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Archive for May, 2013

[FNet047] Hardcore Faction – Black Sunday

Friday, May 31st, 2013

[FNet047] Hardcore Faction – Black Sunday.
All tracks written and produced by D Costigan.

Released: 28th Apr 2013
Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Tags: electronic downtempo breakbeat

Release page

[SOSLP048] IlKobra – Kunst Macht Frei

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013


Artists: IlKobra
Title: Kunst Macht Frei
Genre: Drama and Bass
Release on: 24 / 05 / 2013
Mastering: Valerio Maina

Description: (curated by Marco Stilo)

The art and the music. A music mades up of art. The musical art. Sostanze Records is proud to announce the return by IlKobra with the brand new release Kunst Macht Frei. Since by the title itself you can realize the will by the producer to stress the pureness of sounds, sending a clear message to who did not get yet how producing music is a source of personal evolution through which it is possible to express own feelings. In the six bomb tracks the Roman artist gives as a gift to our indie net-label, the producer comes back to his background characterized by hard sounds mixed with dubstep patterns, without forgetting the charge of his drum ‘n’ bass style that made him famous to the audience. Mystic sounds give the time to complex tracks, such as My Religion, which revenge the degeneration of the modern musical and cultural society, fucked up by the commercial music. Make yourself comfortable, since from the first listening you’ll live an extrasensorial experience. IlKobra is back. Stronger than bombs.

1. All my genesis
2. Mosquito killer
3. Super R.I.P.
4. The donkey race
5. Naja naja
6. My religion

Release Page

[45E018-2013] [mikra] – Mr.Looper

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013


Artist: [mikra] (Belarus)
Album: Mr. Looper
Label / Date: 45 Echoes Sounds | 2013
Style: Ambient, Film Music
Time / Quality: 59:30 | Flac, mp3


1. intro (1:28)
2. konstech (9:04)
3. loo (3:43)
4. delephness (10:34)
5. satg (8:25)
6. zipco (1:33)
7. volos (5:02)
8. per (3:04)
9. tryyy (2:55)
10. yeap (first part) (6:22)
11. yeap (2 part) (7:20)

[V14] Vate – Umbra

Friday, May 24th, 2013


Umbra is the follow up of Vitam. It is the soundtrack for the film “Sombras” Galo Tobias. This time, the album has a dark ambient tone and it focuses more on musical improvisation. Some of the tracks are reconstructions and adaptations of themes taken from previous album by Vate.

Cover design by Vate, Minuit de Lacroix and Galo Tobías.

Download / Listen @ / More info

Anderson Noise ‘Radio Noise’ Remix Contest

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Anderson Noise 'Radio Noise' Remix Contest

Anderson Noise ‘Radio Noise’ Remix Contest

Create a remix for Anderson Noise from São Paulo.
Win a release on Noise Records.
Contest deadline is August 21, 2013.


[gargan072] TkY – Escape

Friday, May 17th, 2013

It’s that time again. Youri Tkatchenko aka TkY has his next album at the start. Catched ideas are reflected in 10 new tracks. The album goes definitely the way to Deep House. Also techno, drum & bass to trip hop elements are included. A very fine album that primarily draws its power and authenticity from the stylistic sound design. One can recognize the handwriting always and everywhere in these continuous successful tracks.

All files are in a quality of 320 kbit/s and are ready for the (free) download.
MP3s, Cover and “all inclusive” ZIP-package are available here or on:

Artist: TkY
Album: Escape
Release Date: 2013-05-15
Genre: Deep House – Electronic
Label: Gargan Records
Catalog#: gargan072
Type: LP

(01) Intro 4:41
(02) Perspective 6:09
(03) Hot Winter 8:11
(04) Escape 8:59
(05) I Need You (Deep Mix) 7:56
(06) Multi People (Dub Mix) 7:15
(07) Go Back Once 5:41
(08) Felecia 7:24
(09) Jack is OK 7:01
(10) MaPaMa 7:28

Preview (m3u)
Download (ZIP)


[GTakt035] Erich Schall – The Booth EP

Thursday, May 16th, 2013


Artist: Erich Schall
Title: The Booth EP
Release-Date: 15.05.2013
Length: 25:29 min
Genre: Dub Techno / Minimal
Quality: 320kb/s mp3
Artwork: Erich Schall
License: by-nc-nd

[GTakt035] Erich Schall – Lost_message (click for download)
[GTakt035] Erich Schall – The Booth (click for download)
[GTakt035] Erich Schall – Passing hights (click for download)

Download @ Rar: [GTakt035] Erich Schall – The Booth EP / rar
Release Page:

[OBC-NET014] Clemens Acidus “Last Decade”

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

foto by Claudius Prößer The cover below is based on a content

The sound selection has always been a long and accurately planned process by Clemens Acidus. A long time has passed and the 2003 vintage should be a good one! Stored, newly bottled and twisted with love turned the grape into the accomplished product that we are proud to present today. A mix of the following 9 years – mild, sour and saw tooth-like in taste, round and lovely at the end. This had to be a special decade after the harvest in 2003! Let the beat electrify you, open up a bottle of such good wine and enjoy the sound of the past 10 years of great music production.

Artist: Clemens Acidus
Title: “Last Decade”
Release-Date: 01.05.2013
Catalog ID: OBC-NET014
Format: MP3, 320kbps
Genre: Techno, Electro, Acid

Artwork: Ta-Lar
License: by-nc-sa

Release Page

Clemens Acidus “Last Decade” gives also a selfmade CD. For OBC-CD003 click here.


1 Mentalic – Desperado Remix (Original By Mentalic)
2 Clemens Acidus – Deep Silence (Clemens Acidus Chirping Bird Mix)
3 Clemens Acidus – The Mill
4 Clemens Acidus – Ready
5 Clemens Acidus – Deep Silence (Celebration Pigs 3.0 Dubstep Mix)
6 Clemens Acidus – Deep Silence (DisNote OSR Cut)
7 Clemens Acidus – Two Electric Guys (Der Hit)
8 Clemens Acidus – Two Electric Guys (Mentalic Remix)
9 Ta-Lar – Bratzeln In Der Box (Clemens Acidus Remix)
10 Clemens Acidus – Traumfänger
11 Clemens Acidus – Ström
12 Clemens Acidus – Welcome To The Past
13 Clemens Acidus – Steckdosenmusik
14 Clemens Acidus – Raumzeit
15 Clemens Acidus – Taciturn
16 Clemens Acidus – Acid Rain
17 Clemens Acidus – Mecury Poisoning (Hardacidmix)
18 Clemens Acidus – Harmonious Destruction
19 Clemens Acidus – Polarnacht (Long Version)

[ZIMMER099] Pasquale Maassen – Try Two

Monday, May 13th, 2013


Zimmer099 – Pasquale Maassen – Try Two (Germany)
mp3, 320kbps, FLAC, stereo, techno, breaks

099.1 – Pasquale Maassen – Evil Knievel
099.2 – Pasquale Maassen – First Second
099.3 – Pasquale Maassen – Kamikaze
099.4 – Pasquale Maassen – Temporaer01
099.5 – Pasquale Maassen – From the Inside
099.6 – Pasquale Maassen – Helltoys
099.7 – Pasquale Maassen – Fegefeuer

download ->
download ->
download ->

we will also provide a lossless FLAC-format for DJs and Audionerds from now on…

download ZIP (MP3)
download ZIP (FLAC)

Artwork (909px)
[design: jcbdrzr | photo: psycoded]


[dystopiaq040] bottlesmoker – Hypnagogic

Monday, May 13th, 2013


Indonesia’s bottlesmoker have been taking the free music scene by storm with fun live shows and their extremely melodic and pleasant music. If you are a fan of the music from Adventure Time, this is definitely for you.

Artist: bottlesmoker
Title: Hypnagogic
Release: dystopiaq040
Date: May 8, 2013
Genre: Electronic, IDM, Experimental

Disc 1 :
Aurora Twin
Love Saturday
Pixel Heart
Roses Ft. Cokiyu
Dusk Eyes
City Riding: Morning Tea
City Riding: Morning Coffee
Frozen Scratch Cerulean
Boredom and Freedom
Divine Abode
Jacob Jung

Disc 2 :
Blue Streak Agent
Free Hugs
Glitter of Sunrise
Le Voyage
Lucid Pillow
Inconsolable Rooftop Club
Equilibrium Drifts

[Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0]