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[DAST052] Ix Prospectum – Once Remember You EP

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012


Next great drill‘n bass number comes from Italy, for lovers of the early works of  Richard D. James, this EP is definitely a feast for the ears. …we hope you like it!

ARTWORK: taken from the original artwork
“Zeitgeist” by Sandro Ihling / B3hinART

Artist….: Ix Prospectum
Title….: Once Remember You EP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings 
Catalog#….: DAST052
Medium….: 5 x File / EP
Playtime….: 33min 57sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Country….: Italy….: 30 Sep 2012
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Abstract, Experimental, Electro, Drill`n Bass, Dub

DOWNLOAD COMPLETE RELEASE   mp3 / 320 kbps / 85,0 mb / zip archive
DOWNLOAD COMPLETE RELEASE   flac / 768 kbps / 249,1 mb / zip archive
 RELEASE IN SOME AUDIO FORMATS  wave / flac / ogg vorbis / vbr mp

[Noo15] Dominga – „Dominga“

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012


The 15th release of Cologne based collective NOORDEN is something very special for their catalogue, because it’s more »Indie« than »Electronic«. The selftitled six-track EP by San Francisco based artist Dominga has a great flowing mood between Shoegaze, Indie, Electronica and Rock. Listening to »Dominga« is like drinking a great cocktail at the beach, mixed out of Synth, Psychedelic, Electronic, Stoner, a little breeze of Velvet Underground, Sampling, Distortions, even a bit Pop, Bass, Orchestra, Krautrock, Soul and last but not least a small touch of Wonder & Lennon… The perfect soundtrack for an amazing late-summer… Enjoy

Listen to the EP at SOUNDCLOUD !!!

Download the EP for free – just write »0« (or even more) in the money-field. The ZIP-file includes the poster and the album-artwork as PDFs.

Limited CD/Poster Edition

We produced a limited CD-edition of the EP, that comes in a handcrafted cardboard-slipcase with a foldable poster. On the one side of the poster, you can find the lyrics and on the other side a nice potrait of the artist. Your CD-player and your wall hardly needs that edition ;) Be sure to grab your copy on Bandcamp

Written and produced by Jeff Ortega. Mixed and mastered by Edwin Garro and Rico Loverde. Illustration by Ariel Diaz. Photography by Ian Healy. Artwork by Alex Ketzer. All rights reserved.


[GTakt029] Giuliano Rodrigues – Zohar EP

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

[GTakt029] Zohar EP

Artist: Giuliano Rodrigues
Title: Zohar EP
Release-Date: 15.10.2012
Length: 43:05 min
Genre: Deep/Minimal/Techno
Quality: 320kb/s mp3
Artwork: Alex Senge
License: by-nc-nd

1 |  Giuliano Rodrigues – Apogeu 11:45min
2 |  Giuliano Rodrigues – Levelness 10:49min
3 |  Giuliano Rodrigues – Rocinha 9:20min
4 |  Giuliano Rodrigues – Zohar 11:11min

Full Download: [GTakt029] Giuliano Rodrigues – Zahar EP
Release page:

Eike Voigt – Anime EP Remixed

Thursday, October 18th, 2012


? Cyprus born but Dubai established Costas Papa returns back to Progrezo Records after a successfully remix to Lukasz Napora’s Lone Song track produced along with his studio partner Dimitry Liss.

As professional producer graduated as Sound Engineer from SAE, Costas Papa brings here a high quality deep interpretation built by best and subtle but evocative elements from deep-house suitable for classy dj sets and sophisticated rooms. Here the Cyprus artist reveals magic on the fly inspired in the original voice of Eike Voigt’s Popper piece, adding strength beats over suggestive bass-lines to blow up minds on the mix.

Canadian chart broker Tektight features a top notch minimal version using the original Popper voice in addition to his stomped tech beats building with such a moving-forward tool aimed straight for any and every minimal, techno and tech-house Dj set.

Tektight’s Popper Remix has been featured within the Must Minimal heard tracks on Beatport’s week 39. Here Tektight proves himself as a remarkable artist with enough skills to produce such outstanding gems to break up charts and dance-floors world over.

Spanish Cremadelic Band delivers two electronica versions of Anime and Popper respectively suitable for calm but musically sets. Cremadelic Band themselves proposes a trippy versions infected by piano notes over suby bass-lines blending live beats over sick-idm atmospheres with to give a majestic fresh air to the whole package. Both versions are crisp and useful making them interesting without doubt.

Born in Czech Republic but established in Prague, Ievgeniy Kozlov has under his belt a musical background as a consolidated artists since early days, driving from rock-pop band collaborations to overwhelming minimal and dreamy techno gems as remarkable wizard to follow. Ievgeniy Kozlov latest productions includes strong originals and remixes supported already by several electronic music tastemakers and specialized radios making him one of the promising names within the finest industry to watch!

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:

For more info visit: | thinking-forward

[DigitalDiamonds027L] Point – Waveform

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012


> MP3 full download <

Tracklist / Previews:
01 Down The Hill
02 The President Speaks
03 Light In The Sky
04 Waterbreak
05 DNA Hormon
06 Diamond
07 Roll The Rock
08 Jazzlatrine
09 Sunshine
10 Drive The Night

After a very short time, we are proud to present Point’s second album “Waveform” exclusively on Digital Diamonds. “Waveform” draws an excellent bow from groovy dancefloor techno bombs over to psychedelic vibes up to relaxed and warm chill sounds for stoned couchpotatoes. Anyway, you will find your track opening your heart!

[SOSLP042] Raw Zombiez – WEARE

Monday, October 15th, 2012


Artists: Raw Zombiez
Title: WEARE
Genre: Electro / Fidget
Release on: 12 / 10 / 2012
Master: Valerio Maina
Artwork: Nazzilla
Description: (curated by Marco Stilo)

It’s rather natural ask ourselves if Zombiew come from anotåher planet or they’ve decided voluntary to come up as soon as they’re ready tåo attack. The brand new product by the net-label Sostanze Records is much innovative, even though the duo is just at its debut. While electro seemed to be over, Zombiez have been able to enrich it with hints from the whole eletronic world. Energy doesn’t pass via payment systems, the artist can be freely evaluated, we’re not a boutique, neither slaves of discography mafias. Those are market we’re not interest in. Resident evil.

1 Bloodrop
2 How To Survive
3 Brainsmasherz
4 Nzumbe
5 Bloodrop (Bebop Remix)
6 Bloodrop (SonsofNoise Remix)

Release Page

[brhnet23] AxBx – Soho

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

AxBx - Soho

Soho is the result of a chain of automation, the music behind the automation, the way in which the robots give music to all those small lights on the computer, corporate meetings, places where you can breathe economic psychopathy and brutality, the needs created by the system, also is the music with which the robots imagine the total destruction of their slavery, disorder, chaos result of constant medication staying asleep watching TV, is their conspiracy, soho their leader is one of the few machines and satellites who dare to look directly at the sun.
All music by AxBx
Cover by Enrique Garnica

Available on 320kbps mp3

Listen and Download

Breathe Compilations, Mexico. 2012.

Datamatrix – Metro Line Ep

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Artist: Datamatrix
Title: Metro Line
Label: Carmarage Records
Format: digital
Style: Techno
Date: 8.10.2012


1) Datamatrix – Metro Line (Original)
2) Datamatrix – Metro Line (Aimless Audio Remix)
3) Datamatrix – Metro Line (Thomas Fox Rmx)
4) Datamatrix – Metro Line (Carara Rmx)
5) Datamatrix – Metro Line (E La Luna Remix)
6) Datamatrix – Metro Line (Darmec Remix)
7) Datamatrix – Metro Line (Replicalex Rmx)

played by Dave The Drummer, Dylan Drazen, Electrorites, Veztax, Chris Collins …

Dj Tunes


[zero137] Daniel Barbiero – Not One Nor

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012


Not One Nor, a new recording for solo double bass by Daniel Barbiero, is now out on Zeromoon Records.

Not One Nor presents two works made of discrete events foregrounding the materiality of a large string instrument in its role as a resonating chamber. Both pieces are constructed out of a limited number of gestures and/or pitches and points on the instrument’s geography with the intention of producing an immersion in sound as material, interspersed with contrasting pauses.

Not One Nor for prepared double bass calls for shifting variations in timbre through the use of three gestures corresponding to three different regions of the instrument.

Eighteen Events for Double Bass alternates eighteen prescribed sound actions with an equal number of non-actions to create an image of the flux of aural perception.

Daniel Barbiero: composer, double bass and prepared double bass.
Composed and recorded winter into spring 2012.
Recorded in Silver Spring, Maryland USA.
Mastering by Mark Beazley.

Release page:


Narcotic 303 – Stairway to the Moon

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012


Artist: Narcotic 303
Title: Stairway to the Moon
Release-Date: 05.10.2012
Genre: Dub-Techno / Deep-Techno
License: by-nc-nd
Mastering: Rolf Zeitz

01) Neptun
02) Secret of Angels
03) Stairway to the Moon
04) Red Planet
05) Zeitgeist
06) Cloudless Sky
07) Stars
08) Dark Atmosphere

Preview @ Soundcloud
Album Preview

Buy and Download @ Bandcamp

Digital Download 5€ or more
CDR 10€ (Limited to 10 CD’s)

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Special thanks to:
Oliver Martini (CD print)
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