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Archive for September, 2013

[DigitalDiamonds030L] V.A. Compilation – Digital Family Vol. 4

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013


V.A. – Digital Family Vol. 4

Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds030L
Format: Compilation
Released: September 2013

Round 4 for the successful compilation series “Digital Family” from Alic! Freshest music from new artists as well as musicians you know from Digital Diamonds since a long time. A constellation giving release number thirty the great mixture of peaktime tracks as well as relaxed groovers and experimental stuff.

“Digital Family” always is a guarantor for the peculiar. Time to come aboard!

Download MP3
Download WAV

01. Jitter – Funkee Shit
02. Mammal Footwork – Feathers
03. Crennwiick – Old Vicious
04. Aerodromme – Cosmic Trigger
05. Excizen – Someone One
06. Frechbax – Quitscheente
07. Himmelkompass – Golfstrom (Trylon Remix)
08. Possessed By Food – Meta
09. Quite-K – Vasya Exhale (Alic Remix)
10. Jay Lucheck – Look To The Future

[noize056] Slope Star feat. Ambelion – Intellectual Abstraction Of Electricity 2

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Label: In Noize
Catalog#: noize056
Format: 11 × File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
Country: Ukraine
Released: 10 Sep 2013
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Experimental

00 Tech Slot 2 (03:38)
01 Wave Bits Waves (05:13)
02 Morphy Waves (04:54)
03 Micron Wavelength (06:02)
04 Waiting For Waves (03:25)
05 Wave Experiences (05:39)
06 Voice Of The Wave (04:58)
07 Excitement Jam (04:28)
08 Chip Of Ephidrina (03:27)
09 Internal Processes Chipset (05:23)
10 Electronic Phase (07:08)


Download! | Visit Intox Noize

Haiku 08 ~ Daniel Barbiero

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013


A three track release in increments of five minutes, seven minutes, and five minutes accompanied by a Haiku poem.  Each track represents the line of the poem including title and reflection.

1. the open window
2. cicadas & August rain
3. the stars occulted

Daniel Barbiero: double bass and Granulab granular synthesizer.

Release Page:

[FNet048] Azotic Compounds Laboratory – Island Of Secrets

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

[FNet048] Azotic Compounds Laboratory – Island Of Secrets.
Tracks 1-9 written and produced by Seb D 2013.
Track 10 composed by Seb D.

01. Illusion Part2
02. Gone In A Flash
03. The Secret
04. My Love Is Dead Now
05. Forgetting You
06. Wake Down
07. Attraction
08. Moments Of Solace
09. Rejoice
10. Silent Night

Released: 26th May 2013
License: by-nc-sa 3.0
Tags: synthpop chillout electronica

Release page page

[SYMB011] Synkrone – Better deal EP

Monday, September 9th, 2013

symb011 cover

Release/catalogue number: symb011
Release date: 05-09-2013
Format: Digital

Synkrone – Better Deal (Original Mix)
Synkrone – Tonight is the night (Original Mix)
Synkrone, A.Weiss – Dancing Lounge (Original Mix)

Techno / House / Minimal


Watch the trailer at Vimeo

Symbiostic 011 comes with Better Deal EP by Synkrone and three groovy deephouse tracks based on technoid fundaments. A variety of releases on labels like Tip Tap, Tools and Stuff, Baile Records and of course on Loquace´s Earlydub Records – who released on Symbiostic 003 – proves the quality sound of the french producer. But Synkrone does not only act as a Solo Artist with Better Deal and Tonight is the night on this EP. He also collaborates with his buddy A.Weiss for Dancing Lounge that leads into great vibes and low riding grooves. Enough said: Let´s dance and ride on!


Gare Mat K :: 2hrs Continuous live set :: August 2013

Friday, September 6th, 2013


? Not every day we have the opportunity to hear outstanding sessions from modern electronic music artists, with high-quality music and solidity enough to enjoy more than 2 hours in a continuous journey through mad rhythms and hypnotic atmospheres, and this is the case Gare Mat K.

Achieving an army of followers around the world due overwhelming releases including ace remixes for the likes of New York’s band “Home Video” and their “That You Might” track played by Sasha as opening set at WMC 2011, Daft Punk, Kazell, Anthony Pappa, Jeff Bennett, Propulse, Valid Evidence, DJ 19 and Federico Epis only to name a few; as well as remixed by some of “On Demand” producers within the finest electronic music including Alex Dolby, Alex Young, Schubert and Ben Coda, are the cue for the rest of dance music to stand up and take notice about his indubitable cutting-edge stuff.

Gare Mat K is back with 2hours fully edited live-set as preview one of his long awaited album and a wide list of eps to come shortly, after some months managing himself within the all analogue hardware stuff. Things have changed and playlistings aren’t managed the same way than times ago because now his stuff its almost A-Z edited, but at the same time its great to listening kind of new versions of Aire Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire’s Aire “Gare Mat K edit”, Sian’s Shame Cube “Gare Mat K edit”, Pig & Dan’s On A Train “Big Room Vocal vs Gare Mat K edit”, Pleasurekraft, Jaceo & Vedic’s 313 “Gare Mat K edit”, and Hobo’s Incise “Gare Mat K edit” among others, many of them as promotional stuff from close and on fire labels including Bpitch Control, Minus, Click Muziq, Ideal Audio, City Life, Revolucion, Undertechnical and Supermarket unlimited.

So, the spot-light looks like has just started for Gare Mat K and his massive music message to spread the world!

Feel free to download free and/or listening to Gare Mat K´s August 2013 Podcast on the below link:

01. ID – Villanova rx stems Remix
02. Gui Boratto – We Can Go (Original Mix)
03. Hobo -Incise Original Mix [Gare Mat K Edit)
04. Erick_Hernandez_-_Gelato__Original_Mix__-_Gare Mat K Edit
05. ID – On The red
06. Yazeed_-_Kart-Hadasht__Gare Mat K edit__-_Undertechnical_recordings
07. Reset Robot – False Widow (Original Mix)
08. Sian – Shame Cube (Gare Mat K edit)
09. Oliver Huntemann, Dubfire – Aire (Gare Mat K edit)
10. Vedomir – Musical Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann Remix vs Gare Mat K Edit)
11. Pig & Dan – On A Train (Big Room Vocal vs Gare Mat K Edit)
12. Julian Jeweil – Green Room – M-nus
13. Pig & Dan – On A Train (update Mix)
14. Ari Cazal – Phenom – Taaaz Remix
15. Julien Jeweil – Boom (Gare Mat K Edit)
16. Sergio Linares – Polonio (Original Mix)
17. Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, Vedic – 313 (Gare Mat K Edit)
18. Evan Espinoza – Sleepwalker (Gare Mat K edit)
19. Evan Espinoza – Frequenzverlust (Gare Mat K Edit)
20. Gary Beck – Video Siren (Original Mix)
21. Dustywork_-_DOGMA_02__Original_Mix
22. 02.Ralph Kings – La Ultima Palabra MAST (Gare Mat K Edit)
23. Christian Smith & Wehbba – Second Life (Original Mix)

Gare Mat K’s edited track available in the upcoming weeks at:

[LBN021] Geometrie Variabili – “the Breath”

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Geometrie Variabili - the Breath

Artist: Geometrie Variabili
the Breath
La bèl
August 31, 2013
acoustic, impro, jazz
Creative Commons License: Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative Works

The lesson of Steve Lacy: starting from a single element like a scale, a broken chord, a sound, a breath in order to work it up by assembling and disassembling, tearing apart and rebuilding. Fragments of ideas taken freely in an exercise of rearrangement always looking for coherence, always trying to get back to basics.

Listen and Download (free) on La bèl netlabel.

Introducing Ralph Kings : Punctual EP

Thursday, September 5th, 2013


Pure minimal gems takes us to a mad journey by hypnotic rhythms with to blow up minds on the fly. Less is more without doubt and Ralph Kings’ stuff it proves.

Having seen the light day from the bowels of a prestigious club recently, as a listener and viewer Ralph Kings is grateful to have enjoyed the huge Detroit sound at its maximum rise of time along with and endless musical variants exposed from some of the biggest techno DJ’s from end of 90s.

Now, this Spanish artist is dedicated to minimalize the techno and house sound using dry and reverberant hits typical of the new minimalism, aqueous ambient sounds surround the dance floor in a peaceful, dark and cold cleaning paradise described as strong minimalism, sometimes highlighting imperfection while offering a solid style increasingly polished and refined with subtlety and precision every time.

His brand new ep features four driven minimal gems with a pure and clear style by improving right minimal elements to get useful tools not only to warm up the night but to bring enough tension to sophisticated dj sets and classy rooms without doubt.

First on the list Musas opens the ep with kind of sophistication and class bringing with a energetic minimal piece by techno rhino rhythm to blow up peak-hour sets as straight bullet to the dance-floor. Hypnotic bass-lines makes unstoppable tension on the mix revealing while crowd is dancing an elastic sound to screw heads to the ground!

Next on the list a trippy pearl brings quite fresh air as Punctual as it is. Solid kick rhythm gets strength from a sick bass-line which follow ace liquid sounds and keys to make the journey quite mad.

The list continue with Errors where the Spanish rising producer deliver a solid minimal rhythm with a groovy bass-line and basic synth notes, revealing a quite calm track but fully functional on every dj set for sure.

Last on the list but not least, Walking is a ethereal minimal gem produced by kind of futurism style surrounded with liquid atmospheres that brings a timeless sensation while mind is flying high. Sub bass-lines drives the plane over solid rhythm beats to get gravitational drops.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release at:

For more info visit: | forward-thinking

[intox161] 5 years of Intox Noize

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

5 years of Intox Noize

Label: Intox Noize
Catalog#: intox161
Format: 9 × File, WAV, Compilation
Country: Worldwide (Russia / Serbia / Germany)
Released: 02 Sep 2013
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Trance, Downtempo, Breakbeat

1 Charmant Juliette – Nuit Complète Des Attentes (5:10)
2 The Guru – War (10:56)
3 Diodor – Den (2:58)
4 Potato & Tomato – Carrot Juice (3:42)
5 Charmant Juliette – Un De Ces Beaux Jours (Sascha Müller Remix) (5:42)
6 Cocaine Bear vs. Julia van der Piller – My Favorite Game (2:58)
7 Paranoid Definition – Renegade (3:15)
8 Undercore X – Negative Emotions (3:48)
9 Diodor – Invisible Killer (2:58)


Download! | Visit Intox Noize

[intox160] 5 years of Intox Noize (creative commons)

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

5 years of Intox Noize (creative commons)

Label: Intox Noize
Catalog#: intox160
Format: 17 × File, MP3, Compilation, 192 kbps
Country: Worldwide (Russia / Belarus / Australia / Austria / Ukraine / Japan / Belgium)
Released: 02 Sep 2013
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Trance, Dark Ambient, Experimental

1 Vad Vladsky – Face In Sauce (Original Mix) (4:30)
2 Slovenska Kurva – Love Of People (1:46)
3 Charmant Juliette And Darksider – Love Triangle (3:44
4 Dj Alure – Sapphire City (5:43)
5 Derex – Whispers Behind (3:33)
6 Vad Vladsky – Black Liquid (Original Mix) (4:13)
7 Ambelion – Real Acid (7:52)
8 Slovenska Kurva – Let’s Begin (2:31)
9 Organism – 436475—93 (3:56)
10 A Nocturnal Reviere – In Darkness (3:15)
11 ???????? ?? ???????? – DDM3F (3:24)
12 Magdalena Solis – Proserpina’s Gardens (4:15)
13 Amenità – Journey Of Angst (3:01)
14 Erico Wakamatsu – Signal And Signaless (2:46)
15 Avs_Silvester – The Stranger (3:39)
16 Oceaanbodem – Haunted (5:11)
17 3MUSIC – Savasana (3:06)


Download! | Visit Intox Noize