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Archive for August, 2011

Frank Wesemann – Mit eurem Namen im Albumcover

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Ihr habt’s nicht anders gewollt – zahlreiche Fans erwarten schon sehnsüchtig das neue Album von Frank Wesemann. Er hat für euch Tag & Nacht gearbeitet und sich etwas besonderes für euch einfallen lassen. JETZT VORBESTELLEN und dafür mit eurem Namen im Cover erscheinen.

Frank Wesemann

[NBD038] Sascha Müller – Tribal Wonderland EP

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Artist: Sascha Müller
Release Nr.: NBD038
Release Name: Tribal Wonderland EP
Style: Techno, Tribal

Sascha Müller - Tribal Wonderland EP

01. Resolution
02. Kongo Beatz
03. Dead Function


The Boyscout on GoTV

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

The Boyscout on GoTV

Seine aktuelle Single “Look at me Now” jetzt im Handel erhältlich.

The Boyscout moderiert GoTV

Great Jokers sucht dringend Sängerin

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Die Party- und Coverband “Great Jokerssucht dringend eine Sängerin. Der Proberaum befindet sich in Gera und/oder Plauen. Buchungen, nette Kollegen und Management ist vorhanden. Bitte meldet euch über die Webseite

Great Jokers

[Siro146] Sascha Müller – Frequenz EP

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Artist: Sascha Müller
Release Nr.: Siro146
Release Name: Frequenz EP
Style: Techno, Old School

Sascha Müller - Frequenz EP

01. Energetic
02. Euroman
03. Morph


AgenturMMM-Artist-Management verleiht 1. internationalen Newcomer-Award

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Der etwas andere AWARD.

Ein spezieller Management- und Marketing-Award der renommierten AgenturMMM-Artist-Management, bewertet durch

- 20 Radiosender
- Musikmanager
- Marketingköpfe
- Pressefachleute
- Webdesign
- Kommunikationstrainer/Medienkommunikation
- Medien / TV / WebTV / Magazine

weitere Infos und Bewerbung:

Die Facebookseite zum Award:

SOMMERAKTION bis 1.9.2011
Im Rahmen des Awards setzen wir nochmals die SOMMERAKTION bis 1.9.2011 in Kraft.

- Radiobemusterung
- Online-Marketing-Pep
- Linkstatistik – Erhöhung
- Erstellung VIDEO mit deiner Band by LabelTV (Schweiz)
- Erstellung einer neuen Band-Webseite

10% Ermässigung bei allen Buchungen bis 1.9.2011.


[SSR067] eVADE – The B-RAVE Theme EP

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Artist: eVADE
Release Nr.: SSR067
Release Name: The B-RAVE Theme EP
Style: Techno, Old School, Breaks, Acid, Deep techno


eVADE - The B-RAVE Theme EP


01. The B-RAVE Theme (Original Mix)
02. The B-RAVE Theme (Sascha Müller Remix)
03. The B-RAVE Theme (THESAZ Sunny Day Remix)
04. The B-RAVE Theme (DJ Nightnoise Remix)
05. The B-RAVE Theme (Acidfloor Remix)


[SE028] Sakamaka – The First Ef

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Sakamaka - The First Ef

Artist: Sakamaka
Title: The First Ef
Label: Stato Elettrico
Style: Techno, Minimal, Deep
Cat.Nr.: SE028

5 tracks for techno, minimal, deep.

Track list:
01. Brainstorm
02. Everything is everything
03. House passes
04. Space Mountain
05. Third floor

Listen & Download

About Sakamaka
He sees his musical roots in the underground Hip Hop early 90. Impressed by the different (electronic) music styles, which came along on his journeys in night life, the first UK Garage records of his co-inhabitant at that time got him to get interested in djing. The fascination and variety which House music gave him led to a style change. Later he focused more on the deep, funky, soulful but at the same time pushing beat. He also brought the technoid side of House music into his sets without leaving his musical.

Click here to go on Stato Elettrico’s artist page.

About Stato Elettrico
Stato Elettrico is a netlabel for free mp3 music released under a creative commons.

[DAST022_LP] Koolkilla & Strehm – Der Letzte Schrei

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Koolkilla & Strehm - Der Letzte Schrei

“TECHNO ROCK” is the answer to the question asked at Koolkilla & Strehm … “What kind of music you actually do?” One of the harder sound of both…,  timeless, hypnotic and magical on a journey across  through the electro universe. Koolkilla & Strehm create entirely new fantastic sound atmospheres, the rolling basslines drop even at this moment tremendously from the ceiling but then suddenly you threaten ton befor you approach breaks down the next moment. More than eight months to meet the two friends only Tuesday afternoon … “it was the only day in the week we both could koordenieren meantime” K & S. The result is a huge masterpiece with “techno anthem” potential.   ”MUSIC! … IS THE ONLY REAL DRUG!”

Artist….: Koolkilla & Strehm
Title….: Der Letzte Schrei
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST022_LP
Released….: 31 Jul 2011
Medium….: Free Net Release (Long Player Extra), 18 x Track/File
Playtime….: 2h 02min 24sec
Format….: (MPEG Layer 3 Audio File) & (Wave Soundformat File)
Quality….: (320 kBit/s/44,1KHz/High-Q) & (1411 kBit/s / Original Master Files)
Size/Zip Archiv….: (Mp3/316Mb) & (Wave/1,20Gb)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Gerne….: Electronic
Style….: Retro/Vintage Electronic, Techno, Minimal, Dub, Rolling Basslines

01   Introduction  1:41
02   Beekey   6:52
03   Hundejagd   5:59
04   Do Not Destroy  6:53
05   Boost  6:08
06   Der Scheiss Hoert Sich… (Album Edit)  8:28
07   Kleiner Raver  7:49
08   Das Ding Ist…  6:19
09   Korrupte Bullen  6:23
10   I Am   8:54
11   It Hurts  5:57
12   Erinnerungen  8:04
13   Mrs. Purple Pink  7:37
14   Flush Your Body  6:51
15   On Any Given Tuesday  6:38
16   DSDS   7:59
17   Slow Vibration   6:51
18   Ninja Replica On Shaolin Basis  6:48

DOWNLOAD COMPLETE RELEASE   wave / 1411 kbits / 1,2 gb / zip archive
DOWNLOAD COMPLETE RELEASE   mp3 / 320 kbps / 316,2 mb / zip archive
DOWNLOAD RELEASE IN SOME AUDIO FORMATS  wave / flac / ogg vorbis / vbr mp3

[Nyb034] Jahpawa – Bass Philosophy ep

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Jahpawa – Bass Philosophy ep [DUBSTEP]

1. Booya
2. Fuckinflow
3. Ilike
4. Irie