omar EL Gamal from Circus-Montreal & More

Progrezo Records is back with a new release, this time featuring 5 new producers in the family, OMAR EL GAMAL resident DJ from Circus Afterhours Montreal-Quebec, CHRISTIAN RHYTMIQUE from Ukraine, AHMET MECNUN from Tunisia, ELECTRIC CALM from Azerbaijan and MISHALEKSEEV from Russia.

Our 102 installment over Progrezo Records entitled UNTEMPORARY 7, shows out 5 solid original tracks of high tech rhythms and progressive atmospheres, aimed straight to the dance floor and peak time to memorable DJ sets.


01.Omar El Gamal – Egypt 2.0
02.Christian Rhythmique & Michael Suntech – The Moove
03.Ahmet Mecnun – High Rise
04.Electric Calm – Playing With Ghosts
05.MISHAlekseev – Room 207

Get your copy on the link below:

For more info, visit:

‘We are that we here’
PGZ Team

[PGZ101] Boson – Getaway EP

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Boson - Getaway EP

Progrezo Records 101 release, comes from German producer Boson, who delivers a stomped break beats and electro stuff, aimed straight to the dance-floor.

Boson is a music producer from Germany who was deeply into break beats in his youth. He was later to discover his passion for techno music.

In 2010 he founded the boson project with the ambition to combine the two genres. He calls this new cross-over genre ’2-to-the-floor’ as common in techno music. This concept allows boson to combine a variety of styles, catering to both technoheads and beatlovers equally.

Boson is the straightness of techno paired with the intelligence of beatmusic.

Watch about this German producer!


01. Getaway
02. Hexcès
03. Isolde
04. Totem
05. Vagina

Get your copy on the following link:

For more info, visit:

‘We are that we here’
PGZ Team

Toxic Chicken – Do You Like Sweets? (proc434)

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Toxic Chicken - Do You Like Sweets? (proc434)

style: 8bit, electro, chip, feel good bleeb music.

1 Do You Like Sweets (1:34)
2 Hobo Blob Hope (2:55)
3 Imanust With Rice (1:11)
4 Today The World Ends But Im Still Here (2:03)
5 No Hope For Ppi (0:53)
6 Hectic Months (2:23)
7 Who Doesnt Like Sweets (0:36)
8 Plastic Beach (2:46)

Be happy & download & spin this piece of candy! :-)
Click here to DOWNLOAD

[APR009] Knrrz – Net.Crawler

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Knrrz - Net.Crawler

Knrrz is the live-electronics project by the two sound composers Peter Holzknecht and Manuel Oberkalmsteiner from LaGrind Noire/Bolzano, who record sounds that surrounds them and make music with the natural sound in real time, sometimes distorted, sometimes kept clean. The experimental project is based on field recordings (admissions of nature and surroundings noises), manipulation and improvisation.

Their new release „Net.Crawler“ was recorded during a session for a LAN-party at which both musicians took their sounds directly from the computer games being played. „Net.Crawler“ was released on april 21st, 2011 by Airbagpromo Records and can be downloaded for free on

Free Download

ASTOR016: Fenderchet – Hearts EP

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Hearts EP cover art

Artist: Fenderchet
Title: Hearts EP
Cat. No: ASTOR016
Date: 2011-04-21
Label: Astor Bell
Keywords: idm; pop; electronica;

1. Unexpected Happiness
2. Just Waiting
3. Not a Happy Ending
4. Mon Désir le Plus Profond
5. Comienzo a Borbotón

This sophomore release picks up right where the debut, Sleep EP, left off. After a night of strange yet beautiful dreams, Fenderchet gets out of bed on the right side and heads into the new day. His mind however, still left in that lovely dreamy state.

Probably being the lightest and most trouble-free Astor Bell release so far, this collection of tracks is still just weird enough to keep your interest up. And make your brain writhe a tiny bit, just as you get slightly too comfortable. All for the purpose of opening up the gates and let you share all those emotions sensed and indited in a galaxy far far away called Falcon, Venezuela.

Slow glitchy broken beats backing up layers of trippy organs. If there is a future for pop music, this is what it should sound like.

Stream and Download:


Astor Bell color line

ca436 – – Monomeet (EP)

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 - Monomeet

Title: Monomeet (EP)
Date: 2011-04-15
Keywords: alternative; space pop; electronica; rock
(320 kbps)

01 – Ballet Of Promises – 4:12
02 – Severn Suzuki – 4:44
03 – Monomeet – 5:58
04 – Any Memories – 4:58
05 – Echoes (Rampue Remix) – 8:00

This is an exclusive “Monomeet” Mini Compilation for Clinical Archives.

Just at the beginning of 2011, seem define the state of the art of modern Rock Music. A Soundtrack about a time full of global change, desperation, nervousness, youth and dead future. What the Southern Germany based quintet has on offer on their second album is pop and zeitgeist. But rather of the dark, gloomy, demanding and sophisticated kind. Terms like Spacerock, Shoegazer or Neo Classic spring to mind. Sophisticated arrangements of orchestral strings and subtle piano melodies meet the cold light of flickering laptop screens. PANDORAS.BOX take their time to create moods and sounds but they don’t forget the rhythmic foundations that endow the majestic compositions with a certain lightness.

The quintet fuses common pop instruments with string sections, piano, sampling or eclectic electronica. An associated product designer developed the album design. PANORAS.BOX follow their own vision and a concept that involves a tight, intimate network and the people around them. At the same time they need their dose of sealed off cocooning in their own universe. MONOMEET! No wonder the songs were written in an air raid shelter. The free download album “Barriers” already caused quite a stir with some ten thousand (!) hits and downloads and from early on gave a hint at what to expect from this musical journey. What follows now is the second step.

MONOMEET is about art, about music – music you have to make, music that defines our little weary heads. It´s about searching for alternatives and meeting yourself in truth. This is an album, a documentation of a time of changes – a story. A very personal one. With “Monomeet” the band has created an impressive, mysterious and intimate work that offers enough depth for a prolonged occupation with the music but MONOMEET also has enough brilliance on the surface to inspire on the first listen.