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Archive for April, 2013

[GTakt033] Freshbass – Vault EP

Thursday, April 4th, 2013


Artist: Freshbass
Title: Vault EP
Release-Date: 03.04.2013
Length: 20:34 min
Genre: Minimal Techno
Quality: 320kb/s mp3
Artwork: Alex Senge
License: by-nc-nd

[GTakt033] Freshbass – Vault 99 (click for download)
[GTakt033] Freshbass – Dungeon (click for download)
[GTakt033] Freshbass – Cemetery (click for download)

Download @ Rar [GTakt033] Freshbass – Vault EP / Rar

Release page:

[OBC-NET013] O.S.R present Jacky D. “LichtMonster”

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Inspired by J. Driese’s alias Jacky D., shortstory light monster. OSR has musically interpreted the shortstory.

Artist: O.S.R
Title: “LichtMonster”
Release-Date: 01.04.203
Genre: Techno, Electro
Quality: 320kb/s mp3
Artwork: Ta-Lar / Foto by Jacky D.
License: by-nc-sa

Release Page

[YARN003] Terrorrythmus – Adaption Disorder

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Yarn Audio YARN003 Cover Image

Artist: Terrorrythmus
Title: Adaption Disorder
Label: Yarn Audio
Cat#: YARN003
Style: Bass Music, Juke

„Adaption Disorder“, the third EP for the Berlin-based netlabel Yarn Audio, comes from Terrorrythmus following releases for Betonblume, Abulia Concepts und World Wide Juke. Banging 808-beats meet nasty rhythms. Experimental enthusiasm encounters dreamy pads and mangled vocals. An insider tip for fans of TNGHT, Flosstradamus, Murderbot and co. Who says fresh juke- and trap-sounds are coming exclusively from the UK or USA?

The gentle chords and brutal beats of the opener „40h“ only need a few bars to transport you deep into the world of the „Adaption Discorder“. With its chirping hi-hats, exaggerated low-end and sharp melodies „From the Hood“ could easily become the next ghetto-anthem and even be played in the pimped BMWs of Berlin’s petty criminals. Fortunately the third tune „Post Smack“ doesn’t sound lose any of that energy at all: The smooth melodies of „40h“ come together with „From The Hood“’s energetic trap-sound.

Terrorrythmus, a German producer and DJ from Bremen, has been involved in the bassmusic-scene for ten years, back when jungle and breakcore were hip. His party-series „Subunternehmen“ has been the first ever event to bring Dubstep into the Hanseatic city . By now the 26-year-old musician is crazy about footwork and trap but still hasn’t forgotten his roots. He promotes his sound with his own imprint Latenz and the „DOOM“-parties.

The latest EP from Yarn Audio fits perfectly into the trap- and juke-genre, which slowly but surely also gets German dancefloors to go nuts. The three tracks are full of wicked breaks and broken beats, a homage to the roughness of early jungle. You instantly hear that „Adaption Discorder“ is inspired by a decade of bassmusic. The EP’s title reflects its programme: Terrorrythmus isn’t chasing the hype but jumps easily between elements of various genres. A refreshingly personal interpretation of bassmusic. Who’d have thought that an „Adaption Discorder“ sounds so good!

Download the EP for free in your favorite format:
MP3 (320) | Alac | Wave | Flac

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[brhnet26] djrefugeeSW – Insomnia

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

djrefugeeSW – Insomnia

In Insomnia the idea was to make a little different electronika, working in the new album of a friend from Canada, djrefugeeSW makes many samples of bass guitar and distorsion, then he thaught in use it in his new EP (Insomnia) using this experience with sampler, trying to make house but different house, today house is synthetic music, no heart, no soul… many djs doing good but synthetic production.

Available on 320kbps mp3

Listen and Download

Breathe Compilations, Mexico. 2013.