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Archive for September, 2012

[Noisybeat045] Cixxx J – Acknowledge ep

Thursday, September 27th, 2012


[Noisybeat 045] Cixxx j – Acknowledge ep

Noisybeat netlabel is showcasing Cixxx J with this surprise release, three big tunes which have been kept unreleased for too long. Noisybeat has taken them at last to bring them to you, for free, as usual. “Outlook“ is the opener, pure electric funky, as swingey and dirty it can get. Tune was made by Cixxx J the night before he left for that festival in Pula to play his set in 2011, and for sure you can feel those warm festival vibes by listening to it. After many free download links yet countless expired, not working and dodgy ones, the tune is finally and officially made available to the public. Backpassband is technological funk, elevated to the stratosphere, a tune which will make you dance and float you to the clouds like a balloon. With a lot of radio plays on stations like SubFM and gathering early support coming from a broad range of DJs like Cal Cutta, BunZer0, Alis/Subeena, SimonOff, EshOne, Valta/Kievbass, Bombaman, Dubray/Mousai Radio and many others, BackPassBand is definitely an all-time and all-styles winner! Cixxx J says goodbye with “bandLOW“ then, the ruffest and darkest one in the collection. The tune features a sub bass which can tear your speakers up dominating the whole, and sleazy and dirty sounds to make it even more intense. For all of you music lovers, djs and producers in the constant struggle to find new fresh current uncompromising yet good tunes, this is what you`re looking for. So go get it because its free!

[intox146] Organism – Re. Vol. 1

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Organism – Re. Vol. 1

Label: Intox Noize
Catalog#: intox146
Format: 10 × File, Album, 320 kbps
Country: Belarus
Released: 07 Sep 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Breakbeat


01 07.14 (13:30)
02 436475—93 (2:56)
03 An_Sh (4:25)
04 Gaw (4:16)
05 Lj–93t (8:06)
06 monts (10:31)
07 Nft (5:14)
08 rust (6:15)
09 vith (4:58)
10 Xen (2:57)


Download! | Visit Intox Noize

[NS058] Multi-Panel – All It Takes

Thursday, September 27th, 2012


[NS058] Multi-Panel – All It Takes
No-Source Netlabel

Genre: Americana, IDM

Release Page

“All It Takes” is the third album by Multi-Panel, the solo project of Ludo Maas. Native to the Netherlands, Ludo has been perfecting his style of loop based electronic music pared with vocals and acoustic guitar. On “All It Takes”, Maas blends Lo-fi IDM with Americana, creating a decidedly cinematic experience. Each track blends to the next like scenes in a movie. Nostalgic guitar rifts become the canvas for the synthetic flourishes and expressive synth work. Drum beats and vocals, come and go, on a tidal schedule. The end result is a rich and complex suite of songs that demands to be listened to from start to finish, like a good film. The album was inspired by Maas’ new found love for the cinema, and accompanying soundtracks. Notable inspirations include Tangerine Dream’s Risky Business, Howard Shore’s After Hours, Jon Brion’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Patrick Leonard’s At Close Range, Ennio Morricone’s Days of Heaven, and Jon Hopkins’ Monsters. Maas’ musical influences include Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens, Múm, Colleen, Fennesz, Boards of Canada, Neil Young, Four Tet, and Postal Service. Support the artist further by purchasing this release through Multi-Panel’s Bandcamp Page.

UNKLE – Heaven (Paul Lyman Remix)

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Argentinean born but Spain established top dj Hernan Cattaneo, well known by his Renaissance mix compilations as the South American legend, Hernan himself has become synonymous with the meticulous manifesto of melody that defines high quality music, constantly pushing forward that soar throughout the full canon of House and Techno, dreamily imagined collages of sound as his September episode proves as follows :

Resident / Episode 071 / September 15 2012

Part 1 Tracklist

Asten – Memories (Dan Kubo Remix)
John Gham – Valentino
Mark Henning – Sunday Slide
Marc Marzenit & Henry Saiz – Sirens Land
Death in Vegas – Anita Berber (Dark Soul Project & Agus V Remix)

Part 2 Tracklist
JOSEL – AnotherEarth
Michael, Levan & Stiven Rivic – Violence (Marcelo Vasami remix)
Kay – I m Dead Twice
Unkle – Heaven (Paul Lyman Remix)

For more info visit:

Grab your copy on:

For more info visit: | thinking-forward

[SOSLP041] Il Leprotto – La Belle Epoque

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012


Artists: il leprotto
Title: La Belle Epoque
Genre: Electro / Breakbeat / Drum and Bass
Release on: 01 / 08 / 2012
Artwork: Luca Mascioli

Time for summer hits and so time for the punishment by Il Leprotto. His debut with the netlabel Sostanze Records is one of those that leaves the mark. The original mix comes along with several remixes by the best producers of the netlabel which offer different intepretations and styles of the track, from dubstep to drum ‘n’ bass. The experience lived in clubs through the last year has pushed him to test sounds typical of his background without leaving aside the current trends of the present days. We bet that the dude from Cremona is only at the beginnig of his run, even though he’s already dazing us. Follow the hare if you can.


1 La Belle Epoque (original mix)
2 La Belle Epoque (digital monkey Remix)
3 La Belle Epoque (incomprensibile FC Remix)
4 La Belle Epoque (kobra Remix)
5 La Belle Epoque (bebop Remix)
6 La Belle Epoque (nerter Remix)
7 La Belle Epoque (randy marsh Remix)
8 La Belle Epoque (flux Remix)
9 La Belle Epoque (brokenspud Remix)

Release Page

v4w.enko+d’incise – AM.P.E.REM.EC

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

v4w.enko + d’incise

LP, 6 tracks, 37min, released with Everestrecords.

Details, preview & order

V4w.enko and d’incise collaboration is a pure product of the internet generation, they knew each others music far before getting really in touch. They’ve been both very present on the netaudio scene during the past years. They created this album, then later meet and played some concerts in Switzerland developing a different way, more based in improvisation, to generate their music. So the album is definitely home music, a fine tuning of ambient, glitches, electroacoustic, soft hisses and a slight touch of fragmented electronica.

Their music is about duality, of spaces, languages, focal points, always so close but never totally in contact.

The sounds are built from a contrasted proposition between automatic processing, algorithmic synthesis, cold demonstration of theories that are suddenly getting sensitive by a context of stochastic, organic, human mind related layers of acoustic sounds and underlines of delicate noises.

Thing happens separately and simultaniously, never in conflict, none having more value than the other, till reaching the point where the melt into one music.

[SR017] Off Land – Overlook

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Off Land

[SR017] Off Land – Overlook
Stasis Recordings

Genre: Ambient, Electronic, IDM

Release Page

Overlook is a companion album to Eventide Passage (Released May 2012 on Enpeg Digital [EN57]). Eventide Passage was finished in early 2011. Overlook started as a collection of b-sides and alternate mixes of tracks recorded during the Eventide Passage sessions. These b-sides and audio scraps were expanded on, remixed, and reworked during the rest of 2011. The result is a sound that is both a continuation and a progression of the sound found throughout Eventide Passage. Like Eventide Passage, Overlook is an album of ambient electronic music to drive to. It is a soundtrack to those long lonely drives. Each track is titled after text on road signs spotted throughout my travels.

01 Speed Limit (extended)
02 State Line
03 Steep Grade
04 Only
05 View Point (recon)

[SYMB008] Ernesto Linares, Pieper & Kappetijn, Macho Macho

Monday, September 24th, 2012

SYMB008 is out now!
The summer draws to a close. Symbiostic 008 ties to the days full of sun, dance and harmony. Ernesto Linares, Pieper & Kappetijn and Macho Macho are the artists of a vivid release fully packed with warming guitarsounds and satisfying electricity. Just the right way to simplify the crossing to the next season.


Ernesto Linares – Como el Jazz
Pieper & Kappetijn – On the street
Macho Macho – Falling Pink

Techouse / House / Minimal

Release/catalogue number: symb008
Release date: September 2012
Format: Digital


[intox147] Music Box 03

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Music Box 03

Label: Intox Noize
Catalog#: intox147
Format: 3 × File, MP3, 192 kbps
Country: Worldwide (Australia / Belarus / Belgium)
Released: 20 Sep 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Trance, Experimental


01 Dj Alure – Sapphire city (5:43)
02 Organism – Aechchchchchchchee (4:30)
03 Magdalena Solis – Proserpina’s gardens (4:15)


Download! | Visit Intox Noize

Telegraphy – 0dbm

Thursday, September 20th, 2012



Experimentations in sounds of shortwave. 0 dBm is a concept E.P. from Detroit producer Telegraphy (Richard Sudney). The concept being, combining in real time, audio of shortwave signals from which a vintage vacuum tube communications receiver is used as a back drop for Telegraphy’s minimal dub’ed sound-scapes. This receiver, with it’s etheric property’s not found in today’s solid state electronics, captures outer worldly tonalities and energies. Each track was recorded live directly to a audio capture device with no post production work done. This is to ensure minimal damage to any etherics that were recorded from the howl state vacuum tube radio.

download zip mp3