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[gargan066] Kodiac – Z

Monday, May 28th, 2012

It’s his first release on Gargan Records. “Alex Dörrer” presents with his project “Kodiac” the EP “Z”.
This EP is dedicated to his home town of Zwickau, and includes 3 impressive house tracks.
“Alex Dörrer” uses various influences of the House-Music-Genres and with this ingredients, he refines his tracks.
On this EP he manages to inspire the listener with the very first beats and synth interludes.

All files are in a quality of 320 kbit/s for the (free) Download.
MP3s, Cover and “all inclusive” ZIP-package are available here or on:

Artist: Kodiac
Album: Z
Release Date: 2012-05-27
Genre: Deep House / Tech-House
Label: Garganrecords
Catalog#: gargan066
Type: EP


(01) Marienthal 08:03
(02) Pölbitz 08:28
(03) Eckersbach 07:23

Preview (m3u)

Download (ZIP)


News zu Rockt den Sommer auf IBIZA

Monday, May 28th, 2012

NewcomerRadio Deutschland, die Agentur MMM-Artist-Management und die Hotelkette azuLine Hotels ermöglichen euch auch in diesem Jahr einen unvergesslichen Bandurlaub auf der Partyinsel Ibiza.
In der Nähe des Hafenortes Es Canar erwartet euch auf knapp 90.000 qm das beliebte Club Resort Punta Arabi.

Wegen des großen Erfolges im letzten Jahr freuen wir uns, auch im Sommer 2012 bis zu 20 Bands jeweils eine Woche Aufenthalt im Club Punta Arabi ermöglichen zu können. Erlebt Party, Palmen, Strand, Coktails und beweist euch auf mit eurem eigenen Bandauftritt auf der Bühne des Hotels.

Bewerbt euch mit einer ausführlichen Bandbiografie, verratet uns, weshalb ausgerechnet ihr es verdient habt die Reise zu gewinnen und mit etwas Glück schicken wir euch für eine Woche Halbpension (+ 200 EUR Verzehrgutschein) in die schönste Partymetropole Spaniens.

Ihr braucht nur euren Billigflug selbst zahlen, verbringt eine unvergessliche Woche im Club, habt einen Auftritt direkt am Pool auf einer großen Bühne und bekommt noch 200.- € Verzehr an der Club-Bar.

Es sind nur noch 4 Plätze frei und einer davon ist ein “Featured-Band-Termin”

9.6. – 16.6.2012
16.6. – 23.6.2012
25.8. – 1.9.2012
und der 1.9. – 8.9.2012

Hier fliegt NewcomerRadio Deutschland mit euch, dreht mit euch ein Video im Wert von 2000.- € und gibt euch Management- und Marketingfeedbacks.


[EN57] Off Land – Eventide Passage

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Eventide Passage

Off Land – Eventide Passage

Eventide Passage is the latest album by Tim Dwyer’s Off Land. Described as “the reflection of a night drive” and as “the emptiness and mystery that surrounds a vehicle when driving through the blackness,” Eventide Passage is music for travel (intro & extrospectively). Comprised of ten tracks mostly composed while actually traveling on planes, trains and automobiles, a sense of forward moving space is developed sonically providing warmth and security not unlike a safety belt in it’s most motherly nature. With the moving images viewed through windows sonified into their melodic & harmonic counterparts, Off Land has created a richly dense ambient album that pulses along with the heartbeat of our own ecology and civil engineering. With the added benefit of being mastered by Kris Weston (best known for his work as a member of The Orb), Off Land’s Eventide Passage is the perfect soundtrack for your future forward movements.

01. Slow
02. Thickly Settled
03. Intersection
04. Hidden Drive
05. Detour
06. Road Closed
07. Fog Area
08. Speed Limit
09. Turns
10. Exit

[pyr053] sky thing – garbage strike

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

sky thing - garbage strike

sky thing is john collins mccormick, an improviser and sound artist currently living in garrett, indiana whose performances and installations are built on improvisation utilizing the natural comings and goings of the people and the space as well as transducers and contact mics. his interest lies in percussive aspects of traditional instruments and extended performance techniques; the space in between improvisation and composition; and acoustic to electronic sound conversion.

john used prepared turntables, transducers, contact mics, modulators and various objects to create garbage strike, his first album for pan y rosas. the sound is something like a furnace roar and artificial cicadas with life happening in the background. metal singing. found objects vibrated with motors. phased sizzle.

download here

[dystopiaq030] Dust Collector – Narcolepsy

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Dust Collector is a difficult artist to pigeonhole into a single genre. This release is out of left field, and is for anyone interested interested in truly experimental music that transcends the rigidity of a label.

Artist: Dust Collector
Title: Narcolepsy
Label: Dystopiaq
Release: dystopiaq030
Date: May 21, 2012
Genre: Abstract, Hip-Hop, Experimental


01 A Day Of The Life In (Standby Your Vanity, Elephantightest, Sandsintransit)
02 Bed Time Stories Part One (Living Room For The Dead)
03 Sleep Part One (Eight Melted Candles, Elevation Changes Eventually)
04 The Third Eye Patch (In Waves)
05 Better Dreams (Dripcastle Mansion, Handgrenade Serenade, Dreamzzz, Nostrilgia, Underature)
06 The Good The Bad And The (Chickering, The Gesture Part One, Humming To The Cemetery, A Gesture Part Two)
07 Nighterror (X Marks The Spots You See With, Relapse, November Seventh Two Thousand And Nine, Ten Heads On A Rusty Track)
08 415 (Disturbing The Piece Of Noise)
09 Bumpinthenight (The Candlemakers’ Son, Headquake, Second Time’s A Chasm, Tick Up My Sleeve, Rattlesnake Showdown, Rubble Rouser, After Pardon)
10 Bedtime Stories Part Two (The White Dog Like A Rose, Garden Guard In The Back Yard)
11 Sleep Part Two (The Sleep Address, Amnesia Dances, Yes Sir Little Sister, Old Pop Music, Uninhibited Letter With Hidden Intentions/Goodbye Feet)
12 Night Owl (The Swampthing Part Three…)
13 Lucid Change (…The Swampthing Part Three Continued/Cannons Indeed, Costume Balls)
14 Between The Sheetrock (Heartiac Bail, City With No Limits)
15 Nocturnal: A Mission (Hot Pursuit, The Young Prospector)
16 Waterlog (White Dog Fights, A Well Lighted Black Market)
17 Mourning Wood (Questioning My Sheen, The Moonshine’s Behind Us)
18 Drifting (Best Day Won)
19 Wonderlost/Wanderlost/Wonderlust (Day Dreams)

[Ltd. 15 Copys C90 Tape] dmvssm – Recycled Tapes Vol. 03

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Artist: dmvssm
Release Name: Recycled Tapes Vol. 03
Release No.: Ltd. 15 Copys C90 Tape
Genre: Ambient, Chill-Out, Drone


A1. atOnal 1
A2. atOnal 2
B1. atOnal 3
B2. atOnal 4


27 House Tracks Hotfingers Moves Compilation is soon OUT

Thursday, May 24th, 2012


It comes the time for the Volume 1 of the Hotfingers Moves Compilation to be unleashed on the Italian house/tech house music label, masterfully run by Manuel De La Mare, Alex Kenji and Luigi Rocca. On the 26th of June you will be able to enjoy the essence of the imprint`s releases made by ones of the most sought-after names on the Electronic Dance Music scene – Federico Scavo, Austin Leeds feat. Corey Andrew, Pleasurecraft, Marco Lys, Libex, Plastik Funk, Lissat & Voltaxx as well as some of the greatest groovy pieces of the lifetime work of Hotfingers` owners themselves. Take a listen to the preview of the upcoming monstrous collection of House!


Track list:


  1. Sideburn  -  Zoomanity (Original Mix)
  2. Ralph Good, Jollan – Sao Paulo Shuffle (Jacked Up Remix)
  3. Inaya Day, Mia, Dunk N’ Aliens! – That Place (Nino Anthony Sunset Mix)
  4. Do Santos – No Comprendo (Original Mix)
  5. Darko De Jan, Davide Vario -  From Ibiza With Love (Original Mix)
  6. Vlada Asanin – Balkan Boy (DJ Ortzy Remix)
  7. Pepo, Pacho – True Love (Original Mix)
  8. Julian Poker – Fever (Ivan Pica Automatica Rocks Beat Remix)
  9. Luigi Rocca, Pleasurekraft – Nostromo (Original Mix)
  10. Josh Feedblack, Claudio Barracu – One More Time (Original Mix)
  11. Angel Stoxx – I Found My E In Your Pocket (Original Mix)
  12. Marco Lys, Alex Kenji – Manaus (Original Mix)
  13. Austin Leeds – Harmony Feat. Corey Andrew (Original Mix)
  14. Libex – 2 Get (Original Mix)
  15. Reza – Bakongo (Original Mix)
  16. Plastik Funk, Lissat & Voltaxx – Hate 2 Hate Ya (Lissat & Voltaxx Mix)
  17. Chardy, DJ PP, TBIB – Nqr (Club Mix)
  18. Cuartero – El Perdido (Manuel De La Mare Remix)
  19. Alex Kenji – The Funk (Original Mix)
  20. Federico Scavo – Let’s All Chant (Manuel De La Mare & Marshall Remix)
  21.  My Digital Enemy – Enter Floripa (Original Mix)
  22. Serve Chilled – Tropicana (Original Mix)
  23. Ivan Pica – Two Suns (Rocking Mix)
  24. Kevin Andrews & Leisuregroove – Klik (Original Mix)
  25. DJ Smilk, Juan Ddd – Roll It (OriginalMix)
  26. Heikki L – Darbuka (Original Mix)
  27. Marco Ferrantelli – La Isla Sonara (Original Mix)


Take a listen here:



Pre-Order link:



Connect with us here:

Datamatrix – Setup (Carmarage Records)

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Release: Datamatrix – Setup
Label: Carmarage Records
Style: Techno
Format: mp3, wav
Releasedate: 21 May 2012


1) Setup
2) Uninstall

release you can listen and buy on Beatport and on all known stores

some feedback and support for release from:

Matt K - „Nice tracks, good potential for some floor fillers! [Smile] Respect!”
Laurent N. - „Nice techno release & always great stuff by Datamatrix !!! I will play them for sure. FULL SUPPORT !!!”
Recis - „setup is my fav, both tracks have very nice construction and atmosfere, will fit good in my next sets. thanks! dj recis / last joint records”
Paula Cazenave - „great tracks! i will play them sure. Nice work.”
Patrick Dsp - „nice stuff!”
Markus Schulz - „Thanks so much!”
Lilonee - „Will play Uninstall! ”
Vegim - „Will play both tracks out. Thanx. ”
Daz Furey - „Great stuff. will support personally and put in rotation on Fnoob Techno Radio.”
Luke Creed - „Setup is nice”
Israel Toledo - „SET UP FOR ME…THANX”
Destroyer - „Dobra prace, vypaluju si [Smile] ”
Electrorites - „Nice one..Datamatrix – Uninstall is my fav!”

some another tracks and free stuff from Datamatrix on Soundcloud

release you can listen and buy on all known stores:



[SYMB007] Wolfgang Lohr – Affenstillstand Evolution

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

symb007 cover

That side:
Original Mix 08:13 min
Tinush Remix 04:58 min

This side:
Oscar Berngruber Remix 07:41 min
Matthias Kick Remix 06:57 min

Techouse / House / Minimal

Release/catalogue number: symb007
Release date: Juni 2012
Format: 12″ + Digital
Distributed by

Fresh smell of croc and happy easter bell ing-a-ling are left directly
behind ourselves and a new EP of Symbiostic stands immediately in
front of the door. Based on the motto: If you want more, then play vinyl!
we present our first release in black gold.

The Original Mix from Wolfgang Lohr (Berlin / Symbiostic, Zuckerton
Records) starts immediately and a classical Tech House Crowd Pleaser
climbs directly into the ears. Produced for the club jungle, a walking
bassline presents itself accompanied by melodic vocal shots, diverse
stabs and a driving shuffle groove… the whole monkey-gang shouts!
A pinch of Deep House for chilly summer nights scatters Oscar Berngruber
(Lübeck / Gardenhouse) into the primate nation. A varied contrast
with full groove, organ stabs, trumpet licks and an interesting evolution
in the arrangement stand out fresh!

Matthias Kick (Munich / Beatwax) convinces with his remix of a very
danceable funky house version. The heavy bassline grooves through the
track and all elements are driven back deep into the jungle to an ostinato!

Tinush (Dortmund / Ton liebt Klang) finally entertain the last conspecifics
of the urban jungle. With surprising breaks, french touched accordion
melodies, clubby minimal groove and an unconventional arrangement
a real masterpiece of evolution got extracted from the coconut!

All in all a round EP, which lurches from vine to vine through the various
genres of electronic dance music and guarantees one: no monkeys


[SE040] Various Artists – Electronic Archive

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

electronic-archive-stato-elettricoElectronic Archive – Free mp3 compilation.

Labarome Techno Music Industries, Transient9, Abacom System, Tiziano Sterpa, Die Einen, Buskerdroid, Johnny Peraza, Stealther, Silvia Trix, Pure Analog, Direct y, Octobertwelve, Nowai, Max Farnea, Electro Disciples, Andrea Lenci, SpyWave, AS, Vektor.

Powered by Stato Elettrico.



Download full album now

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