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[RB105] v4w.enko & d’incise – 27.08.2011

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

v4w.enko & d’incise – 27.08.2011

v4w.enko & d'incise - 27.08.2011

“27.08.2011″ is a live recording done by two great artists v4w.enko & d’incise. The release consists of two tracks, 20 and 35 minute long, recorded on August 27th, 2011 at Tivoli 16, Geneva. The basis of this work is made with v4w.enko’s algorithmic forms which are confronted to concret gestures by d’incise. The result is a sublime piece of improvisational work, combining deep drones and soundscapes with live treatments of various objects & contact mics.

v4w.enko is a project of Evgeniy Vaschenko, based in Kyiv, Ukraine and started 2007 as live electronics, working with sound and visual streams. Sound and video streams are being realised in real time by manipulation of self programmed algorithms. Parts of algorithms have simple forms and are correlated one with another by simple rules.

d’incise, born in 1983, is member of the Audioactivity music & visual collective founded in 2000 in Geneva (CH). In 2002 he starded to arranges hybrids of electronic music, from dub to electronica, dangerously sliding to the electroacoustic more experimental ways. His world is made with sound fractures, nevralgic crepitations, melancolic atmospheres and a non-dissimulated fascination for rust and faded rhythms.

1. 21’59″
2. 34’12″

More information:

[DAST029] Dominic Infurna – Subspace EP

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012


It is his first release ever. A feeling for the groovy atmosphere, the quality and fine-tuning so the smallest details is not simply a coincidence. Perfection has always been an important factor for diplom-audio-engineer, DJ, and formerly chief of Event & Booking Agency.

“Dominic Infurna” played with some German techno greats and organized larger Techno-Evets in Offenbach “MTW”

Now he’s back … and this is his definition of modern techno sound ….

Artist….: Dominic Infurna
Title….: Subspace EP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST029
Medium….: 2 x File / EP
Playtime….: 13min 05sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s / Original Master Files)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Country….: Germany
Released….: 25 Jan 2012
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Techno

01 Past Future 6:30
02 Galaxies Wedding 6:35

DOWNLOAD COMPLETE RELEASE   mp3 / 320 kbps / 41,1 mb / zip archive
DOWNLOAD RELEASE IN SOME AUDIO FORMATS  wave / flac / ogg vorbis / vbr mp3

Julien Falk (14) bei “Das Supertalent”

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Nach unzähligen Berichterstattungen und TV-Beiträgen stellt sich das Drumtalent “Julien Falk (14) jetzt der Jury um Dieter Bohlen beim “Das Supertalent” am 22.5.2012 im Casting.

[DigitalDiamonds025] Alic – Going Down In A Blaze Of Glory EP

Monday, April 16th, 2012

 Style: Techno, Techtrance
This time Alic invites us to a superdeep tour into their well known world of punching and atmospheric layers of sound. Brian Burger’s remix is knocking you down once more whereas Excizen’s remix helps to rise again. Furthermore “Holy Clap” is a smooth groover to compensate the loss of your braincells.

[ONE014] Various Artists – One Records

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

[ONE014] V.A. - One Records

Release Date: April 16th, 2012

Full Tracks Preview: HERE


01) SLOK – Runaway
02) DJW!LAD – Gorilla
03) Samu.l – Innocent
04) Emerson Tood – Deep Burn
05) Hanfry Martinez & Janvier Carballo – Como Le Ponemos Eh Willy
06) DJ Aakmel & Jozef K – The Full Circle Approach
07) Martin Aquino – Not A Souvenir

Early DJ Support (Track Picks) by: Dub Fire, Burnski, Droog, Danny Howells, Dirt Crew, Lee Curtis, James Teej, Simon Baker, Stacey Pullen, Kiki, Mark Henning, Tiefshwarz, DJ T, Maceo Plex, Franksen, Steve Lawler, Satoshi Tomiie, Varoslav, James What, and many more.

Label Info: One Records

Artists Info:

| SAMU.l

Heating things up in time for Miami sun, One Records present an essential selection of seven dance floor bombs from various artists that straddle the waves of straight up solid house, delicious deep grooves and rolling clubby beats. Priding themselves on consistently releasing underground house music of the highest quality, One Records founders Adam Shelton and Subb-an keep standards sky high by hand picking seven solid tracks that fully represent what the label is all about. The artists featured on the release range from blossoming young producers to highly established artists, all with exceptional skills in the studio and an ear for what works on the dance floor.

Fresh from his ‘Roots EP’ recently released on the label, sensationally talented Slok kicks things off with ‘Runaway’, a deep, hypnotic driver filled with hazy vocals and dreamy chords. Next up Circoloco resident DJ W!ld, a prized addition to the One Records family, unleashes ‘Gorilla’- a heavy-duty house chugger for those peak time affairs. Birmingham’s new one to watch Samu.l follows on with ‘Innocent’, a divinely deep and seductively dark dance floor weapon full of raw kicks, warbling synths and tribal wonderfulness.

The New Zealand native but now Berlin based Emerson Todd is welcomed into the One camp with ‘Deep Burn’, fuelled with swinging underlays and a powerful bass to lock you in the groove. Next up Gran Canarias finest Hanfry Martinez & Javier Carballo make their contribution with ‘Como Le Ponemos Eh Willy’, a sublimely deep and dubby light night roller of the highest caliber. DJ Aakmel & Jozef K jump in next with ‘The Full Circle Approach’, a classic house cut with perfect melody and pumping drive, made to make you move and set your mind on summer sun. San Francisco based Martin Aquino seals this super package flawlessly with ‘Not A Souvenir’, a fluid deep groover with a dark, forceful edge. ‘One014 Various Artists’ perfectly represents what the label is all about – solid underground music that is true to it’s roots. Keep an eye out for what the unstoppable imprint has in store this coming year.

Vote for “Guten Morgen, Lena”

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Votet “Guten Morgen, Lena” zur Band des Monats März. Für euch 3 sekunden – für die Band ein wichtiger Schritt.

[DASTEXTRA01] THE WEB – monoton series [remastered]

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

DAST Net Recordings EXTRA


monoton series [remastered]

Artist….: THE WEB
Title….: “monoton” series [remastered]
Catalog#….: DAST EXTRA 01
(a)….: 11 x File  / Wave / Album
(b)….: 7 x File  / Wave / Album
(c)….: 12 x File  / MPEG4-Video / Video Album
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Audio Quality….: (1411 kBit/s / orig. Master)
Video Quality….: (720p / HD Video)
Country….: Switzerland
Prod. Year….: 1994, 2008-2009
Released….: 31 Mar 2012
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Acid, Classic Techno, IDM, Minimal

The “monoton” series were created between october 2008 and april 2009. All tracks follow the same principle: They are all basedon a central audio track with sounds from a famous vintage analogsynthesizer – the Korg MS-10. I extracted these sounds from a tapedating back to 1994/95.

THE WEB: “Once on a saturday in late summer 1994 there was one of these flea marketsin my home town Winterthur. I was in the pub when a colleague bustedin, came straight to me and excitedly asked me if I knewwhat a Korg MS-10 is and if I wanted to buy one – if yes I would haveto hurry because he found one at a stand of the flea market, for only300 bucks (Swiss Franks)! Although back then I was only DJing fromtime to time, but was not doing my own music, had no drum machinesand other equipment, I knew this was a golden opportunity I shouldn’tpass up – techno and house music had become popular and the pricesfor old analog synths nobody was interested in a few years ago hadrisen to astronomical levels. So I immediately went out to the standand bought this vintage device. Back home, I explored the sounds ofit in depth, also because I had no other instrument that competed forattention. I experimented with the patch cords and tried everyconnection. ”Sick and industrial sounds and lots of dirt iswhat the MS can do at it’s best” ( – oh yes,that’s exactly what I like. Everytime I had found a sound that Iliked I recorded a few minutes of it on tape. Since I always wantedto do my own electronic music tracks but back then couldn’t affordthe equipment I decided to give the Korg MS-10 to my friend Sauri,former DJ from Winterthur (DJ Das Sausen) and drummer of the band”men from s.p.e.c.t.r.e” (superb instrumental music! -visit

Thankgod I had recorded this tape – finally, 14 years later I was able touse this stuff for my own electronic music tracks. After I made the Freeze!-seriesand a few inofficial remixes of oldies-but-goldies from the 80ies (REMIXED) I wanted to do something more “raw”, stripped down, classictechno, so this old Korg MS-10 tape was very wellcome. I used thesounds on it as a basis for the tracks (definig theme/mood, suitablebeat and speed), added one or two drummachines, an additional synth-or bassline or a few effects – and that was it. Since the Korg MS-10is monophonic I used the working title “monoton” for thisseries of tracks.

Thetracks on “monoton I” vary from oldschool technohouseacid-like style (monoton5 – doppelstern),wavy rocking breakbeat (waveroller)and even friendly downtempo (cleanup)to raw industrial machine beat (alientank).In monotonX there’sno drummachine, all the drum sounds came from Korg MS-10.

“monotonII” contains alternative versions of several tracks from”monoton I”; the tracks are renamed so that the original aswell as the new version are visible. alientank forexample grew to alientanks in the storm,a three part version with one tank in the beginning and another onereturning to the windy, empty battlefield (middle part) at the end. Apeculiar element in several tracks here is the different tempo of thebeat while keeping the original tempo of the Korg MS-10 sound track,in a ratio 4:3 (pulsatingsource of radio, little jumper, planet easy).In planeteasy sucha change in tempo occurs in the middle of the track, deviding it ina livingslow anda livingfast part.In the spacy quasi-stellarradio source,the effect of slowing down is reached by a 3/4 echo-effect anda differentbeat – the tempo remains the same as in the 4/4-trance-styleoriginal monoton6 – quasar.”

DOWNLOAD COMPLETE RELEASE   mp3 / 320 kbps / 144,9 mb / zip archive
DOWNLOAD RELEASE IN SOME AUDIO FORMATS    wave / flac / ogg vorbis / vbr mp3

 COMPLETE RELEASE     mp3 / 320 kbps / 128,2 mb / zip archiv
DOWNLOAD RELEASE IN SOME AUDIO FORMATS   wave / flac / ogg vorbis / vbr mp3

monoton video series
Artist….: THE WEB
Title….: monoton video series
Catalog#….: DASTextra01(c)
Medium….: 12 x File / Video Album
Playtime….: 81min 10sec
Format….: MPEG4-Video
Quality….: 720p HD
Country….: Switzerland
Released….: 31 Mar 2012
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Acid, Old School Techno, Minimal

DOWNLOAD COMPLETE VIDEO RELEASE  mpeg4-video / 720p HD / 1,2 gb / zip archiv

[PGZ186] Mihael Keehl – Cosmetic Brain (Remixed)

Monday, April 9th, 2012


Mihael Keehl´s relation with sound begins in 2003 (just after his degree in architecture), in the scenographic city of Venice when he was working as a sound artist, experience that inspired his interest for creating sounds formerly in a more experimental way and latter, for the electronic dance scene.

Perhaps it was the lack of an electronic music scene in Venice what took him from a deep musical research right forward to what was his underneath passion. After more than three years of isolation and experimental work in the romantic floating city he moves to Barcelona looking for a more active place.

The city’s overwhelmed electronic scene taught him a lot and was the playground for his former productions and his first Live Project under the name of anLog. In 2009 he was back to Bogota, his natal city, where he took his Live sets all over sometimes fighting against the city mainstream commercial venue.

Mihael Keehl’ approach to sound relates to certain architectural concepts, where structure and space become central to his sonic exploration, all with an intention to create states of mood and the fluctuation of different emotions in the brain; mental and sophisticated music for the dance floor, “the space for the ritual of the self and the other, alone and together under common vibes.” He argues the lack of a formal musical background to be the foundation of his sound, there’s no musical idea behind, rather a rough experimentation with sound and the primitive concept of the beats which had no further scope than to create cohesion within the social structure through repetitive and hypnotic vibes.

His sound oscillates between minimal and techno style, but sometimes it can be very diverse. On stage he is characterized for filling the space with good vibes with his particular style playing live or by arranging a dj set full of original tracks and remixes with the only aim of having fun and move your bone! Mihael Keehl’ latest album + Nihil on Progrezo Records, features seven tracks through different techno styles, ranging from deep to more melodic feels under a minimal basis including upfront names the likes of ‘Cosmetic Brain’.

A memorable-trippy-acid-tech track that consolidates Mihael Keehl as one of the best rising producers born in Colombia related to avant-garde electronic music.

First on the list, Russian talent ‘Samotarev’ featured already within the electronic music industry with massive releases next to Shiloh, Oliver Moldan and remixed by the likes of Thomas Penton in well known imprints, delivers an unstoppable tech interpretation of ‘Cosmetic Brain’, using with kind of precision original synths over his stomped rhythm, aimed straight to big rooms and every top notch techno DJ set. Huge remix to brake the night !!

Next on the list, French ‘Jim Schwindel’ has gained an army of followers by his latest releases, including strong support from the likes of Max Cooper on his February top 10 chart on Beatport among other top names. Inspired in the original synths Jim delivers a cinematic interpretation with majestic creativity and enough strength to put flick the mix with solid bass-line and surrounded effects, he brings suggestive ambiance with high class techno style. Here is a thinking-forward version for modern DJ sets.

Brazilian ‘Du Olivera’ has been involved within electronic music since age of 12 years, and with age of 16 as DJ. His music is mainly influenced by house music, but defined by himself as versatile, he produces a wide variety of genders including tech-house and progressive. Du Olivera delivers an upfront remix with high quality tech-house elements in addition to precise management using some original stems, he brings to the mix a suitable tool for any and every DJ set with classy underground tech-house touch.

Closing the package, rising talent ‘Matematica’ (Russia) delivers an useful minimal interpretation inspired in the original synths, adding tension to the mix with accurate bass-line and elements, Matematica brings an unforgettable version aimed straight to warm up the night by sophisticated class DJ set.

As exclusive Pre-release on below link :

Check out this CLICK  HERE

‘Non boundaries emotional dance-music’

PGZ Team

[noize044] Julia van der Piller / Oceaanbodem – Dark Flow

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Julia van der Piller / Oceaanbodem – Dark Flow

Label: In Noize
Catalog#: noize044
Format: 4 × File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Russia / Belgium
Released: 09 Apr 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dark Ambient


1 Julia van der Piller – Another Path (3:50)
2 Julia van der Piller – Dark Symphony (4:48)
3 Oceaanbodem – At Rejse Eller Blive (3:24)
4 Oceaanbodem – Dagmar Overbye (2:56)


Download! | Visit Intox Noize

[NS048] Fighting Lion – Sparkling Days, Sparkling Nights EP

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

Fighting Lion

[NS048] Fighting Lion – Sparkling Days, Sparkling Nights EP
No-Source Netlabel

Genre: Acoustic, Instrumental, Folktronic

Release Page

Fighting Lion returns with his new EP, “Sparkling Days, Sparkling Nights”. This is the followup (both sequentially and musically) to last year’s “When I see the fallen leaves turning red by the setting sun my heart is overwhelmed EP”. This is where we see Álvaro Menéndez grow as a musician, develop, and refine the sound that is Fighting Lion. The backbone of this EP is still the ukulele, playing Beirut inspired Balkan rhythms over the course of six colorful instrumentals. “Old Floorboards” finds strong melody from layering the ukulele. “Setting Sun” almost starts on the same foot, until a glockenspiel comes in. Adding new instruments is what differentiates this release from the previous. “Morning Fog” is a calm, plucked number beginning with a short melodica solo, a fog horn before the morning clears the skies. “Distant View”, another ukulele and glockenspiel piece, brings in minimal percussion. Each piece paints a vivid picture such as “Grass Mountain”, is a strolls upon a summer knoll. The album closes with “Summer Night Breeze”, a quiet, minimal lullaby. Ten minutes of beautiful music will need to hold us over until the Fighting Lion release. As always, can’t wait.