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[insub38] Nicht Rio – Title turtle

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Nicht Rio - Title turtle

Lionel Malric: prepared piano
Yannis Frier: table guitar, amplified objects
Sébastien Bouhana: drums, percussions

Download in MP3 (complete album in a zip)
(29min48 / 73Mo)

Download in FLAC (complete album in a zip)
(29min48 / 157Mo)

Recorded in may 2010, during the “Son MiRé” festival, Fabrezan (Aude, France).


A journey through sound: dense, teeming, vindictive and bewitching. These 3 improvisers from the Grand Chahut Collectif like to emphasize the constant evolution of their music by not only using wide-ranging techniques inspired by concrete as well as electro-acoustic music, but also by customizing their instruments and exploring their timbres. Their music moves around, undulates, squeals and makes images spring forth.
During their first tour in May 2010, the 3 members of Nicht Rio travelled in the South of France with a hundred-year-old baby grand piano. From Marseille to Toulouse, they shared the stage with artists such as Sébastien Cirotteau, Emmanuel Cremer, Charles Fichaux, Bastien Pelenc, Heddy Boubaker, Olivier Germain-Noureux and Laurent Rochelle. Their first concert as a trio was played in the Notre-Dame Chapel in the tiny village of Fabrezan during the “Son MiRé” festival. Here is the recording of this concert. As you will no doubt notice, a strong wind was blowing in the plain that day.

[Ltd.C60] Sascha Müller / eVADE – Recycled Tapes Vol. 1

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Artist: Sascha Müller / eVADE
Release Nr.: Ltd. 15 Copys C60 Tape
Release Name: Recycled Tapes Vol. 1
Style: Electro, Big Beat, Electronica

New Series of Recycled Tapes with new Electronic Music!

Sascha Müller / eVADE - Recycled Tapes Vol. 1

A1. Sascha Müller – Beat Junkie
A2. Sascha Müller – Dance Like Robots
A3. Sascha Müller – Mr. Robot
A4. Sascha Müller – Resonator
A5. Sascha Müller – Brainbug
B1. eVADE – Fruits
B2. eVADE – Time Flies
B3. eVADE – etx One
B4. eVADE – Brk
B5. eVADE – Volvo 244 L
B6. eVADE – bats

Price: 2,00 euro + shipping


[SOSLP032] The Additive – The Shadows Say Goodbye

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

The Additive - The Shadows Say Goodbye

Artist: The Additive
Title: The Shadows Say Goodbye
Artwork: Simon Quasar
Genre: techno; idm; experimental;
Release on: 17/06/2011

The second musical work of The Additive doesn’t follow a definite line. With no presumption, it’s placed above any kind of definition and classification of genre. The obsessive research for the groove is abolished by encouraging a continuous and indefinite soundflow. The whole album is based on the research on one side of concrete sounds which, through the sampling process, are transformed into the dense textures of No Way and Madness Draws Magic Axes, on the other hand synthetic sounds are created with digital or virtual synths (Killer Showdown , Hate). The use of the voice brings the tracks close to the song-form without taking any precedence over the whole, but taking action where needed to give momentum and different possibilities of escape. The Shadows Say Goodbye is the album of evasion in the higher and noblest sense, a return to the melody that pushes up touching our most hidden sides.


01. Madness Draws Magic Axes
02. Endless Panic
03. Mushroom
04. No Way
05. Orange
06. Hate
07. Killer Showdown
08. Double Star
09. Syso

DONWLOAD: [SOSLP032] The Additive – The Sadows Say Goodbye

Links: Sostanze Records | MySpace | SoundCloud | YouTube | Facebook

[Siro083] Electronic World – Around The World

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Electronic World - Around The World

Electronic World – Around The World

160kbps – June 2011
Synthpop / New Wave / Retro

01 – Conceited (3:28)
02 – Crakkle (On Telephon) (4:51)
03 – Mechanical Brain (3:30)
04 – Starlight (3:30)
05 – The Pace Of The Life (4:16)
06 – Cyberspace (3:25)
07 – Planet SMS (3:52)
08 – Sleepwalker And Hypnotize (3:28)
09 – Games And Videos (3:28)
10 – Cyber Song (4:23)
11 – Preparations (3:54)
12 – My Virtual World (3:24)
13 – Nobody’s Perfect (3:04)
14 – Look Up (3:16)
15 – Murderous Or Murderess (3:16)
16 – Flashback (3:05)

Total: (58:16)


ca450 – Studebaker’s Blacksmith Shop – Excuse me, are you sick?!

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Studbaker's Blacksmith Shop - Excuse me, are you sick?!

Artist: Studebaker’s Blacksmith Shop
Title: Excuse me, are you sick?!
Date: 2011-06-15
Keywords: alternative rock; stoner rock; pop rock
(320 kbps)

01 – Alone – 3:46
02 – Champagne Desert Love – 3:40
03 – Type of Guy – 4:19
04 – Elimination of Danger – 3:10
05 – Asshole Dance – 3:14
06 – Warning Signals – 5:09
07 – Mark on you – 5:01
08 – Reset Eject Play – 4:04
09 – I got Plan – 2:24
10 – Will – 4:02
11 – Without a Struggle – 4:07
12 – Therapy – 5:14

It’s not easy to express the music of Studebaker’s Blacksmith Shop. It is music in his simplicity, clarity and intensity, but the most important thing is the uniqueness and the audibility of the songs.
“Excuse me, are you sick?!” is the first concept-album of the band. An inwardly lost person’s way of a prospected depression is depicted (Alone).
Due to a tragic accident a beloved person becomes in need of care, what reduces the main character to despair. This is shown in “Champagne Desert Love”.
“Elimination of Danger” shows the first signs that something is wrong and the abolishment of that fear.
In “Warning Signals” you see the real feelings of of the main character.
“Will” comments on the reasons why finally the person decides to make a therapy.
Assholedance, I got Plan, Without a Struggle, Type of guy and Reset Eject Play are single impressions appreciated by the main character.

In 2004 Studebaker´s Blacksmith Shop was found.
The first steps were made with the self-titled EP in 2006. After that the album “Nebula” followed in 2008.

The musicians are:
Kerstin Dietl (vocals/guitar/piano/songwriting),
Alex Dübell (guitar/synth/piano/lyrics/songwriting)
Joe Kirsch (bass/piano/ideas)
Uli „the Machine“ Eggerbauer (drums/ideas)

The four members found themselves in the little bavarian town Geisenhausen.
Together with and 13 other bands they practice in a bunker 20 m in the underground.
They meet in a unreal and dusky ambiance with everlasting 20°C and work with continuous and creative exchange to the other bands on their music.
Excuse me, are you sick?! is the second album of the Geisenhausen´s quartett and waits for the world´s audience.
Music´s freedom and its distribution is corroborated by the CC-licence


Download here:

[rc038] Ex Confusion: Small Reality

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Ex Confusion: Small Reality

Ex Confusion is Atsuhito Omori from Japan who creates gentle ambient works using looped guitar sounds and synthesizer. To date releases have appeared on Heat Death, U-Cover and Somehow recordings. Small Reality contains 5 fairly short tracks each between 3-4 minutes in length. Chapter 5 recently appeared on the compilation album “For Nihon”.

Dedicated to your beautiful memories…

Release Page

[dystopiaq021] Rozzy & mix-toor – Korsakov’s 18/32

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Rozzy & mix-toor - Korsakov’s 18/32

Artist: Rozzy & mix-toor
Title: Korsakov’s 18/32
Release: dystopiaq021
Date: June 13, 2011
Genres: Experimental, Instrumental Hip-Hop, Abstract

Download at

01. Korsakov’s 18/32 [made:mix-toor, Rozzy]
02. Midnight India [made: Rozzy]
03. Do U Wanna Some Glitch? [made:Rozzy]
04. Deep Donor Level [made:mix-toor]
05. In The Heart of The Mood [made:mix-toor]

Thanx to The Mannkeyz, Fonky mokee, d_c, vladi, and to all who trust us.

Creative Commons License
Korsakov’s 18/32 by Rozzy & mix-toor is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Michel de Hey ‘Revolution at Space’ Remix Contest

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Michel de Hey 'Revolution at Space' Remix Contest

Michel de Hey ‘Revolution at Space’ Remix Contest

Create a remix for Michel de Hey from Rotterdam.
Win a release on HEY Recs plus more great prizes.
Contest lasts from June 16 to September 15, 2011.


Michel de Hey 'Revolution at Space' Remix Contest

Michel de Hey 'Revolution at Space' Remix Contest

Offthesky – The Beautiful Nowhere

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Offthesky - The Beautiful Nowhere

For many, Offthesky will need little introduction, his discography spans back to 2002 through labels such as Home Normal, Databloem, SEM, Autoplate, Resting Bell, Term and Somnia.

For his latest record ‘The Beautiful Nowhere’, Jason had initially set himself a loose rule to use as many acoustic instruments as possible, whilst limiting the use of heavy electronic processing techniques. Instruments including guitar, harmonium, cello, toy piano, violin, kalimba, vibraphone and voice were recorded in a cabin near Carter Lake, Colorado in the peace of a beautiful, yet remote space. It was this secluded environment that encouraged and an existential state of mind and the resulting material gleaned of ideas relating to isolation and the surrounding rural landscape. Around the time of recording, Jason also watched a documentary called ‘The True Meaning Of Pictures’, about a photographer called Shelby Lee Adams. His subjects lie in deep Appalachia; an incredible culture caught on film that has haunted Jason ever since.

Like many Offthesky records, there is a loose concept that leaves lots of room for abstract interpretation. Ideas of simple backwoods life and pastoral existence are what permeates the sound throughout this beautiful set of songs. Other than this, it is hoped that the music itself will do the talking and that all who listen may open their ears to the stories contained within…

CD edition of 200, Vinyl edition of 250
Mastered by Taylor Deupree

More information:

[ESE026] Esemdi – Dariana

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Released: 09.06.2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech-House/Deep-House
Label: Esemtrax
Catalog#: ESE026
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Romania

Esemdi - Dariana

01. Dariana (Original Mix)

Download from Beatport!

Also check out our previous release, Come ’round My House Mama EP by Sarp Yilmaz!

Our Trax Part 2

01. Comets (Original Mix)
02. Don’t (Original Mix)
03. Don’t (Esemdi Remix)
04. Roll Out (Original Mix)
05. Silent House (Original Mix)

Click here to get it!

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