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Archive for May, 2011

[LBN009] F.S.Blumm/Lucrecia Dalt – Cuatro Covers

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Artist: F.S.Blumm/Lucrecia Dalt
Title: Cuatro Covers
Label: La bèl netlabel
Genre/Style: Acoustic,Dreamy,Covers
Format: mp3 320
Total playing: 15:28
Date: 15 May 2011
Code: LBN009

F.S.Blumm/Lucrecia Dalt – “Cuatro Covers”



01. Quizas, Perhaps, Quizas 3:46
02. Close To Vos 3:33 (
03. S.O.Y 4:26 (
04. Old Amigos 4:23

Release Page and Stream

[FbL014] Savaran – Resonances

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Savaran - Resonances


Welsh electroacoustic artist Mark Walters aka Savaran comes to Feedbackloop with a five track EP ‘Resonances’ after a number of netlabel releases over the past year. Utilising both digital and analogue instrumentation with field recordings, samples and an array of effects, Mark develops refined micro-soundscapes, tightly knit into granular textures which demand an attentive ear. In Resonances he marks waypoints in the contours of his own life, describing personal experiences – memories of events and locations – and his own interests in history, astronomy and geology.

Opener ‘The Forest’ is closely grounded in nature, a perpetually moving and shifting piece – being more and more ethereal. ‘Aurora’ cinematically depicts the sound of the lights in the sky created by particles passing through the atmosphere. A granular focus that is present also in the micro movements suggested in ‘Tectonic’. Constructed literally from the vibrations of earthquakes through a custom built digital effect, the track offers a kind of cathartis, made all the more relevant with the recent happenings in Japan. ‘Graaw’ is a childhood place remembered and revisted, illustrated with a careful eye, and representative of Mark’s unique observational style.

In last track ‘Delphic’ we’ve travelled as far from earthly groundings as we can, to otherworldly dimensions set within Greek mythology. Delphi was the seat of the oracle, housed in the temple of Apollo. Inspired by this historic reference – Mark translates these dramatic visuals into an exciting sonic experience.

Resonances is deeply personal, born from historic and personal interest which reveals itself to be emotionally evocative and intriguing for the listener. By allowing us this intimate insight into these parts of himself, Mark achieves a brilliant expression of his own history, memory and self.

Michael Waring

Short Biography

Savaran is Mark Walters from Wales, UK. He is an electronic musician, sound designer, sound artist and full-time archaeologist recording from his small home studio on the Welsh border near Shrewsbury.

His music crosses many of the electronic genres but leans toward the ambient, experimental, electro-acoustic, cinematic and soundscaping styles of production. Inspiration comes from many directions including the random daily events that life throws at you, landscapes, environment, atmosphere, geology, astronomy, past cultures, or just the indefinable need to make music. The music itself is created on a variety of digital and analog instruments and blended with field recordings, sampled sounds and an array of effects. The end result is a textured palette of sounds derived from visual and audible references which explore our own world and the universe beyond at the macro and micro levels.

mastered by madSavVy Productions
photo by Jessica Aliaga Lavrijsen
cover design by Leonardo Rosado
(cc) by nc nd May 2011

[NS031] Rho – Breathing Through the Liquid System

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Rho - Breathing Through the Liquid System

Rho – Breathing Through the Liquid System
Genre: Downtempo, Indietronic

No-Source is pleased to re-release a newly re-mastered version of Rho’s debut album, “Breathing Through the Liquid System.” Similar to their previous No-Source release, “Cedarleaf”, this is a very accessible album. It beautifully merges down-tempo electronica with indie and post rock guitar riffs. The album kicks of with the mellow spacial hum of “Demos of Bloomington.” Laid back beats take stage, backed by electric guitars on a summer’ drive. Midi Me is that cinematic montage moment to your favorite indie film. Circle Without Bending is the closest Rho has ever come to strait indie rock. A blissful instrumental sweep. Drained Below the Dirt evokes Vangelis’ work on Blade Runner, while Encore ends the album in a closing credits groove. This is definitely a worthy addition to our growing Rho discography.


[ESE024] Plusculaar – Show Land

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Released: 19.05.2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech-House/Deep-House
Label: Esemtrax
Catalog#: ESE024
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Romania

Our Trax Part 2

01. Bring Us Together (Original Mix)
02. Love Spell (Original Mix)
03. Faraway Land (Original Mix)
04. Let’s Get Ill (Original Mix)
05. Mistic (Original Mix)
06. One Man Show (Original Mix)
07. Simple Chaos (Original Mix)
08. Puff Puff Pass (Original Mix)
09. Veteran (Original Mix)
10. Young Pioneer (Original Mix)

Download from Beatport!

Also check out our previous release, Nostri Diem EP by Flex (Italy)! Click here.

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Winners of the Marco Bailey ‘Revolution @ Space’ Remix Contest

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Carl Cox at Space Ibiza


Marco Bailey and the MB Elektronics team have chosen the winner of the contest.

Grand winner:

Marco bailey – black pearl (oliver begaz remix)

Runners Up:


Marco Bailey – black pearl (Allan H remix)

Marco Bailey – BLACK PEARL – ( Pe & Ban Remix )

Forum discussion:

Thanks and all the best,
Marco Bailey, MB Elektronics team and the FOEM crew

Supported by:

Carl Cox at Space Ibiza

Noro – Chemical Industry (includes free track)

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Artist: Noro
Title: Chemical Industry
Label: Carmarage
Format: mp3, wav
Release date: 16.05.2011
Style: Techno

Release includes FREE TRACK

1) Cocaine (free track)
2) Mdma
3) Amphetamine

Noro - Chemical Industry

Junodownload (EXCLUSIVE)

[rc035] Wil Bolton – Melt

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Wil Bolton - Melt

Wil Bolton is an artist and composer based in Liverpool, UK.  His debut CD release ‘Time Lapse’ (Hibernate, 2010) uses guitars, chime bars and vintage keyboards to create warm and emotive melodies, fragmented and submerged among beds of droning ambient textures and environmental sounds.

‘Melt’ is a single long-form track of warm, overlapping tones created with a toy keyboard, a synthesizer, analogue delay and looper pedals, and some minimal laptop processing. Glitches and signal problems were welcomed into the process, shrouding the fragmented yet lyrical keyboard melodies in a gentle mist of fuzz, clicks and hiss.

Download from bandcamp or

ca443 – Sandro Marinoni – Don Baltasar

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Sandro Marinoni - Don Baltasar

Artist: Sandro Marinoni
Title: Don Baltasar
Date: 2011-05-15
Keywords: experimental; free jazz; electronic; fusion; world; contemporary; other
(320 kbps)
01 – Calling home – 2:35
02 – Between the yellow and blue – 5:31
03 – El apartamento – 2:56
04 – Desert rose – 1:39
05 – Lahore – 3:53
06 – Canon – 1:08
07 – Morning in the Sahara – 5:01
08 – Don Baltasar – 1:33
09 – Prank – 3:37
10 – Pico – 3:24
11 – Dagon – 4:48
12 – Valzerella – 0:41

Just an album of simple music.
Twelve songs by twelve different moods.



RB097 – lefolk – weather to shore

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

RB097 - lefolk - weather to shore

lefolk is audio/video artist Leif Folkvord of Grand Rapids, Michigan USA. The material he creates is influenced by a formal education in media arts filtered through the juxtaposition of experiences at his day(night) job as a pilot.

After two full-length albums and the EP “blankscape”, lefolk releases his new work “weather to shore” on Resting Bell. Consisting of 13 tracks and a complete duration of one hour, “weather to shore” is a wonderful microsonic sound adventure. The concept of “weather to shore” was based off of stories of shipwrecks in the great lakes region, many of which occured in bad weather. The track titles are names of ships that sank in the various lakes. With that concept in mind you can basically feel the dense and crackling atmosphere on this release. Droning basements layering through the structures like a constant fog. Trickling glitchy sounds reminding me of hail showers. And little melody fractures peeking around like sunlight through a cloud cover after a heavy storm.

Nevertheless “weather to shore” sounds to me like the perfect soundtrack for a lukewarm spring night. And I can see me standing in the outside and holding my face into the cooling evening breeze.

1. acadia
2. leafield
3. hesper
4. wexford
5. noronic
6. hydrus
7. myron
8. metamora
9. hennepin
10. appomattox
11. pretoria
12. kamloops
13. argus

More information

[GTakt017] Giuliano Rodrigues – Natural Life EP

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

[GTakt017] Giuliano Rodrigues – Natural Life EP

Artist: Giuliano Rodrigues
Title: Natural Life EP
Release-Date: 13.05.2011
Length: 24:18 min
Genre: Minimal
Quality: 320kb/s mp3
Artwork: Narcotic 303
License: by-nc-sa

1 | Giuliano Rodrigues – Galegolego 5:22min | 12,3mb |
2 | Giuliano Rodrigues – Natural Life 5:30min | 12,5mb |
3 | Giuliano Rodrigues – BillyJu 6:16min | 14,3mb |
4 | Giuliano Rodrigues – Raw 7:10min | 16,4mb |