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[rwclub015] VVAA – 4 years, 101 songs and 1 story

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Time, that does not stop, on its way accompanies everything and everything is transformed. Changes around us and our society, changes in our lives and our day by day, changes in our culture, the music industry, and in general, changes in our whole way of perceiving reality. Nevertheless, some things remain miraculously intact and, in some way stoically with the same attitude, challenging the pass of time.

We, the people who make Rawmatroid team, are happy to write these lines after 4 years, feeling the same love, the same pride and equal respect for what we do that we felt the very first day, and keeping the same desire toshare all our work with others.

After all this time we thought about doing a small review of the musical history of the netlabel. For this reason, in our now 4 th anniversary of Rawmatroid Netlabel,  we have had the selection criteria and musical reinterpretation ofKebiin along with the subjective view of the lens of Javier Alvedro, to be the two of them who write this chapter and tell as a little story about the history of Rawmatroid as a mix.

“4 years, 101 songs and 1 story” is the consequence of a lot of work, lots of conversations, lots of ideas and a lot of dreams come true in 4 years; it’s a present from every one who did one’s bit in the netlabel to all of you. Many thanks and many more stories to tell, may music unites us.


  1. Dan Hiroshi – Especias Orientales [rwclass001]
  2. Kebiin – K-100 (Welcome To My Strange World Remake) [Future Reference]
  3. Astroboyz – Identity [rwclub009]
  4. Erreome – Catedral (Original Mix) [rwclub012]
  5. Domagk – Gasmaske (James McConaghew Mix) [rwclub009]
  6. Frances Lerouge – Tengo un plan perfecto para salvar el mundo (Nil_lo Remix) [rwclub013]
  7. Biconnection – Psicotic happyness [rwclub010]
  8. Dan Hiroshi feat Suite – Aloof (Miguel Arrieta Remix) [rwclub013]
  9. Armed – South Nocum (Frances Lerouge’s Bicos & Apertas Mix) [rwclub014]
  10. TechAmplifier – Atelka [rwclub009]
  11. A.G.M! & Qüintrix – Inner Demon [rwclub009]
  12. alDDao – Crazy Love Show (Armed remix vision) [Future Reference]

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[pyr075] volcano radar – refutation of time

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013


volcano radar is a fusion of ecstatic improvisational energy and apollonian intellect. a power quartet with dual free jazz/noise/avant guitarists elbio barilari and julia a. miller, legendary bassist harrison bankhead and incendiary drummer avreeayl ra, volcano radar moves fluently through a stylistic range from noise-funk improvisation to structured sonic forms.

their debut album, refutation of time, consists of an improvised set that was recorded at experimental sound studio in chicago on february 26, 2013.

download here

[45E019-2013] Scott Lawlor – Desert Winds

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013


Artist: Scott Lawlor
Release Name: Desert Winds
Label: 45 Echoes Sounds
Catalog: 45E019-2013
Style: Drone Ambient, Dark Ambient
Total time: 77:42
Format: Lossless (FLAC); MP3 320 kbps, VBR MP3


[pyr076] philip corner – java improvs

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013


philip corner is an: action musician. trombone/alphornist, occasional vocalist, pianist, percussionist, theorist, visual artist. composer, improvisor, educator, collageur, assembleur, calligrapher. student of jahoda, cowell, messiaen, luening, borduas, cage, taubman. teacher in new york high schools and livingston college. fluxologist, resident composer for judson dance theatre, experimental intermedia foundation. member of: tone roads chamber ensemble. sounds out of silent spaces. gamelan son of lion. his focus is: listen. silence. resonance. surroundings. action. ecstasy.

philip corner’s second album for pan y rosas, java improvs, is a box set that collects eight improvisations that were recorded over the course of a year during his travels in indonesia. from philip:

Surely what drew me to Indonesia was the gamelan. A connection through years of practice with the New York new-music group “Son Of Lion.” And there I met three marvelous musicians and played with them, drawn together by shared mind-in-the-moment music making – the only way it becomes an “universal language.”

the collection is divided into three boxes and contains six and a half hours of music. the first box consists of two separate performances with percussionist yasudah s. and the dancers susana miranti kroeber and phoebe neville. the second box consists of four performances with the singer and dancer restu kusumaningrum. the third box consists of two performances with the percussionist jalu pratidina and dancer phoebe neville.

download here

[DigitalDiamonds028] Crennwiick – Untitry EP

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013


Crennwiick – Untitry EP

Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds028
Format: EP
Released: June 2013

Electroattack! Warbling basslines, creamy atmospheres and fizzy melodies. Untitry EP from Crennwiick is a cocktail tasting fresh and prickling madly.

Download WAV/MP3

[pyr079] nicolás chientaroli trío – ViajeraMente

Monday, June 17th, 2013


based in buenos aires, pianist nicolás chientaroli is an active member of the city’s jazz scene where, in addition to his trio, he leads the group, la gran cena; and co-leads the groups los improvisadores gráficos and las formas avanzan. he has also performed with the groups andrés elstein trío, caravana colemanica, proyecto orgánico rave, trío dumpty, francisco salgado cuarteto, and la hormiga.

ViajeraMente is the third album from the trio and the first on pan y rosas. for this album the lineup features chientaroli on piano, carlos álvarez on bass and sebastián groshaus on drums. the album contains a mix of compositions by chientaroli, group improvisations and a cover of dizzy gillespie’s be-bop.

download here

[NS067] Wacky Southern Current – Argonautica

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Wacky Southern Current

[NS067] Wacky Southern Current – Argonautica
No-Source Netlabel

Genre: Acoustic, Kraut, Instrumental

Release Page

Marco Cervellin, the force behind Wacky Southern Current, returns with his third album on No-Source. Argonautica continues the trend of high quality instrumental albums from Marco. To give Wacky Southern Current one genre is to sell the music short. A wide range of influences fill up each release from Marco. Argonautica is no exception. This is a more guitar-centric album with Kraut influences, particularly on the track “We Are Argonauts.” “French Radio” is a short burst of experimental soundscape, while “Blues in A” is an excellent seven minute jazz workout. Wacky Southern Current heads is new directions with such musicianship that it’s hard to believe they haven’t been there all along. Argonautica is: Marco Cervellin – guitars, bass, keyboards. Gianni “Ian” Garbo – guitars. Giacomo Gatti – drums.

Telegraphy – Alter Rd. iono-13

Friday, June 14th, 2013


Album: Alter Rd.
Artist: Telegraphy
format: 5xMP3 320 kbps
Direct Download:
Release page: iono-13.htm

Dark Detroit techno with very heavy dubed soundscapes gives this album a place in the underground music scene. Telegraphy once again, delivers yet another minimal dubed techno sound that is a far cry from his signature sound. Using only analog gear, Telegraphy delves deep into the underground sound environment to catch vibrant tonalities. Some of his home made studio gear makes an appearance to support a rich sounding album.

[LBN019] Menion – “Menion”

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Ongaku2 - Short Stories

Artist: Menion
La bèl Netlabel
June 11, 2013
electronic, guitar
Creative Commons License: Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative Works

After long three years from the extraordinary album “Out of sound/Out of silence” released by La bèl in June 2010, Menion returns with an exciting new album. Ten tracks where the sophisticated electronica and the lively rhythmics of the sardinian artist cross the emotional notes of his guitar.

Listen and Download (free) on La bèl netlabel.

[pyr077] agnès pe – morti fire

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

agnès pe works on sound beyond the limits enshrined by any genre. her work is characterized by a fun and overwhelming attitude – an all or nothing style that covers the parameters of lo-fi music. this self-taught musicologist is a multidisciplinary researcher that is encapsulated by mystifying melodies and is always seeking new ways of relating to the elements she re-composes. she is interested in the non-common, regardless of their label.

her album is based on electronics and samples. beats, mechanics, factory work, pummel.

download here