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Archive for November, 2011

[DIMBI006] Syncronize – the HB Files

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

[DIMBI006] Syncronize - the HB Files

The already 6th release on DimbiDeep Music discovers a real genius in Dub Techno called “Syncronize” coming out of some deep woods with his “HB Files” including 4 very unique tracks situated between ambient, dubtronica and acid. Its a journey through the morning fog with great soundscapes, deep basslines, noisy pads and a lot of decent percussions leaving place for some special wide delays and room effects. Some people would interpret it as very melancholic sounds, but we say its more a chilled and emotional turn opening up a really challenging listening experience.

Label: DimbiDeep Music
Cat: DIMBI006

1. HB001
2. HB002
3. HB003
4. HB004
5. HB004 Eight-O-H Cut


available on ZERO” / WPP / JUNO / BP

[LBN012] Di Bos – “Five episodes from Le garage hermetique”

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Di Bos - Five episodes from Le garage hermetique

Artist: Di Bos
Title: Five episodes from Le garage hermetique
Label: La bel netlabel
Release: [LBN012]
Date: 28 November 2011
Genre: Sound-Collage Music

“Five episodes from Le garage hermetique” is a trip into the imaginative world of French artist and writer Moebius (Jean Giraud) freely transformed in music by Di Bos (La bel curator with Elisabetta Luciani).It’s part of a larger project called “Le garage hermetique de Jerry Cornelius” in collaboration with other Italian musicians: Hysm?duo, Torba, M!,Clov, aaldo, Vip Cancro, that will be released at the start of 2012 by Hysm.

Release Page
Direct Download

[SE033] Alan Kruger – Made in the 80s Vol.1

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

alan kruger

Artist: Alan Kruger
Title: Made in the 80s vol.1
Label: Stato Elettrico
Release: SE033
Date: November 2011
Genre: c64-techno

Alan Kruger – Made in the 80s Vol.1
16 tracks c64 based techno music mixed with 80s and 90s rap vocals.

Alan Kruger is a descendant of German and Polish immigrants to South Africa. His ancestor, Peter Krüger, emigrated from Frankfurt to South Africa to work for the South African Broadcasting Corporation SABC. In 1999 Alan started his music career as a producer of South African rap musicians. His style was influenced by a lot of European and American independent electronic music styles. Inspired by the sounding of computer games he was played during his childhood, Alan produced ‘Made in the 80s Vol.1′ in 2011. This music is about c64 based techno music featured by rap musicians of the 80s and 90s like Beastie Boys and Tone Loc. Currently he works on various new projects and does some remix work for friends all over the world.


wave008 ~ Heike Becker ~ Drive On

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

wave008 ~ Heike Becker ~ Drive On

wave008 ~ Heike Becker ~ Drive On // Techno

01 ~ Heike Becker ~ Drive On (Original) ~ 6:10 (mp3 | wave)
02 ~ Heike Becker ~ Drive On (DestroyER Remix) ~ 5:58 (mp3 | wave)
03 ~ Heike Becker ~ Drive On (Tony Silver Remix) ~ 5:36 (mp3 | wave)
04 ~ Heike Becker ~ Drive On (J Blind Remix) ~ 6:21 (mp3 | wave)
05 ~ Heike Becker ~ Drive On (Andreas Florin Remix) ~ 6:44 (mp3 | wave)
06 ~ Heike Becker ~ Drive On (Doryk Remix) ~ 5:18 (mp3 | wave)
07 ~ Heike Becker ~ Drive On (Pasquale Maassen Remix One) ~ 7:37 (mp3 | wave)
08 ~ Heike Becker ~ Drive On (Pasquale Maassen Remix Two) ~ 7:16 (mp3 | wave)

get the mp3 (320kbps) as zip | release on | release on

“The warrior of light does not always have faith. There are moments when he believes in absolutely nothing. And he asks his heart: ‘Is all this effort really worth it?’ But his heart remains silent. And the warrior has to decide for himself. Then he looks for an example. And he remembers that Jesus went through something similar in order fully to inhabit the human condition. ‘Take away this cup from me,’ said Jesus. He too lost heart and courage, but he did not stop. The warrior of light continues despite his lack of faith. He goes forward and, in the end, faith returns.” by Paulo Coehlo

Artwork by psycoded
Released under the Creative Commons License (by-nc-nd)

[NS041] Tardiss – Blue

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011


Tardiss – Blue
[NS041] No-Source Netlabel

Release Page

Tardiss return with their third release on No-Source and their most intricate release to date. This five track EP is made up of rich textures, full arrangements, and a brilliant sense of wonder. “Blue” begins with the epic “Missing Lincoln”. The track shifts from complex synth work and commuting IDM rhythms to a more acoustic sounding down tempo piece, before bring it all together in crescendo. The second track, “Define Grit”, induces a vision of urban cinematography. The artist Grantby also springs to mind here. “Define Grit” successfully combines electronic beats, emotive ambience, and elements of jazz. The fourth track, “Slow Switch”, is another epic. The track strikes big chords against forceful, crunched beats. Synths and guitars search for the lead melody, taking the ground away. This is a track for flying high. The album closes with the fittingly named “Stony’s End”. A standout for “Blue”, “Stony’s End” pulls together everything from the previous four tracks into one outstanding musical composition. This is surely Boards of Canada style IDM at it’s finest. Come sail into the blue.

[DRNET001] Matthias Springer – Nights of the 303

Monday, November 21st, 2011


This time Diametral is very happy to annouce a new “sublabel” or better say a special netlabel. It was on time giving something back for the big support Diametral received since the start  in June 2010, therfor Diametral decided the best way would be some free music. Here it ist “DRNET” will be a dedicated netlabel for all Diametral artists presenting high quality free tracks licensend under Creative Commons, free for listening, free for downloading an free for share. You can find all free tracks, including the upcoming DRNET releases,  to download on the Diametral website on  “Diametral Net / Free Tracks“. For the first release labelhead Matthias Springer will give it a try and bring you 3 tracks full of dub , house and acid with his “Nights of the 303”.


1: Fields of Nowhere
2: Return of the Aciddub
3: Transzendenz


[NS042] Wacky Southern Current – In a Realm of Uncertain Summer

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Wacky Southern Current

Wacky Southern Current – In a Realm of Uncertain Summer
[NS042] No-Source Netlabel

Release Page

Wacky Southern Current returns to No-Source for a new album of hauntingly beautiful instrumental music. “In a Realm of Uncertain Summer” sees Marco Cervellin find middle ground between instrumental soundtracks, acoustic moods, and post rock sensibilities. The title track kicks off the same vibe given by Air’s “The Virgin Suicides” soundtrack. The instrumentation is top notch as apparent on “Eaten by Your Own Sun”. The slow progression of guitars and strings on “West of the Dam” slowly unfolds until the track “The Nearest Star” takes over with a sound reminiscent of early Blue States or Grantby. “Naked Mountain Song” paints a picture of a lazy ride over hills and valleys with its bass line and soft electronic percussion work. “Dream Sequence” and “Eventide” bring the album to a quiet ending with gorgeous, beat less, nearly contemporary classical music. This is certainly another brilliant release from Wacky Southern Current and an increase in compositional intricacy from Marco Cervellin. Cover photo by Pablo Hache –

[TKBNET033] PAULICE – Mind Blown Away EP

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Release-ID.: TKBNET 033
Media: free digital download – 320kb

Releasedate: 17.11.2011
Style: Minimal, Tech House, Dub
Cover: Paulice
Mastering: Diego Hidalgo

Die aktuelle Nummer kommt von Paulice aus Buenos Aires (Argentinien). Remixe von Damolh33, Blaque Unit, Estrella Run und Datatraxx interpretieren den Minimal Track “Mind Blown Away” im jeweiligen künstlerischen Stil.

01. Mind Blown Away (Original Mix)5:42 min
02. Mind Blown Away (Damolh33 Remix)7:16 min
03. Mind Blown Away (Datatraxx Mind Mix)6:31 min
04. Mind Blown Away (Estrella Run Nothing To Create Remix)6:00 min
05. Mind Blown Away (Blaque Unit Dubbed Cut)5:39 min



 other new EP’s 


[dystopiaq026] HOOSTLA – REBEAUTY 0.1

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Dystopiaq is proud to present HOOSTLA, an experimental electronic project based in Siberia.

[dystopiaq026] HOOSTLA - REBEAUTY 0.1

Title: REBEAUTY 0.1
Label: Dystopiaq
Release: dystopiaq026
Date: November 15, 2011
Genres: Experimental, Electronic


02 Miraculum
04 Shaxx
05 Plankton Froostrache

Lucca ‘Japan Sugar’ Remix Contest

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Lucca 'Japan Sugar' Remix Contest

Lucca ‘Japan Sugar’ Remix Contest

Create a remix for LUCCA from Prague.
Win a release on Sound Of Acapulco + other prizes.
Contest lasts from November 15 to February 14, 2012.