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Archive for June, 2012

DJ Puk – Orchidea EP incl. Renton Remix

Monday, June 25th, 2012

DJ Puk debuts on Progrezo Records with his brand new pearl and 4 original tracks, in addition to an overwhelming remix from Renton, packaged as Orquidea EP.

First on the list ‘DJ Puk’ brings a deep melodic techno tool with a strong bass-line to stand up the crowd in an instant with huge of precision. Mad synths surround the atmosphere at the night, making it surreal on the fly.

Second on the list Trentini Luca known as ‘Renton’, was born in the late 80s in a little town of northern Italy. Since he was young he has been attracted by everything capable to making noise, falling in love with music and its ability to spread feelings and emotions. At the age of 13, while his contemporaries wanted moped for present, he asked his gained a dj console from his parents without thinking about it will make him fully addicted to both music and its environment.

After a while he felt the need to produce what he had in mind, meeting up Dj Puk in a music project called “David Hofmann” both together. During his dj sets, Renton Dj and multifaceted producer, drives from house to techno, with enough capability to making people move and stand up dance floor.

Renton delivers a dynamic techno interpretation aimed straight to the dance-floor. His version has all the tools to suit thinking-forward Dj sets from deep to high tech atmospheres, gaining him as a prolific producer within the finest world electronic music.

Next on the list, DJ Puk delivers an incredible tool as ‘Syncopated’ as it is, fully charged by best techno elements and introspective at same time, he reveals in the journey ambiances for great inspiration. A piece that surely will suit several of the most sophisticated DJs around the world.

‘Terzision’ is the right one to follow this amazing ep, adding a futuristic-electronica touch with a stomped broken beat. Here DJ Puk delivers a imposing tool for dj sets with enough personality and technologic rooms. Mad voices along with influenced synths with top notch electronica band-sounds the likes of Underworld, fits this pack as perfect complement.

Closing with style, ‘Rengift’ proves DJ Puk himself as a notorious producer within the modern electronica arena, delivering a harmonious track influenced by best progressive melodies but with modern tools from techno.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:

PGZ Team
‘thinking-forward music’

Stonebreaker – Dreaming Aurora plus Remixes

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Coming from magical Greek colony Taras or Tarantos, influenced by Dorian settlers as the only Spartan colony who grew up as an important port well placed geographically and strategically surrounded lands with many olive trees and vineyards, rising talent ‘Stonebreaker’ debuts on Progrezo Records with his brand new gemstone ‘Dreaming Aurora’, featuring a high quality pearl by unstoppable cutting-edge emotions in a multicolor journey shot away.

Inspired in the cinematic landscapes of his natal city, Stonebreaker delivers solid rhythm built strong side-chained bass-line over, bringing a moving-forward trippy tool aimed straight to close the eyes at the dance-floor as it goes. S

econd on the navy, ‘Flex(Italy)’ features a dynamic techy-house version using some original pads and synths to realize an elegant interpretation aimed straight for a wide range of Dj styles from deep-house and minimal to tech-house, techno and electronica. Here a grand-piano plays around sweet atmospheres creating a fantastic ambiance between melody and rhythm at the night.

Third in command ‘EndCycle’ brings a powerful interpretation based on his solid techno-bass-line to profit in high qiuality bassy rooms. Inspired by the original synths, he delivers a suitable tool for sophisticated dj sets. Quite deep but very useful, EndCycle brings a thinking-forward pearl at the package.

Last on the list ‘Adams Apple’ delivers a top notch electronica version with all the attributes and spirit based on a dynamic rhythm and surrounded by suggestive atmospheres, he takes us in a trippy journey with best of techno and house elements packed in a shot away for go beyond.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:

PGZ Team
‘thinking-forward music’

[NS053] Apsis Lappet – The Fear of Farewell

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Apsis Lappet

[NS053] Apsis Lappet – The Fear of Farewell
No-Source Netlabel

Genre: Acid Synth Pop, Trip-Pop

Release Page

“The Fear of Farewell” is Apsis Lappet’s third release and second full length album. These nine songs are nothing less than face melting, tripped out, synth infused, pop music. Apsis Lappet has always been experimental in nature. Fans will be happy to know that “The Fear of Farewell” pushes new boundaries, contains many catchy hooks, and experiments in pop song structure. This album shares some sonic similarities with Apsis Lappet’s debut, “Suite Happy Sweet”. The track “Quickly Slow Me Down” has an infectious chorus, and an excellent keyboard solo outro. “Orgy” is a mellow, distorted fusion of heavy guitars, piano, and far-off vocoded vocals. The title track is builds with a simple chant into an instrumental crescendo. “Rejected” is a remixed version of an unreleased track. The Jenova 7 remix gives the track a heavy does of downtempo breakbeats. The album winds both up and down with “Anaerobic”, a short musical track with a long outro of static, radio hiss, and experimental electronics. “Hidden Track” closes the album with a melencholy piano ballad. “The Fear of Farewell” is Apsis Lappet’s most cohesive and mature batch of songs yet.

Akasoundsite – Make Your Choice incl. Marcel Reix + Remixes

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Akasoundsite, a cutting-edge electronic music project duo from Valladolid, Spain, raised when fate brings these two artists excellent musical training to improve the bond of union.

Motivated by the success gotten with their first release, Akasoundsite grew up professionally to understand, learn, create and consolidate their own music with a particular style that fuses in classic and purist techno.

Detroit 90s sound was point of Influence to go ahead producing several tracks and see the light within the techno industry as a short preview about how will impact Akasoundsite to. With ace collaborations the likes of Xpansul, the Spainsh duo moves forward to a new level adding enough strength to their name having the opportunity to sign themselves on well known record labels including Dirty Stuff, GM Music distribution, Erase, Sheeva, Progrezo and System Recordings, and share catalogue next to James Zabiela, James Holden, Sasha, John Digweed, Miss Kittin and many more.

Their brand new gemstone ‘Make Your Choice’ is a cutting-edge synonymous coveted by best of techno worldwide DJs including Dubfire. Here Akasoundsite delivers unstoppable rhythm hand managed by best of peak-time atmospheres to lead a useful tool at the dance-floor.

Established in Barcelona since 2010, Venezuelan Marcel Reix has been polishing his producer name on the past years, taking it to a new level at well known imprints the likes of Marco Bayley’s Pornographic besides massive support from top DJs, bringing cutting-edge productions by distinctly high quality music from sophisticated minimal textures driving through deep-house ambiances, to peak-time techno and tech house masterpieces.

Marcel himself has played in several cities around the world including Edinburgh, Barcelona, Madrid, Tenerife, Bogota, Medellin, Cucuta and Caracas among others. His productions have achieved massive support from the likes of Dubfire, Pete Tong, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Luca Ricci, Markus Schulz, Joy Kitikonty, Dj PP, Fabian Argomedo, Danny Tenaglia, Butch, Loco Dice, Carlo Lio, Timo Maas, Daniele Papini, Dave Seaman, Audiofly, Valentino Kanzyani, Ricardo Villalobos, Wally Lopez, Hernan Cattaneo, Sultan, Satoshie Tomiie, Slam, Dandi & Ugo, Piatto, Steve Bug, Adam Beyer, Marco Carola, Delete, Rob Mirage, Eric Entrena, Ismael Rivas, Bias, Serge Devant, Lazardi, Alex Young, Randall Jones, Dj Taucher, Wehbba, Gare Mat K such as his indubitable debut album ‘Super Natural’ signed on 2011 through the independent leading record label specialized in avant-garde electronic music Progrezo Records where rising producer featured a tight track selection by most brightness studio gems in two different packages, along with a cutting-edge full length DJmix to break up the dance-floor.

With massive support from some of the world master hands such as Dubfire, Sinisa Tamamovic, Marco Bailey and Richie Hawtin, the Marcel Reix interpretation of ‘Make Your Choice’ shines by its own, revealing with best of techno toes packaged carefully for peak-time DJ sets as unprecedented outburst.

Next on the list, Italian The Zars are back to Progrezo Records delivering a stomped interpretation supa Berlin most highlighted techno rooms influenced by. Originally duo formed by Alex Tessarolo and Pad, both artists met solid commitment onto play vinyl as only in their DJ sets, adding external sources to performance forward new studio productions along with live vocals support. Their sets easily goes from dub-tech to moderate techno beats, raised with some house elements to suits a raw level by Detroits influenced sound. Zars’ music is made of contrasts and oppositions that tends to create rather than destroy: club stuff vs chamber music, techno vs house, black vs white, a Mediterranean pounding heart vs a northern European mind-set the past and the future, that contrast better known as the present. The Zars have played at several venues in Rome like the ones of Brancaleone, Circolo degli Artisti, Muzak, NYlon, Atelier 35, Locanda Atlantide, Roma Vintage, Nissan Juke Energy Village and the RGB events with guests such as Octave One and Joris Voorn among others. They also opened to the Italian cult electronic duo Krisma, at Linux Club; besides toured many festivals across Italy achieving to compile “Ten Years of Sonica Festival” distributed by Universal. The Zars recently shared stage with Shlomi Aber and Jeff Mills at Brancaleone – Wave Connection event. Definitively an artist to watch!

Italian Tony Anatone featured recently on Progrezo Records along with ‘ Full Time’ gemstone, is back with his twisted techy sound, bringing with Tony himself a killer bomb aimed straight for the dance-floor. Inspired in the original voice in addition top notch percussive elements, he adds strength to the mix to commit the crowd in unison. Open hats close roll up synth puts both the neurons to the limit of impossible.

Having been featured recently in Progrezo Records with outstanding remixes, Rivoli’s born Andrea Casula delivers top diamond bullets without stop. His interpretation of ‘Make Your Choice’ is an useful tool in peak-time djs set. Here Andrea leads us to the top bringing incessant air of bubbles music. Andrea is definitively a rising talent to follow!

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:

PGZ Team
‘thinking-forward music’


Monday, June 25th, 2012

Aktuell zu der neuen Single “Not The Cure” startet am 1.7.2012 der Remix-Contest.

Reicht Euren Remix ein und gewinnt einen exclusiven Remix-Vertrag.



HELLA DONNA bei der AgenturMMM

Wir suchen DEN SOMMERHIT 2012

Monday, June 25th, 2012

supporten euren Song in der begeehrten Top-Rotation, neben Acts wie 30 seconds To Mars, UNHEILIG, Jennifer Rostock, Bruno Mars, ICH+ICH, Xavier Naidoo

und supporten euren Song, wenn wir mit der Band ENSLAVED MIRROR vom 1.9. – 8.9.2012 auf die Partyinsel IBIZA fliegen.

Sendet euren SOMMERHIT via. Soundcloud-Link oder YouTube-Link an

Einsendeschluss: 15.7.2012

[gargan067] Giuliano Rodrigues – Inside Of Your Hand

Monday, June 25th, 2012

The Brazilian Giuliano Rodrigues looks back on a discography, which is rich in moments of brilliance.
Also the new album is a cornucopia of musical ideas. During the play time of 32 minutes you can not hear any sagging.
Always it stays exciting. “Inside Of Your Hand” is an album that embraced you from the first until the last minute.

All files are in a quality of 320 kbit/s and are ready for the (free) download.
MP3s, Cover and “all inclusive” ZIP-package are available here or on:

Artist: Giuliano Rodrigues
Album: Inside Of Your Hand
Release Date: 2012-06-17
Genre: Tech House / Progressive House
Label: Garganrecords
Catalog#: gargan067
Type: EP


(01) Inside Of Your Hand (Original Mix) 10:22
(02) Pages (Original Mix) 10:03
(03) Halluzinogen (Original Mix) 11:00

Preview (m3u)

Download (ZIP)


[ZIMMER090] Tuomas Rantanen – Quadrant EP

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Zimmer090 – Tuomas Rantanen – Quadrant EP (Finland)
mp3, 320kbps, stereo, 63MB, techno

090.1 – Tuomas Rantanen – Quadrant
090.2 – Tuomas Rantanen – Sculptures
090.3 – Tuomas Rantanen – Crater Valley
090.4 – Tuomas Rantanen – Arcade

download ->
download ->
download ->
download -> *.ZIP

Artwork (909px)
[design: jcbdrzr | photo: psycoded]

A galactic quadrant, or quadrant of the galaxy, refers to one of four circular sectors in the division of the Milky Way galaxy. In actual astronomical practice, the delineation of the galactic quadrants is based upon the galactic coordinate system, which places the Sun as the pole of the mapping system. The Sun is used instead of the galactic center for practical reasons since all astronomical observations (by humans) to date have been based on Earth or within the solar system. [wikipedia]


[pyr055] ?alos – recordi indelebili

Monday, June 25th, 2012

?alos is musician/experimental performer stefania pedretti’s solo project that began in 2003. her performances blur the lines between performance art, experimental music, improvisation, video art and force the audience to actively participate. the feminine figure and its role in history and contemporary society is at the heart of her performances.

on her first album for pan y rosas, ?alos explores personality, mutilated beauty, psychological themes and emotions using beats, guitar, piano, violin and cello. the sound is: violin drones and breaths. incantations. break-beat guitar crunch. chant. now wave skree/chime. synthetic toy noise. sirens. bass sing song. electro rumble. string scratch. descension piano.

download here

[SSRCD001] Sascha Müller – Dynamic Analog

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Artist: Sascha Müller
Release Name: Dynamic Analog
Release No.: SSRCD001
Genre: Acid, Techno


01. Decompression
02. Sick Station
03. Frogman
04. Plug And Play
05. Patterntraffic
06. badrat
07. None
08. Disabled
09. Bionic Mode
10. The Vibe